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Chapter 260 – Ancestral Spirit Token

The person the old man pointed at was an old woman. Her eyes were slightly dim as she stared at the old man and said, “Although senior’s cultivation level is sky high, that doesn’t mean you can order my White Cloud Sect around!”

The old man mumbled a few words. He impatiently took out a dirty and old bag of holding. He searched through the bag for a long time and finally took out a black, wooden token. There was still grease and vegetable leaves on the token as he casually threw it into the old woman’s hand.

The moment the old woman saw the token, her expression changed and she shouted, “Ancestral Spirit Token!”

The middle aged man immediately reached out and grabbed the token. He formed a few seals and placed it on the token. The token suddenly revealed a rainbow colored light that lingered. The middle aged man suddenly let out a wry smile and respectfully said to the old man, “Since senior has the Ancestral Spirit Token, we must obey, but is senior sure that you want to use the Ancestral Spirit Token to have all of the Soul Formation cultivators of the White Cloud Sect help your disciple experience domain?”

The old man proudly smiled at Wang Lin and snorted at the middle aged man. He shouted, “Of course! Now, stop with this nonsense. You, come out!” With that, he pointed at the old woman.

The old woman pondered for a bit and respectfully nodded. She moved forward, looked at Wang Lin with a complex expression, and said, “You have a good teacher. If had a chance to experience domains when I was trying to reach the Soul Formation stage, I would have had a much smoother path. Ah.” With that, she opened her mouth and spat out a sliver of pink spiritual energy. The moment it appeared, a nice-smelling fragrance began to spread.

The pink spiritual energy shot toward Wang Lin like a sword. It stopped three inches before Wang Lin and turned into a pink mist that then surrounded him.

“Slowly experience this old woman’s domain!”

Inside the pink mist, Wang Lin felt very warm. His spiritual energy and Nascent Soul gained a sliver of laziness.

As his killing aura and his determination to cultivate began to fade, Wang Lin felt sleepy thanks to that sensation.

It was as if nothing nothing mattered in the world.

But at the same moment, a ball of killing aura flew out of his bag of holding and entered Wang Lin’s body.

Shortly after, a powerful killing aura washed over him like a bucket of cold water dumped over his head. The killing aura spread throughout his body.

The old woman was surprised. She gently waved her hand and retrieved the pink gas.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. If it wasn’t for the killing aura ball, he would have completely lost himself in the domain. This type of feeling was extremely scary. Aside from the original dread he felt toward Soul Formation cultivators, there was now an extra bit of caution.

The old woman looked at Wang Lin. She backed up and no longer talked.

The old man’s gaze swept the group and landed on a cyan robed old man. His eyes lit up and he said, “You, your domain is very special. Once he experiences it, we won’t bother you anymore.”

That old man raised his head. He didn’t even look at Wang Lin while saying, “He can’t withstand my domain.”

The old man raised his eyebrow. He waved his hand and said, “Nonsense. With me here, even if your White Cloud Sect’s ancestor old man Bai Yun were to come here personally, I would still be able to hold it off.” With that, he mischievously looked toward the deep part of the White Cloud Sect.

The cyan robed man didn’t say anymore and patted his own head. Suddenly, a black opening appeared on his forehead and a black sword came out. The sword turned into a bolt of lightning and arrived before Wang Lin.

Its speed was something Wang Lin couldn’t defend against at all. His face was very ugly. If he had the restriction flag, he would be able to block it, but he wouldn’t be able to hold it off for too long.

However, Wang Lin was not afraid. Although he couldn’t resist the sword, if this was a real fight, thanks to the sliver of divine retribution, all Soul Formation cultivators would be wary of him, no matter how powerful their techniques were

For example: against this flying sword, if Wang Lin were to send out the sliver of divine retribution, then the cyan robed man would have to call back the flying sword, otherwise, they would just kill each other.

When the cyan robed man’s flying sword arrived ten feet before Wang Lin, a sudden wave of killing intent came from the sword. Within that killing intent, there was a bit of a mysterious domain.

This domain was very different from the two from earlier. It was as if it carried a sliver of the heavens’ might. Wang Lin immediately noticed that his own spiritual energy showed signs of weakening. If his spiritual energy was replaced by his life force, then his life would be quickly drained away.

This strange domain caused Wang Lin’s expression to change greatly. This domain currently only affected his spiritual energy. If it could affect life force, then it would be a terrifying heaven defying existence.

The cyan robed cultivator’s expression was plain as he waved his hand and the flying sword returned to him. The sword disappeared back into his forehead as he slowly said, “My domain is the passing of time.”

The old man’s eyes focused on the cyan robbed old man. Because of the fluctuations in spiritual energy, he knew that this cyan robbed old man had an uncommon domain, but he hadn’t expected it to be the passing of time.

He took a deep breath and the look of surprise disappeared from his face. At the moment, he looked very dignified. Although his face looked dirty, that couldn’t mask his noble aura.

Wang Lin suddenly felt disillusioned. It was as if this old man had instantly changed. If someone were to tell him that his old man was an expert from the country of Suzaku, he wouldn’t be surprised.

“What an amazing domain! If you can reach the Wen Ding stage, that domain will be heaven defying! You guys, take the token. Goodbye!” The old man took a deep breath. His body moved and appeared next to Wang Lin. He grabbed Wang Ling and they disappeared. When they reappeared, they were in an abandoned area of the capital.

After the two of them reappeared, the old man was breathing very hard and his face was pale, but it was still filled with pride. He looked at Wang Lin, waiting to be praised.

The current him no longer had the feeling of an expert. Wang Lin felt helpless as he placed the straw hat in his bag of holding and said, “Senior’s technique is beyond amazing. It’s something junior has never seen before. I really admire it.”

The old man rolled his eyes and disapprovingly said, “You only know this one line?”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit, then wryly smiled. When in his life did he ever have to flatter someone? He really didn’t know where to begin.

The old man breathed heavily. He waved his hand and said, “Forget it. You already finished experiencing domains, so quickly reach the Soul Formation stage so you can make those wooden carvings for me.”

With that, he turned around to leave.

Wang Lin pondered a little. Seeing that the old man was about to leave, he asked, “What kind of item is that Ancestral Spirit Token?”

The old man turned around to look at Wang Lin. He let out a smile filled with pride and said, “That piece of junk isn’t much. I have plenty of them here.” With that, he took out various tokens and said, “This is the Heaven Escape Sect’s, this is the Spirit Fog Sect’s, this is the rank 4 cultivation country’s Giant Demon Clan’s, this is the rank 5 cultivation country’s…”

Wang Lin gawked at him as he introduced each token. The old man’s face was filled with pride. It was as if the things in his hands were his favorite toys.

Finally, the old man waved his hand. He took out a blank token and said, “Besides those, I can make a token for any sect for you. Hehe, I have sold countless tokens over the years. You can go check out my reputation if you want. It is very good. How about the White Cloud Sect’s sect head’s token?”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit. He looked at the old man once more, then turned around and left.

The old man talked for a long time before finally putting the tokens away and saying, “These things are my treasures. If you can’t appreciate them, then I won’t sell them to you. Hmph!”

Wang Lin walked directly back to the shop and sat down cross legged next to the stove. The surroundings were completely quiet. In this silence, the experiences he had with the domains flashed through his mind. He became completely immersed in recalling his experiences as he tried to understand them.

The middle aged man’s desperate emotion domain, the old woman’s comfort domain, and the cyan robbed man’s passing of time domain all floated inside Wang Lin’s mind. After a while, Wang Lin gained a sliver of understanding. This domain was something that was obtained when someone was perceiving the heavens based on their life experiences.

Then what would his own domain be? Wang Lin closed his eyes. In that moment, his entire being changed. After a long time, he opened his eyes and grabbed a knife to begin carving.

The wooden chips fell to the ground. His knife flowed smoothly like water and without rest. Gradually, the piece of wood took the shape of someone forming a seal with one hand.

Wang Lin’s eyes became focused. At the moment, nothing could disturb Wang Lin’s concentration. What his mind was thinking about and what his eyes were seeing were the old man’s desperate emotion domain.

The amount of wood shavings on the ground increased. The speed of Wang Lin’s knife increased until it formed afterimages. After a long time, Wang Lin’s right hand suddenly paused. The knife in his right hand broke in half. The blade of the knife flew into a shelf and let out a buzzing sound.

Wang Lin didn’t pay attention to any of this as he looked at the carving in his hand. The carving was already completed. The middle aged man looked like he was alive. The carving contained a sliver of desperate emotion domain. However, this domain wasn’t being released at all. It was completely contained within the carving.

Wang Lin slowly closed his eyes. After feeling it for a long time, he gently placed the middle aged man’s carving on the ground.

Wang Lin muttered to himself, “It is still not enough…”

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