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Chapter 205 – The Nascent Soul within Gui Xi

In the Sea of Devils, one couldn’t see the moon. Only specks of moonlight that shone through the thick fog could be seen. But for cultivators, these small specks of moonlight was enough to guide them.

After Yun Fei left cave, she quickly headed straight toward a gate in the mountain that surrounded the city. As she was passing through the gate, she stopped and saw someone walk out. This person wore black clothes and a golden cape. The person’s entire body seemed to be wrapped in cloth.

This black clothed person looked at Yun Fei and, without word, turned around and walked out of the city. Yun Fei hesitated, but she clench her teeth and quickly followed.

The two successfully walked through the gate. None of the Qi Lin city guards stopped them.

Wang Lin saw all of this from a distance, using the second devil. He sneered again and his body turned into a ghost-like form. He quietly followed behind them.

Wang Lin was able to see, through the second devil, that the person in black was only at the mid stage of Core Formation. If Wang Lin wanted to kill that person, he only had to send out his divine sense and destroy their soul.

It was just that Yun Fei’s actions were very mysterious tonight, so Wang Lin wanted to see who she found to break the restriction he had set on her.

After the person in black and Yun Fei left the city, they headed straight east and stopped at a mountain covered in black mist. They were 3,000 miles from Qi Lin city at this point.

“Ancestor, disciple has brought the person.” The black clothed person knelt on the ground with one leg. He placed his hand on his chest, forming the shape of a lotus, and revealed a very respectful expression.

A thunderous voice boomed out from the mountain, “You can go back.” The black mist on the mountain ripped and revealed a small pavilion at the top.

The black clothed person stood up and left without even looking back.

Wang Lin was currently standing on a cliff 1,000 miles away. After seeing the black clothed man leave, he pointed his finger at his brow and the Devil Xu Liguo appeared.

After Xu Liguo appeared, he received Wang Lin’s order. He chuckled and headed toward the black clothed person.

Yun Fei stood outside the black mist. She became nervous again and began to hesitate. Everything that had happened tonight wasn’t something she had sought out herself.

In the days that Wang Lin had been locked in his room, Yun Fei found many cultivators to help her remove the restriction, but they all failed. Originally, she had already given up, but unexpectedly, one of the middle city guards found her and said that there was someone who could remove the restriction on her, but she had to pay a price.

As a result, Yun Fei nervously considered it. If the person had a mid stage Core Formation cultivator working under him, then this mysterious person couldn’t be weak.

However, that didn’t mean that this person had the ability to remove the restriction, because in her mind, Wang Lin’s cultivation had already reached an unimaginable level.

Just when she was contemplating, which was this morning, the mid stage Core Formation cultivator handed her a piece of jade which contained a detailed recording of all the effects of this restriction. She was stunned.

It had to be said that even though she looked for many cultivators to help her break the restriction, she never talked about the effects in detail. The only people that could know these details were the person who set the restriction and someone who could break it.

After seeing that jade, Yun Fei’s hesitating heart became determined and she decided to risk it.

And that’s how they reached this point.

At this moment, Yun Fei raised her head and looked at the pavilion at the top of the mountain, however, because of the mist surrounding the mountain, she couldn’t clearly see what the person looked like.

Yun Fei bit her lower lip and whispered, “Can senior really break the restriction on junior?”

“Come up and speak!” The voice contained overwhelming power. The moment he spoke, the black mist suddenly moved and formed a dragon shaped path with the head at the top of the mountain and the tail before Yun Fei.

Yun Fei suppressed the fear in her heart and walked up the stairs.

Soon, she reached the pavilion at the top of the mountain. The person inside was a middle aged man who was wearing a robe. He was very good looking and exuded an aura that made others feel like he was from powerful family. The moment he saw Yun Fei, his eyes lit up.

The person thought, “It really is an ancient restriction!” But his expression remained normal and he blandly said, “I can remove the restriction on you, but you have to tell me who placed it on you.”

Yun Fei hesitated a little and whispered, “Senior, junior can’t tell you that. How about I exchange a batch of pills instead?”

The middle aged man pondered a little and shook his head. He said, “If you don’t tell me, I won’t remove the restriction on you. I can tell you that within the Sea of Devils, not many can remove this restriction. You can think about it first.”

Yun Fei’s expression became unsettled. After pondering for a while, she said, “Ok. I would like to ask senior to break the restriction first. If you succeed, then junior will tell you.”

The middle aged man let out a laugh. He waved his hand and a purple rock appeared in his hand. The rock was a very round and smooth sphere.

After he took out the rock, he quickly used a spirit technique on it. The rock started to glow a rainbow color. Shortly after, a red light appeared and landed on Yun Fei’s forehead.

Yun Fei shivered. She could feel that the moment the red light entered her body, it broke into many red threads and traveled through her body.

At this point, the middle aged man’s expression became very serious. He carefully examined Yun Fei.

Not long after, a faint symbol appeared between Yun Fei’s eyebrows. The symbol released a very ancient feel. The moment the middle aged man saw the symbol, he revealed a joyous expression and muttered, “This really is an ancient restriction! I really didn’t expect anyone to be able to use this type of restriction.”

His eyes lit up. He bit finger and dripped a drop of blood on the rock. The rock started to flash intensely and a black and white light came out from the rock. The light went toward the symbol between Yun Fei’s brow.

But at the same time, a change suddenly occurred. A shadow appeared from Yun Fei’s hair. The shadow revealed a beast’s head. It went in front of Yun Fei’s brow and swallowed the white and black light.

Then, the shadow turned to face Yun Fei and sucked in a breath. Yun Fei’s eyes expanded with blood and her soul was sucked into the beast’s mouth.

All of this happened too fast, almost in the blink of an eye. Yun Fei’s soul was taken.

In truth, the moment she walked onto the dragon shaped road, her fate was sealed. There was only death left for her. If she had listened to Wang Lin and quietly waited for Wang Lin to leave the Sea of Devils, then she would have had a chance to live.

At the same time, the beast’s body expanded and wrapped up Yun Fei’s body. A storage bag, a pill furnace, and a golden core were taken by the beast as it was about to leave.

When the middle aged man saw the beast, his expression changed. He really didn’t know what this beast was, to have such a strange ability to suck away someone’s soul.

He had a speculation that this beast had always been there and that it had a master. This made the middle aged man very nervous.

But soon, he returned to normal. Seeing that the beast was going to leave, his eyes became cold. He waved his hand and the fog that formed the dragon shaped road surrounded the beast.

Shortly after, he slammed his bag of holding and took out a small drum made from the skin of some unknown animal. He looked at the beast and lightly hit the drum with his finger.

With a boom, the black mist started to tremble and turned into black armored soldiers, holding different magical treasures. They charged toward the beast.

The second devil was blocked by the black fog in front, and the black armored soldiers behind him were approaching. Many colored lights emitted from the soldier’s weapons and rained down on the second devil.

But this beast was Wang Lin’s second devil. Although it was not very powerful, it had amazing escape capabilities. Even back when Wang Lin first captured it, it was almost able to escape.

The second devil didn’t hesitate and swallowed Yun Fei’s core. It suddenly grew twice in size and then split from one to ten, then from ten to a hundred. Suddenly, there were 100 beasts trapped in the pavilion.

All 100 beasts let out sharp screeches. The sound waves rippled through the surroundings. Then, the 100 beasts all beat their wings in unison to create a strong tornado and used it to charge out.

With the sound wave opening the path and the tornado following behind, the fog blocking the path became unable to hold its physical form and collapsed. Even some of the soldiers that were chasing from behind were destroyed.

Then, the tornado came and blew away the collapsed fog completely .

The middle aged man stared at the tornado created by the beast with great interest in his eyes. He moved his right hand and hit the drum a few more times.

Boom, boom, boom, boom. 4 booms echoed in a row and the fog raged even harder and formed all sorts of strange beast at the edge of the mountain.

All of those beasts were very large and were filled with killing intent as they stared at the tornado.

“I don’t care who your master is. No spirit beast that catches my eye has ever escaped. I know you can understand me, so listen well. Before, I only tried to block you, not attack, but in three breaths, if you don’t obey me, I’ll start attacking.”

The second devil let out a laugh. The bodies he created fused back together inside the tornado and he suddenly attacked the middle aged man with a soul attack.

The lightning shaped soul attack broke through all that blocked its way. Even the black fog instantly dispersed when the lightning touched it. In the blink of an eye, it was already before the mid aged man.

The middle aged man’s face suddenly changed. He backed up, bit his lips, and spat out some fresh blood. When the soul attack landed on the blood, a sizzling sound could be heard and the attacked paused slightly.

At the same time, the middle aged man took out a piece of black colored wood from his bag of holding. With a look of fear on his face, he roared, “Absorb!”

At that moment, the soul attack involuntarily charged toward the black colored wood, but the moment the attack was about the land, the second devil let out a roar and the soul attack broke into 100 strands and quickly withdrew.

The middle aged man’s forehead was covered in sweat. If he was a bit slower earlier, then he would have been in danger, but his current expression showed a very strong sense of enthusiasm. He licked his lips and said, with a husky voice, “It can even use soul attacks. Even if this spirit beast has a master, I will steal it no matter what.”

The moment he said those words, he heard a very cold voice float in from the distance. “Is that so?”

The moment the voice appeared, a buzzing sound appeared as well. The middle aged man quickly raised his head and saw that a giant tornado appeared on the horizon and quickly charged toward the fog.

The beast formed by the black fog was about to attack the tornado when a screech could be heard from within the tornado and a blast of wind came out. It destroyed all of the beasts formed by the fog.

Meanwhile, the second devil let out a laugh and charged out. It fused together with the tornado. The second devil was very angry. After gaining control of the tornado, it went on a rampage and started to destroy the surrounding fog.

The middle aged man didn’t even look at the tornado, but stared at the horizon with a cautious look in his eyes.

He saw a white haired man wearing black clothes, slowly walking towards him. Although the white haired man looked like he was moving slowly, he was actually moving very fast. In a few blinks of the eye, the white haired man appeared on the mountaintop.

The middle aged man’s pupils contracted. He hit the drum again and all of the surrounding fog quickly condensed into 8 balls of black fog. The balls floated around him.

Qiu Siping’s eyes lit up. He calmly said, “You must be the one who knows how to use ancient restrictions.”

The white haired man was Wang Lin. He waved his hand and two items flew out from the giant tornado. It was the bag of holding and the pill furnace. He didn’t look at them, but held them in his hand. Only after he had secured the two items did he look at the middle aged man. Wang Lin saw that this middle aged man had already reached the peak of the late stage of Core Formation and was only one step away from the Nascent Soul stage.

But as long as the person was not a Nascent Soul cultivator, Wang Lin wouldn’t have any trouble killing them. His eyes became cold and he coldly said, “I’m this beast’s master. You said you wanted to steal it before, correct? Well, come and try to steal it. I’ll give you a chance.”

Wang Lin waved his right hand. The second devil came out from the tornado and floated before the middle aged man, motionless.

Qiu Siping frowned. He could see that Wang Lin was also at the late stage of Core Formation, but since he could be so arrogant, there must be something else.

Qiu Siping became very cautious. His eyes waved a bit and stared at the beast before him. He shook his head and said, “Sorry to have let fellow cultivator see such a joke. Before, I was only kidding. Since this beast belongs to fellow cultivator, how could I steal it? It was all a misunderstanding. I hope fellow cultivator doesn’t mind the small things that have happened.”

Wang Lin calmly waved his hand and the second devil returned to him. Suddenly, red lightning appeared in his eyes as his Ji Realm soul appeared.

Suddenly, a strong, suppressive force appeared.

Qiu Siping was about to speak when he suddenly saw the red glow from Wang Lin’s eyes. His heart sank. He never thought that Wang Lin wouldn’t even wait for him to finish speaking before killing him. He became angry in his heart. Wang Lin was at the same cultivation as him. Even if Wang Lin had a magic treasure, it wasn’t like he didn’t have magic treasures of his own.

He snorted. He quickly moved backward and waved his hand. The 8 balls of fog quickly spread out into a thick layer of fog.

Qiu Siping’s eyes became cold. Since Wang Lin wouldn’t even listen to him, he decided to just fight first and talk later.

But just as this idea formed in his head, he heard from Wang Lin a sound as cold as the icy winds of hell.


Wang Lin’s Ji Realm charged into the fog like lightning. The fog couldn’t compare to his Ji Realm at all and collapsed the moment they collided.

Only a series of explosions could be heard as the 8 balls of fog all collapsed.

Qiu Siping’s expression suddenly changed. While he was backing up, without hesitation, he formed a seal with his hand and spit out several mouthfuls of fresh blood to block the red lightning. But the moment the blood appeared, it was turned into mist and was pushed aside.

It didn’t even stop the lightning for one second.

A shadow of death that hadn’t appeared in a long time loomed over Qiu Siping’s heart. Without a word, he took out the black piece of wood from earlier. The moment he took it out, Wang Lin’s Ji Realm landed on it.

Sounds of cracking could be heard from the black piece of wood and then, with a bang, it exploded. The red lightning left the piece of wood and entered Qiu Siping’s body.

Qiu Siping’s body trembled and his eyes became foggy, but after spitting out a few mouthfuls of blood, his eyes became clear again. However, this time, his eyes were filled with fear.

Without a word, he quickly turned around to escape.

Wang Lin let out a sound of surprise. This person didn’t die under the attack of his Ji Realm. This really surprised him because the only other time this had happened was outside the Sea of Devils with a guy named Shang Guan Mo, who used a mysterious piece of jade to escape.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He chased after Qiu Siping like lightning and appeared before him.

Qiu Siping was terrified. He wryly smiled. “Fellow cultivator, you and I don’t have any grudges. Why must you kill me?” He felt a lot of regret in his heart. When he thought about it, if this person could use ancient restrictions, how could he be weak? Even if the person was only at the late stage of Core Formation, he had a soul attack that he couldn’t even defend against. If he didn’t have an odd treasure to protect himself, he would have already died.

In his eyes, even though the person wasn’t at the Nascent Soul stage, he had the attack power of a Nascent Soul cultivator. How could he not run at this point?

But as he thought about it, Wang Lin must possess a very powerful treasure to use such a powerful attack.

Wang Lin’s expression remained cold. His eyes showed a hint of mockery. He blandly said, “You sent people multiple times to lure that woman out in order find the person who set the ancient restriction. Now that you found him, why are you running?”

Qiu Siping let out a bitter smile and said, “Fellow cultivator, I don’t have any malicious intent, only …” He hesitated for a while and quickly continued, “Only, there is something of great benefit that I need someone who knows ancient restrictions to help me with.”

Qiu Siping was a clever man. After hearing Wang Lin’s words, he had realized that his black clothed subordinate was in danger, but he pretended like he didn’t know anything.

Wang Lin remained calm. His eyes glowed red again. Qiu Siping secretly clenched his teeth and urgently said, “Fellow cultivator, both you and I are at the late stage of Core Formation. If you just listen to me, then forming our Nascent Souls will be just around the corner.”

The red glow in Wang Lin’s eye faded. He stared at Qiu Siping and darkly said, “My patience has a limit. I’ll give you three sentences to explain it to me. If it doesn’t impress me after that, then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Qiu Siping cursed in his heart, but his expression remained normal. He took a deep breath and said, “I believe fellow cultivator knows that the difference between Core Formation and Nascent Soul is very large. Even if one finds a place with very thick spirit power, the failure rate of breaking into the Nascent Soul stage is still very high.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained dull and said, “The first sentence!”

Qiu Siping paused for a while and quickly continued, “Unless there are some pills to help form our Nascent Souls, then the amount of power our core produces isn’t enough at all.”

Wang Lin glanced at Qiu Siping and said, “The second sentence!”

“I don’t have any pills to help with the process, but I do know of something else that is way better than those pills. If one were to swallow this, then reaching the Nascent Soul stage would be easy. The thing I’m talking about is a Nascent Soul cultivator’s Nascent Soul. I know of a place that has at least two Nascent Soul cultivators in Gui Xi!” Qiu Siping finished this last sentence in one breath.

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