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Chapter 265 – Changing Snow

Ten years had passed since he last felt his domain. Wang Lin had lived on this street for more than 30 years. He had turned old. His hair was all white and there were deep wrinkles on his forehead.

Da Niu’s mother died from grief seven years ago. At this point, Da Niu was managing the ironworks shop himself and, like his father before him, he supported his family, loved his wife, and constantly taught his growing son his trade so that his son may one day take over the shop.

This scene was almost exactly the same as when Wang Lin first arrived, only the people had changed.

But this scene didn’t last long. Three years ago, Da Niu’s son, named Xiao Niu, caught the eyes of a wandering cultivator form the White Cloud Sect and was taken back as a disciple.

That year, the wandering cultivator also gave him a name, Wen Zhuo.

Da Niu was very proud that his own son was going to become an immortal. He would tell anyone he could find, and soon, everyone on the street knew.

Wang Lin wasn’t surprised at all about Wen Zhuo being taken by the wandering cultivator of the White Cloud Sect. Wang Lin already noticed that Xiao Niu had the body to cultivate when he was very little and his talent was several times better than Wang Lin’s when Wang Lin started.

Wang Lin did this because the only connection he had in the entire capital was with Da Niu’s family. Therefore, Wang Lin gave Xiao Niu many pills to alter his body and this was the effect.

As a result, Xiao Niu’s talent became even better, so it was not surprising that he caught the attention of the White Cloud Sect cultivator. Although that cultivator was only at Core Formation stage, after Wang Lin observed him, he found that he was a kind person, very different from Wang Lin’s own teacher, Sun Dazhu.

Therefore, Wang Lin didn’t interfere and just let it happen naturally. He had already done all he could to help. As for how Wen Zhuo will be in the future, it was no longer his concern.

After Xiao Niu left, Da Niu hired a few workers, but in fact, this had broken his dad’s rule. According to his dad, what they were selling was their skill. If someone else learned that skill, then weren’t they picking up a stone to smash their own feet?

But it seemed that Da Niu didn’t listen to his dad’s words. After he hired the the workers, he stopped caring about the shop and instead returned to his old habits of watching Wang Lin carve every day.

With Da Niu always around to serve Wang Lin, it made Wang Lin recall some old memories.

Perhaps it was because Wang Lin watched Da Niu grow up, but ever since his mother died, he would come over to Wang Lin’s place every new year with his wife and food. Da Niu seemed to consider Wang Lin his own parent right now.

Da Niu’s wife, the tailor shop’s shopkeeper’s daughter, was a very smart woman. Seeing how her husband looked at Wang Lin, she also gradually began to treat Wang Lin like her own family’s elders.

As a result, in the final years of Wang Lin’s life as a mortal in the capital city, he was able to feel the warmth of a family. This warmth was very strange to Wang Lin, but he didn’t reject it.

Xu Tao had also changed from a middle aged man to an old man with some white in his hair. His current position had shot up from ten years ago. He was now the chancellor for the king. This was not the king from back then, but the prince.

After the prince became the king, his tributes didn’t decrease, they only increased. Every year, he would personally come and kowtow toward Wang Lin, completely disregarding his position.

Over these years, Wang Lin began to really admire the prince. After all, he was a king in the mortal world. To be able to lower his head like that takes a lot of determination.

Perhaps it was because he had experienced a lot and realized that there were people that could kill him with just their finger and no one would care.

One of the reasons he was so respectful to Wang Lin was to pull Wang Lin to his side so he could have a peaceful life.

In this winter, it snowed heavily. In the 30 plus years Wang Lin had been here, he had never seen it snow this hard before. The snow covered the entire capital. The snow on rooftops and trees were as tall as a 4 or 5 year old child.

A lot of roofs collapsed under the pressure of all this snow. Some of the weaker people had frozen to death. Almost every morning, people would find one or two frozen bodies on the corners of the streets.

This snow was very strange. Some of the people that had lived here for generations gathered in restaurants and talked about how there hadn’t been snow this heavy for hundreds of years.

The snow continued to fall and slowly covered the footprints made by the people that walked around. Soon, the footprint would be completely covered and be unnoticeable.

This forced a lot of shops in the capital city to close down. The street Wang Lin was at was relatively remote, so after one day of snow, it was impossible to see anyone outside anymore. All of the people were hiding at home, sitting in front of their stoves to keep themselves warm as they waited for the snow to pass.

This snow was indeed very strange. From the moment the snow began to fall, Wang Lin immediately noticed that in the snow, there was a trace of killing intent. This killing intent was very faint, but it has to be said that this snow covered the entire Four Sect Alliance, so this killing intent was almost monstrous.

The reason the temperature dropped so fast was due to this killing intent.

This snow didn’t come from the clouds, but appeared out of the thin air in the sky. How else could there be clouds big enough to cover the entire Four Sect Alliance?

On the third day of this strange snow, the nine pillars in the capital were split in half by lightning from the sky. The cultivators inside didn’t even have time to escape as they were killed by the lightning.

The moment this occurred, every single pillar like this in the other cities in the entire Four Sect Alliance were destroyed by lightning from the sky.

Shortly after, in addition to the snow falling from the sky, countless pieces of jade flew out from the east, south, west, and north corners of the country. Although these pieces of jade were very fast, the moment they met a Foundation Establishment cultivator, they would fall into their hands.

One of those pieces of jade flew back to Wang Lin. After he waved his hand, even though it had already gone past him, it still flew directly into his hand.

Wang Lin held the piece of jade in his hand and scanned it only to hear a gloomy voice say, “All cultivators inside the Four Sect Alliance, prepare for war. The four sects, Water Ink Sect, White Cloud Sect, Green Wood Sect, and Black Soul Sect are calling all rogue cultivators to gather. Be absent at your own risk!”

Wang Lin pondered a little before crushing the jade in his hand. He disappeared from his shop and when he reappeared, he was in the sky above the capital city.

After he appeared, his body suddenly moved and continued to fly up. Over ten thousand kilometers in the air, he found the source of the snow.

Wang Lin stared at the sky for a while. He was eventually able to see through what was going on. He could see faint ripples of restrictions in the area. They seemed to hide the source of the snow.

If it was any other type of technique, Wang Lin might have had trouble breaking through it, but as long as it was a restriction, he was not afraid. His right hand swiped over his eyes and a strange light shone from them. He stared at the air for a very long time and then his hand began to move. After half an hour, countless restrictions appeared around him.

The illusionary circles landed in the air and white smoke appeared. It was as if ice was melting. Gradually, the empty sky became filled with white smoke. After the white smoke faded away, the truth was revealed.

Wang Lin carefully looked at it and his expression immediately changed.

He saw a large rift over, 1000 feet wide, in the sky above the capital. The snow endlessly came out of the rift.

Wang Lin scanned the area with his divine sense and found that there were at least 100 of these restrictions within a 10,000 kilometer radius. This was only within 10,000 kilometers. According to Wang Lin’s calculations, there must be countless rifts like this over the skies of the Four Sect Alliance.

What also surprised him was that this rift seemed to have the power to suck in divine sense. When his divine sense passed over it, he immediately noticed.

Luckily, his divine sense was very powerful, so he was able to easily pull himself away.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. Instead of acting rashly, he returned to his shop. During his descent, the entire world had turned white as it began to snow even harder.

Wang Lin returned to the shop. He had a feeling that something bad was going to happen, and when he saw that rift, that feeling became even stronger. He pondered a little, then burst out laughing. This was the domain of the Four Sect Alliance, so he didn’t need to worry about it at all, as there will be cultivators more powerful than him that will deal with it.

However, that rift in the sky still hovered over Wang Lin’s heart like a dark cloud.

Just at this moment, Wang Lin’s expression changed as he looked at the door. After a little while, he heard knocking from outside. This knocking seemed to have a certain rhythm to it. The pause between every two knocks was exactly the same.

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