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Chapter 236 – Killing One Thousand

Wu Feng Valley was one of the demonic sects in Zhao. It was a great sect 400 years ago, but it had fallen in the past 400 years.

Its Nascent Soul cultivators weren’t able to break through. Their lifespans ended and none of them could escape the life and death cycle.

This caused this once great sect to gradually decline, and along with how powerful the Xuan Dao Sect became, Wu Feng Valley dropped down to a second grade sect.

The decline of Wu Feng Valley caused Teng Huayuan’s ambition to flare up. Throughout the years, he had been slowly sending more and more Teng family members into Wu Feng Valley. The ancestors of Wu Feng Valley knew of this, but because Teng Huayuan was so powerful, they couldn’t do anything.

It has to be said that Teng Huayuan was an elder of Wu Feng Valley. This way, the other sects couldn’t say anything as this would be considered an internal problem of Wu Feng Valley.

So far, there were a total of 93 Teng family member in Wu Feng Valley, with a majority of them holding high positions in the sect. Three of them had already reached very high positions. The most prominent of them was a 5th generation family member, Teng Gao. He had already become a candidate for the next sect head.

The other two Nascent Soul cultivators were completely helpless against Teng Huayuan’s actions. They could only pretend that nothing was wrong while always in closed door cultivation to try to break through the early stage of Nascent Soul into the mid stage of Nascent Soul and increase their lifespans.

In addition, every year, the Teng family would gift them things like spirit herbs and pills. As a result, they were given even more reasons to turn a blind eye. It’s not like they could win against Teng Huayuan.

It could be said that Wu Feng Valley had become a personal sect of the Teng family.

When this first started, there were people that were opposed to it. People of Wu Feng Valley acted out and voiced their concerns, but after hundreds of years of it happening, there was no longer anyone that voiced their opposition and even the disciples of Wu Feng Valley believed they were part of the Teng Family.

After all, hundreds of years could change a lot and most of Wu Feng Valley’s current disciples were a new generation that had been accepted in the past few hundred years.

Wang Lin stood on top of the mosquito beast and his divine sense was locked on the people in Wu Feng Valley. Behind him was the long dragon banner with seven bodies bound to it that had already been mummified under the strong wind.

Wang Lin arrived outside Wu Feng Valley with a monstrous killing intent.

Although Wu Feng Valley was called a valley, it still had a mountain. The mountain range was called Five Peak Mountains. The mountain range was shaped like five fingers coming out of the ground.

Wu Feng Valley was located in this mountain range. The main sect was in the middle mountain while the other four mountains were for all the branches of the sect.

Many years ago, when Wu Feng Valley was at its peak, the five mountains were filled with spirit energy. There were thousands of cultivators and Wu Feng Valley was the overlord of the area.

But now, the mountain range was very deserted and spirit energy was scarce. There wasn’t even one thousand disciples in the sect anymore and many of them were new disciples who were only at the 1st or 2nd layer of Qi Condensation.

Wang Lin arrived at the mountain riding the mosquito beast. It seemed someone had noticed his presence. Immediately, a cyan colored lightscreen appeared to block Wang Lin. At the same time, a powerful killing intent came from the peak of each mountain. There were five men in white standing at the top of each peak with blue, red, purple, yellow, and white swords respectively floating above their heads.

Boundless waves of spiritual energy came from the mountains and entered the five. After a series of conversions, that energy entered the flying swords, making them more powerful.

Wang Lin let out a sneer. These five are all members of the Teng family. Clearly, they were prepared. They must have been warned by that old man of the Teng family from the last sect, so they made preparations beforehand.

This was inevitable and Wang Lin didn’t try to keep it a secret. With that old man’s cultivation level, Wang Lin could have easily killed him before he could send out the warning.

This was exactly what Wang Lin wanted. He wanted the entire country of Zhao to know that he was going to wipe out the Teng family. His revenge was not something to be done in secret. Instead, he would blaze the across country, because right now, he had the power to do so.

The five Teng family members’ hearts were very gloomy. They opened up the grand formation because they got the warning from Teng Gao that a powerful enemy was coming. Even though they had the grand formation up, the five didn’t feel relaxed at all and instead felt rage in their hearts.

They were enraged because they saw the seven bodies bound to the dragon banner floating behind the youth in white.

Wang Lin didn’t pause. The moment the defense formation came up, he took out an ancient sword sheath. His eyes were filled with a ruthless light.

Since Wu Feng Valley was using Sword Qi to fight, then let them see what real Sword Qi is.

Wang Lin took out a flying sword with his right hand. Currently, he had many low quality magic treasures with him. After all, 400 years of accumulated wealth was no small amount.

He quickly forced the sword into the sword sheath. When it was 4/5th of the way in, there was suddenly a powerful resistance.

The five people on the peaks of the mountains let out shouts. The swords above their heads hummed and sword qi shot up into the air from the five swords. The color of the sky changed and the five sword qis moved like five dragons as they charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin held the sword sheath. He could feel that the killing intent mixed with the sword qi inside the sword sheath had reached its limit. He let go of the sword and suddenly, an aura more powerful than the five swords’ qis combined came out of the sword sheath.

The sword aura flowed like a river. It made people want to go insane.

After one hour, Wang Lin left the area with a head in his hand. This head belonged to the highest ranking Teng family member in Wu Feng Valley, Teng Gao.

Teng Gao’s eyes were filled with fear; however, because he was named Teng, he couldn’t avoid it.

Behind Wang Lin, the large dragon banner behind him already had 100 bodies bound to it.

These bodies and heads spread out like a fan as Wang Lin flew. Anyone who saw this would be shocked.

After the killing spree was over, two old men walked out of Wu Feng Valley. These two were the Nascent Soul cultivators of Wu Feng Valley. Not only were they not angry, but there was excitement burning in their eyes as one of them said, “The Teng family is finished!”

The other nodded and laughed. “That’s right. This person’s cultivation level is really high. He must be from a demonic sect of a higher ranked cultivation country. From the looks of his actions, he intends to wipe out the Teng family. I wonder, if Punnan Zi acted, would he be able to hold out? Even if he can’t, it won’t affect us.”

“Junior apprentice brother, I feel that this person looks very familiar, but no matter how much I try, I just can’t remember where I’ve seen him before.”

“Realy? Senior apprentice brother, I thought it was just me, but we must have met this person before!”

The two thought for a long time, but still couldn’t remember anything. They had already forgotten about the youth that had his body destroyed in a fight against Teng Huayuan outside Wu Feng Valley all those years ago.

Wang Lin stood on top of the mosquito beast. His eyes were still cold as he set his sights on a village 8,000 kilometers away. There were 174 Teng family members in that village.

Teng Family City.

Teng Huayaun sat in the main hall of the Teng family ancestral home. His face was gloomy and before him knelt three people.

Besides the three people, there were dozens of others around the hall. All of them stood with their heads down. Silence and fear flashed across their eyes.

“In four days, this person has killed 961 people of the Teng family!” Teng Huayuan let out a laugh as his eyes became even colder. He threw a piece of jade at one of the people that were kneeling on the ground and said, “Xun Er, speak! Share the news that you have brought back!”

The youth kneeling on the ground was a young man whose face was as white and smooth as jade. He took the jade and placed it on his forehead. His expression didn’t change as he slowly said, “Four days ago, this person appeared at the Tian Dao Sect. He killed seven members of our Teng family and left.”

“On the same day, he appeared at Wu Feng Valley and used a sword sheath magic treasure to destroy the defense formation. He set up a 1000 kilometer restriction zone and killed 93 members of our Teng family.”

“Three days ago, he appeared at a branch home of our Teng family. He killed all 174 Teng family members there.”

“On the same day, this person showed up Tian Yin City and wiped out the branch family that was established there 200 years ago. A total of 104 Teng family members were killed.”

“Two days ago, the Teng family members near the capital were wiped out. 211 people died in one hour.”

“On the same day, the 27 Teng family members in the Yuan Kui Sect all died.”

“Yesterday… the group we sent to the Jie Mie Sect to train was wiped out. All 345 Teng family members died. Their blood flowed like a river.”

As he spoke, the breathing of people in the room became more rough. Every one of those numbers represented the life of a Teng family member.

Teng Huayuan tightened his fists. He took a deep breath and asked, “Did you find out the identity of this person?”

The youth, who still had an indifferent face, shook his head and said, “I haven’t managed to find out. Every person from the Teng family that has encountered him has died. Everyone else received orders from their sects to not say a word. Junior spent a lot of effort to get a picture. Ancestor, please look.”

With that, he slapped his bag of holding and took out a scroll. He slowly opened up the scroll for Teng Huayuan to see. On the scroll was a very simple sketch of a person.

This person had flowing white hair and had a purple star on his forehead. His entire expression was filled with killing intent. Below him was a giant mosquito beast. The most notable feature of the beast was its long proboscis.

In the middle of the proboscis hung chain that connected to something all the way behind them.

The chain spread into many different branches. There were countless bodies attached to each branch.

Although everyone only saw a picture, they all took deep breaths and revealed horrified expressions. Some of their faces were already so pale, there wasn’t even a trace of blood left on them.

After Teng Huayuan saw the picture, his eyes were glued onto the youth’s face. After a long time, he revealed an expression of disbelief.

He didn’t hesitate as he grabbed the scroll with his hands. He stared at the picture as veins began to surface on his forehead.

“So it is you!” A strong aura suddenly spread from Teng Huayuan and turned the furniture around him into dust. There was even a Teng family member that wasn’t able to get away fast enough and was turned to dust after letting out a scream.

As for the three people kneeling on the ground, they were the first ones to back away. Aside from the youth with the indifferent expression, the other two were terrified.

Everyone in the hall knew that the ancestor was angry.

After killing 900 plus Teng family members, the ancestor didn’t get angry and was only gloomy, but after seeing a picture of this person, they didn’t know why, but the ancestor lost control of his spiritual energy.

Teng Huayuan stared at the youth in the picture. There was a trace of fear in his eyes. He was able to instantly recognize the person in the picture.

It was that Wang Lin from back then!

But he clearly remembered seeing Wang Lin die back then, which was why when he saw the picture, he was shocked and lost control of his spiritual energy.

Teng Huayuan still remembered even to this day the terrifying eyes Wang Lin had when he died. That look had haunted him for these past 400 years.

Teng Huayuan muttered, “He came back…”

At that moment, everyone in the hall wondered who exactly this person was. It was clear that the ancestor knew this person, or their hatred for each other wouldn’t be so deep.

But almost everyone here was born in the last 400 years, so they didn’t know about what had happened 400 years ago. In fact, although many people knew about this matter, not many people talked about it. After all, a Nascent Soul cultivator wiping out a mortal family was not something to brag about.

Teng Huayuan’s face was ugly. Just as he was about to speak, a middle aged man rushed into the hall. This person’s face looked familar to Teng Huayuan. Right as he entered the main hall, he kneeled down and revealed a shocked expression. With a voice filled with terror, he said, “Ancestor, we… we can’t leave…”

Teng Huayuan frowned and shouted, “What are you panicking for? What are you saying? What do you mean we can’t leave?”

The middle aged man swallowed, took a deep breath, and quickly said, “A few days ago, there was a rumor from Teng family members about a lightscreen 10,000 kilometers from Teng Family City preventing anyone from leaving. Junior didn’t mind at first, but when I tried to leave for business, junior found that it was indeed as the rumors said. I was unable to go more than 10,000 kilometers from Teng Family City.”

The moment those words were said, the entire room became silent. Teng Huayuan looked at the middle aged man and left the ancestral hall without a word. After leaving the hall, he instantly disappeared and reappeared 100 kilometers away, then flew away from Teng Family City.

After arriving at the 10,000 kilometer limit, Teng Huayaun didn’t stop and charged forward. A screen of red light suddenly appeared as Teng Huayuan slammed into it. Waves of ripples spread out, but the light screen didn’t break. No matter how far Teng Huayun stretched it, it would always return to normal.

Teng Huayuan’s expression became even darker. Then, he took out powerful magic treasures and used them one by one. To his horror, he found that the light screen remained intact.

A trace of anxiety that hadn’t appeared in a long time appeared in Teng Huayuan’s heart. He almost immediately realized that Wang Lin had asked someone to put down this restriction. The goal was to trap everyone in Teng family city so they could only sit and watch as the rest of the Teng family members were killed.

There was also another purpose for the lightscreen. All of the killing would scare the Teng family members to escape to Teng Family City. Once everyone has gathered in Teng Family City, Wang Lin will come attack.

Teng Huayuan didn’t believe that Wang Lin had the ability to to lay down this restriction himself. Even if Wang Lin hadn’t died that time, at most, his cultivation was only at the late stage of Core Formation or the early stage of Nascent Soul in the worst case.

With Teng Huayuan’s late stage Nascent Soul cultivation, Wang Lin didn’t seem significant to him at all. What he feared was the person who had set up this restriction. He guessed that that person’s cultivation level might be Spirit Severing.

This was his real concern. After pondering for a while, he wondered how deep of a relationship that senior had with Wang Lin. If their relationship wasn’t too deep, then this wasn’t something the family couldn’t withstand.

Teng Huayuan didn’t even think that there was any chance that this restriction had been placed by Wang Lin.

He pondered a bit, then left with a gloomy expression. After he returned, he opened up all of the protective formations in Teng Family City with no regards to the cost.

He then went into closed door cultivation to keep his body at its peak so he’d be ready to battle at any time.

To Wang Lin, the past four days of killing and the one thousand people he had killed was only the start. Compared to the tens of thousands of Teng family members, this was only a small number.

Wang Lin stood on the mosquito beast and behind him were almost one thousand bodies. The thousand bodies covered a few hundred feet of area and when he flew over an area, they cast a shadow on the land below.

His eyes were still cold. It was as if they were ice that would never melt even in tens of thousands of years. His next destination was the He Huan Sect.

The He Huan Sect had became the number one demonic sect in Zhao. They had many exports and thousands of disciples. There were a total of 481 Teng family members in the He Huan Sect.

These people were not all He Huan Sect disciples, but they were at the He Huan Sect right now.

A few days ago, Wang Lin killed over 300 Teng family members at the Ji Mie Sect and all of them were at the Qi Condensation stage. Wang Lin questioned the people there and found that the elite of the Teng family had been sent out for training.

It seemed the Teng family members in the He Huan Sect were also there for training.

Wang Lin let out a cruel smile as he slowly flew toward the He Huan Sect.

But just at that moment, his expression changed as he looked to the east. There, in the distance, a colorful carriage floated toward his direction under the control of several youths.

A voice came from the distance. “Immortal Ji Mo is here. Random people, please move out of the way!”

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