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Chapter 210 – Learning the avatar technique

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He spread out his divine sense and scanned the surrounding area as he flew by at an extremely quick speed. Suddenly, he stopped and looked north. 2,000 kilometers north were 2 cultivators heading east.

Both cultivators were male. One of them was pretty young and was only at the early stage of foundation building. The other was a middle aged man who was at the early stage of Core Formation.

Mai Guorong was a disciple of the Hao Ran Sect. Following the order of his teacher, he was going to the Cloud Sky Sect for their bi annual Kai-Ling gathering. The so called Kai-Ling gathering was just a pill auction hosted by the Cloud Sky Sect.

The Cloud Sky Sect was famous for their pill production in the cultivation country of Chu. Even some rank 4 countries would come to trade for their pills, but that only happened every 10 years, in the largest Kai-Ling gathering. As for these bi annual gatherings, they were mostly for the younger generation of the cultivation country of Chu to meet and compete.

In these small Kai-Ling gatherings, there wouldn’t be any precious pills, only some standard stuff. But, for these young cultivators, they were still things they couldn’t get enough of.

It has to be said that a pill made by the Sky Cloud Sect is at least 10% better than other pills. As a result, all of the pills made by the Sky Cloud Sect are very much in demand.

Also, the Sky Cloud Sect doesn’t do any trades with outsiders unless it’s during these Kai-Ling gatherings. So, even though it was only a 2 year gap between gatherings, every sect in the cultivation country of Zhao would send many of their younger disciples to come.

Mai Guorong was very proud that he was picked to come from the numerous disciples in the sect, but he also knew that the reason he was able to participate was because he had a good teacher.

Thinking about that, Mai Guorong’s gaze fell on the middle aged man in front of him. This person looked very ordinary. His face was very yellow and his complexion made him look like he could die at any moment, but Mai Guorong didn’t dare to take this person lightly. He wholeheartedly respected the person before him, because this middle aged man was his teacher and was also at the early stage of Core Formation. These facts made Mai Guorong feel very lucky to have such a teacher.

It has to be said that to be taken as a disciple by a Core Formation cultivator was very rare, even in the Hao Ran Sect. Mai Guorong’s status in the sect immediately shot up and he instantly became an inner disciple. Although he was still not a core disciple,  if Mai Guorong’s cultivation rises a bit more, to late stage foundation building, then he will automatically become a core disciple.

What also made him respect his teacher a lot was that his teacher was one of the few alchemists in the sect. Although the pills his teacher made weren’t as good as the Cloud Sky Sect’s, they were not that far off.

As a result, his teacher’s status was very high in the sect and, as a result of that, Mai Guorong’s status in the sect rose as well.

“Maintain your calm and don’t think about unnecessary things. We are very close to the Cloud Sky Sect. Don’t lose any face for the Hao Ran Sect.” That hoarse voice interrupted Mai Guorong’s thoughts. He stopped his daydreaming and closely followed behind his teacher.

After a while, Mai Guorong looked at his teacher and curiously asked, “Teacher, the Cloud Sky Sect…”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw the yellow faced middle aged man’s expression suddenly change. The middle aged man suddenly stopped and turned around with his eyes focused on something in the distance. He shouted, “Shut up!”

Mai Guorong was stunned. He turned and looked, but only saw the clouds and the blue sky, nothing abnormal at all. He had some doubts, but he suddenly heard a series of thunderous roars and saw the clouds in the distance get pushed forward by a strong force.

Mai Guorong’s face suddenly changed, revealing a horrified expression.

At the same time, he saw a shadow moving like lightning toward them. In just a few breaths, that shadow was already closing in.

Mai Guorong could clearly see now that this person was wearing black clothes and had a head of white hair. His expression was cold and felt very demonic.

This person’s cultivation, in Mai Guorong’s eyes, was as deep as the ocean, and the person’s cold gaze made anyone who looked feel horror.

Mai Guorong quickly lowered his head. He stood behind his teacher. His face was pale and his heart felt cold.

“Such strong killing intent!” Mai Guorong’s teacher, Hao Ran’s alchemist Xu Li’s, pupils involuntarily shrunk. He sent out his divine sense and immediately found that the man’s cultivation was much higher than his. The aura the man emitted shocked him even more.

In his view, although this person hadn’t reached the Nascent Soul stage, the feeling he got was exactly the same as when he met the Nascent Soul cultivators in the sect.

As a result, he didn’t dare mess with this person. Not even the Nascent Soul cultivators in the Hao Ran Sect had such a strong killing intent like this person.

Xu Li had spent his life learning pill making, so he had a very keen sense of spiritual energy fluctuations. He could almost imagine how much people this person must have killed to have such a strong killing intent. He must be careful around this person, or there will be disaster.

With that, he quickly clasped his hands and said, “Fellow cultivator, I am Hao Ran Sect’s Xu Li, and this is my disciple. Sir, you seem to be in a rush. What is the matter? If there is anything I can do, I’ll help without delay.”

The white haired youth was Wang Lin. He scanned both cultivators and his eyes landed on Xu Li. He clasped his hands and said, “Fellow cultivator, what cultivation country am I in?”

Xu Li was stunned. He looked at Wang Lin for a bit, then answered, “This is the cultivation county of Chu. Where did fellow cultivator come from?”

“Cultivation country of Chu…” Wang Lin muttered to himself, not answering the other’s question. He slapped his bag of holding.

His actions caused Xu Li’s expression to change greatly. He quickly grabbed hold of his disciple and swiftly took a few steps back with a cautious look on his face.

Wang Lin looked at him. He opened his hand and showed a piece of jade. He put the piece of jade on his forehead and a map appeared in his mind.

This was the piece of jade he had gotten from Zhou Zihong at the Battle God Temple. It contained the map of countries near the country of Huo Fen.

When he heard that it was the country of Chu, he felt like he had heard of this name somewhere before. After checking the jade, he immediately found out roughly where he was at the moment.

The country of Chu had a border with Hou Fen to the north, Xuan Wu to the east, and even a small border with the Sea of Devils. As for the rest, it was a mountain range called Broken Rocks.

It could be said that the cultivation country of Chu was a country very close to the Broken Rocks mountain range. According to the description in the piece of jade, this country was very large and contained a lot of cultivators. As a cultivation country, the country of Chu was very close to rising up into a rank 4 country.

This was because there were more than ten people at the late stage of Nascent Soul in the cultivation country of Chu. These powerful cultivators were the core of the country.

As long as one of those people manage to break into the Spirit Severing stage, the entire country will be raised to a rank 4 country.

This was why, when country of Hou Fen raised up to 4th rank, they decided to invade the country of Xuan Wu instead of Chu.

After all, compared to Chu, the country of Xuan Wu was a much better choice for Hou Fen.

There was also some information about some sects in the country of Chu. Wang Lin checked the jade for a bit, then put it away. He looked at Xu Li and asked, “Fellow cultivator, what part of Chu is this place?”

Xu Li kept his hand on his bag of holding. He was very alert. When he heard Wang Lin’s question, he pondered a bit, then answered, “This is the Cloud Sky mountain range!”

Wang Lin nodded. He looked around and stared into the distance, then blandly said, “So, if I continue for 10,000 kilometers, at the top of the Cloud Sky mountain range, is the Cloud Sky Sect?”

Xu Li’s eyes revealed a shocked expresion. He said, “Does sir have business with the Cloud Sky Sect?”

Wang Lin faintly smiled. He looked at Xu Li and clasped his hands. “Thank you. Farewell!” he said. With that, Wang Lin quickly moved, forming a trail of light, and disappeared.

It wasn’t until Wang Lin left that Xu Li let out a breath. His back was covered in sweat, and, when he was hit by a quick breeze, he could feel a cold sensation on his back.

The pressure Wang Lin brought on him was enormous. The fact that Xu Li was an alchemist meant that his resolve was much better than that of other cultivators of his level. If it wasn’t, he would have completely panicked when he was talking to Wang Lin.

He took in a deep breath, then took a look at his disciple. Mai Guorong’s eyes were still filled with fear. He looked at the direction Wang Lin went in and said, “Teach… teacher, what cultivation level was that guy at? Was he a Nascent Soul senior?”

Xu Li shook his head and said, “That person was filled with killing intent. If my guess is correct, he must have escaped from the Sea of Devils. Those people aren’t uncommon in this country of Chu, but this is the first time I have seen someone with killing intent that strong.”

Mai Guorong was stunned. “Killing Intent?” he asked.

Xu Li slowly said, “Every time you kill someone, you gain a bit of killing intent, and, after enough killing intent is gathered, it turns into a hostile aura. This hostile aura is very good cultivation material for some cultivators. After the hostility aura has been gathered on someone for a very long time, it turns into killing intent, and this person’s killing intent could be considered monstrous. He didn’t use any techniques. Just based on the killing intent he gives off normally, it is enough to cause fear in people’s hearts. I don’t know if this person knows how to use his killing intent. If he does, then it could even affect Nascent Soul cultivators.”

Mai Guorong took a deep breath. He slowly asked, “Teacher, according to what you’re saying, that person hasn’t reached the Nascent Soul stage?”

Xu Li pondered for a while. He nodded and said, “Even though he isn’t at the Nascent Soul stage, he is very close. If my perception isn’t wrong, this person has already reached the peak of late stage Core Formation. To avoid unnecessary trouble, don’t talk about this matter with other people. Even after returning to the Hao Ran Sect, don’t tell anyone about this. You understand?”

Mai Guorong quickly nodded. Even if Xu Li hadn’t said anything, he wouldn’t have talked about the fearsome cultivator they had just met, because the impression that that person left was simply too terrifying. He didn’t want to cause any unnecessary trouble.

As for Wang Lin, after he determined his location, he quickly flew forward while scanning the area with his divine sense. According to the map, the Cloud Sky Sect should be just up ahead.

Wang Lin secretly nodded his head. He was glad that that teacher and disciple duo didn’t lie to him. After determining its location, Wang Lin stopped. Since the Cloud Sky Sect was just up ahead, he decided to find a place nearby to go into closed door cultivation.

Wang Lin stopped at a mountainside about 7,000 to 8,000 kilometers from the Cloud Sky Sect. He looked around and revealed a satisfied look. Then, he slapped his bag of holding and a flying sword came out. He sent the flying sword swirling into the side of the mountain.

Soon, a cave was carved into the side of the cliff. The cave was built according to Wang Lin’s preference, with two rooms. After Wang Lin entered the cave, he pondered for a bit, then opened up another room.

After all that, he left the cave. He slapped his bag of holding and the restriction flag came out. Both of his hands formed a seal and pointed at the flag. The flag started to wave without any wind and quickly became 10 times larger.

Then, Wang Lin’s hand started to form multiple seals and sending out multiple beams of light. The restriction flag quickly started to stretch indefinitely, forming a canopy that could cover the entire sky.

Wang Lin calmly shouted, “Scatter!”

With those words, the black canopy immediately began to tremble. Thousands of restrictions fell from the flag and into the mountain range. Soon, all of the restrictions on the flag came out and covered the entire mountain range.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He waved his hand and the restriction flag shrunk and returned to his hand. He waved his right hand and the restriction flag pierced into the mountain.

From the outside, the cave disappeared from the mountain range and everything else looked exactly the same as before.

Wang Lin pondered a little. His hand moved and created several restrictions. He placed them in different locations in the mountain range. Finally, after the restrictions formed a tight defensive formation, he relaxed.

His body moved forward. When his body touched the side of the mountain, his body disappeared and he entered the cave. Inside the cave, he quickly touched his bag of holding and an object appeared in his hand.

This was the green dragon jade that Li Muwan had gifted to him. Although there were some cracks on it, it didn’t affect its usage. After Wang Lin looked at it for a while, he activated a spiritual technique on the jade. Suddenly, a roar emitted from the jade. A green dragon came out of it and circled around Wang Lin. The dragon became larger and larger as it circled Wang Lin. The dragon went through the walls of the cave as if there was nothing in its way.

The green dragon let out a roar and fused into the cave thus forming another protective layer.

This cave could be said to be the most secure place Wang Lin had ever created.

Wang Lin spent a lot of effort on the defenses of this cave. The reason being that unless something really unexpected happens, he will be living here for a very long time.

Wang Lin stood in the cave and pondered for a very long time. He revealed a determined look and pointed his hand to his brow. The devil Xu Liguo and the second devil came out of his forehead.

After the two devils appeared, they each had different reactions. The moment the second devil appeared, it instantly looked at Wang Lin with a look of devotion and admiration. Now, as long as Wang Lin commands it, even if he was ordered to fight a Spirit Severing cultivator, he would go without any hesitation, even if death was certain.

As for Xu Liguo, when he appeared, he secretly looked around, but put on a respectful look and a pleasing smile in front of Wang Lin.

Wang Lin pointed at a stone room and said, “From today onward, you two devils will live in that stone room. If you leave that room without my permission, then you will be erased.”

Xu Liguo was stunned. Just as he was about to speak, the second devil didn’t hesitate at all and floated toward the stone room Wang Lin pointed to. Xu Liguo hesitated for a while, but he quickly swallowed his words. If number two agreed that easily, then, if he talked back and hesitated, that would mean he was beaten by number two, so he quickly went into the room as well.

After the two devils entered the room, Wang Lin sent out his Ji Realm and scanned the area. He left behind some of his divine sense before he withdrew it.

If the two devils don’t listen and try to leave the room, they will be attacked by the Ji Realm. Wang Lin had to be on guard because those two devils were created by him. Normally, he wouldn’t be afraid of any changes, but the thing he was about to do couldn’t have any accidents, so he trapped the two devils in the room.

After that, Wang Lin pondered for a while, then walked into the room in the center. He sat down cross legged and took a deep breath. He pointed at his brow and a rainbow colored ball of light floated out of his brow and became more solid, revealing a heaven defying look.

After looking at the heaven revolting bead for a while, he waved his right hand and the bead floated to the side. Then, he took out several jade bottles and placed them on the left and right sides.

Afterward, he quietly closed his eyes and started to meditate.

Time flew by, and a year had already passed. In this last year, aside from gathering the liquid from the bead, Wang Lin hardly moved at all.

During his meditation over the past year, he compressed all of his excess spiritual energy into three swirls, and, within these three swirls, was that divine retribution red line.

In a year’s time, Wang Lin had managed to completely suppressed the red thread, but he didn’t dare relax at all. Although the red thread was small, it contained the power of a divine retribution. If it was not handled properly, the result would be his body being destroyed by the thread. Although his body had already undergone one reconstruction, he didn’t want to use his body as a test.

In addition to that, Wang Lin had been spending the rest of his time studying the avatar technique. This was his way of getting around his inability to break through to the Nascent Soul stage.

Even now, Wang Lin still clearly remembered the cave in the back mountain of the war god’s temple. He was reaching into his memories to remember the avatar technique carved in the cave.

Back then, he spent a lot of time studying the technique and learning its secrets. This technique was used to create another real body as a doppelganger.

Relying on the avatar to increase the cultivation speed, then, when breaking through to the Nascent Soul stage, save the avatar, fuse back into the body, and increase the chance of breaking through.

However, the avatar had a fatal flaw; it had no cultivation when it was created and its lifespan would only be 30 years.

The reason Wang Lin didn’t use this method back then was because he didn’t have enough pills for himself, so how would he have anything for his avatar? But now, Wang Lin saw a method in this technique to allow him to not only preserve his cultivation, but to also reach the Nascent Soul stage.

Then plan was to use the avatar to reach the Nascent Soul stage in 30 years, then fuse it back with this body, allowing him to bypass the block that was preventing him from reaching the Nascent Soul stage.

This way, he won’t need to destroy his cultivation to break through to Nascent Soul stage, however, there was one difficult part in this plan and that was for his avatar to break into the Nascent Soul stage in merely 30 years.

With the heaven revolting space’s help, the time could be extended. With the normal 6 times the training time in the heaven revolting space, Wang Lin had 180 years for his avatar to reach the Nascent Soul stage.

But there was another very important problem, and that was pills!

This problem will be solved at the Cloud Sky Sect! This was also why, after Wang Lin arrived and found out that the Cloud Sky Sect was near, he decided to do his closed door training here.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm. Before him were three white bottles filled with liquid gathered from the heaven revolting bead throughout this year. This liquid was the first gift he had for his avatar.

After pondering for a while, his eyes revealed a determined look. His hands formed a seal and he followed the steps of the avatar technique to create his avatar.

This avatar technique was not very difficult if you could see through all of the details in the technique, as it had no relationship to one’s talent or power. Otherwise, Chen Chong, who had the worst talent at the war god temple, wouldn’t have been the only one aside from the creator to have seen through the secret of the avatar technique.

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