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Chapter 276 – Stealing The Earth Spirit

Wang Lin had a frown on his face as he hid inside the snow mountain. If Xue Yue only had this much, then the Four Sect Alliance would win for sure, but he still felt this strange sense of danger.

He pondered for a bit, then his eyes lit up as his divine sense detected the Earth Spirit, its body releasing black smoke, flying toward this direction from Black Soul Sect. Behind the Earth Spirit was the young man with the brush, casually chasing behind it. Every time the brush in his hand moved, the Earth Spirit would tremble and the amount of black smoke around it would increase.

When Wang Lin saw this, he didn’t know what to do. After a while, he made a decision. He silently left the snow mountain and charged toward the Earth Spirit using his earth escape technique.

He got closer and closer; 8,000 kilometers, 7,000 kilometers, 5,000 kilometers, 3,000 kilometers…

When he was 3,000 kilometers away, Wang Lin’s body suddenly disappeared. When he reappeared, he was only 2,000 kilometers away. He immediately hit his forehead and spat out the black seal.

The moment the seal appeared, it released a powerful killing intent as many soul fragments appeared around it as well. Wang Lin threw it up into the air until it disappeared from view.

At the same time, Wang Lin took a deep breath and rapidly moved his hands. Many restrictions were shot from his hands into the surroundings. He then took out his restriction flag and shook it. The flag covered the area with black fog, but then it quickly disappeared.

Just as he finished doing all of this, the Earth Spirit arrived.

The Earth Spirit was messy right now. When it saw Wang Lin, it didn’t pay him any attention. Although it was very weak right now, with its late stage Soul Formation cultivation, it could still kill a late stage Nascent Soul cultivator at will.

In its view, Wang Lin wasn’t qualified to make it cautious.

The moment it arrived, it waved its hand and a wave of earth power charged at Wang Lin. The moment that power touched him, he felt a sweetness in his throat as he coughed out blood.

The Nascent Soul in his body shook and almost collapsed.

The Earth Spirit frowned, but it didn’t pause at all. Then, the blood Wang Lin coughed out turned into a blood mist and disappeared into the air.

At the same time, a large amount of black fog appeared. Arms of restriction smoke shot out and surrounded the Earth Spirit. Shortly after, eight black restriction rings appeared, forming a cage with the restriction flag to trap the Earth Spirit.

Wang Lin immediately backed up. He knew that with his cultivation level, he couldn’t resist the Earth Spirit at all. But he didn’t intend to fight it himself; he only had to hold the Earth Spirit here until the young man with the brush arrived. The battle would be over then.

The Earth Spirit noticed Wang Lin’s intention. It let out a roar and slammed into the restriction ring while completely ignoring the restriction smoke.

In truth, the Earth Spirit wasn’t being affected by the restriction smoke. The moment the smoke entered its body, it was like the Earth Spirit was devouring it.

With the first slam, a large amount of black smoke disappeared and a crisp crackling sound came from within.

Wang Lin’s heart ached. He knew that cracks had appeared on the restriction flag.

The Earth Spirit let out another roar. It didn’t break through the first time, so it slammed into the cage again. This time, all of the black smoke was destroyed. Although the restriction flag remained intact, there were even more cracks on it now.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. The young man with the ink brush arrived right when the Earth Spirit was about to slam a third time. The young man’s eyes were still closed as his hand moved with the brush. Although it looked slow, he moved it very quickly until it was pointed at the Earth Spirit.

Suddenly, the Earth Spirit let out a miserable scream as even more black smoke burst from its body, weakening it severely. It revealed a stubborn gaze. Unwilling to give up, it was about to slam a third time.

Wang Lin secretly sighed. He pointed his hand at the air and the black seal fell from the sky. The killing intent mixed with the soul fragment came down like the heavens collapsing.

The Earth’s Spirit’s face suddenly became very serious as its body turned into black mud. It attempted to wrap around the black seal.

At that moment, the young man opened his eyes, which revealed a mysterious light. His hand moved again, causing a large amount of the black mud created by the Earth Spirit to disappear.

The black seal’s pressure smashed down on the Earth Spirit, causing it to let out a miserable scream as it turned back into human shape. However, the Earth Spirit was not half transparent. It was as if it would dissipate if the wind blew on it.

The Earth Spirit revealed a look of despair as the young man raised his hand. He was about to wave the brush again. Wang Lin immediately charged into the restriction flag and pointed at his brow. A powerful suction force appeared and immediately sucked the Earth Spirit into Wang Lin’s brow.

Wang Lin didn’t have time to check on it once it was absorbed into the heaven defying bead. He sucked the black seal back and waved his hand to put the restriction flag back into his bag of holding.

All of this was done very quickly. Afterwards, he didn’t hesitate to shout, “Junior is a disciple of the White Cloud Sect. My master is Qing Song.” With that, his divine sense entered his bag of holding to control the old man’s carving to release a sliver of the passing of time domain before turning around and leaving.

The young man stared at Wang Lin with a cold gaze, but his hand didn’t move. After a while, he turned around and left.

Wang Lin flew for 10,000 kilometers while on guard before stopping. Only when he noticed that the young man wasn’t chasing did he finally let out a sigh of relief.

Wang Lin took a lot of risk to steal this Earth Spirit from someone else’s grasp. He decided to not risk trying to get the other elemental spirits. It would be too dangerous; if he had made a single mistake, he would have died.

Also, the damage to the restriction flag caused his heart to ache.

Hidden inside a mountain of snow, Wang Lin checked the heaven defying bead and found that the earth element was completely filled. Now he only needed wood and metal to complete the heaven defying bead.

Just at this moment, the ground shook and countless ice sculptures of snakes with human hands came out from the ground.

These sculptures were the mysterious things Wang Lin found hidden more than 5,000 kilometers underground.

One by one, the sculptures rose through the snow-covered ground. If one were to look from above, they would notice that these sculptures formed an image.

This image looked exactly the same as the snakes with heads depicted on the ice sculptures.

The ice sculptures began to shine as they all suddenly rose into the air. All of the ice sculptures in the entire Four Sect Alliance flew into the air at unimaginable speeds and all of the rifts in the sky besides the one at the center disappeared.

Shortly after, a powerful, dark blue aura came out of the rift at the center. Once the aura appeared, it quickly spread and surrounded the area 10,000 kilometers around it.

Some of the Four Sect Alliance cultivators weren’t able to dodge fast enough and were hit by this dark blue aura. They immediately froze and turned into ice sculptures. Even their Nascent Souls were completely frozen in place.

This bizarre scene caused the surrounding Four Sect Alliance cultivators to be shocked.

Next, the ice sculptures floating in the air melted. In a few short breaths, they had all melted completely. It was as if they were never there.

When they disappeared, a powerful pressure came out of the rift at the center. A creature the size of a small mountain with a snake body slowly descended from the rift.

The moment this creature appeared, the dark blue aura became even denser and spread out farther. No matter what it touched, everything would freeze into a block of ice.

Wang Lin sucked in a breath of cold air and without a world left the mountain of snow. Not more than three breaths after he left, the blue aura swept by and turned the mountain of snow into an ice mountain.

At this moment, the creature with the snake body had already descended halfway. Surprisingly, the upper half was that of a human. Wang Lin already expected that the creature would be the same as the ice sculptures.

Although he had already notified Zhou Wutai of this matter, whether the Four Sect Alliance did anything about it was not Wang Lin’s concern.

Wang Lin ran until the blue aura stopped spreading, then he stopped and looked at the sky with a gloomy face.

At this moment, Zhou Wutai, who was standing above the dragon’s head, let out a cold snort. Suddenly, the black dragon under him flew into the air. It opened its mouth, which looked like it could devour the heavens, and charged toward the descending creature.

The dark blue aura didn’t have any effect on the black dragon.

However, as the black dragon charged toward the creature, a cold voice came from inside the rift. “Lord messenger, Suzaku promised to help us once, so I’m asking you now to kill this black dragon.”

As those words came out, a woman in a white robe with long, flowing hair came out of the rift. This woman was very graceful. It didn’t seem like there was even much coldness coming from her body, but her eyes revealed that she was a very determined person.

The moment the woman appeared, everyone, even fools, could tell at a glance that the difference between her and the woman before was too great. It was like comparing the bright moon to a firefly.

After this woman appeared, she waved her hand and four rays of light flew to her from four different directions. Those were the metal, wood, water, and fire elemental spirits.

The woman’s brow furrowed. “There is one missing?”

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