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Chapter 278 – Divine Retribution

But it was too late!

Earlier, when Wang Lin took out the puppet, he made a decision. Right now, he was at the point of life and death. The old woman was clearly not an early stage Soul Formation cultivator; she was very likely at the peak of the mid stage. This old woman’s techniques must contain her domain, so if he were to get caught, it would be too dangerous.

The gap between their cultivation levels was too large, so even if he ran, he wasn’t any faster.

Wang Lin’s eyes became decisive as he made a decision. He had to finish this quickly or else once the other Xue Yu cultivators arrive, it will be very hard to escape.

He had to take victory as quickly as possible before the old woman considered him a threat.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate at all. The moment he threw out the Nascent Soul puppet, he took a deep breath and a thin thread slowly came out of his hand.

The sliver of divine retribution!

In addition to this, he could also hide inside the heaven defying bead. However, that was his last resort because he would rather use this sliver of divine retribution than allow the old woman to see the heaven defying bead.

The heaven defying bead was his most well kept secret and shouldn’t be exposed. But if he didn’t have this sliver of divine retribution, he would have no choice but to enter the heaven defying bead.

Wang Lin used the moment the old woman was dazed by the Ji Realm to activate the sliver of divine retribution.

This sliver of divine retribution was Wang Lin’s ace that had helped him survive many crisis, but in order to live, he still used it today.

It wasn’t that he didn’t consider using it to threaten her; it was because there were many Xue Yu cultivators here. He could threaten her, but once she leaves and brings back more cultivators, he would be in a very dangerous situation.

So the ideal situation was to kill her with the sliver of divine retribution before she even realized it.

Although he felt a bit heartbroken when using it, Wang Lin was not an indecisive person. The sliver of divine retribution disappeared and red clouds appeared in the sky.

These clouds appeared very mysteriously. In almost an instant, the red clouds covered the sky. As for the dark blue aura, it really couldn’t compare to the red cloud. The dark blue aura moved out of the way of the red clouds as if it didn’t dare to block their path.

This was the scene the old woman saw once she recovered from Wang Lin’s attack.

She didn’t immediately recognize what this was, but the moment she saw the red clouds, she felt fear, so she didn’t hesitate to hide inside the ice tower.

At this moment, the white-robed Red Butterfly looked at the red clouds with a curious gaze.

The sickly middle-aged man behind her suddenly became very alert. His sickly look completely disappeared as he stared at the red clouds.

He didn’t say a word. He completely ditched his job of protecting Red Butterfly to go to the red clouds.

Wang Lin’s face was pale and his right hand trembled as he watched the old woman escape to the ice tower. His eyes lit up as he controlled the red clouds and pointed at the ice tower.

Suddenly, a bolt of red lightning appeared in the red clouds. This red lightning was unbelievably fast. At almost the exact same moment it appeared, it landed on the ice tower. That sliver of red lightning seemed to have triggered the rest of the clouds. Sounds of friction could be heard inside the clouds as red lightning gathered to form a bolt of purple lightning that was as thick as an arm before crashing down from the sky.

The old woman was about to dodge inside the ice tower when she realized that her surroundings were locked down by a destructive force, making her unable to move.

A look of despair appeared on her face. She never would have expected to attract divine retribution when she went to chase a mere Nascent Soul junior.

No matter how dumb she was, she realized that this was the mythical divine retribution.

The purple divine retribution smashed down on the ice tower. The ice tower and the old woman disappeared without a trace. It was as if they had never existed.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and directed another regrettable look at the divine retribution. But he knew that this was not the time to linger, so he turned around and escaped.

But after moving just 100 feet, he noticed a powerful divine sense sweep by him. At that moment, the straw hat on his head glowed and that divine sense quickly retreated.

Suddenly, hot energy emanated from the straw head and entered his head. It showed the image of the middle-aged man who destroyed the dragon rapidly approaching.

Wang Lin was terrified and had no time to be amazed at the straw hat’s ability. He quickly pointed his finger at his brow and disappeared into the heaven defying bead’s space.

After the purple divine retribution lightning destroyed the ice tower and old woman, it began to dissipate slowly. The red clouds in the sky also began to disperse, but just at this moment, the middle-aged man from Suzaku arrived. His eyes looked crazed as he stared at the red cloud. Then he let out a roar and an unimaginable aura spread from his body.

Suddenly, the dissipating red cloud began to move again. It was as if it were trying to condense once more. However, without that sliver of divine retribution to guide it, the red cloud could no longer condense again.

The middle-aged man was extremely worried about the red cloud. He knew that this was an extremely rare chance for him. If he were to miss this chance, he didn’t know if he would ever encounter something this good in his life again.

However, the red clouds could no longer condense and he could only watch as they dissipated. It was like seeing a mountain of gold and silver before you, but as you reached out to grab it, you noticed that there was an uncrossable gap between it and you.

Anxious, the middle-aged man bit his finger and drew blood symbols. The symbols flew out one by one into the red clouds.

Gradually, more and more blood symbols entered the red clouds. Finally, the speed at which the red cloud was dissipating seemed to slow down. The middle-aged man relaxed for a moment before his face became ugly again.

The red clouds were already very weak and about to disappear, but they were stabilized by the blood symbols. However, the dark blue aura suddenly rushed in as it was now stronger and sped up the dissipation of the red clouds.

Seeing the red clouds quickly dissipate until there was only one left, the middle-aged man let out an angry roar as he charged into the middle of it.

The moment his body entered the red cloud, bolts of purple lightning entered his body. He felt pain, but was also very comfortable as the lightning struck him. However, this only lasted for a very short period of time as the red cloud quickly dissipated.

The middle-aged man stared dumbfoundedly at the sky, his face very gloomy. Earlier, when his divine sense swept by, he only found the ice tower and a golden glow. The glow caused his divine sense to feel pain, so he pulled back. Afterward, he couldn’t feel that golden glow anymore.

After pondering for a bit, he clasped his hands and shouted, “Fellow cultivator who attracted the divine retribution, I am Ou Zhi from Suzaku. I would like to ask fellow cultivator to attract the divine retribution again. I will reward you handsomely.”

After a long time and still no response, the middle aged man let out a sigh. He reached out and grabbed the air. There was a scream as a giant arm covered in blue aura flew toward him. The arm landed in his hand and then turned to dust.

The snake creature only had one arm left. Red Butterfly’s expression was calm, but there was a hidden trace of anger.

The middle-aged man let out a cold snort and slowly said, “If it wasn’t for this damn beast ruining my fortune, then I would have been able to complete my technique today. I’m already very generous in taking only one arm. Red Butterfly, remember this well.”

Red Butterfly didn’t speak. The seven behind her only dared to be to silently angry. They didn’t utter a word.

The middle-aged man moved. When he reappeared, he was behind Red Butterfly. He once again looked very sickly.

Almost all of the cultivators of the Four Sect Alliance died in the year after the battle. Only a few were lucky enough to remain hidden in the new Xue Yu.

Time slowly passed. After living here for a year, Red Butterfly followed the middle-aged man to Suzaku.

As for the rain cauldron, no matter how much the cultivators of Xue Yu searched, they couldn’t find it. They believed that it was in the hands of the surviving Four Sect Alliance cultivators.

After Xue Yu took over the country, massive amounts of mortals from the original Xue Yu migrated over. Snow continued to fall, causing the new Xue Yu to be forever cold.

One by one, ice towers unique to Xue Yu appeared. After three years, this land completely belonged to Xue Yu.

Time quickly passed. Five years later, at a place 30,000 kilometers from the bounder of Xue Yu, a rainbow-colored light gradually condensed.

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