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Chapter 273 – Xue Yu Descends

Wang Lin stood in place for a long time as he watched Da Niu and his wife leave. More than 30 years ago, Da Niu was only a kid, but in the blank of an eye, he was already middle-aged.

Just like the life and death domain, it was hard for things in this world to escape life and death.

Wang Lin let out a smile as he pointed at the lightscreen again. With a flash, the tunnel in the lightscreen closed. Wang Lin raised his head and looked around. He wasn’t in a rush to leave the Four Sect Alliance because he still had one more goal he hadn’t achieved yet.

That was to obtain the Rain Caldron!

This Rain Caldron was a disaster for the Four Sect Alliance, but also a treasure because it was something Soul Formation cultivators needed to be able to reach the Soul Transformation stage.

To Wang Lin, this Rain Caldron was something he needed for his future. Wang Lin could feel that the spiritual energy around him wasn’t as clean as before.

It was as if the spiritual energy was filled with dirt. It was not that there was any change to the spiritual energy in recent years, but because Wang Lin’s cultivation level had increased, he could detect this problem.

This spiritual energy is harmless to cultivators under the Soul Formation stage because they aren’t able to notice the impurities it contains.

But after one reaches the Soul Formation stage and wishes to proceed further, this spiritual energy is deadly. As for the spirit water from the heaven defying bead, maybe it’s because the five elements aren’t complete, but its purity is still a bit lacking.

However, the five elements are simply too hard to obtain. Aside from the water element, he would need a desolate beast like the one he got for the fire element to fill even one of them up.

The other few missing elements also required the soul of their matching desolate beast, which was why Wang Lin hadn’t managed to fill them in the past 400 years.

Wang Lin had to enter the celestial door to get celestial Qi, so he set his sights on the Rain Caldron.

Right now was obviously not the right time to try to take the Rain Caldron. The correct time was when Xue Yu’s invasion commences.

Thinking of this, Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with calmness as he found a large snow mountain and sank into it.

As his body sank into the snow, he took out his restriction flag and surrounded himself. Wang Lin soon disappeared inside the mountain of snow.

Wang Lin didn’t know when Xue Yu would come, so he had to hurry and prepare himself to reach the Soul Formation stage to increase his chances of obtaining the Rain Caldron.

In the blink of an eye, one year had passed. It was either because the formations in the sky were having an effect or the cultivators of Xue Yu were going to arrive soon, but the snow had gradually lessened.

The entire Four Sect Alliance was covered in snow. In this past year, a large number of mortals had died. Although the corpses weren’t in plain sight, every step was filled with snow and dead bodies. The mortal world of the Four Sect Alliance had turned into a grave.

Actually, the Four Sect Alliance had split into two factions. One wanted to hide and wait things out while the other wanted to fight until the end. After all, Xue Yu was a rank 4 cultivation country as well.

One this day, a large amount of cold aura escaped from the rifts in the sky, and a girl walked out from one of the rifts at the center of the Four Sect Alliance.

This girl was wearing a white dress like an ice queen. She was not beautiful, but the coldness on her face seemed to be even colder than all of the snow.

She walked out of the rift, then glanced at the ground before raising her right hand and casually pointing at the sky. Suddenly, countless rifts appeared in the sky and quickly expanded.

Waves of cracking sounds, like mirrors breaking, quickly spread across the entire Four Sect Alliance. At the same time, the formations that were blocking the snow broke into pieces and fell down into the four corners of the Four Sect Alliance.

Shortly after, countless cultivators wearing white robes walked out of the rift. There was one thing in common between all of them: the coldness on their faces. That coldness spread to every corner of the Four Sect Alliance.

A wave of killing intent covered the Four Sect Alliance.

At the same time, none of the countless cultivators from the Four Sect Alliance appeared, allowing all of the cultivators of Xue Yue to walk out one by one.

Slowly, more and more Xue Yu cultivators appeared. None of them uttered a word. Their gazes were all on the white-clothed girl.

Even the ones far away have their gazes set on the girl.

The girl’s eyes were cold as she pointed at the ground. This simple action caused all of the cultivators from Xue Yu to descend from the sky as a beam of white light.

Once a few moved, it caused a chain reaction. All of the Xue Yu cultivators descended.

But as they descended from the sky, four rays of light shot into the sky from the west, south, east, and north.

Cyan, red, purple, and white pillars of light that looked like they could hold up the sky appeared. At the top of the pillars, giant figures slowly condensed. When the figures finally formed, they revealed themselves to be ancient barbarians wearing leather armor.

If one looked closely at the giant barbarians, they would see a cultivator inside the chest of each one. Although it was not possible to see what cultivation level they were at, it couldn’t be low.

The giant ancient barbarians walked out from the pillars one by one and charged toward the cultivators of Xue Yu.

There was a large amount of these barbarians. Every step they took seemed to cause the earth and heavens to tremble.

As these ancient barbarians charged out, an angry roar came from the White Cloud to the east.
A huge, black rock floated in the air. On this rock was an old man held down with nine chains.

This old man’s face was yellow and very skinny. His body was filled with an aura of death and there was almost no clothes covering him besides a few scraps of fabric.

His hair was scattered all over as he looked at the Xue Yu cultivators in the sky with his dim eyes and licked his lips.

His tongue was very long. When it came out, it made him look like a demon. This sight would shock anyone.

Shortly after, a roar came from the Water Ink Sect from the south. A giant, bronze caldron slowly floated into the sky from the back mountain of the Water Ink Sect. There were countless spells carved on the top of this bronze caldron. A primitive aura spread out from it as well.

An old man wearing a red gown sat on top of the bronze caldron and calmly looked at the sky.

The Green Wood Sect to the east also didn’t dare to break the trend. As the roars came from the east and south, a giant pool of black sludge rose into the air from the Green Wood Sect. The sludge was bubbling, and every now and then, a face full of suffering would appear on the surface.

The moment this black sludge appeared, even the snow around it seemed to tremble.

The next moment, a weak-looking young man from the Black Soul Sect appeared in the north accompanied by neat and orderly shouts of young men. The young man looked very pale, as if he had just survived a serious illness.

As his body floated in the air, he waved his right hand to call something forth. Suddenly, a large amount of black gas floated out from the Black Soul Sect.

The black gas wove together to form a black ink brush. The moment the brush appeared, the sky changed colors. Even the old man on the caldron and the old man chained to the black rock noticed and were shocked.

This very ordinary looking ink brush slowly floated into the young man’s hand. The moment the brush landed in his hand, a healthy, red color appeared on his face.

How could the Four Sect Alliance not have made any preparations in the past few years? In truth, they had all been waiting. In this country-destroying disaster, they were taking out the final resorts of their sects and retaliating.

After all, a majority of the cultivators in the Four Sect Alliance grew up on this land. Although their opinions were divided at the news of Xue Ye invading, in the end, they banded together to fight the invaders.

Because they didn’t want to become homeless dogs, and they didn’t want to be people who couldn’t even protect their home.

Humans need a home, and cultivators are humans too.

This was a battle to the death.

Unless one side can easily wipe out the other side, then it will be a battle to the death until the very end.

The girl wearing white floated in the air. Her gaze was cold as she whispered, “Erase them! This will be the new country for us Xue Yu cultivators!”

The moment those words came out, all of the Xue Yu cultivators let out a unified roar. The roar grew as people joined in, and at the peak, the girl formed a seal and a five-colored light appeared.

The moment the five colored light appeared, it formed five girls that looked exactly like her, but those weren’t her avatars.

At this moment, Wang Lin was hiding under a mountain of snow inside the Four Sect Alliance. His divine sense had already covered the area. When he noticed the five girls appearing, the heaven defying bead in his divine sense suddenly trembled.

At this moment, there were many divine senses in the sky, so no one paid attention to his.

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes under the mountain of snow. A strange light emanated from his eyes. He muttered to himself, “Spirits of the Five Elements.”

Back then, after the heaven defying bead devoured only one fire spirit, the fire element was fully charged. At this moment, when Wang Lin saw the five element spirits, his heart moved. But he quickly threw away the idea as he didn’t know if she was the genius of Xue Yu that Zhou Wutai talked about or not.

But even if she wasn’t, she was still at the mid stage of Soul Formation. She was far from someone he could deal with right now.

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