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Chapter 227 – Meeting an Old Friend Again

Wang Lin flew as fast as lightning. In almost no time, he arrived back at the ancient transfer array. He had surrounded the place with restrictions before he left. After checking and making sure that nothing was off, he quickly shot out a restriction.

The scene before him suddenly blurred. Ripples appeared as if a stone was dropped into calm water. Soon, the ancient restriction appeared.

Wang Lin’s body disappeared and reappeared inside the transfer array. He took out some materials from his bag of holding and placed them where they belonged on the transfer array.

Shortly after, he looked back at the direction of the Cloud Sky Sect. His face was filled with determination as he turned around and placed the high quality spirit stone into the transfer array.

Suddenly, the array started to move and rays of light shot out from it. Waves of spiritual energy came from the spirit stone until it turned to dust.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s figure became blurry inside the light and, in the blink of an eye, disappeared.

After a long time, the array returned to normal.

In the wastelands of the Sea of Devils, a rumbling sound came from the ground. The rumbles were blown away as Wang Lin walked out with a cold gaze.

He looked at the familiar scene before him and let out a sigh. He floated into the air. After a pause, he quickly flew to the east.

Wang Lin’s goal was to find a map of the ancient transfer arrays and a map of planet Suzaku. He gathered a lot of maps in Chu, but was unable to find Zhao at all.

After analysing the maps, Wang Lin guessed that Zhao must’ve been on the other side of the Sea of Devils.

While he was flying, his expression suddenly changed and he grinned. Using his Spirit Severing-like divine sense, he was able to find an old friend.

After the divine retribution appeared in the Sea of Devils, the fog covering the Sea of Devils disappeared completely. After several years of black rain, the Sea of Devils was now exposed for all to see. The original veil that protected it was now gone.

In the 999 cities and the vast wilderness of the Sea of Devils lived many heinous people. Many of them were wanted by different countries and seeked refuge in the Sea of Devils.

The disappearance of the fog caused a series of events. First, many ambitious rank 4 countries set their eyes on the Sea of Devils.

Shortly after, various sects and cultivation families sent groups of disciples into the Sea of Devils. A storm was about to start in this country.

As for the black rain, it was removed by a few very powerful cultivators, or the Sea of Devils would be uninhabitable. This water contained some type of poison that didn’t seem to do much in small amounts, but after prolonged exposure, it caused illnesses. Normally, cultivators weren’t affected by illness, but this rain had killed many low level cultivators over these few years.

Eventually, several powerful cultivators came together and finally removed the black rain from the Sea of Devils. However, this wave of illness had heavily damaged the younger generation of the Sea of Devils.

The black rain was as dangerous as wild beasts to the cultivators, but to the wild beasts of the Sea of Devils, it was very nutritious. All of the wild beasts’ strength greatly increased thanks to the rain, even resulting in some desolate beasts.

Although the chaos caused by the black rain was gone, the chaos caused by the wild beasts only became worse. Now, aside from the cities in the Sea of Devils, it was almost impossible to see any signs of cultivators outside.

At the same time, a new job specializing in hunting and selling beasts’ cores appeared. These cultivators moved in small groups and all had reached a certain cultivation level. They killed beasts and sold their cores for a living.

On this day, in the inner part of the Sea of Devils, outside the city of Xuan De, stood a white robbed cultivator, staring into the distance. He was middle aged, very handsome, and had wise eyes.

After a long time, he frowned. He waved his sleeves and slowly descended alongside the city wall.

As soon as he landed, two people walked out of the city. One was a male and the other a female. The male had a slightly hunched back and was constantly coughing. His whole person seemed small and even felt like he couldn’t walk properly.

The female next to him was the exact the opposite. Not only was she beautiful, but she also seemed very bright and exuded the aura of a female hero.

Both of them wore blue robes. They looked like they were from the same sect.

After the two appeared, the white robed middle aged man’s frown disappeared and he said, “Did something happen?”

The girl lightly snorted. She stared at the sickly guy next to her and said, “It’s all because of him! I had already found a store that was going to buy the beast core, but he had to go and exchange it for a crappy sword sheath.”

The middle aged man let out a surprised sound. He looked at the sickly man and asked, “Brother Li, what kind of sheath? Would you let me see?”

The male named Li let out a bitter smile. He waved his hand and a very ordinary looking sheath appeared in his hand. He said, “I found this sheath to be very strange. I feel like it contains a very special aura, so I had to buy it. Forget it. This time, it’s all on me. Just subtract the cost from the next time we split the profit.”

The girl snorted again. She stared at the sheath and muttered, “What kind of broken sheath costs a low quality spirit beast’s core.”

The middle aged man named Qiu waved his hand and the sword sheath flew into his hand. After seriously looking at it, he nodded and said, “This sword sheath is indeed strange. Brother Li might not have been completely wrong.” With that, he returned the sword sheath.

The girl turned to the man named Qiu and seriously said, “Okay then, let’s go. Brother Qiu, I want to confirm: are you sure you know where the Eight Clawed beast is?”

The man named Qiu smiled and nodded.

He touched his bag of holding and a giant boat appeared in the air. He jumped onto the boat and sat down. The other two followed and sat down in the boat as well.

The boat’s speed was very fast. It formed a trail of rainbows and disappeared into the distance.

During the flight, besides the man named Qiu, the other two both sat there, cross legged and cultivating. This was not the first time they had ridden this boat, but every time they did, they had to cultivate to focus their spiritual energy, or there was no way they could withstand its power.

A look of contempt flashed across the face of the man named Qiu. Although those two were at the late stage of Core Formation, their foundations were really bad. Back when he was at the late stage of Core Formation, he had no problems sitting on this boat.

Back in the days, when he was at the late stage of Core Formation, there weren’t many cultivators at the same level that could resist him. After all, both his divine sense and techniques were far above the average cultivator’s. Then, there were his magic treasures. Combined with his combat experience, they made him almost unbeatable. He once thought that he was the strongest person under the Nascent Soul stage.

He thought all of this until he met one person. A white haired and cold hearted young man.

His eyes lit up as the image of that person appeared in his mind. After a long time, he let out a grin and thought, “Brother Wang, after swallowing that Nascent Soul, I have successfully reached the Nascent Soul stage. I don’t know if you succeeded or not… if not, then when we meet again, I will have to pay you back.”

After 4 days, the boat stopped above a wasteland. The male named Li and that heroic female opened their eyes. A cold light flash across the girl’s eyes and she said, “Brother Qiu, where is the Eight Clawed beast?”

Qiu Siping took a deep breath. Without a word, he took out a palm-sized piece of mud. He inserted spiritual power into the mud, causing it to release a fishy smell.

This smell was very thick as it slowly spread. Even when the wind blew past it, it wasn’t able to blow it away. Soon, the smell spread wider and wider. Then, a scream that sounded like a baby’s cry suddenly came from the distance. Qiu Siping’s gaze focused on something in the distance and he moved the boat toward that direction. At the same time, the girl revealed an excited look and said, “The mud in brother Qiu’s hand is indeed magical. There is indeed an Eight Clawed beast there.”

Qiu Siping’s expression was normal as he said, “I have been tracking this beast for a long time, so I know its habits. If it wasn’t for my cultivation level being too low, I would have already caught it. This time, I will have to bother the two of you.”

The girl raised her chin and said, “Of course! Brother Qiu is only at the mid stage of Core Formation. Just leave the killing of the beast to us!”

With that, she charged off the boat. As for the sickly man named Li, he bitterly smiled and quickly followed her.

Qiu Siping sneered in his heart. Hith his early stage Nascent Soul cultivation, it was simply too easy to hide his cultivation from two Core Formation juniors. If it wasn’t for the fact that killing this beast required poison that had to be made on the spot with the beast’s spit, he would not have brought them here.

He leisurely followed them as the girl’s shouting transmitted from the distance and flashes of light from magic treasures could be seen.

The Eight Clawed beast was really just a giant octopus in the Sea of Devils. This beast’s cultivation was already not low and with the help of the black rain, it gained intelligence. It had now reached the level of a low quality spirit beast.

But this Eight Clawed beast was very strange. Even Nascent Soul cultivators would have a headache against it. Although a Nascent Soul cultivator would have no problems defending against one, the Eight Clawed beast’s skin was as tough as a mid quality spirit beast’s. Unless someone was at the late stage of Nascent Soul, they wouldn’t be able to hurt it.

As a result, all of the cultivators that hunted wild beasts didn’t like it. When they spotted it, they would move far away from it.

However, the Eight Claw beast was a very attractive prey. Unlike other wild beasts, it had eight cores. Adding on to that, the Enchanted Palace’s poison technique was very effective against this beast. Hunting this beast had became one of the main activities for the Enchanted Palace. All of the disciples were happy to hunt them.

Qiu Siping already made up his mind. Once these two Core Formation juniors kill the beast, he will kill them for the cores.

But just at that moment, a giant divine sense swept past the area. The two that were fighting the Eight Clawed beast and were about to extract some spit suddenly stopped as they revealed uncertain expressions.

What was even more strange was that thanks to the scan of that divine sense, even the Eight Claw beast trembled. It was after all an animal, so it was naturally sensitive to spiritual power and he could feel a terrifying power from this divine sense. This caused it to let out a roar. It retreated and hid inside a cave, trembling and not daring to come out.

Qiu Siping was the most keen of all of the people present. After all, he was at the early stage of Nascent Soul. The moment the divine sense swept by, he felt as if he had been completely seen through. Not only that, he could also feel his Nascent Soul going out of control, as if it was going to leave his body. This feeling caused his expression to change greatly. He remembered those few Spirit Severing eccentrics that removed the black rain.

The man named Li took a few steps back. He put away his treasure and became very respectful. Even the girl, who was normally unafraid of anything, became meek as she quietly stood next to the man.

“Fellow cultivator Qiu, long time no see!”

Qiu Siping was surprised. He asked, “Senior knows me?”

At the same time, a white haired youth slowly headed over. Although he looked very slow, in the blink of an eye, he appeared 10 feet before everyone.

Qiu Siping gawked at the person. He took a deep breaths and exclaimed, “It’s you!”

This person was Wang Lin. His gaze swept past the man named Li and the girl, then fell on Qiu Siping as he let out a faint smile. With his mind, he could easily see through Qiu Siping’s scheme.

“Brother Qiu is really in a good mood. With your Nascent Soul cultivation, you’re playing around with two Core Formation juniors. Very interesting.” Wang Lin’s words were slow, but when they were heard by the man and woman, it was like lightning, making them startled.

Those two weren’t dumb. After hearing Wang Lin’s words, their faces immediately darkened. The two of them looked at each other, then looked at Wang Lin with grateful expressions as they clasped their hands. They slowly backed away, then shot off into the distance.

Qiu Siping let out a bitter smile. A cold light flashed across his eyes as he took out a small drum from his bag of holding. He tapped the drum and two almost invisible black threads charged into the distance.

The black threads were very quick. Just as the black threads were about to catch up, a green light appeared, tracking the black threads. When the green light disappeared, the two had already disappeared without a trace.

Qiu Siping’s expression was very ugly. Although he hated Wang Lin’s guts in his heart, he took a deep breath and said, “Fellow cultivator, long time no see.”

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