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Chapter 244 – Exterminating Teng (1)

Not only didn’t Wang Lin have to use the divine retribution lightning, he gained a drop of the Ancient God’s blood. Although this drop of blood wasn’t very pure and would disappear after one use, it was still enough to save his life once.

Wang Lin waved his hand and the restriction flag returned to him. He looked at the flag and decided that once the matter with the Teng family is over, he will have to find a place that can withstand the divine retribution lightning and place the last restriction on the flag. Then, it will reach the first level of completion and its power will increase greatly. It will no longer be like today, where it had almost no effect on the enemy.

This was the first time that Wang Lin felt like he simply had too few magic treasures.

The explosion of the bronze mirror made him lose another of what little magic treasures he had.

At this point, the only magic treasure he really used was the restriction flag and that sword sheath. As for the flying sword, it was now too weak and needed to be refined again.

Beyond these three, there were a few others, but they only would be effective in certain circumstances, such as the beast trap that would only be useful when going against powerful beasts.

And there was also that mysterious scroll. Although Wang Lin had not used it yet, he could feel a sensation from the scroll every time he took it out. He felt like there was a powerful life form inside it and that he should not casually open the it.

Of course, he still had other magic treasures, but they were too weak.

Wang Lin pondered for a little, then took out three bags of holding. The sense of danger from the lack of magic treasures made it so that he couldn’t help but take a look at these three bags.

Through this battle, Wang Lin realized that the Ji Realm wasn’t invincible. There were things in this world that could resist or even counter it. Of course, if he could cultivate the Ji Realm to its peak, then it was not an issue, but cultivating the Ji Realm was simply too hard.

As a result, magic treasures became very important. He didn’t want to place all of his hope on his Ji Realm, because if his Ji Realm ever becomes ineffective, then all will be for nothing.

Staring at the three bags of holding, Wang Lin took a deep breath. He waved the restriction flag and it surrounded the area in black smoke. Then, he pointed at his brow and the two devils came out to guard him.

After hesitating a bit, he didn’t call out the puppet. The puppet had suffered damaged in the battle with Teng One and was no longer fit to guard.

After doing all that, Wang Lin became serious and picked up a bag of holding. This bag of holding belonged to Ancient Emperor.

The word “Lan” was embroidered on the bag.

Wang Lin pondered a little, then the spiritual energy in his body surged. The avatar that was acting as his Nascent Soul opened its eyes and slivers of spiritual pressure emitted from his body as his right hand slowly moved toward the bag.

The moment his hand touched the bag, a powerful force resisted him. His heart sank as he realized that Ancient Emperor wasn’t dead.

He took a deep breath and pressed his hand on the bag. With each press, a sliver of Ancient Emperor’s divine sense was removed, but it is very slow and at the same time, the backlash Wang Lin felt increased.

After half an hour, Wang Lin’s forehead was filled with sweat. He took a deep breath and took out a few pills to help stabilize his body. He clenched his teeth, activated his Ji Realm in his right hand, and pressed it on the bag along with his spiritual energy.

This time, the speed increased greatly, but Wang Lin’s spiritual energy consumption increased too. After he consumed several bottles of pills, a white light suddenly peered out from the bag of holding and dissipated.

Wang Lin relaxed and revealed an excited expression. He quickly scanned the bag with his divine sense, but he soon revealed a weird expression.

There were very few things inside the Ancient Emperor’s bag of holding. Aside from two top quality spirit stones, there was only an ancient sword sheath.

Wang Lin took out the sword sheath. He looked at the sword sheath for a long time, then his brow tightened. This sword sheath looked exactly like the one he had, only the symbol was different.

After hesitating for a bit, Wang Lin took out his own sword sheath. Just as he was about to compare the two sword sheaths, the symbol on both sheaths began to glow.

After a long time, the light slowly disappeared. Wang Lin stared at the sword sheaths. In his heart, he felt that there was some secret about the sword sheaths.

He looking at them for a while, then put away the two sword sheaths. He then slapped Ancient Emperor’s bag of holding and it turned into dust.

Wang Lin sighed. After putting so much effort into opening up the bag of holding to only receive this strange thing, he wasn’t sure if he should rejoice or feel helpless.

He hesitated for a while and looked at the other two bags of holding. One of them belonged to the mysterious mummy in the battle temple of Hou Fen.

The other contained more than ten magic treasures. These belonged to those ancient cultivators from the land of the ancient gods. However, they were too powerful. Wang Lin tried all he could and he only managed to take control of the bronze mirror.

However, the bronze mirror didn’t seem that powerful, which confused him.

He picked up this bag of holding and scanned it with his divine sense. The protective barrier on these magic treasures were still active and they were not something Wang Lin could break through.

Wang Lin felt like he was looking at a mountain of treasures, but he couldn’t get them no matter what.

After letting out a sigh, Wang Lin took out a bag of holding and scanned it with his divine sense. He felt a resistance, so Wang Lin clenched his teeth and used all of his spiritual energy and Ji Realm to wipe the divine sense off the bag.

But the moment his spiritual energy touched the bag, his body shook and he felt his own consciousness move far away. He saw a familiar area before him as an evil looking young man flew at a speed that Wang Lin couldn’t believe was possible.

The youth suddenly stopped. He raised his head and his eyes turned cold as he said, “You won’t be able to run away!”

Wang Lin’s thoughts turned into a mess. He hesitated for a bit and his eyes turned cold. Although he couldn’t see through the youth’s cultivation level, based on that speed, the evil looking youth’s cultivation level was far above his.

Wang Lin especially noticed that the land the youth was flying over was the Sea of Devils. Clearly, the evil looking youth was that mummy in Hou Fen. Since Wang Lin took his bag of holding, he was here to get it back.

If the person didn’t reveal killing intent, then Wang Lin wouldn’t mind giving back the bag of holding. However, since that person released a powerful killing intent, that meant that even if Wang Lin gave back the bag of holding, he wouldn’t be forgiven.

As a result, Wang Lin’s heart couldn’t help but sink. He hesitated for a while and immediately increased the power of his spiritual energy and Ji Realm to wipe away the divine sense.

Time slowly passed. Although the divine sense on the bag of holding slowly disappeared, at this speed, it would take a few hundred years to completely remove it.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. His eyes lit up as he came up with an idea, but it was not the time to put that plan to action yet. He knew that he was short on time and immediately stood up. He looked toward the direction of Teng Family City as his eyes grew cold. He muttered, “Teng Huayuan, I’m coming!”

In these past few days, almost every one of the Teng family members had arrived at Teng Family City. They thought that it was the only safe place.

Teng Huayuan looked at all of his Teng family members gathered here and became even more gloomy. He knew that Wang Lin must already be on the way here.

The entire Teng Family City was in a state of panic. After the Teng family members entered Teng Family City, they immediately found the reason why the Teng ancestor hadn’t gone out to kill that person.

It was not that he didn’t want to leave, but the area 10,000 kilometers around the Teng family city was surrounded by a restriction that allowed people to enter, but not leave.

As a result, panic spread throughout the city. At the same time, rumors of the mysterious killer spread through the Teng family.

Almost every one of the Teng family members were speculating about what kind of grudge this mysterious person had with the Teng family that made him want to exterminate the entire family.

Various versions of the story spread between the Teng family members. There were even some versions that were very close to the truth.

Although Teng Huayuan tried to stop the rumors, under this state of panic, it was not something that people could stop. Gradually, the fear among the Teng family became even worse.

This sunny and cloudless day was the 9th day after the killing of the Teng family began.

In the entire country of Zhao, any location that had been occupied by Teng family members had no more Teng family members . They had all either been killed or had fled to Teng Family City.

This was the day that the Teng family will be wiped out. Even hundreds of years from now, when people of Zhao talk about this day, they will shiver.

This day was the day that the entire balance of power in Zhao changed. It was also the day that a river of blood flowed in Zhao.

On this day, the blood from Teng Family City was enough to cover the earth.

Also, this day was also the day that everyone in Zhao heard the name “Wang Lin,” the white haired cultivator that caused everyone’s hearts to turn cold.

At the same time, it was also when Wang Lin’s name replaced Punnan Zi’s as the number one cultivator in Zhao and when the older generation fell.

Early morning, tens of thousands of kilometers from Teng Family City, Wang Lin was flying on the mosquito beast. Although the bodies behind him had started to rot, under the effect of his technique, the heads remained in perfect condition.

This was because Wang Lin had made the promise to build a tower out of the Teng family members’ heads.

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