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Chapter 213 – Old Friend

Those exquisite women came quick and left just as quick, but their appearance riled up the hearts of the young men that had just joined the sect.

Among the six new disciples, besides the girl that walked up the mountain with Wang Lin, who frowned, the only other person who didn’t even bat their eye when they saw the charm of those women was Wang Lin.

In Wang Lin’s view, although these women were very beautiful and their bodies have nice curves, they were not as beautiful as Li Muwan, and compared to the Xuan Dao Sect’s Liu Mei, they were even further behind.

Therefore, how could they catch Wang Lin’s attention? Also, he always had a strong heart that wouldn’t be fluttered by pretty women, so Wang Lin not being flustered was no big surprise.

As for the girl that walked with Wang Lin to the sect, she turned around and her gaze fell on Wang Lin. When she saw that his eyes were calm, she felt a hint of joy in her heart, though she didn’t know why.

After those women left, the middle aged man lightly coughed. His gaze fell on the guys. He then turned to the girl and smiled. “Lucky girl. You also don’t need to do the second exam. Later, you will follow me to see the sect head.”

With that, he continued to fly forward. As they flew deeper into the Cloud Sky Sect, spirit beasts gradually appeared on the ground. There were numerous tigers, monkeys, bears, and other animals. They were all normal animals, but, inside the Cloud Sky Sect, each of them were much larger and their bodies emitted large amounts of spiritual energy, meaning they all had considerable cultivation.

These spirit beasts were all either quietly laying on the ground or nimbly climbing around.

As they flew, Wang Lin found that the buildings formed a large circle and, at the center of circle, a very magnificent hall slowly came into everyone’s view.

This main hall was very large. Even if a thousand people were to enter the main hall, it wouldn’t feel crowded. In the square in front of the grand hall were seven large pill furnaces. Each furnace was emitting white smoke that was floating up into the sky, as if they were communicating with the heavens.

From inside and outside, the grand hall emitted a lingering scent of pills. Currently, there were dozens of people divided into two rows. They were either meditating with their eyes closed or talking to each other.

In the middle, a white haired old man, who was wearing a green robe and holding his hands behind his back, smiled at the group as they got closer.

The middle aged man who brought Wang Lin and the others here slowly descended and landed in the square. He put Wang Lin and the youth who got the token down and respectfully said to the elder in green, “Ninth generation disciple Zhou Lin greets the sect head. In today’s recruitment for the Cloud Sky Sect, a total of 6 people passed. Among the 6 people, 3 of them got jades, 2 got pills, and 1 got a token. Disciples have already sent the girl that got the first jade up the mountain.”

After Wang Lin arrived, he was immediately stunned. He quickly lowered his head because all of the old guys around here were Nascent Soul cultivators. No wonder the Cloud Sky Sect was the number one sect in the country of Chu.

The green robed elder smiled and said, “You can go and arrange the test for the three that received the jade. If they pass, they can become inner disciples.”

The middle aged man wanted to speak, but he hesitated for a bit, then pointed to Wang Lin and said, “Sect head, disciple wants to accept this youth as my disciple. He got a water element pill, which is a suitable ingredient for the pill disciple needs right now.”

The green robed elder’s gaze swept across Wang Lin. In that instant, his gaze was as sharp as knives and he clearly saw through Wang Lin, inside and out.

Wang Lin sneered in his heart. Although this elder’s cultivation was at the Nascent Soul stage, the current cultivation of this body was still at the Qi Condensation stage, so he wasn’t afraid at all, but his body did quiver and his eyes revealed a look of fear.

After an instant, the elder withdrew his gaze. He faintly smiled and said, “In order to get the pill, this person must have some special technique. Fine, you can take him as your disciple.” He had no fear of another sect’s disciple miXiang into his school because the items inside the mist chose their owners on their own, and one of the qualifications to be chosen was to not have any ill intent toward the sect. However, he didn’t know that Wang Lin had used an ancient restriction to lead the item out by force.

The middle aged man, Zhou Lin’s, eyes immediately lit up. He thanked the sect head and then glanced at Wang Lin. He signaled Wang Lin to follow him.

But, just as that moment, an old woman sitting at the second position to the right opened her eyes. She examined the group and said, with a husky voice, “I want this girl!” The old woman pointed her hand and the girl that came with Wang Lin suddenly let out a scream as her body involuntarily floated toward the old woman.

The girl was also very clever. She quickly knelt on the ground and said, “Disciple greets master.”

The moment those words came out, everyone sitting around immediately revealed strange expressions. Even the old woman was stunned. After blankly staring at her for a moment, the old woman smiled and said, “You sure are a smart girl. Did you know that all disciples that enter my Cloud Sky Sect are considered 10th generation disciples?”

The girl’s face turned red. She played with the edge of her clothes, not knowing what to say.

The old woman carefully looked at her a few times and smiled. “Fine, get up. Although I can’t immediately accept you as my disciple, if you can make a rank 2 pill in three years, I’ll forcibly accept you as an honorary disciple.”

The green robed elder shook his head slightly. His gaze swept across the group and fell on the youth holding the token. With a dignified look on his face, he pondered a little, then said to the middle aged man named Zhou Lin, “You can go now.”

Zhou Lin quickly responded and signaled Wang Lin to follow him as he walked away.

Behind Wang Lin were the two youths who got the jades. They were also told what to do and quickly followed behind Wang Lin. As they left, the two youths looked at Wang Lin and the other who was accepted already. They couldn’t help but reveal envious looks.

After they left the main hall, the middle aged man turned to the two that received the jades and calmly said, “The two of you wait here. You’re not allowed to go anywhere. I’ll be back soon.” With that, he grabbed Wang Lin and jumped into the sky. He turned into a ray of rainbow colored light and disappeared into the distance.

This Zhou Lin’s speed was very quick. After a short period of time, he had already brought Wang Lin to a house on the edge of the mountain range. He opened the courtyard’s gate and inside the courtyard was a small herb garden. In the center of the garden was a bronze pill furnace that was the height of a person.

“Our Cloud Sky Sect doesn’t have any fancy ceremonies. I took your pill, so you are now my disciple. From your registration record, I know that your name is Wang Lin. Wang Lin, I have never accepted a disciple before, you are the first one. From now on, you will live in this house. After I’m done with the recruitment, I’ll return and teach you the art of Alchemy.” With that, Zhou Lin explained a few more things and left.

After Zhou Lin left, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. From now on, he was also a member of the Cloud Sky Sect. He took a deep breath and looked around. This garden had many flowers and plants growing all around. The more he looked at them, the more excited he got.

This was only the ninth generation disciple’s herb garden and there were already extremely valuable herbs growing here. And all of these herbs were kept in perfect condition. Considering the amount of spiritual energy they received, none of the herbs’ effects would be lost at all.

After he checked out everything, Wang Lin let out another sigh. He felt that the Cloud Sky Sect was too luxurious and rich.

Using jade as building stones, raising spirit beasts like livestock, a mere ninth generation disciple with an herb garden like this. All of this displayed just how powerful the Cloud Sky Sect was.

At that moment, Wang Lin’s heart felt a sudden urge to steal the pills inside the storage houses of the Cloud Sky Sect. There must be a large variety of pills stored there, so if he could get his hands on them, he wouldn’t be short on any pill until he reached the Spirit Severing stage.

The moment this idea came into his mind, he tossed it aside because it was impossible unless his main body reaches the Nascent Soul stage. Then, it would not be entirely impossible.

After pondering a little, Wang Lin put away this unrealistic idea. After all, his avatar was only at the 3rd layer of Qi Condensation.

The herb garden wasn’t large. Behind it was a row of houses. Besides the first house having restrictions protecting it, none of the other houses had any protection.

Wang Lin picked the last house. He walked inside and swept the surroundings. The room was equipped with all of the daily necessities. In addition, there was a small pill furnace in the middle of the room.

Although Wang Lin wasn’t an expert on pill furnaces, he still knew a thing or two. Those pill furnaces in the main hall were legendary treasures.

Even that small pill furnace at the center of the garden was considered a rare treasure. If it was in the Sea of Devils, the cost to make one of those would be unimaginable.

And finally, the small pill furnace in his room stunned him greatly. This pill furnace was not any worse than the furnace he gave Li Muwan back then. That meant that this pill furnace was worth a complete dragon skin.

It has to be said that there were many courtyards like this in the Cloud Sky Sect, and each garden had many rooms, and each one of those rooms had a pill furnace. Adding all of those up meant that there was an extremely large amount of these furnaces.

Obviously, these pill furnaces weren’t worth much in the Cloud Sky Sect.

In order to confirm his speculation, he went and checked all of the other rooms. He confirmed that, within each of those rooms, there was a similar pill furnace.

Everything he had seen since entering the Cloud Sky Sect had shown just how powerful the sect was. Wang Lin took a deep breath and felt awed again by how powerful and rich this sect was.

From within the room, Wang Lin pondered for a while. He sent out a restriction that landed on the door, then he sat down cross legged and began to cultivate.

Time slowly passed. When night came, Wang Lin felt a special fluctuation of spiritual energy from the restriction he placed.

He knew that it was because Zhou Lin had returned. This Zhou Lin was only at the early stage of Core Formation, so he couldn’t see through Wang Lin’s formation.

The Cloud Sky Sect was split into the inner and outer sect. The inner sect was in charge of alchemy and the outer sect was in charge of protecting the sect. Because Zhou Lin was an inner sect disciple, his main job was making pills.

“Come out and meet me!” Zhou Lin’s voice floated in from outside. Wang Lin opened his eyes and walked out of the room. Although it was late at night, with the rays of moonlight, everything was as clear as day for cultivators.

Zhou Lin stood in the garden. When Wang Lin came out, he threw a piece of jade at Wang Lin and said, “Your teacher has to go into closed door training to absorb the water element pill. If it’s short, it’ll only take a few months, but it could take up to few years. Thus, I don’t have the time to teach you alchemy.”

“Inside this jade are dozens of years of my experience and some pill recipes. You should study it first yourself. If you have any problems, go to the southern courtyard. In the 3rd courtyard, you’ll find your teacher’s teacher. I have already told her about me accepting you as a disciple.”

Wang Lin took the piece of jade. He put it on his forehead and scanned the jade then was immediately stunned. He didn’t think that Zhou Lin would give him a piece of jade like this. Within this jade contained Zhou Lin’s countless years of experience on alchemy, especially failures and what made quality of pills drop.

The jade contained very detailed information. It could be said that it was very valuable for the current Wang Lin.

He and Zhou Lin had just met, so he never would have imagined that his new master would give him this piece of jade. This was too great of a contrast with the vicious teacher and student relationship he used to have with Sun Dazhu. Wang Lin felt conflicting emotions while holding the jade.

Zhou Lin didn’t notice any of Wang Lin’s thoughts. He pondered for a while, then continued,“Your teacher’s master is a very gentle person, so she will teach you all of the basics of alchemy. Also, you are free to use any of the herbs in the garden, but remember to not remove the roots so they can continue to grow. As for that pill furnace, just don’t touch it. Without reaching a certain level in alchemy, it’s impossible to use it.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and nodded his head.

Zhou Lin pondered for a while, then sighed, “Actually, I’m supposed to teach you some alchemy basics before going into closed door training, but, if I wait for too long, the water element pill’s effectiveness will drop. Once I come out of closed door training, I’ll make you a few batches of foundation solidifying pills as compensation.” With that, he looked at Wang Lin and said, “I’ll be in closed door training in the back mountain. You can continue to live here. My room is protected by a restriction, so don’t touch it.”

After Zhou Lin finished speaking, he took out a set of clothes, a badge, and a bag of holding and placed them to the side. He pondered a bit, then took out a white bottle and said, “These are the tenth generation disciple clothes teacher got for you. As for this bottle, it contains three pills. Take two of them and use the last one for studying.”

With that, Zhou Lin’s body transformed into a rainbow colored light and he left the courtyard.

Wang Lin silently stood there for a while. He picked up the clothes and the pills, then returned to his room.

Zhou Lin’s actions felt very strange to Wang Lin. The way he treated Wang Lin was something he almost never experienced in his life. After a long time, Wang Lin opened the bottle. A very fragrant smell drifted out.

Inside the bottle were three bright yellow pills. Each one was about the size of a lichee nut. Wang Lin picked one up. After looking at it for a while, he didn’t consume it, but took out a small beast from his bag of holding. The moment the beast appeared, it beat its wings and let out a growl.

Wang Lin flicked his finger and the pill entered the beast’s mouth. His eyes became serious as he observed the beast.

After a long time, not only did the beast not show any negative reaction, it instead became even more lively. Even its head seemed to have grown a bit.

Wang Lin observed it for a while. He then waved his hand and the small beast returned to his bag of holding.

He intended to observe it for a few days. If that small beast showed no negative signs, then he will take the pills.

Wang Lin silently cultivated for the whole night.

Wang Lin awoke from his cultivation the next morning. He found that the spiritual energy in his body had increased greatly. The Cloud Sky Sect had very dense spiritual energy, so a night of cultivation had been very effective.

Wang Lin got up and put on the Cloud Sky Sect’s disciple uniform. It was a long sleeve white shirt with red pill furnaces embroidered on the cuffs. He put away the token that represented his identity and the white bottle. Then, he slapped his bag of holding and another object appeared in his hand. Although this was also another white bottle, the contents were several times more precious than all of those pills.

After Wang Lin drank a gulp of the spiritual liquid, he sat down and began to cultivate. Both of his hands quickly moved, forming illusions in front of his body. The spiritual liquid turned into spiritual energy in his body and quickly traveled to his hands.

Gradually, Wang Lin’s hand moved even faster and sweat appeared on his brow. Then, he suddenly growled, “Go!”

Suddenly, all of the illusionary circles formed by his hands moved and formed a restriction circle. The restriction circle landed on the ground.

A circular halo appeared on the ground and started flashing.

Wang Lin wiped the sweat from his forehead. With the avatar’s cultivation, he could create one restriction, but to to create a restriction circle, he needed the help of the spiritual liquid, and even then, it was a heavy load on his body.

After the restriction circle landed on the ground, slivers of cold air leaked out from the circle. After a while, Wang Lin’s main body slowly appeared through the circle.

After the restriction had been tested, Wang Lin’s main body sank back into the circle.

This was Wang Lin’s ace in the hole. When he was in closed door cultivation and creating his avatar, he had already considered the fact that if his avatar was outside by itself, it might encounter danger. Using the ancient God’s memory, with two ink stones, a restriction could teleport the main body to the avatar as long as both held an ink stone.

But before his cultivation gets to a certain level, it will take him a while to create a restriction circle.

Two months quickly passed and Zhou Lin still hadn’t returned. The courtyard Wang Lin lived in was completely secluded. No one ever came by. Wang Lin had already carefully read everything in the jade Zhou Lin left him. The information in the jade was very detailed and, after he finished reading, Wang Lin could confirm that Zhou Lin didn’t mess with the contents of the jade.

As for the beast that took the pill, it was clear that it became stronger than the rest of the beasts. Even its spiritual energy had gotten stronger, showing that the pill had no harmful effects.

As a result, Wang Lin’s heart became even more confused. He had confirmed that Zhou Lin did indeed consider Wang Lin his disciple.

However, this relation was established under the pretense of no conflict of interests. Wang Lin didn’t know what would happen when a conflict of interest occurs, but this feeling was something that Wang Lin had never felt before.

In these two months of time, Wang Lin’s cultivation went from the 3rd layer to the 8th layer. Besides the spiritual liquid, Wang Lin’s alchemy was another reason he was able to increase his cultivation so quickly.

He originally came to the Cloud Sky Sect to obtain pills, but now that he had the alchemy methods and materials from the garden, Wang Lin took the time to make the pills himself.

The path of alchemy was very long. Besides the required amount of talent, the most important part was hard work. The path of alchemy was several times more difficult than cultivation.

When one first begins alchemy, the failure rate is extremely high. Wang Lin had attempted alchemy countless times during these two months and only managed to succeed a few times.

One time, he consumed a lot of herbs to forcibly create a batch of seven Training Helper Pills. With only the pills, the spiritual liquid, and the heaven defying bead, he was able to jump from the 3rd to 8th layer in two months.

On a certain day, a bang could be heard from the courtyard Wang Lin was staying in. A wave of light like rippling water drifted across the courtyard, then everything returned to normal.

Wang Lin walked out of the room, covered in dust. He wrily smiled. That last refinement failed again.

This time, he wasn’t able to control the strength of the fire, so it caused the furnace to break and wasted all of the materials for the pill.

The good thing was that the Cloud Sky Sect wasn’t short on anything, especially pill furnaces. In these two months, Wang Lin had already wasted 4 pill furnaces. Of the 7 pill furnaces, only 3 remained.

Wang Lin walked out into the courtyard with a thoughtful expression. In every room was a switch for the fire. The fire was controlled by spiritual energy. The strength of the spiritual energy didn’t matter. It depended on a micro control technique.

Using one’s own spiritual energy to act as a bridge between the fire and the pill furnace required one to maintain stability of the flame. But this wasn’t a static stability. It required constant changes to maintain stability based on the changes inside the furnace.

If there was any deviation from the proper procedure, the pill refinement would fail, and if the deviation was too great, the pill furnace would break.

This was the most difficult barrier for beginner alchemists. However, if one reaches the Nascent Soul stage, then they can use their soul fire and won’t have this requirement.

Besides the control of the fire, understanding the uses and interaction of materials was also key. Just having the recipe wasn’t enough. Alchemy wasn’t something everyone could learn.

It was impossible for 100 people to produce 100 of the exact same pill, even with the same recipe.

No matter how detailed a pill recipe was, it was only a guideline. In practical alchemy, there were many unimaginable factors to account for, like how much spiritual energy was in the surrounding area. The changes in the surroundings, the impurity of the materials, and the many interactions between various materials all affected the process and was not something a recipe could record.

If one wanted to became an alchemy master, it was simply too difficult.

In the two months that Wang Lin had been at the Cloud Sky Sect, he found that pill quality was also divided into 9 ranks, like alchemists. The rank of an alchemist determined the rank of pills they could produce.

As of today, there were only three 5th ranked alchemists in the Cloud Sky Sect, and one of them was Zhou Lin’s teacher.

This person was a female and was not a direct disciple of the Cloud Sky Sect. She came from the country of Xuan Wu. After she joined the Cloud Sky Sect, she was immediately a core member of the sect and, after several years, she became an elder.

It was for this reason that, even though Zhou Lin was only a 9th generation disciple, he was able to manage the recruitment session. The elders also tried to meet all of Zhou Lin’s needs. After all, even if they didn’t give him face, they had to give face to his master.

Wang Lin walked around the courtyard, thinking about why he had failed just now. The entire process went well, but, at the last moment, the fire went out of control and caused everything to fail.

Wang Lin thought, “Could it be that every time a pill refinement is about to succeed, the fire increases and goes out of control?” But he soon remembered that in these past two months, he succeeded once and it didn’t happen that time.

After pondering a little, Wang Lin gathered a few pill materials and started to refine again.

This time, when he was about to succeed, the fire suddenly increased and went out of control. No matter how hard he tried, the fire kept spreading, then, with a bang, the pill furnace exploded again.

Wang Lin looked at the exploded pill furnace along with the wasted materials inside it with a dark expression.

He pondered for a while, then tried it two more times. However, both pill furnaces exploded. As a result, in these two months, all 7 pill furnaces had shattered to pieces.

Wang Lin wrily smiled. He let out a sigh and thought, “If it was just the refining that failed, it would be fine, because I can always keep trying until I succeed, but now the pill furnaces are all broken too.” If this situation was not resolved, Wang Lin was afraid that he might be the first person to be kicked out of the Cloud Sky Sect for breaking too many pill furnaces.

After all, Wang Lin knew the value of a pill furnace. Every time a furnace broke, his heart would ache.

Meanwhile, Wang Lin also realized that while there were many alchemists, the number of top tier alchemists was low. After all, alchemist could be considered the most expensive people to train.

In order to become a master alchemist, one must consume a large amount of materials and pill furnaces.

As a result, a normal sect couldn’t even sustain one master alchemist. Only a sect like the Cloud Sky Sect could afford to sustain so many alchemists.

Wang Lin wrily smiled as he cleaned up the shattered pill furnace and walked out of the courtyard.

With all of the pill furnaces gone, he needed to get more before he could continue to practice alchemy. However, Zhou Lin was still not back, so Wang Lin had to go look for Zhou Lin’s teacher.

In addition, he also planned to ask about why the pill furnaces kept exploding when he was refining pills. He had to fix this problem before he could continue to learn alchemy.

The Cloud Sky Sect was split into the east, west, south, and north sectors, forming a circle with the main hall at the center.

Wang Lin walked through the Cloud Sky Sect wearing the disciple clothes with the token attached to his waist. Although he came across other people, none of them talked to him and they only nodded as a greeting.

As he was walking, voices of cranes came from a distance, followed by white cranes. When they passed over Wang Lin, sounds of laughter came from the flock of cranes. Then, a crisp voice suddenly said, “Oh, it’s you.”

Wang Lin raised his head and saw the annoying girl that walked up the mountain with him. Her head peaked out from the crane with a proud look on her face. Right before she was going to speak, a clear voice came from her side. “Junior sister, if you delay any more, you will be late again and teacher will make you clean out the pill furnaces again.”

The girl pouted her lips. She looked at Wang Lin again, then flew away.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. Right as he was about to step forward, a cold light suddenly flashed across his eyes. He turned his head and looked behind him, only to see a shifty looking young male with half of his body hidden behind a tree. He was looking toward the cranes with a love-sick look in his eyes. He took a deep breath and muttered, “Those girls are becoming more and more like fairies, especially the new girl that just joined.”

He noticed Wang Lin’s gaze and gave him a mischievous smile. He jumped down from the tree and tried to pat Wang Lin’s shoulder, but Wang Lin took a step back and dodged it.

He was stunned, but quickly recovered and mysteriously whispered, “Fellow disciple, do you know that girl?”

Wang Lin remained calm and shook his head.

The youth raised his brow and said, “Junior martial brother, don’t be so stingy. That girl obviously acted like she knew you. Junior martial brother, you don’t have to worry. I’m not interested in that girl. The only person I like is the elegant elder sister, Wang Tong.”

Wang Lin looked at him and said, “I really don’t know her.” With that, he turned to leave.

The youth quickly caught up and walked with Wang Lin. He said, “I have to ask, junior martial brother, what is your name? Your elder martial brother here is a disciple of the southern courtyard. Looking at the direction you’re walking toward, you’re also going to the southern courtyard?”

Wang Lin looked at the person. He revealed a faint smile and said, “I’m Wang Lin.”

The youth let out a mischievous smile and said, “Your elder martial brother here is called Cheng Xian. So, are you going to the southern courtyard?”

Wang Lin nodded.

“The Cloud Sky Sect’s four courtyards are very clearly divided. Junior martial brother Wang, if you want to enter the southern courtyard, it might be very difficult. If it was easy, then I would go to the western courtyard every day. You should know, beautiful women are as abundant as clouds there. If I could get one or two of them to do duo cultivation with me, then I wouldn’t mind cultivation at all.” Cheng Xian stopped speaking with a hint of regret, then continued, “So, what are you going to the southern courtyard for? I might be able to help.”

After Wang Lin heard Cheng Xian’s dream, he laughed and said, “That won’t be needed. I don’t think my trip to the southern courtyard will be stopped.”

Cheng Xian was stunned. He looked at Wang Lin for a bit. He suddenly slapped his forehead and said, “Your surname is Wang and your name is Wang Lin…I remember now. You’re the one who was accepted by uncle master Zhou Lin. You…you are too lucky. Do you know how many people want to become his disciple?”

Wang Lin revealed a surprised expression and asked, “Why is that? Is teacher’s alchemy skill really high?”

Cheng Xian’s eyes revealed a look admiration as he said, “Although his alchemy skill isn’t low, it’s not exactly high either. He can only refine up to rank 3 pills, which is not a big deal. I can already refine rank 2 pills. I believe that I’ll be able to refine rank 3 pills soon.”

Wang Lin nodded. He walked toward the southern courtyard while listening to Cheng Xian talk.

But Cheng Xian stopped talking. He revealed that mischievous look and smiled, “Junior martial brother, I can tell you, but you have to promise to take me to the western courtyard once. How is that?”

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm and said, “If you don’t want to say it, it’s fine.”

When Cheng Xian saw that Wang Lin didn’t budge, he quickly said, “Elder martial brother Wang, look, I’m even calling you elder martial brother now. All you have to do is say a few words and I can get into the western courtyard. It’s only a small task.”

Wang Lin turned his head and said to him, “You want me to go find that girl, then you can use that excuse to meet that elder sider Wang Tong of you dreams?”

Cheng Xian was stunned, but he quickly smiled, “Yes, yes. It’s only a small task. So how about it, elder martial brother?”

Wang Lin slowly said, “Why does everyone want to become Zhou Lin’s disciple?”

Cheng Xian said, with a face full of regret, “Because Zhou Lin has a good teacher. Wang Lin, you have to know that when speaking of the number one beauty in the Cloud Sky Sect, she is not in the western courtyard, but in the southern courtyard. The southern courtyard’s Elder Li is not only a beauty, but also one of the three rank 5 alchemist in the Cloud Sky Sect. Think about it. Becoming Zhou Lin’s disciple means you’re also a disciple of Elder Li. Not only do you get to see a fairy, but have access to all sorts of pills and recipes. How could people not want to be part of that?”

Wang Lin muttered to himself, “Elder Li?”

“It is said that this Elder Li was a disciple of the Luo He Sect from the country of Huo Fen…”

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