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Chapter 277 – Red Butterfly

Her master once told her that her Five Elemental Spirits appeared when she was born to protect her forever.

The Five Elemental Spirits were not at the late stage of Soul Formation when they were formed. They grew alongside Red Butterfly. Whenever she made a breakthrough, the Five Elemental Spirits did as well.

The stronger Red Butterfly was, the stronger the Five Elemental Spirits were.

As for where the Five Elemental Spirits came from, no one knew. In the end, Red Butterfly’s master sacrificed her cultivation to obtain a hint. Red Butterfly had the Five Elemental Spirit body. In her life, she will only have one trial. Once she passes that trial, she will gain the true Five Elemental Spirit body and will never have a bottleneck.

However, even though her master had used her cultivation as the price, she still wasn’t able to predict what the trial would be

After a while, it was kind of put to the side, but there was a tiny part of everyone’s hearts waiting for that trial.

Just before this war, Red Butterfly’s master suddenly had a vision. Using this chance, she was able to figure out a hint of her trial.

That was why before the war, she told Red Butterfly to hand her Five Elemental Spirits to her senior apprentice sister so that her senior may lead Xue Yu into battle against the Four Sect Alliance.

In truth, this all went as her master had planned. Using her senior as a replacement, Red Butterfly was able to dodge this trial.

As a result, once her senior died, her trial would be over and her future path would be without obstacles. This was why she came out of the rift.

But at this moment, when she found out that one of the Five Elemental Spirits were missing, her heart suddenly felt that something was off and her expression became gloomy.

There were eight people standing behind her.

Among the eight people, seven of them were dressed the same. There were males and females among the seven, and they were all very old because they were the seven grand elders of Xue Yu. Even after Red Butterfly enters Suzaku, these seven will still follow her and act as her bodyguards.

The last person was a middle-aged man that was wearing a black robe. This person’s face was a pale yellow, making him look very sickly.

He lazily nodded after hearing the woman speak, then took a step forward and immediately arrived between the black dragon and the snake creature. He looked at the black dragon and smiled. “I don’t have the right to kill this dragon, but I can remove the bloodline.”

With that, he waved his right hand, causing Zhou Wutai’s body to shake and cough out a mouthful of blood. He felt the presence of a powerful force. This force made his body shoot into the distance like a meteor.

The blood Zhou Wutai coughed out was condensed into a drop of purple blood in the middle-aged man’s hand. Then he flicked the drop of blood into the brow of the black dragon.

The black dragon let out a roar filled with sorrow, but alongside that sorrow there was a sense of liberation. The dragon looked at the ground, then its whole body suddenly stopped moving as the soul of a dragon flew out and disappeared in the distance.

The black dragon quickly turned back into a mountain after losing the dragon’s soul and fell back to the ground.

The black dragon no longer protected the Four Sect Alliance. The moment the mountain fell, the resulting sound was like the signal telling the Four Sect Alliance that they were doomed.

The middle aged man let out a sigh. He returned to the woman’s side and continued to look sickly.

Finally, the snake creature with the top half of a human fully descended from the rift. The woman in the white robe gently landed on the head of the snake creature. She pointed at the ground and the snake creature spat out dark blue aura. The moment this aura appeared, it began to spread like crazy. No matter who it was, if they touched this aura they would only manage to struggle a bit before turning into an ice statue. Soul Formation cultivators were no exception.

Wang Lin stared at the scene before him. His scalp went numb. Although he was very far from that woman, the speed of the dark blue aura was too great. Without a word, he put on the straw hat and escaped. He used his full speed to escape the dark blue aura. His destination was where Zhou Wutai was thrown.

As the dark blue aura spread, the entire Four Sect Alliance was turned into a world of ice.

The cultivators of the Four Sect Alliance flew out of their sects with looks of indignation on their faces. After glancing at their home, they all tried to leave.

But how could the cultivators of Xue Yu let them just leave like this?

Wang Lin was very fast. He knew what the result would be the moment that sickly middle-aged man acted. Xue Yu was going to cut the roots this time, so it would be very hard for the cultivators of the Four Sect Alliance to escape.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He no longer thought about this. Instead, he turned into an illusion as he flew even faster. He didn’t dare to stop as the dark blue aura was very fearsome. Everything the aura touched was turned to ice. Wang Lin didn’t believe he would survive by relying on luck.

Before long, his divine sense noticed that 1,000 kilometers away, there was a hole in a mountain of snow. That was where Zhou Wutai had landed.

Wang Lin’s body disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already at the mountain of snow. He didn’t hesitate at all as he entered the hole.

The moment he entered, he saw Zhou Wutai. Zhou Wutai didn’t die, he was only knocked unconscious. Wang Lin quickly took Zhou Wutai’s bag of holding and left. He didn’t dare to linger.

Almost at the exact moment he left the snow mountain, the dark blue aura arrived. The entire mountain of snow turned into a mountain of ice.

While Wang Lin was flying in the sky, he used his powerful divine sense to wipe off Zhou Wutai’s divine sense from the bag of holding. He let out a smile when he found the Rain Cauldron inside it.

Just as he put the bag away, his expression suddenly changed. He saw an ice tower with more than 80 floors appear before him. An old woman walked out of it. She shot Wang Lin a cold glance and raised her right hand.

Wang Lin quickly backed up and pointed at his brow. The core Teng family members that were turned into devils by him flew out.

As soon as these devils appeared, they jumped at the old woman. The old woman revealed a look of disdain as she flicked her finger. The devils were quickly surrounded by blue ice.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth and thought, “Explode! Explode! Explode!”

Suddenly, the devils exploded inside the blue ice and turned into a cloud of black smoke.

Wang Lin’s body never stopped. He used the black smoke to disappear from sight. When he reappeared, he was already more than 1,000 kilometers away. He quickly started to run again. At the same time, his right hand pointed at his brow once more. This time, he ordered every devil besides Xu Ligou to explode.

Only after a few seconds of escaping did Wang Lin feel that some of the devils had already exploded. Although the smoke was now thicker, the feeling of a needle at this back was still there.

“You won’t be able to escape!” The old woman’s gloomy voice came from behind him. The 80 plus floor ice tower charged out from the black smoke with the old woman sitting at the top. The expression on her face was dark.

Wang Lin didn’t turn around. He slapped his bag of holding and a cloud of black smoke appeared. The black smoke condensed into a Nascent Soul puppet. Wang Lin suddenly turned around as his hand formed a seal and red lightning shot out from his eyes. The red lightning entered the puppet as he shouted, “Go!”

Suddenly, the puppet charged at the old woman as if it was crazy. The old woman stood still at the top of the ice tower. The look of contempt in her eyes became even stronger. She reached out and grabbed. Suddenly, the ice and snow on the ground flew up and blocked the puppet.

As Wang Lin ran away, his eyes became cold as he thought, “Explode!”

A flash of red appeared in the puppet’s eyes. As the ice and snow closed in on it, it exploded. The explosion of a Nascent Soul puppet at full power was very scary. Under the control of the puppet, the energy of that explosion didn’t spread in all directions. Instead, it was directed at the old woman.

At the same time, in the middle of the explosion, a bolt of red lightning charged toward the old woman.

This red lightning was Wang Lin’s Ji Realm. Although its effect on Soul Formation cultivators wasn’t large, it was still enough to shock their consciousness.

The old woman didn’t care too much about the red lightning, but she slightly frowned at the explosion of the Nascent Soul puppet. She put her hand on the ice tower, making rays of white light shoot out from all the windows. These rays of white light condensed around the old woman, forming an ice shield 10 feet thick.

However, the old woman would never have thought that the red lightning would just go through the ice shield as if it weren’t even there. Her expression changed as she moved her hand to block it, but the red lightning suddenly entered her body through her arm.

The red lightning charged directly through her body and into her consciousness, causing her vision to become hazy. This only lasted for a few short moments before she returned to normal, but now there was a sliver of dread in her eyes.

This sliver of confusion caused the ice shield around her to weaken. Without the old woman’s control, the ice shield absorbed some damage, which caused it to collapse. The rest of the explosion hit the old woman directly.

It was also at this moment that the old woman regained her senses. She let out a cold snort and her white robe puffed up. With some popping sounds, the explosion of the puppet was stopped by the mysterious formation on her white robe.

Once the smoke disappeared, the old woman sucked in a breath of cold air. She returned to her ice tower without a word and was about to leave.

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