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Chapter 311 – Star Compass

Floating in the void 100 feet from where the ground ended, there was an immense, blue glacier that was only connected to the ground by some ice pillars.

This glacier was connected to the ground but was also floating in the void above the ground.

Wang Lin frowned. After looking around, he said, “Brother Chi Hu, is there anything special about the first layer of the fragment? Are there any celestial spiritual energy gathering points there?

Chi Hu was startled. “The damage to that fragment is extensive, so there is no celestial spiritual energy remaining, and my ancestor Xi Zu didn’t mention if there was anything special about it, just that it is dangerous there.”

Wang Lin calmly looked into the distance behind him and said, “Since that is the case, I have no more questions.”

Red Butterfly’s gaze swept past Wang Lin, but she didn’t say a word. Her body moved and she easily passed the 100 feet distance, landing on top of the glacier. Chi Hu took a deep breath and followed as well. While he was in the air, Wang Lin also jumped, causing them to land right next to each other.

The moment he landed, waves of cold energy entered his body through his feet. He quickly moved his spiritual energy around and the cold energy was expelled.

Chi Hu smiled. “We will require Red Butterfly’s technique here. Please don’t hold back.”

Red Butterfly didn’t say a word. She flew forward while Chi Hu let out a self-deprecating smile at Wang Lin.

Red Butterfly flew very quickly across the glacier. The further they went, the colder it got, and the color of the glacier got darker and darker.

Sometimes cold winds that pierced their bones would come from the distance.

A while after the three had left, a middle-aged man appeared where the earth and the glacier connected. He took a drink from his gourd and muttered to himself, “Ting Er, once I get the celestial jade, we can leave. Although those three are from Suzaku like me, if they dare to fight over the celestial jade with me, I’ll kill them.”

As he spoke, he slowly moved forward.

The three of them quickly flew over the glacier. On the third day of flying, Wang Lin spotted a wall of blue mist that looked like it was devouring the heavens and the earth. This wall was closing in on them.

Chi Hu’s eyes lit up and he explained, “The cold mist of the glacier. This mist contains extreme cold energy. Red Butterfly, we are relying on you.”

Without a word, Red Butterfly hit her bag of holding and an ice sculpture flew out. The sculpture quickly turned into a large snow angel.

The snow angel quickly flew forward toward the mist. The mist split apart the moment the snow angel sculpture touched it. This ice sculpture was like a hot knife going through butter as it split the mist apart.

Chi Hu laughed. “Red Butterfly’s snow angel ice sculpture is really amazing. I’m impressed.”

Wang Lin’s gaze was calm as he carefully looked at the snow angel sculpture. Inside it, he could see more than 100 vessels moving as well as dim ones that hadn’t been activated yet.

Wang Lin secretly thought, “This must be an important treasure in Xue Yu. It has the same effect as that half-snake-half-human ice sculpture.”

With the protection of the snow angel ice sculpture, their speed didn’t decrease at all. The blue mist became thicker and thicker until a series of crackling sounds could be heard and a crack appeared on the ice sculpture.

Red Butterfly frowned. She formed seals with her hand and pointed at the ice sculpture. Soon, the inactive veins began to move and joined the active ones.

As more veins began to move, the cracks on the ice sculpture gradually disappeared and began to release a cold aura.

Very far behind the three of them, the middle-aged man moved forward while drinking from his gourd. When the blue mist arrived near him, there was an invisible force forcing it to the sides.

When the mist got really dense, the middle-aged man would occasionally spit out a mouthful of the liquor he was drinking. There would be a sizzling sound, like when hot oil comes into contact with ice, and the mist would quickly dissipate.

“Ting Er, your body is ten-thousand times colder than this mist. Your body is still better. When I hold you, I feel reassured.”

After a few days, the blue mist faded. In these few days, Red Butterfly had to use a total of three ice sculptures. Near the end, the mist got even denser. There was even a layer of purple mist that instantly shattered the ice sculpture. Red Butterfly had to call out her life treasure, that beautiful rose, to be able withstand it.

The spiritual energy in her body was exhausted and her face was pale. Her eyes would shift toward Wang Lin with a guarded look.

Wang Lin was shocked. He thought that if he was by himself, there would be no way for him to get this far. Especially when he saw that purple mist. After merely being touched by the residual mist, he could feel half of his body chill to the bone.

Even an ordinary late stage Soul Formation cultivator would have a hard time getting through here. Only someone like Red Butterfly, who had an ice-based cultivation method, could safely pass through here.

Chi Hu must have considered this before asking Red Butterfly to join.

Time slowly passed and they finally go to the other side of the blue mist. When they arrived at the edge of the glacier, Red Butterfly coldly said, “I have done my job. From here on out, I won’t act anymore.”

Chi Hu let out a laugh as he clasped his hands with sincerity. “Red Butterfly, you can count on us. Over the last few days, you used up a lot of spiritual energy, so you should get some rest.” With that, he intentionally or unintentionally looked at Wang Lin and positioned himself between Wang Lin and Red Butterfly.

Wang Lin faintly smiled. If Chi Hu wasn’t here, he would have tried attacking Red Butterfly. However, Chi Hu’s action meant that if he were to act, Chi Hu would stop him.

In addition, Wang Lin didn’t believe that she would be weakened to such a state. It was obvious that she was purposely showing this to try to bait Wang Lin into attacking. Also, if her spiritual energy was all used up, then she would definitely have pills that could instantly recover it all.

With Wang Lin’s experience, how could he fall for such a childish trap?

Chi Hu slapped his bag of holding and a green light flew out. The green light immediately turned into a giant compass that floated in the void before them.

Red Butterfly’s beautiful eyes stared at the compass as she said, with a cold voice, “The Giant Demon Clan’s treasure, the star compass?”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he looked at the compass. There were many complicated esoteric patterns on it. By just looking at it, Wang Lin felt his divine sense being sucked in, causing him to quickly withdraw it.

In ancient god Tu Si’s memories, there was a description of the star compass and its production method, only many of the materials were already extinct.

Chi Hu laughed. “If this was a real star compass, then I wouldn’t even be able to control it. This one is only a forgery, so there are a lot of differences from the real one.”

Red Butterfly looked at the compass and silently nodded.

“Red Butterfly, please go to the west side of the compass. The compass has a defensive barrier there, so you can rest and recover. I promise that nothing will bother you during this trip through the void.” As Chi Hu spoke, he turned to Wang Lin and smiled.

Red Butterfly didn’t say a word as she jumped onto the compass and sat down on the western end. Soon after she sat down, a green lightscreen surrounded her.

“Brother Ceng, I need you to control the eastern end and use those souls of yours to scout the surroundings. If you encounter any abnormalities, tell me so I can avoid them. You must never spread out your divine sense in the void because doing so will bring about disaster. This is something my ancestor Xi Zu told me.” After Chi Hu finished speaking, he landed at the center of the compass and sat down in the lotus position.

Wang Lin pondered a bit before flying to the eastern position and sat down.

Wang Lin looked at the northern and southern ends before saying, “Brother Chi Hu, this compass requires five people to operate optimally.”

“That is correct. If we could get two more people, then there would be no trouble during this trip, but there aren’t enough treasures to split between five people.” Chi Hu laughed before taking a deep breath. His hand formed seals, which he placed on the compass. Then he shouted, “Brother Ceng, if this compass breaks in the void, the three of us will have no chance of surviving. I hope brother Ceng won’t hold back! I must focus all of my attention on controlling the compass, so I won’t be able to help. It will all depend on brother Ceng!”

Wang Lin nodded. The restriction flag suddenly appeared and surrounded him in black fog. If Chi Hu or Red Butterfly were to attack him when he was dealing with things, then the restriction flag could protect him for a moment, giving him time to fight back.

This kind of precaution was needed no matter what.

Chi Hu’s eyes lit up. He didn’t feel offended, it was more that this was natural. After all, if it was him, he would do the same. He closed his eyes and activated his spiritual energy. The compass suddenly disappeared. They had already moved thousands of meters.

This wasn’t teleportation; they were moving at an extremely fast speed.

The moment Chi Hu activated the star compass, a mysterious force surrounded the top of the compass. Under the effect of the mysterious force, Wang Lin could feel that his divine sense had merged with the compass. Not only his, but Chi Hu’s and Red Butterfly’s divine senses were here as well.

The three people’s divine senses were all within this mysterious force.

Chi Hu’s divine sense sent out a message saying, “Red Butterfly, brother Ceng, don’t be surprised. This is normal operation for the star compass. When the star compass is in use, we can’t speak; we can only communicate through our divine senses.”

“Brother Ceng, this is the star map. Once you have memorized it, send out the souls. Once you find abnormalities, please tell me.”

A map covered in countless dots appeared inside the mysterious force and was detected by Wang Lin immediately. He took one look before pointing at his brow. Suddenly, ⅓ of the wandering souls came out and spread to the surroundings.

“This star compass is really amazing. It’s a must-have treasure if I wish to travel among the stars. If there is an opportunity in the future, I will go find one. It is just sad that I lack the materials to make one even though I have the production method. Otherwise, it would be best to refine one myself.” Wang Lin was very interested in the star compass.

The speed of this compass was beyond belief. In the blink of an eye, it had already disappeared without a trace. There were thousands of wandering souls around the compass. They were like fish in water when they floated in the void. They slowly spread out to check the surroundings.

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