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Chapter 275 – Black Dragon

The white-clothed young woman closed her eyes and used a special method to sense the battles that were going on at the four sects. As she let out a cold smile, her right hand formed a seal and a white light shot out from her hand into a rift in the sky.

With a thunderous roar, all of the rifts within 10,000 meters of the white-clothed woman fused together into one giant hole in the sky.

Ice towers descended from the hole one by one.

The cultivators of Xue Yu were very different from cultivators from other cultivation countries. Much like the Giant Demon Clan, they didn’t have multiple sects. Everyone belonged to one sect.

In Xue Yu, once a cultivator has reached the Nascent Soul stage, they can form an ice giant with their Nascent Soul to do battle with.

This is a symbol of their status

Similarly, once they reach the Soul Formation stage, they make their own ice tower. This becomes their own personal cultivation ground.

The ice towers descending meant that Soul Formation cultivators had appeared.

Every single ice tower had different shapes, but someone knowledgeable about Xue Yu would know to look at how many floors a tower had to determined the cultivation level of the cultivator inside.

The more floors the ice tower has, the higher the cultivation level of the cultivator inside. This is a pretty simple way to see the cultivation level of Xue Yu cultivators.

There were a total of 36 ice towers that descended.

Four of the ice towers were clearly taller than the rest, each with 99 floors. This means that the owners of these ice towers have reached the late stage of Soul Formation.

The moment the 36 ice towers appeared, all of the Soul Formation cultivators from the Four Sect Alliance took deep breaths, walked into a formation, and disappeared.

A rainbow-colored light lit up under the white-clothed woman. From the light, a door appeared without a sound. The Soul Formation cultivators of the Four Sect Alliance walked out of it.

The middle-aged man and old woman from the White Cloud Sect were among them, but the old man that controlled the passing of time domain was not there.

Among them were four old cultivators that were very eye catching. They looked like they had just crawled out of coffins. They were the sect protectors of the four sects.

The four of them raised their heads and looked at the descending ice towers. One of them suddenly stood straight and his skinny body suddenly bulked back up. Cracking sounds came from his body as his bones increased in size. The wrinkles on his body disappeared and his muscles expanded.

In almost an instant, he turned from a wrinkly old man to a very dignified-looking middle aged man. He looked at the white-clothed woman with a serious look in his eyes and said. “I’m the Black Soul Sect’s Zhou Yu. Maybe I ask if you’re Xue Yu’s Red Butterfly?”

The Red Butterfly the old man mentioned was the genius from Xue Yu that caught Suzaku’s attention. The absolute genius that managed to reach the late stage of Soul Formation in 100 years.

The white-clothed woman’s eyes lit up and she said. “So it is fellow cultivator Zhou Yu, one of the eight late stage Soul Formation cultivators of the Four Sect Alliance.”

Zhou Yu’s brow furrowed. This woman responded to his question with another question. This was clearly not what he was looking for, and seeing that the woman didn’t seem to want to answer his question, his gaze became cold and he waved his sleeve.

This wave wasn’t only a signal to start the battle, but also a signal to the people of the Four Sect Alliance to start phase two of their plan.

Zhou Yu couldn’t wait anymore. It didn’t matter if this woman was Red Butterfly or not, he had to gamble on it.

The Soul Formation cultivators around him all charged upwards.

The white-clothed woman revealed a look of disdain in her eyes. Xue Yu’s Soul Formation cultivators walked out from their ice towers and the battle began.

With the activation of one powerful technique after another, the entire Four Sect Alliance shook and the sky changed colors. Every single technique of these Soul Formation cultivators had the power to move mountains and oceans. As a result, the shockwaves of the techniques spread out, hitting everyone in range. It didn’t matter if they were cultivators of Xue Yu or the Four Sect Alliance, the lucky ones were heavily injured and the unlucky died instantly.

This battle between two countries had split into two different battlefields. One was between those below the Soul Formation stage, fighting on the ground, and the other was the Soul Formation cultivators exchanging techniques in the sky.

This was the most fierce battle Wang Lin had ever witnessed. He remained hidden in the mountain of snow as he looked at the powerful Soul Formation cultivators using techniques that contained their domains. He carefully watched and studied the various domains.

The battles of Soul Formation cultivators normally don’t stay in one place as they can easily move 10,000 meters in an instant. Before long, the soul formation cultivators spread apart and used the entire Four Sect Alliance for their battle to the death.

The disdain in the white-clothed woman’s eyes became even stronger as her hand formed a seal and a white light appeared in her hand. However, at that moment, nine specks of light suddenly appeared around her.

The moment the specks of light appeared, they connected to each other and the shadows of nine figures appeared.

The old man who controlled the passing of time domain was among them.

The moment the nine figures appeared, the white-clothed woman’s face became ugly. She let out a snort, then waved her right hand and a fan made of seven large feathers appeared.

The woman’s eyes lit up. She waved the fan and one of the feathers flew off by itself. The moment the feather left the fan, it turned into a cloud of smoke. Suddenly, an enormous figure appeared. Although the figure had some curves, it was still only a shadow.

She let out a gentle breath and the nine figures all trembled as they spat out mouthfuls of blood, but none of them took a single step back.

At the same time, the nine figures each let out roars as nine different domains charged at the woman.

At this moment, all of the Soul Formation cultivators from Xue Yu who saw this immediately wanted to go help, but the Four Sect Alliance cultivators wouldn’t let them as this was part of their plan.

The woman’s face immediately changed. She waved the fan in her hand, causing the feathers to fly out. However, it was too late. This killing formation was something the Four Sect Alliance had prepared for the genius of Xue Yu.

The moment the genius of Xue Yu dies becomes a huge turning point for this battle. If she dies, Xue Yu will lose the support of Suzaku. Although they might anger Suzuka, it beats having their country wiped out.

The moment the nine people attacked, many of the cultivators that were maintaining the formation died.

It was them who took a share of the attack from the white-clothed woman.

The reason that woman dared to float in the air all by herself was because of that fan. However, she was overconfident. After obtaining this treasure from the rank 5 cultivation country, no one but that junior apprentice sister, who was already above her, could be her opponent.

Among the nine figures, five of them were at the Soul Formation late stage. The other four were people who controlled special domains. No one would be able to survive this unless they had reached the Soul Transformation stage.

Under the onslaught of domains, the woman didn’t have any power to resist as she was turned into a bloody corpse. The fan with only two feathers remaining was caught by a late stage Soul Formation cultivator before the nine figures turned into nine specks of light and disappeared.

The nine of them took major hits from the fan. All of their cultivation levels were greatly lowered and would require a long time to recover.

Rage appeared in the eyes of the Xue Yu cultivators who saw this, but there was no sadness. This rage caused their battles to become even more intense.

Wang Lin saw all of this happening and began to frown even harder. He carefully observed the expressions of the Xue Yu cultivators and felt that something was wrong.

This woman perhaps wasn’t the genius.

Just at this moment, rays of rainbow-colored light shot out from the ground. There were a total of 108 rays of light.

The rays of light appeared evenly across the Four Sect Alliance at the same time. If someone were looking from above, they would see that this formed a formation that covered the entire Four Sect Alliance.

Wherever a pillar of light was, there sat countless cultivators on the ground around it. All of their eyes were closed and they poured all of their cultivation and spiritual energy into this formation.

The entire earth began to shake violently at the center of the Four Sect Alliance. This was the Heaven Cloud mountain range. Although it was covered in snow, the moment it began to shake, the snow started to fall off. Even giant chunks of ice cracked into pieces. Soon, the entire Heaven Cloud mountain range turned into a 10,000 foot long black dragon.

As the dragon raised its head, all of the snow and ice fell off of it and it stared at the Xue Yue cultivators.

On the head of the black dragon stood one person. Wang Lin knew this person; it was the large-earred cultivator, Zhou Wutai.

The reason Zhou Wutai’s status was so high in the Four Sect Alliance was because he had the bloodline of the guardian dragon of the Four Sect Alliance.

Only he could successfully control the black dragon once the formation was active and use it to protect the country.

The black dragon let out a roar as it raised its head. This roar spread across the entire Four Sect Alliance. When the cultivators of the Four Sect Alliance heard this roar, their morale increased.

According to the plan, the moment the roar goes out, the final battle has began. Countless cultivators came out from the four sects and joined in the battle against the cultivators of Xue Yu.

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