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Chapter 274 – Underground Ice Sculpture

The moment the five elemental spirits appeared, the old man chained to the black rock let out a creepy laugh. He suddenly flew into the air, dragging the black rock with him.

The water spirit suddenly turned. Without causing any fluctuations of spiritual energy, it turned into a pool of clear water and moved toward the old man.

At the same time, three more elemental spirits chose one of the four sects and flew over to them. Only the fire spirit turned into a large blue flame and flew toward the giant barbarians.

Shortly after, each of the Xue Yu cultivators picked one of the four sects and started fighting.

Waves of cold came from the snow and ice on the ground. When the cultivators of the Four Sect Alliance touched the snow, they would feel cold, but to the Xue Yu cultivators, it was the best weapon. This cold energy would even help the Xue Yu cultivators recover spiritual energy to some degree.

The entire sky of the Four Sect Alliance was covered in flashes of magical treasures. The locations of the Water Ink Sect, White Cloud Sect, Green Wood Sect, and Dark Soul Sect were the locations of the final battles.

Some of the mortals who were lucky enough to survive hid in their houses. They had no idea what was going on and had never seen so many cultivators in their life.

The surrounding countries all sent out powerful cultivators and surrounded the Four Sect Alliance. They had no intention to join the battle, they just wanted to make sure no cultivator could leave the Four Sect Alliance, whether it was the cultivators of the Four Sect Alliance or Xue Yu.

They would only leave once there was a winner.

The giant barbarians ran around the battlefield and swung their giant arms. Every time they swung, they would hit several Xue Yu cultivators. There was a total of 99 giant barbarians.

They fought with the Xue Yu cultivators within the area of the four sects.

Although each of the giant barbarians were very powerful and even contained hints of their own domains, they were very afraid of the fire created by the fire spirit.

One of the giants had just blown two Xue Yu cultivators into dust, but was immediately surrounded by the fire. Its entire body immediately released white smoke, and in a matter of a few breaths, the giant was gone. Even the cultivator inside couldn’t escape from being burnt to ashes.

But the strange thing was that although the fire was very hot, it had no effect on the snow on the ground.

After the giant formation in the sky was broken, an even stronger snowstorm came out of the rifts. The snow became even thicker.

The white-clothed woman wasn’t the only one who had brought a powerful magic treasure. Other Xue Yu cultivators who had prepared powerful magic treasures also appeared.

At the battle against the White Cloud Sect, a white-haired old woman waved her sleeves and chanted some complicated spell. Suddenly, a powerful wind came from a rift and all of the snow within 100 square feet floated into the air.

Under the effect the powerful wind, the snow glistened and turned into ice. Shortly after, the old woman’s eyes lit up and she slapped her forehead. Her Nascent Soul left her body and entered a giant block of ice.

The moment the old woman’s Nascent Soul entered the ice, the ice trembled and transformed into an ice giant.

The giant’s eyes lit up and smashed its hands into the ground, causing large amounts of snow to fly into the air.

More snow flew into the air, moving as if something was controlling it, and took the shape of a long spear for the ice giant to use.

Then, some of the surrounding Xue Yu cultivators did the same thing and many ice giants appeared on the battlefield.

Some of the low level Four Sects Alliance cultivators finally realized why Xue Yu needed to pour so much snow on the countries they were fighting. A large amount of the Xue Yu cultivators’ techniques and spells required snow.

The same scene happened in the other three sects. These large ice giants controlled by cultivators’ Nascent Souls fought with the cultivators of the Four Sect Alliance. Suddenly, the battle became a mess.

Only the white-clothed woman stood still in the air as she looked at the battles with a cold gaze.

It was the metal elemental spirit that was fighting against the old man on top of the bronze cauldron. The old man placed his hand on top of the cauldron and symbols that moved as if they were alive appeared in the sky. The symbols moved under the control of the old man and began fighting with the metal elemental spirit.

The wood elemental spirit fought with the giant pool of sludge from the Green Wood Sect.

Countless black snakes extended from the sludge. Any Xue Yu cultivator that was touched by the black snake died.

Even the wood elemental spirit was having a hard time.

The most strange person had to be the young man from the Black Soul Sect. The earth elemental spirit was fighting him and having a really tough time. The young was completely motionless, only his hand would move along with the ink brush.

But with every stroke, the earth elemental spirit would escape with a look of dread in its eyes. Finally, the young man closed his eyes.

If one looked closely, they would see that the young man wasn’t moving. The brush was moving on its own.

At this point, it was only the start of the battle, so most of the Soul Formation cultivators from either side hadn’t moved yet. The Soul Formation cultivators of the Four Sect Alliance were all waiting. If this was all that Xue Yu had, then the chances of the Four Sect Alliance being wiped out were not large.

It could be said that all of the Soul Formation cultivators of the Four Sect Alliance, especially the old late stage Soul Formation monsters, were staring at the woman in the sky, wondering if she was the genius that had caused all of this.

Once they confirm it, they will begin the first step of their plan. However, right now, they couldn’t be sure.

Wang Lin was also waiting. He was watching the battle while hiding inside a mountain of snow. He had already seen countless cultivators die.

However, a very strange phenomenon caught Wang Lin’s attention.

When cultivators from either side died, even if their bodies were blown to pieces, they would immediately freeze and sink into the snow.

If just that was the case, it wouldn’t have caught Wang Lin’s attention, but after taking a closer look, he noticed small fluctuations of spiritual energy as the bodies sank in.

This phenomenon caused Wang Lin to become very unsettled. He didn’t know why, but seeing the bodies turn into ice and disappear into the ground made him to feel a sense of danger.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin’s body sank down without a sound. He wanted to see what was the mystery behind this.

He couldn’t activate his full power inside the snow, so it took him two hours to reach the ground. Once he got there, he didn’t hesitate at all and went deeper with his earth escape technique.

At about 4000 feet underground, Wang Lin stopped. His face was covered with an unsettled expression and a sliver surprise. He noticed that 5000 feet underground, someone managed to dig out a cave. The cave seemed to be endless in size. Wang Lin guessed that this cave spanned throughout the entire Four Sect Alliance.

Every 1000 feet inside the cave there was an ice sculpture. Each ice sculpture was about ten feet tall and released a strange light. One other notable thing was that all of the ice sculptures were exactly the same. Their faces had ferocious expressions, and they had human hands as well as snake bodies.

Wang Lin roughly checked and found that there was a large amount of ice sculptures and that their positions seemed to hold some meaning.

All of the bodies that disappeared during the battle would appear here, but the moment they appeared, they would be absorbed by a nearby ice sculpture.

Wang Lin pondered a little. He originally didn’t believe that the Four Sect alliance wouldn’t notice this earlier, but he wasn’t able to detect this cave at all either.

It has to be said that Wang Lin’s divine sense was at the level of late stage Soul Formation cultivator’s, so if even he was unable to see through it, then it was very unlikely for anyone in a rank 4 cultivation country to see through it.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He slowly backed up and returned to the surface. He raised his head to look at the sky, then pondered a little before slapping his bag of holding and taking out a voice transmission jade.

This was what Zhou Wutai had left with him many years ago. He left a few messages in the jade before throwing it and watching it disappear.

At the same time, his expression suddenly changed as he noticed a huge fire in the sky. A giant barbarian had been burnt to ashes by a flame.

Although the giant was dead, the fire didn’t stop; it charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his body backed up. His hand formed a seal and a pillar of water appeared before him to block the flame.

He took this moment and teleported to more than 2000 feet away. His teleportation distance was much further than before.

The water pillar only blocked the fire for a moment before turning into white mist. The flame circled around the area once before flying toward the White Cloud Sect.

Wang Lin was reluctant to make himself known right now, so he didn’t extinguish the flame and merely ran away. Before all of the Soul Formation cultivators from both side moved, Wang Lin wouldn’t act.

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