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Chapter 212 – Luxury

Plus, with all of the magical treasures shining all the time and the Sky Cloud Sect themselves having said that any method could be used, no one saw through Wang Lin’s restriction.

The moment the restriction hit the pillar, Wang Lin could clearly feel that a piece of jade was shining gold and slowly flying outwards.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his restriction landed on the piece of jade. Suddenly, the speed of the piece of jade slowed down a lot. At the same time, he sent out another restriction and, this time, the restriction landed on a pill inside the pillar. The pill started emitting a golden light and quickly flew out of the pillar. It landed in the hand of a youth on the stage.

The person was stunned and suddenly shouted in ecstasy. “This…I…I passed!!”

At that moment, the Cloud Sect’s middle aged man’s eyes jerked open. He stared at the pill as he quickly leaped and landed in front of the youth.

Without a word, he waved his hand and the pill flew into his hand. He carefully examined the pill, then looked the youth, who was filled with ecstasy. After pondering for a while, he said, “Congratulations to you. You won’t need to be tested anymore and will directly become a inner disciple of the Cloud Sky Sect. You can go up the mountain to see the sect head. Take good care of this pill. When you meet your teacher, give this to them as a gift. Sadly, this is a fire based pill. If it was something else, I would be your teacher!”

The disciple’s eyes revealed a color of ecstasy. He quickly nodded as he was filled with excitement.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, but his heart was moved. Inside the black fog, he only saw three things: the pill, the jade, and the token.

It was clear that these three items had different meanings. Receiving the pill meant one would become a disciple and receiving the jade meant one passed this test. What would happen if someone received the token?

Wang Lin pondered a little, but he didn’t act again. He had to be very cautious because one time could be an accident, but if he used it in succession, it would be obvious. If he were to get found out, all of this would have been for naught.

With Wang Lin’s analysis of the middle aged man’s expression, he believed that in this recruitment exam that only occurred once every 30 years, almost no one get the pill. He guessed that most people just got the piece of jade.

The middle aged man slowly said, in a flat tone, “There is only one hour left before the time limit is up. I can tell you now that within the pillar, there are four items: a piece of jade, a pill, a token, and a pill furnace.”

“Among the four items, whoever gets the jade passes this test. Whoever gets the pill directly becomes an inner disciple. Whoever gets the token can trade it for any 3rd rank pill, aside from the one that lets you become an inner disciple.”

“If one of you gets get the furnace, then you will be one of the few that will become a disciple of the sect head. But, in the 8,000 years since the Cloud Sky Sect was founded, only 6 disciples have gotten the pill furnace. I hope that, among you, there will be a 7th.”

“Once you become the disciple of the sect head, you can use pills as you wish and you will be exposed to the more profound areas of Alchemy.”

The moment the words came out, all of the youths on the stage took deep breaths and looked at the pillar. In their eyes, the pillar represented a lifetime of wealth.

When Wang Lin heard those word, he was stunned. When he checked inside the restriction, there were only three items. There was no pill furnace inside. After pondering for a while, Wang Lin didn’t keep watching, but sent out a restriction and pulled out a pill.

With a flash of golden light, a blue pill immediately flew out from the pillar and was grabbed by Wang Lin.

It was not that Wang Lin couldn’t get the token, but he didn’t want it to be too showy. If it wasn’t for the fact that getting the pill would make him an inner disciple directly, he would have chosen the jade instead.

After noticing the color of the pill, the middle aged man’s eyes suddenly lit up. He grabbed the pill from Wang Lin’s hand. After looking at Wang Lin for a while, he smiled and said, “Are you willing to take me as your teacher?”

Wang Lin’s face revealed a look of fear, but in that fear there was a hint of excitement. He quickly nodded.

The middle aged man smiled and said, “Stand with me until the end, then I’ll bring you up the mountain to see the sect head.”

Wang Lin quickly and respectfully followed the middle aged man to the corner of the stage. His face was filled with fear and ecstasy, but he sneered inside. When he saw the middle aged man’s disappointed look when the disciple earlier had gotten the fire element pill, Wang Lin began to carefully observe the middle aged man. He roughly judged that the pill the middle aged man wanted was a water pill. After all, even if the other elements weren’t compatible, it was still useable, unless he needed a water element, which was the opposite of fire.

As a result, Wang Lin deliberately chose a water element pill because if his analysis was correct, the middle aged man would be too happy to dig too deep into why two pills appeared in a row.

Within the next hour, three more people were chosen. Among the three, one of them was the girl that walked here with Wang Lin.

Time was nearing the end. The middle aged man looked up into the sky and was about to announce the result, but, at the same time, the entire dark mist pillar started to roll violently. Dark clouds started to appear in the sky and lightning flashed across the sky like silver snakes dancing.

At the same time, bursts of thunderous roars appeared from inside the mist and the tip of a giant pill furnace appeared out of the corner of the mist.

This tip was purple and had an etching of a black dragon in chains. The dragon’s eyes were filled with rage and a strong sense of unwillingness. It looked into the sky and let out a few roars.

At that moment, an invisible force from the mist pushed off everyone that was on the stage, aside from the middled aged man and Wang Lin, who was next to him, and a weak looking youth. The weak looking youth stared at the tip of the pill furnace with a blank expression, unable to speak.

Wang Lin was startled. He carefully looked at the pill furnace and could see it covered with a layer of black light. Every time the pill furnace moved a bit, the layer of black light lessened.

“Tripod! This is the dragon tripod!” The middle aged man standing next to Wang Lin revealed a serious expression.

But, at the same time, the pill furnace suddenly quivered and no longer flew out, but gradually shrank back into the mist. At the same time, a golden token flew out of the mist and landed in the weak looking youth’s hand.

The middle aged man let out a sigh. He saw this happen every 30 years, but the pill furnace had never been able to break out from the pillar.

“Send everyone out of the Cloud Sky Sect’s mountain. Everyone that obtained something, follow me up the mountain.” After the middle aged man finished, he looked back at Wang Lin and grabbed Wang Lin’s belt. He jumped to the youth who got the token and picked him up as well, then brought both of them up the mountain.

Behind him were three Cloud Sky disciples. They were carrying the lucky three who passed the exam to the top of the mountain.

Wang Lin kept checking his surroundings. As the middle aged man moved faster, the mountain got closer. Then, they suddenly passed a wave-like barrier and the entire scene before Wang Lin changed.

The rows of luscious green forest and mountainscape suddenly disappeared and what unfolded before Wang Lin was a very grand building decorated with extremely well carved jade. Even Wang Lin, who had seen the world, couldn’t help but suck in a breath as well and though that the Cloud Sky Sect was indeed rich.

Although not all of the houses were made of jade, more than 80% of the buildings were made from natural jade stone. If all of this was turned into spirit stones or jade pieces, the total number of them would be unimaginable.

At the same time, because there was a lot of jade, this place naturally had very dense spiritual energy. He took one breath and immediately felt a very comfortable feeling. After analysing it a bit, Wang Lin determined that cultivating here for one day could be compared to 3 days of cultivation outside.

Wang Lin looked at the others who were also selected and found that all of them were stunned as well. They all stared at the scene before them with strange expressions.

The moment they passed the wave-like barrier, the disciples behind the middle aged man began to loosen their arms. Everyone who came to join the Cloud Sky Sect already had their own flying treasures. As the Cloud Sky Sect disciples loosened their holds on the people they were carrying, everyone got on their own flying treasure and followed behind the middle aged man.

The group’s speed wasn’t very fast. Wang Lin was stunned for a bit longer, then saw a flock of cranes flying in from the distance. On top of the cranes sat several beautiful women. These women wore rainbow colored robes, making them look like dancing butterflies, which made people involuntarily look in their direction.

When the cranes got closer, one of the women said, with a beautiful and clear voice, “Elder martial brother Zhou, are these the new disciples?”

The woman was attractive, with all of the features of a top beauty. She also had a small dot on the edge of her lip, making her very charming.

The middle aged man let out a laugh and said, “Yes. This time, during the recruitment, 6 people passed.”

The woman’s gaze swept through the group, revealing some of her hidden beauty. Her gaze ended up on the girl that walked to the sect with Wang Lin and she smiled. “Very pretty. If she was seen by teacher, she would be accepted as a disciple for sure.”

When the woman finished, the women that were with her turned their gazes onto the girl. After chatting among themselves for a bit, they all left on the cranes with charming smiles.

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