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Chapter 259 – Domain

Wang Lin hesitated a bit, then said to the old man, “Senior, are we just going like this?”

The old man waved his hand and made two straw hats appear. “Wear this. Unless someone is two cultivation levels above you, they won’t be able to see your appearance. This is something I’ve saved for a long time. When you are done, you have to return it to me,” he said.

Wang Lin caught the hat, scanned it with his divine sense, and was immediately shocked. Although this straw hat looked normal, there were secrets hidden within it. Using his divine sense, he found that the hat contained countless restrictions that he had never seen before. They were comparable to ancient restrictions.

And this was only the outer layer of restrictions. As for the restrictions in the center, Wang Lin couldn’t even check that far with his divine sense in such a short period of time. Wang Lin had decided that no matter what, he won’t be returning this hat. If anything, he will just have to make a few more carvings.

When the old man wore the hat, a golden light surrounded him. When Wang Lin tried to scan the old man, the golden light inflicted pain on him.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. The desire to keep the straw hat became even stronger as he silently put it on.

The old man looked at Wang Lin as his right hand formed a very strange seal and pointed to the air. Suddenly, a giant ghost appeared in the air. As it appeared, the surrounding spiritual energy violently gathered toward the ghost.

Almost immediately, the ghost became solid and became a giant in golden armor holding a sword. The giant’s face was grim. It was as if it was an evil god, revealing a violent aura. It angrily stared at the location the old man pointed to.

The old man proudly shouted, “Gold, smash!”

The golden armored giant waved its sword without a word. Suddenly, a beam of golden light appeared. It was as if the sun was crashing down. The beam flew across the sky. Suddenly, in the distance, violent ripples appeared. The ripples became more and more violent until a light screen shattered into tiny pieces with a loud bang.

Shortly after, the golden armored giant let out a snort and gradually faded.

The old man immediately mumbled in dissatisfaction. Wang Lin could kinda hear that the old man was scolding the golden armored giant for being lazy…

The moment the screen shattered, a wave of energy immediately spread out from the point of the impact. This energy was filled with destructive power. Wang Lin’s expression suddenly changed. Just as he was about to dodge, the old man waved his hand and a pillar appeared before Wang Lin, blocking the energy wave.

Then, Wang Lin looked at old man. He was standing in the energy wave and seemed to be enjoying it.

As the energy wave finished spreading out, the area suddenly changed and buildings appeared one by one. These buildings floated on the clouds and emitted rainbow colored lights. This place looked like the celestial realm.

This scene was several times more majestic than what Wang Lin saw back in Chu. The buildings seemed to go on endlessly. At the same time, waves of angry shouts came from these buildings and a few dozen or so powerful auras charged out.

Wang Lin spread out his divine sense. Among these auras, there were more than 30 Nascent Soul cultivators. The remaining five were Soul Formation cultivators.

He took a deep breath. This rank 4 cultivation country was really deserving of its rank. A sect here, whether big or small, was not something a rank 3 cultivation country could deal with. It was not an exaggeration to say that any sect here could wipe out a rank 3 cultivation country.

After the cultivators came out, they immediately fanned out and surrounded Wang Lin and the old man. They revealed hostile expressions and sent out their divine senses to scan Wang Lin and the old man.

However, after just an instant, more than half of them revealed surprised expressions.

Wang Lin could clearly feel that when their divine senses swept past them, the straw hats released large amounts of golden light. The golden light made their divine senses melt like ice touching fire.

As for the old man, he formed a seal and the golden light formed a pair of ghostly wings. The wings flapped and all of the divine senses around him were swept away.

Suddenly, a few cultivators let out grunts, their body slumped, and their expressions became very ugly.

A middle aged man wearing a blue robe flew out from the group. This person’s face was pale and his eyes had no light. His eyes were like Wang Lin’s, revealing a clear difference between black and white. They revealed an extraordinary light.

After he walked out, he clasped his hands and said, “The two of you broke my White Cloud Sect’s grand formation. If you don’t explain this, then the two of you should just stay here!”

The old man snorted. He waved his hand and took out a bamboo chair. He place it in the air, sat down on it, then said, “I don’t care. I’m just a hired hand. He asked me to come, so talk to him.”

The middle aged man revealed a hint of dread in his eyes, but the person he was dreading wasn’t Wang Lin. It was the old man.

After hearing the old man’s words, his gaze fell on Wang Lin. He said, “Fellow cultivator, has my White Cloud Sect offended you before?”

Wang Lin pondered a little. Then, without a word, he took out a normal flying sword from his bag of holding. He lightly shook the sword and imprinted his divine sense onto it. Then, crackling sounds followed as the sword transformed into a small, silver ball.

“Because the White Cloud Sect has many Soul Formation cultivators, I wish to challenge them all. I hope you can forgive my intrusion.” With that, he suddenly moved his right hand to form a seal and pointed at the silver ball.

The silver ball suddenly flew out, creating sonic booms. It was as if it could rip the sky apart.

The middle aged man’s eyes were filled with caution, but when he saw the silver ball, he sneered. “You’re biting off more than you can chew!” With that, he didn’t take out a treasure. Instead, he pointed to the air and purple spiritual energy appeared on his finger.

The moment the spiritual energy appeared, it turned into a purple dragon. The silver ball suddenly stopped as Wang Lin changed techniques and shouted, “Change!”

Suddenly, the silver ball began to move strangely and transformed into a turtle-like creature. This creature was something Wang Lin had killed in the Sea of Devils, a Zhong Gu.

The Zhong Hu beast created by the silver ball suddenly became alive and revealed its sharp teeth as it let out a roar. The roar ripped through the sky and the Zhong Gu started fighting with the purple dragon.

The middle aged man let out a cold snort as he formed a seal and shouted, “Split!”

Suddenly, the purple dragon split into two. One of them slipped past the Zhong Gu towards Wang Lin. Wang Lin frowned and was about to dodge when the old man’s voice entered his ears:

“What are you dodging hiding for? Don’t move. Experience a Soul Formation cultivator’s domain.”

Wang Lin hesitated a bit, then placed his hand on his bag of holding. If anything goes wrong, he would bring out the restriction flag. The reason he wasn’t using his normal magic treasures was because he was afraid that his identity would be found out.

After hearing the old man’s words, Wang Lin took a deep breath. Scenes of meeting the old man flashed through his mind. He then clenched this teeth and kept his body motionless. Although it sounded slow, all of this happened in an instant as the two purple dragons charged at him.

The old man’s eyes were filled with praise toward Wang Lin. Although Wang Lin’s expression didn’t reveal anything, how could the old man not see the struggle Wang Lin was going through? He glanced sideways at the two purple dragons and lifted his right hand. With a gentle squeeze, one of the purple dragons was crushed.

The middle age man’s expression changed greatly. The sense of dread he felt from the old man became even stronger.

At this point, the remaining purple dragon, carrying a powerful aura and letting out a roar, landed on Wang Lin’s body. Wang Lin’s body shook. He could feel a powerful pressure enter his body. Although this pressure looked very powerful, after entering his body, it was like a gentle breath. It didn’t have any offensive power and didn’t bring him any harm.

But in this gentle wind, there was a faint feeling of desperate emotion. This feeling expanded endlessly in the blink of an eye inside Wang Lin. Not even his Nascent Soul could escape this feeling.

Wang Lin immediately knew that this desperate emotion was the sliver of domain inside the middle age man’s technique. This domain was like divine retribution. There was no way for him to defend against it.

If he were to take out the restriction flag and defend with layers of ancient restrictions, the feeling wouldn’t be this strong. After all, when he fought with Soul Formation cultivators, the restriction flag was a must.

But at this moment, in order to experience the domain, he didn’t defend himself at all. As a result, it could be said that he was unarmed and naked against this Soul Formation cultivator’s domain.

The old man’s eyes lit up and he reached out with his right hand. Suddenly, a sliver of purple gas came out of Wang Lin’s forehead and formed a ball in the old man’s hand while Wang Lin recovered his senses.

Wang Lin closed his eyes. At that moment, he was able to fully experience the middle aged man’s domain. Such opportunities could only be wished for and were very valuable.

The old man’s hand kneaded the purple ball and crushed it. The middle aged man’s face was very ugly as he stared at the old man and said, “I’m guessing that senior is here to allow your disciple to experience domain in order to break into the Soul Formation stage.”

The old man let out a mischievous smile. He pointed at the person next to the middle aged man and said, “You, come up. It is your turn.”

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