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Chapter 307 – God Slaying Chariot

This cave had nine rooms, and all of them were empty, but at this moment, Wang Lin’s eyes were locked onto the largest room as he wore a thoughtful expression.

Inside the piece of metal, it was clearly stated how to open the doors to these rooms and that there were a total of ten rooms. The location of the God Slaying Chariot was the 10th room.

“There are only nine stone rooms. Where is the tenth?” Wang Lin frowned. He had already spread out his divine sense and found nothing else.

Wang Lin took a few steps forward and touched the wall. The wall felt cold, but there was nothing unusual about it.

He pondered a bit before slapping his bag of holding. The piece of metal appeared in his hand.

The moment the metal appeared, it suddenly released a bright light and began to heat up. Wang Lin suddenly felt excited. He backed up and threw the piece of metal into the air.

Suddenly, the metal started becoming brighter and brighter until it began to melt. However, there was no liquid dripping down. Instead, it turned into a cloud of smoke.

Inside this mushroom-shaped smoke, a figure slowly formed. This person was very handsome. His hair moved, but there was no wind. There was a very majestic feel about him.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he took a few steps back and looked onward with a cold gaze.

After the figure appeared, his hand formed a seal, creating a golden light that covered the entire cave. Suddenly, rumbling sounds could be heard as the entire cave began to sink.

The ground under Wang Lin’s feet shook, but he remained calm as he carefully observed his surroundings.

After a long time, the shaking stopped. On one of the walls, a glowing, purple door appeared

The figure formed strange seals and pointed at the purple door before disappearing. Even the piece of metal had completely disappeared

Wang Lin took a deep breath and turned to stare at the purple door. Including this door, there were now a total of ten rooms in this cave.

Wang Lin secretly thought, “That figure must have been the Heavenly Treasure Celestial. He really is a master of refining treasures. Even if people find this cave, very few would be able to find the room with the real treasure inside.”

His eyes lit up as he walked up to the purple door. After pondering for a bit, he quickly formed the seals shown by the figure and pressed on the door.

The door immediately moved and slowly opened up.

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out and his eyes immediately lit up.

This tenth room wasn’t very large. Aside from scattered tools on the side, the most eye catching things were the three monstrous objects in the center.

It was not an exaggeration to say that they were monstrous objects, because these objects seemed to be covered in something that resembled beast skin and poking out of them were ferocious thorns with a thorn the size of a person in the center.

This was only the upper parts of the objects. The bottoms were like very large war chariots used by mortals with four large wheels.

These chariots were about ten feet wide. With the three of them in the center, they took up almost all of the space in the room.

When Wang Lin walked into the room, three beast souls appeared above their respective chariots. The beasts looked even more ferocious than their chariots and immediately began to roar at Wang Lin.

These souls contained the power to cause one’s soul to tremble. Their roars were also filled with penetrating powers, causing the entire cave to shake.

One of the beasts had a triangular head and the body of an ox. It looked very vicious with a tail behind it. There was some resemblance of eyes, a nose, and a mouth on the tail. It wouldn’t be wrong to say it had two heads.

After seeing this beast, Wang Lin immediately searched through Tu Si’s memories, but he was unable to find anything. However, there were many types of beasts in the universe, so it was not unusual to encounter beasts Tu Si didn’t know of.

The three beast souls looked very similar. The only difference between them was their size. The one in the center looked very large while the two on the sides looked smaller.

After the three beast souls appeared, their red eyes locked onto Wang Lin with an unfriendly gaze. They roared as they charged forward and tried to eat Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes remained calm as he took a step back.

But the moment the three beast souls jumped forward, countless chains as thick as arms appeared on them. These chains even went through the beasts’ souls and began to glow when they came within three feet of Wang Lin.

The three beast souls suddenly let out painful roars as their bodies were forcibly dragged back by the chains and were locked onto the chariots.

Only the larger beast soul in the center had managed to charge out another few feet forward before being painfully dragged back.

But the three beast souls were very unwilling to give up and began to struggle. The cave began to tremble as if it could collapse at any time.

Wang Lin calmed himself. Although he didn’t know the names of these beast souls, he had learned how to control them from the piece of metal. He also knew that each of these chariots contained a beast soul and that the chains prevented them from going more than three feet from the chariot.

Looking at the three beast souls struggling, Wang Lin quickly formed seals according to information from the piece of metal. As he finished each seal, they quickly turned into black rings.

After the three beast souls saw the rings, they began to struggle even more.

Gradually, Wang Lin’s movements became even faster and more rings appeared. Soon, more than 100 rings filled the room. When he pointed, all of them flew toward one of the chariots.


All of the rings fell down like rain and wrapped around the chariot.

The beast soul on the chariot let out a roar and revealed a frustrated expression. The rings wrapped around the beast one at a time, then the chariot floated into the air.

As it floated up, the size of the chariot changed. It slowly shrank until it was only the size of his palm and landed in his hand.

Wang Lin took a look at it before placing it in his bag of holding.

If he wanted to use the these chariots, then he must be able to subdue the beast souls. However, he was currently not powerful enough to do that, so he could only use the method on the piece of metal and put the beast souls in a sleeping state.

In truth, the Heavenly Treasure Celestial would never have thought that a Soul Formation cultivator would get their hands on the God Slaying Chariots. He believed that one had to be at least at the Soul Transformation stage to barely control them.

After putting away the chariot, he turned to the one on the left and used the same method to seal the beast soul that was on it.

Finally, there was only one chariot left. This one had the smallest beast soul, but it was still not something Wang Lin could control right now.

After this beast soul saw its two friends sealed away, he continued to roar.

If it was the Heavenly Treasure Celestial from back then, he would still obey, but before this tiny cultivator that he could kill with one slap if he was at his full power, his pride refused to let himself yield.

Wang Lin stared at this beast. He struggled on deciding if he should risk it or not. If he wins, then he could temporarily control this beast, but if he loses, he will be in danger.

After pondering a little, he touched the beast trap on his hand. According to logic, this beast trap should work, but this beast soul must have been a celestial beast when it was alive. One problem was whether or not this beast trap would even work. The other was that even if it did work, would he be able to withstand the amount of spiritual energy that would be absorbed?

He pondered a bit before giving up on the idea of taking the risk and sealed this chariot too.

“Too bad I don’t know how much power these God Slaying Chariots really have, but seeing how confident that Heavenly Treasure Celestial is, I believe they won’t be too bad. Also, the beast souls sealed in these chariots are very powerful, so their power shouldn’t disappoint me. Sadly, I’m too weak to use them right now.” Wang Lin let out a sigh before moving his gaze to the treasure refining materials on the side.

He quickly put everything inside his bag of holding and then carefully examined them. After that, he walked to the purple door and used the same method as before to raise the cave and walked out.

Wang Lin thought, “These God Slaying Chariots are really amazing. They don’t require any spirit stones to activate and solely use the power of the beast soul trapped inside to activate. As a result, it can save a lot of spirit stones, but if these chariots required spirit stones to active then, they would probably require celestial jades.”

“I just don’t know if there is any effect on the beast soul when activating the chariot. Under normal circumstance, there is no endless energy source in the world. The beast soul is likely to be damaged after a certain amount of uses and could even disappear completely after many uses. Unfortunately, the Heavenly Treasure Celestial didn’t leave any information on that matter.” Wang Lin looked at the sky and went into deep thought.

“I believe that the Heavenly Treasure Celestial didn’t have enough time before his death to leave all of the information inside the metal, so he only left the important things. This means that I have to personally do some research to understand more about these God Slaying Chariots.” Wang Lin thought for a while longer before touching his bag of holding and letting out a faint smile.

“The harvest for this trip to the Celestial Realm has been very good, but the danger has also been great. If anything had gone wrong during the collapse of that fragment, I would most likely be dead right now. The greater the risk, the greater the reward. That phrase is indeed true! Therefore, I will have to carefully consider Chi Hu’s invitation.” Wang Lin floated in the air as he carefully thought about it.

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