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Chapter 209 – The Method Without Destroying His Cultivation

Only after completely removing the lotus restriction would Wang Lin be able to continue with the plan he had formed. After he walked out of the cave, he took a deep breath and a cold light filled his eyes. He sank into the ground and quickly left by using the earth escape technique.

A few days later, Wang Lin returned to the underground cave he had made before. There, he sat down cross legged and took out his restriction flag. The moment the flag appeared, the entire cave was covered with thousands of restrictions.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes. He guided the chaotic spiritual energy in his body to move along the paths of his body’s channels. Time flew by. He slowly cycled his spiritual energy through his body and through his core to repair the damages.

Gradually, his core recovered and his cultivation returned to the peak of core formation late stage.

Meanwhile, Wang Lin quickly cut his spiritual power off from his channels. Then, he gathered the spiritual energy in his body and slammed it against the lotus restriction.

When he was trying to break into Nascent Soul and his Ji Realm attacked his core, the explosion that happened in his body loosened the lotus restriction.

This time, with Wang Lin was intentionally attacking the lotus restriction. It weakened a lot.

Three days later, Wang Lin, whose eyes had been closed this whole time, suddenly opened his eyes. He moved his finger and tapped multiple spots on his chest. Every time his finger touched his chest, there was a ripple of spiritual energy on his finger.

Slowly, as his hand began to move faster and faster, spots of light suddenly appeared on Wang Lin’s chest. These spots of light came from inside Wang Lin’s body.

Soon, the spots increased and gradually formed the shape of a lotus. Wang Lin growled, placed his hands on each side of his chest, and slowly pushed them out.

Those light points slowly moved out of his body. The lights intertwined into the shape of a white lotus and looked as if they were slowly leaving his body.

Until the lights were floating three inches outside of his body, there were still slivers of light coming from the lotus connecting to this body.

Giant beads of sweat appeared on Wang Lin’s forehead. His whole body was also soaked in sweat, but, in order to completely remove this lotus restriction, Wang Lin clenched his teeth and suddenly pushed out his hands.

Suddenly, all of the connections from the lotus to Wang Lin were pushed out and floated forward.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He quickly slapped his bag of holding and a small beast flew out. It hit the lotus restriction.

Shortly after, the lotus restriction became like a mad demon and quickly surrounded the small beast. After flashing a few times, the restriction quickly sunk into the small beast and disappeared.

It was not until this moment that Wang Lin let out a breath. A cold light filled his eyes and he placed his hand on the small beast’s head. The beast let out a burst of hissing sounds and quickly flew out of the cave.

The restrictions surrounding the cave opened up a small passage for the beast as it got closer. Even the dirt in the ground opened up a passage under Wang Lin’s control.

The beast left with any trouble and quickly flew off into the distance once it got above ground.

Wang Lin let out a sneer. He didn’t know much about that old man, but he thought it can’t be anything good. Now that the lotus restriction had been lifted and placed onto the beast, if that old man wanted to search for him, then he would actually be searching for that small beast.

But Wang Lin knew that this simple trick would only be able to buy him a little bit of time. It won’t be able to fool the old man for long, but what Wang Lin needed the most was time.

He took a deep breath, then quickly moved out of the cave. As he exited the cave, he put away the restriction flag and quickly left.

Wang Lin knew that he couldn’t stay in the Sea of Devils for long, or there will be a lot of trouble. If everything goes as planned, then, once he reaches Nascent Soul, aside from a few of the old Spirit Severing cultivators, there should be no one that could oppose him.

It’s just that there was a problem with breaking into the Nascent Soul stage, so his plans needed a little change.

After Wang Lin left the cave, his speed reached its limit and his body moved like a meteor into the distance.

The next morning, Wang Lin arrived back at the ancient cultivation cave, where he got the Nascent Soul with Qiu Siping. After arriving, he scanned the area with his divine sense. After making sure there was no one around, he slapped his bag of holding and his poison sword flew out. With a point of his finger, the sword formed a swirl and charged into the rubble.

Soon, a tunnel was carved by the sword. After looking at the tunnel formed by the sword, Wang Lin thought, “Goodbye, Sea of Devils!”

He turned and entered the tunnel.

Inside, he found the room with the ancient transfer array. He didn’t enter the room, but turned around and waved his hand, causing the tunnel to collapse and sealing the entrance.

Shortly after, his hand moved, forming many restrictions to completely cover the cave. Only then did he walk into the stone room.

The stone room had also collapsed a bit, but, as Wang Lin and Qiu Siping were fleeing the cave, he paid special attention to this room and secretly sent out a restriction to protect it.

So, although the place collapsed a bit, it didn’t damage the transfer array. After carefully removing the rocks from the room, Wang Lin carefully studied the transfer array for a bit, then took out a glowing spirit stone. This spirit stone was crystal clear and looked like it had clouds floating inside.

This spirit stone was an extremely rare high quality spirit stone, and also something that was required to open the ancient transfer array.

After hesitating for a while, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a determined look. He placed the high quality spirit stone into one of the sockets in the ancient transfer array and looked at it with a glow in his eyes.

He watched as the high quality spirit stone began to shine and the cloud inside it started to move. Shortly after, purple lines began to spread from the spirit stone and covered the entire transfer array. Then, thunderous sounds began to emit from the transfer array.

Shortly after, a circle of light appeared from the transfer array and rose into the air, then more circles of light appeared, rose into the air toward the first circle, and overlapped each other. The circles suddenly started to rotate. Their rotation became faster and faster and Wang Lin, who was inside the circle, became blurry, then disappeared.

After Wang Lin disappeared, the circles of light stopped and returned to the transfer array. The transfer array returned back to the way it was.

In an endless mountain range, millions of kilometers away from the Sea of Devils, a 10 foot thick beam of light fell from the sky and sent shockwaves into the surroundings.

Within the mountain was a canyon, and in the canyon was a small valley with a very old looking transfer array.

There was a stirring cloud of dust covering the valley. After the dust settled, a black shadow walked out of the transfer array.

This person had a head of white hair and was completely covered in dust. It was Wang Lin.

Wang Lin coughed a few times. He formed a seal with his hand and created a gust of wind. The win quickly cleared out the area.

The dust on his body was also blown away.

Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the surroundings. Bright sunlight fell from the sky into Wang Lin’s eyes, causing him to blink.

The moment Wang Lin studied his surroundings, he knew that he was no longer in the Sea of Devils. The mountains were covered with greens and there were flying beasts he didn’t know of floating in the sky.

Wang Lin’s eyes squinted. It had been a long time since he had seen the glaring sunlight. The Sea of Devils never had any sunlight all year around, and even in these last months, most of the sky was covered by black clouds that showed the land with black rain.

He took a deep breath, then turned toward the transfer array and took out his poison sword. He cut out piece of the transfer array and placed it into his bag of holding. Only then did he feel relaxed.

Now, even if that crazy old man found traces of him, the old man wouldn’t be able to use the transfer array to chase after him. And now that the lotus restriction was also removed, Wang Lin’s safety was guaranteed.

Wang Lin jumped into the air. He immediately noticed that this place’s spiritual energy was very thick, and the higher he flew into the air, the thicker it got.

He floated in the air and created a restriction to place in the canyon to serve as a marker. Then, he quickly left without looking back.

As Wang Lin was flying, he spread out his divine sense to check the area and slowly increased his search range. He didn’t know where he was and the most important thing right now was to find out where he was.

Then, if conditions allow, Wang Lin will begin his plan on breaking through to the Nascent Soul stage.

This was a very time consuming plan. He must prepare a lot of things to make sure this plan comes to fruition without any problems.

Destroying his cultivation meant that he would have to start all over again, which was something he refused to do. Not destroying his cultivation meant that he will be stuck at the late stage of core formation and will not be able to have his revenge.

To not have to destroy his cultivation and break through to Nascent Soul was his goal. With those two goals in mind, there was only one method left that might barely work.

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