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Chapter 246 – Exterminating Teng (End)

Teng Huayuan slapped his bag of holding and a giant sword flew out. The sword looked very ancient. He bit the tip of his tongue and spat out fresh blood. His entire body looked weaker afterwards, but the large sword started glowing and flew towards Wang Lin like lightning.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. The moment the giant sword flew out, his Ji Realm moved. A series of red lightning bolts shot out and surrounded the sword in an instant. After a series of cracking sounds, the giant sword slowly broke down. In the end, the Ji Realm was used up and the giant sword turned to dust.

Wang Lin reached for his bag of holding and took out several Nascent Souls that he ha gotten from Teng family members. He consumed them to quickly recover the used up energy.

Teng Huayuan stared dumbfoundedly at where the sword disappeared. His entire person suddenly became older.

Wang Lin formed a seal with his right hand. He pressed it on his forehead and the Devil Xu Liguo and the third devil quickly flew out. Under Wang Lin’s command, they let out excited roars and charged toward the Teng family members.

In the blink of an eye, several more people screamed miserably as they died. Every scream caused Teng Huayuan’s body to tremble.

“Are you going to talk?” Wang Lin’s voice was as cold as ice.

Teng Huayuan took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Wang Lin’s face had no expression. He didn’t even look at Teng Huayuan as his hands formed seals and he sent out a restriction. The restriction that surrounded Teng Family City slowly shrank.

The people that made it to the edge of the restriction looked at it in despair. When they saw the walls closing in, the Teng family members split into two groups . One group completely gave up while the eyes of the people in the other group grew red and they charged toward Wang Lin with their magic treasures like moths to a flame.

More and more Teng family members charged toward Wang Lin. However, whenever they got within 1000 feet of Wang Lin, they would be hit by a restriction. Their bodies would explode, creating a rain of blood that fell to the ground.

His family’s miserable screams entered Teng Huayuan’s ears. His body trembled violently and his heart was filled with grief. He wanted to resist, but not even the magic treasure gifted by the higher rank cultivation country was of any use.

Teng Huayuan’s appearance became even older. He no longer had the majestic complexion he once had. The only thing left was an old man who couldn’t do anything as he watched his family die.

“I’ll… speak!”

Teng Huayuan revealed a deep hatred in his eyes as he looked at Wang Lin and said, word for word, “Since my Teng family has met with such disaster, then no one else should think of getting away either! Back then, it was the Piao Miao Sect’s Gao Qiming who used his heaven calculation skill to help me find the Wang family. It was him! Go find him! He is the first Ancestor of the Piao Miao Sect. His word is law at the Piao Miao Sect.”

“Gao Qiming!” Wang Lin stared at Teng Huayuan. It didn’t matter if Teng Huayuan was lying or not. Wang Lin remembered this name.

Looking at Teng Huayuan, Wang Lin’s gaze suddenly shifted into the distance. His eyes were filled with killing intent. He waved his hand and the restriction that was slowly shrinking suddenly started to close in a lot faster. It went from 10,000 kilometers away to only few kilometers away in an instant. During the process, the people that died weren’t even able to let out screams.

At the same time, the heads flew one by one due to the effect of some mysterious force and landed on the tower of heads. The tower was now so tall, it touched the sky.

At this point, everyone in the Teng family, besides Teng Huayuan, had died.

On the ground, the blood flowed like a river. The thick stench of blood was in the air..

While staring dumbfoundedly at the scene before him, Teng Huayuan suddenly started to laugh. His laugh was filled with sorrow as two streams of blood flowed down his cheeks.

Wang Lin calmly looked at Teng Huayuan. After a long time, Teng Huayuan took a deep breath. He raised his head toward Wang Lin. His voice was filled with a sense of indignation as he said, “Good, good. From now on, the grudge between your Wang family and my Teng family is gone. I killed your entire family and you killed my family. It is karma, it really is. Wang Lin, you can kill me now!”

Wang Lin raised his right hand. His finger radiated a golden light. He moved the spiritual energy in his body to gather at his finger tip.

But just at that moment, a loud roar came from the distance. “Stop!”

Hearing this voice, Teng Huayuan immediately recognized that it was Punnan Zi. He became excited and knew that he might have a chance to live today. His gaze toward Wang Lin was now filled with killing intent.

His urge to live suddenly kicked in. If he had a sliver of a chance to live, then he wouldn’t allow himself to be killed so easily. What grudge between the two families was gone? He only said it because he thought that he was going to die for sure.

If he survives today, he will have to find a way to reach the Spirit Severing stage no matter the cost so that he could kill Wang Lin as cruelly as possible to get revenge.

However, he thought too highly of Punnan Zi and underestimated Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s divine sense was as powerful as a Spirit Severing cultivator’s divine sense. How could he not notice Punnan Zi from far away and let Punnan Zi stop him?

The moment Punnan Zi appeared, Wang Lin flicked the golden light on his finger onto Teng Huayuan’s forehead and killed him.

It was indeed as Teng Huayuan said; the grudge between the Teng family and Wang family was gone. The Teng family was now completely wiped out from this world.

Punnan Zi’s figure suddenly appeared before him. He looked at all of the blood on the ground, at the body of Teng Huayuan, whose face had just gained a hint of an urge to live, and finally at the tower of heads. He couldn’t help but shiver.

He barely hesitated to formed a seal with his hand. Beams of green and red light shot out from his bag of holding.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he stared at Punnan Zi and said, “You’re late.”

Punnan Zi looked at Wang Lin. He was stunned. After carefully looking at Wang Lin, he said, “You… you are a disciple of the Heng Yue Sect!”

Wang Lin looked at Punnan Zi and without a word, his Ji Realm shot out. However, just as the red lightning bolt arrived before Punnan Zi, the green and red lights formed a shield before him. The moment the Ji Realm landed, the two lights shone brightly. Ultimately, the two lights managed to block the Ji Realm, but their lights dimmed greatly.

Punnan Zi’s expression changed greatly. Without wasting a moment, he bit the tip of his tongue and spat blood onto the green and red lights.

Punnan Zi pointed at Wang Lin and shouted, “Go!”

Suddenly, the green and red lights darted forward. The space around them tore as they moved. Wang Lin’s right hand pointed and all of the restrictions in the restriction flags came out in the shape of dragons to stop the advancement of the green and red lights.

But the quality of the green and red lights was extremely high. The restrictions were only able to slow it down a bit, not stop it.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as his Ji Realm appeared again. Its target wasn’t the green and red lights. It was Punnan Zi.

Punnan Zi’s expression changed greatly. Just as Punnan Zi was facing a life and death situation, a giant hand appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the Ji Realm lightning. The hand lightly squeezed and the red lightning bolt was destroyed, but at the same time, the giant hand shook and let out a soft grunt.

Soon, a middle aged man wearing luxurious clothes over a somewhat fat belly appeared before Punnan Zi. He looked at Wang Lin and was startled, but soon revealed a look of ecstasy and said, “So it was you!” With that, he waved his right hand and the green and red lights quickly returned and flew around him.

After the middle aged man appeared, Punnan Zi relaxed a bit. He bowed and said, “Greetings, lord messenger.”

Although Punnan Zi relaxed a lot, his scalp was still tingling. He didn’t know what kind of magic treasure that red lightning was, but when it closed in, he felt like he could die instantly. That sense of danger was something that he had only felt from the foreign battleground before.

He didn’t have any doubt that if the lord messenger hadn’t appeared, he would’ve been a corpse right now. He looked at Wang Lin. Aside from a deep sense of fear, there was also a sense of regret.

The middle aged man stared at Wang Lin and slowly said, “I can’t believe you didn’t die and in just a short 400 years reached such a high cultivation level. Very good! Hand over the Heaven Defying bead and I’ll spare your life! I’ll let you become the number one person in Zhao. How’s that sound?”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. This person’s appearance was within his calculations. He felt this person’s presence when he was 10,000 kilometers away. This person was the messenger from Heaven’s Tower, someone from a rank 4 country. Wang Lin guessed that his cultivation level was Spirit Severing.

If he wasn’t Spirit Severing then how could he so easily destroy the Ji Realm lightning?

This person knowing that Wang Lin had the heaven defying bead was also something that he had considered in his plan for revenge. So when he was in Zhao, he kept the entire country covered in his divine sense. That way, with his Spirit Severing level divine sense, no one would be able to identify him.

And no one could lock onto him with their divine sense. That was why this messenger never came out to find him during his killing spree.

In fact, the middle aged man had felt a headache in these past few days because no matter how much he scanned Zhao with his divine sense, he couldn’t find the person that was killing all of the Teng family members.

Unless that person’s divine sense was more powerful than Wang Lin’s, it was impossible to sense him. It has to be said although his cultivation level hadn’t increased in the past 400 years, only in the early stage of Spirit Severing, no one in Zhao could surpass him.

He never could have guessed that although Wang Lin’s cultivation level was only at the early stage of Nascent Soul, Wang Lin’s divine sense was as powerful as a late stage Spirit Severing cultivator’s divine sense. Even if that messenger from the Giant Demon sect came in person, he also wouldn’t be able to find Wang Lin.

This kind of thing was extremely rare in the cultivation world. After all, Wang Lin was the only soul devourer walking around as a human.

Also, there was that strange, red lightning. Although the middle aged man made it look like he easily withstood the attack, in truth, the red lightning entered his body and damaged his soul. The damage wasn’t very large, but it still made him afraid.

After seeing the messenger appear, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and without a word he took out a drop of blood.

A drop of golden colored blood.

A drop of golden colored blood that was emitting the pressure of the ancient god.

Wang Lin’s eyes glowed with killing intent as he said, “I have been waiting for you for a long time!” His right hand lightly pointed at the golden drop of blood. The blood suddenly started to boil. It turned into a golden symbol and flew into the sky.

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