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Chapter 245 – Exterminating Teng (2)

Wang Lin wasn’t very fast. He looked toward Teng Family City with eyes filled with killing intent and regret. 400 years ago, he was forced by Teng Huayuan to self destruct and nearly died.

On this day, 400 years later, he has returned with a monstrous killing intent.

He had waited 400 years for this day.

Wang Lin jumped down from the mosquito beast 10,000 kilometers from Teng Family City. He coldly looked at Teng Family City. Then, he slowly took the dragon banner and laid each body on the ground.

If it was a full body, he would cut the head off. He did this quickly. His actions were clean and merciless.

Gradually, a number of heads piled up before him. They all had various expressions, but the one thing in common was the unwillingness and fear on each face.

As the heads piled up, the hatred in the air grew. Cold wind started to blow and even the sky seemed to have darkened a bit.

A large tower made out of human heads gradually grew. This was a tower made out of only Teng family members’ heads. Anyone who saw this would shiver.

Wang Lin put the last head at the top of the tower. He waved his hand and the tower followed behind him as he slowly walked into the restriction that covered the 10,000 kilometer radius of Teng Family City.

“Teng Huayuan, I, Wang Lin, am here. Today, no one will be left alive! I won’t stop until I die!” A voice filled with hate transmitted toward Teng Family City.

Before that moment, the Teng family had a never before been in silence, but the silence was soon replaced by screams of fear.

At almost the exact same time, some of the experts of the Teng family noticed the giant tower made of heads.

Gradually, more and more people saw the tower and the fear instantly spread.

Teng Huayaun stood on top of the inner wall with a gloomy face. At his side were four people. These were the last four remaining Nascent Soul cultivators of the Teng family.

The four disappeared under the order of Teng Huayuan. When they reappeared, they were already 1000 feet away from Wang Lin. They quickly took out their magic treasures and used them against Wang Lin.

How could Wang Lin’s vengeance be stopped by just the four of them? Although Wang Lin looked calm, there was a sliver of madness in his heart. Today, he will vent these past 400 years of anger. Today, will become a madman, a bloodthirsty madman!

Almost without any hesitation, the moment the four Nascent Soul cultivators appeared, Wang Lin’s Ji Realm moved. Thanks to a series of red lightning bolts, the four Nascent Soul cultivators let out miserable screams before they could even use their magic treasures. The Ji Realm formed a cage and trapped the four Nascent Soul cultivators.

At the same time, Wang Lin rushed into the cage. His hand moved like a knife and cut off that person’s head. He then kicked the head toward the tower.

The tower of heads gained another head.

Blood spouted out like a fountain and spread all over the ground.

Wang Lin suddenly turned. A flying sword had appeared in his hand. The attack of the flying sword made another head fall to the ground.

The tower of heads gained another head.

This all happened very quickly. In almost an instant, two of the four had died. The other two were trapped inside the cage, unable to resist. Filled with intense hatred, Wang Lin shouted, “Kill!” The Ji Realm cage closed in and cut through the remaining two Nascent Soul cultivators.

Blood rained down along with chunks of meat.

However, under Wang Lin’s control, their heads remained intact.

The tower of heads gained another two heads.

After killing the four people, Wang Lin stood straight up as he looked toward Teng Huayuan with a cruel smile.

When he saw that smile, Teng Huayuan’s heart became very cold. Four Nascent Soul cultivators were so easily killed. What level of cultivation had this Wang Lin reached?

Teng Huayuan’s scalp tingled. His previous assumption was incorrect. The restriction around the city wasn’t set by someone else, but by this fiend.

“Teng Huayuan, I’m here!” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with hatred, but his actions were very calm. He even smiled.

As he was speaking, his right hand reached out and turned into a giant hand. He swept the hand across the city and grabbed more than a dozen people while they screamed in fear. Among these people were males and female, cultivators and mortals.

The moment Wang Lin’s words came out, he squeezed with his hand and all of their bodies exploded, leaving only their heads intact. Blood dripped all over Teng Family City. One drop even landed on Teng Huayaun’s face, causing him to tremble.

The tower of heads gained another 19 heads.

“Wang Lin!” A huge killing intent emitted from Teng Huayuan. He waved his hand. Suddenly, a golden flag appeared in his grasp. With a swing, the flag released a gas. The gas turned into a giant skull. The skull let out a roar and charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm as he slapped his bag of holding and took out a soul flag. He shook the flag and thousands of screaming souls floated out.

“Teng Huayuan, back then, you threatened me with the souls of my family. Today, I will repay you in the same way. You can devour as many of them as you like. It will be a great loss, but I won’t be heartbroken over it.” Wang Lin’s voice was dull, but as he was speaking, he waved his right hand and over 100 Teng family members floated into the air.

No matter how much they struggled, it was futile. This time, Teng Huayuan let out a roar as he waved his hand and a strange gust of wind flew out, trying to cut off Wang Lin’s technique.

Wang Lin sneered. His Ji Realm shot out. The moment it hit, the strange wind dissipated.

Wang Lin clenched his right hand and over 100 people exploded. Blood rained from the sky.

This time, none of the Teng family members were able to withstand this kind of tension. No one knew who did it first, but everyone scattered on their flying swords in all directions.

Wang Lin let out a cruel smile. He pointed his finger into the air and the thousands of souls of the Teng family charged toward the escaping Teng family members to devour them.

Teng Huayuan’s body moved. He clenched his teeth and waved his flag. The golden skull turned into over 1000 skulls and charged toward those souls.

Teng Huayuan’s heart was bleeding. This was no different than killing his family members himself.

Wang Lin’s body disappeared and reappeared next to an escaping Teng family member. This was a youth. He was only at the 3rd layer of Qi Condensation. Only 3 days ago, he felt proud to be named Teng, but now, he only wished he had nothing to do with the Teng family.

However, he never had a chance. The last thing he saw was the white haired youth that struck fear into his heart. A cold hand reached out to his neck and snapped it.

After killing one person, Wang Lin disappeared and reappeared next to another Teng family member. Although this person was a very enchanting girl, to Wang Lin, she was only a dead person. Wang Lin wouldn’t show any mercy just because she was a girl, because the Teng family couldn’t live in same world as the Wang family!

After crushing her neck, Wang Lin disappeared again.

Teng Huayuan let out a roar and charged forward. However, he was a bit slower than Wang Lin, so every time he tried to intercept Wang Lin, he only saw the Teng family losing another member.

This situation of watching your family members die one by one while being unable to do anything was about to drive Teng Huayuan mad. At that moment, he suddenly saw Wang Lin appear next to a young boy. This was the 7th generation grandson who he personally saw growing up.

“NO!!!” Teng Huayuan’s eyes were red and he charged forward.

Wang Lin coldly looked at Teng Huayuan, who was charging over, as he pressed his hand on the boy’s forehead. The boy looked at Wang Lin with hatred as Wang Lin sent spiritual energy into his hand, causing the boy to explode into a bloody mess.

“In your next life, don’t be named Teng!” After Wang Lin was finished killing, he disappeared again.

Teng Huayuan stared dumbfoundedly at the bloody mess that was his grandson. Then, he let out a painful roar. “Wang Lin!”

Wang Lin’s body reappeared 1000 feet away. He said, “Does it hurt? Back then, when you killed my family, my heart also hurt.” With that, he randomly slapped the air with his right hand and a Teng family member who was running away in panic turned into mush.

Teng Huayuan ferociously roared, “I killed your entire family because you killed my grandson, Teng Li!”

“Nonsense. Is only your Teng family allowed kill people? Can’t others resist?” Wang Lin let out a cold laugh. He slapped his bag of holding and more than ten flying swords came out. Once again, dozens more died before Teng Huayuan.

Teng Huayuan clenched his fist. He waved the flag and all of the golden skulls flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the restriction flag appeared in his hand. With a wave, black smoke appeared and completely trapped the golden skulls. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he asked, “Teng Huayuan, how did you find my hometown?”

Teng Huayuan’s expression changed as he stared at Wang Lin with deep hatred and said, “You will never know!”

Wang Lin’s face sank. He waved his hand and more than ten restrictions flew out. More than 100 Teng family members screamed as they died.

“Are you going to talk?”

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