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Chapter 204 – The Ancient Mirror and The Restriction Flag

After laying down the restriction, Wang Lin stopped watching Yun Fei. With a wave of his hand, he divided the cave in half, separating their living spaces. He also placed a restriction in between.

Sitting cross legged in the cave, Wang Lin pointed his finger between his brows. Suddenly, a ghost appeared. The ghost was a blur and was only 8 palm sizes large, but it was in the shape of a beast.

This ghost was the second devil used by Wang Lin in the Land of the Ancient God.

After the second devil appeared, it floated in midair, motionless, waiting for Wang Lin’s command. Since Wang Lin formed his soul core, the last bit of rebellious feelings that the second devil had had involuntarily disappeared

Wang Lin pointed his finger at it. The second devil’s ghost form quickly faded until it disappeared, but if Wang Lin used his power as a soul devourer, he could clearly feel where the second devil was.

He sent out a message to the second devil with this divine sense and the second devil quietly moved toward Yun Fei and landed on the restriction that Wang Lin had just placed on her.

Yun Fei didn’t notice this process at all.

After doing all this, Wang Lin no longer paid any more attention to her. He sat there and organized his thoughts on what had happened in the Land of the Ancient God in the past 200 years.

During this time, he encountered many things and almost died on several occasions, but now, he felt like he had seen a dream. He couldn’t really tell which parts were real and which parts weren’t.

After a long time, Wang Lin let out a sigh. Although he received the inheritance of knowledge, it was only part of the true inheritance. The other part was the inheritance of power.

The master of the Blood Sea wouldn’t just give it up. Once he finds a way to leave the Land of the Ancient God, the first thing he will do is find Wang Lin, who took the inheritance of knowledge, and steal it.

Once Wang Lin loses the inheritance of knowledge, he won’t have any way to protect himself.

This matter felt like a giant mountain weighing down his heart.

But under Wang Lin’s analysis, if the red haired man really wanted to leave the Land of the Ancient God, it wouldn’t be a simple matter, so Wang Lin wouldn’t have to worry about him for now.

However, some preparation was still needed. Wang Lin had decided that once he had settled down in Qi Lin city, he would get Yun Fei to help him search for the ancient transfer arrays in the mainland of the Sea of Devils.

He had more than 20 top quality spirit stones, enough for him to open up a transfer array to anywhere he wanted.

But prior to this, he had to carefully study the ancient transfer array. If he didn’t understand them, even if he were to find the method of using them, he wouldn’t dare do so.

This was one of the reasons why he came to Qi Lin city.

In addition, he had reached the peak of late stage Core Formation and was only one step away from the Nascent Soul stage, but that one step was like a giant gap, which he hadn’t been able to cross.

Wang Lin didn’t know if forming the Nascent Soul was as difficult for others as it was for him, but for him, it was much more difficult than he imagined. He had used the dragon’s spinal fluid and other pills that should help with the process, but even then, he still couldn’t form his Nascent Soul.

Not even a trace of his Nascent Soul forming had appeared yet.

Wang Lin had tried to analyze this before, to see if it had anything to do with his Ji Realm, but based on the little amount of understanding he got when the Ji Realm entered his soul, this strange state would make reaching the Nascent Soul stage and going past its three stages much more difficult. However, after one gets past the Nascent Soul late stage and into the Soul Formation stage, if compared to any cultivator of the same level, then the Ji Realm owner would hold an absolute advantage.

In fact, he never had much understanding of the Ji Realm. Another reason why he came to Qi Lin city was to see if he could find any text about the Ji Realm.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. After pondering for a while, he took out several bags of holding. All of these were things he had acquired while he was at the Land of the Ancient God.

First was Ancient Emperor’s bag of holding. When he tried to enter it with his divine sense, he felt a gentle energy pushing his divine sense out.

Wang Lin’s gaze focused on the bag of holding. He pondered a little. It seemed Ancient Emperor wasn’t dead yet.

He sneered. He put that bag to the side and moved on to the other bags.

The bag that made him the most excited was the one holding Duomu’s group’s 10 instruments. With a wave of his hand, the ten instruments fell out of the bag.

The 10 instruments floated before him. Besides the half moon blade, which still had a faint glow, the other 9 instruments were no longer glowing.

Wang Lin’s divine soul quickly moved toward those 9 instruments, however, the moment his divine sense touched them, his expression darkened. Although the owner of the 9 instruments was dead, there was another divine sense on them that prevented Wang Lin from using them.

His eyes lit up. He pondered for a while and suddenly remembered that before the instruments were handed to him, the old man had made a print on each one.

Wang Lin frowned. He once again surrounded the instruments with his divine sense. This time, he carefully studied each instrument. He spent a lot of time looking for the fluctuations of divine sense on the instruments.

After a long time, Wang Lin’s gaze fell on a small mirror and his eyes lit up. From his observation, of these 9 instruments, besides this mirror, the divine sense on the other 8 wasn’t something he could break at the Core Formation stage.

The destruction of its master’s divine sense somehow messed up the divine sense that was placed on the mirror.

As a result, it was not impossible to destroy the divine sense placed in this mirror. Wang Lin pondered for a while and suddenly put away the other instruments and began to take the mirror over by force.

Time flew by. After one and a half months had passed, Wang Lin walked out of the cave with his expression as calm as always. He had successfully destroyed the divine sense on the mirror and made it his 30 days ago, then it took him 7 days to gain some basic understanding of the it.

Then, he refined it with his own fire, and after 49 days, the mirror was completely his.

He felt the effect of the mirror during this period of time. The effect of this ancient mirror was really mysterious. It was similar to the ring of the chaotic broken stars. It was related to avatars.

Wang Lin believed that this must have been a famous treasure a long time ago, or it wouldn’t be the life saving treasure of an ancient cultivator.

But with only Wang Lin’s knowledge, he didn’t know the name of this mirror. Even with the memories of the Ancient God, he didn’t possess much knowledge on magical treasures.

Afterall, the Ancient God’s body was the best weapon. The Ancient Gods didn’t often refine treasures, and when they did, those treasures would have unimaginable power.

Even now, Wang Lin would still think about the square pyramid that Tu Si had thrown away.

After inheriting the memories, Wang Lin held the memories to create many magical treasures, however, the amount of resources required was simply too much. Even if he were to use all of the resources in the Suzaku Star System, he wouldn’t even be able to refine one of them.

Now, he knew the name of that square pyramid. It was called the Mysterious Star Pyramid. The function of the pyramid was to seal. If it was used properly, it would seal anything, including entire planets.

This pyramid required the least amount materials out of all the treasures, but that was only relative to the other treasures.

In the past month and a half, besides studying the mirror, Wang Lin had also started making the restriction flags with the ink stones.

However, Wang Lin was still missing some materials for the restriction flag. The reason he left the cave was to check out the town square and try to find these materials.

During this time, when he was refining the mirror, the restriction on Yun Fei activated many times, and everytime, Wang Lin remotely stopped it through the second devil. After such a long time, Yun Fei had already given in to her fate and was even numb to it.

In fact, Yun Fei had left the house many times to find experts, to see if anyone could remove these restrictions, and every time, she came back disappointed.

All of the cultivators Yun Fei found couldn’t break the restriction. Everyone that saw the restriction frowned. In their view, this wasn’t like any restriction used in the current cultivation world, but more like ancient restrictions.

There were also some people that asked questions about the restriction, but restrictions was already an odd subject in the world of cultivation, so not many people were willing to spend the time studying it. Even though the restriction on Yun Fei was really unique, no one really tried to learn more about it.

Yun Fei was very careful when she found people to try to break the restriction. She was afraid that she would accidentally leak information about Wang Lin and get killed by him before she managed to break the restriction.

Yun Fei didn’t know that everything she was doing was being observed by Wang Lin through the second devil. He saw all of the things she had done and coldly laughed in his heart, thinking that she was just looking for death.

Wang Lin walked out of the stone room and was about to head out of the cave to the city when the cave suddenly opened up and Yun Fei walked in with a frown on her face. Wang Lin stopped, made a seal with his hand, and suddenly disappeared.

After the woman entered the cave, she looked toward Wang Lin’s room. There was bitterness in her eyes.

Wang Lin looked at the woman. The things this woman had done already made him want to kill her. After she walked into her room, Wang Lin left the cave and went into the heart of Qi Lin city.

The inside the Qi Lin city was very large. It contained many shops that sold all kinds of things. Walking in the city, Wang Lin met many cultivators with varying cultivation levels. The strong ones were in the late stage of Core Formation and the weak ones were at the 1st or 2nd layer of Qi Condensing.

Wang Lin casually walked around, eyeing the shops for things he needed. Meanwhile, his divine sense was constantly connected to the second devil as he watched what Yun Fei was doing. She went to the corner of her room, opened a stone slab, and took out a pill furnace, and then she put it back. She stayed in her room, not knowing what she should do.

Seeing this, Wang Lin sneered in his heart. Her life was already in his hands, so he wasn’t in any rush to kill her. He intended to see if there was anyone in Qi Lin city that could break the restriction, and, in a way, test how strong his restrictions had become.

With this plan in mind, he kept watching her through his divine sense and also started to look for the materials he needed.

While walking, Wang Lin’s gaze suddenly focused onto a shop. This shop was 5 stories tall, decorated with a carving of a dragon and phoenix that released spirit powers. There was also a giant piece of white jade with three words carved on it: “Treasure Refining Pavilion”.

Looking at the pavilion, Wang Lin revealed a strange smile. He remembered back to when he was in Nan Dou city and went to a Treasure Refining Pavilion to exchange dragon’s skin for a pill furnace, which made many people chase after him and ended up causing a bloodbath.

He ended up giving the pill furnace that caused all of this to Li Muwan.

Thinking about this, an image of a gentle, weak, and fragile woman appeared in his mind. He sighed. He knew that Li Muwan liked him, but he had a blood feud that he just couldn’t forget. In the cruel world of cultivation, he really couldn’t have any ties, because if he caused a catastrophe again, she would be harmed because of it.

After going through such an experience, Wang Lin’s heart became cold. He decided to not let himself have any ties before he was strong enough to protect them.

In the blink of an eye, 200 years had passed. Li Muwan might not even be alive anymore.

He forcibly removed Li Muwan’s figure from his mind. His heart became cold again as he walked into this Treasure Refining Pavilion.
The inside of this Treasure Refining Pavilion wasn’t all that different from the one in Nan Dou city, besides having one extra floor.

After Wang Lin entered, he casually looked around and went up the stairs. The moment he walked into the second floor, he stopped and his gaze fell onto the left wall.

On the wall hung the skin of a giant dragon. This skin was complete, so it felt like there was a living dragon in the room.

On the second floor of the Treasure Refining Pavilion sat a girl wearing a blue silk dress. She was eating sunflower seeds when she saw Wang Lin staring at the dragon skin. She used a special technique of the pavilion to look at Wang Lin and found him to be at the late stage of Core Formation.

She said, with a clear and beautiful voice, “This is the most complete dragon skin our pavilion has. It is not for sale unless you have something of equal value to exchange for it.”

This dragon skin felt very familiar to Wang Lin, especially the way the skin was joined together. It was very similar to the one Wang Lin exchanged for the pill furnace.

Wang Lin pondered for a while and asked, “I’d like to ask; where did this come from?”

If Wang Lin asked when he was at the early stage of Core Formation, he wouldn’t have gotten an answer, but now that he was at the late stage of Core Formation and close to the Nascent Soul stage, his cultivation was high enough for the girl to answer. She chuckled and said, “Senior isn’t the first person to ask where it came from. After all, getting a complete dragon skin is simply too difficult, and this dragon skin was carved off the dragon the moment it died.”

Wang Lin nodded. His gaze moved away from the dragon skin and onto the girl.

The girl put down the sunflower seeds in her hand and sweetly smiled, “To be honest, junior doesn’t know who obtained this dragon skin. This was traded in at a branch store in Nan Dou city outside the Sea of Devils for a pill furnace. The rumor is that the cultivator that exchanged the dragon skin died outside the Sea of Devils.”

“From the moment that cultivator left Nan Dou city, he was chased by many Core Formation experts, including a mid stage Core Formation expert, and that cultivator was only at the late stage of foundation building at the time. Originally, there wasn’t anything abnormal about it as this cultivator was bound to die, but the cultivator broke through to the Core Formation stage during the pursuit and turned around and killed all the cultivators chasing him. He even forced the mid stage Core Formation expert to use the ten thousand devil one hundred days heavenly kill order.”

Wang Lin’s face calmly listened to all of this without any change in his expression. After the girl finished talking, he nodded and didn’t ask any more about this.

After walking through the pavilion, he spent 30 mid quality spirit stones and brought the materials he needed. He then spent more spirit stones on a piece of jade that held the location of ancient transfer arrays. Then, he left without looking back once.

That dragon skin was still calmly displayed on the wall on the second floor of the pavilion.

Wang Lin was very satisfied with the materials. He had all the materials he needed for the restriction flags. Truth to be told, besides the ink stone, all the other materials weren’t that rare, so they were very easy to purchase.

Putting the materials aside, Wang Lin wasn’t very satisfied with the jade. Even in the pavilion, there wasn’t much information on ancient transfer arrays. Even this piece of jade only contained some scattered records of them.

As for information on the Ji Realm, Wang Lin didn’t ask directly. He questioned about it indirectly, but found nothing.

After returning to the cave, Yun Fei was still in her stone room. After checking up on her, Wang Lin returned to his stone room and started the production of the restriction flags.

His cultivation was a lot higher than Yun Fei’s, so when he entered, Yun Fei didn’t notice at all.

He took out the jade that he had obtained from the second realm in the Land of the Ancient God, which contained the information regarding the production of the restriction flags. He looked through the jade again before crushing it in his hand.

After he took out the ink stone and sent his spirit power into it, he took out the other materials and fused them together according to the instructions.

Then, following the instructions of the jade, he let out an essence of blood spirit power and began the refining process.

This process was called “Raising the Device” in the jade.

It could be said that the process for refining the restriction flags was different from the method of refining treasures that he had learned from the War Shrine. The two methods weren’t just two different systems, but two completely separate domains.

The time of raising the device could be long or short, depending on the needs of the restriction flag.

If one could place 999,999 restriction on the restriction flag, then it would be optimal, but in reality, restriction flags have 4 levels.

These 4 levels were divided by the amount of restrictions on the flag. They were 999, 9,999, 99,999, and the final one was 999,999 restrictions.

Wang Lin’s first goal was 999 restrictions.

Later that day, Wang Lin sat in his room, constantly moving his hand. Before him was a small white flag with 81 black dots.

Wang Lin became more focused. His hand changed between many seals and suddenly pointed at the flag. The afterimage left by his hand formed an illusionary circle and landed on the white flag.

The moment the restriction landed, it broke apart and reformed as a black dot on the flag. At this moment, there were 12 dots on the flag. Once there were 999 black spots on it, the creation of the lowest level of restriction flag would be complete.

Wang Lin was very careful during this process. Although he had created dozens of restrictions tonight, not all of them could be successfully placed on the flag.

After several attempts, Wang Lin found that the flag could only hold 9 of the same restriction at once. Once the 10th copy of a restriction was placed, the 9 before it would disappear.

After resting a while, when Wang Lin was about to place the 13th restriction on the flag, he raised his head and stared at Yun Fei’s room. His eyes became cold.

Through the second devil, Wang Lin could see that Yun Fei took out the pill furnace again. This pill furnace was very old, and on it was a strip of yellow paper that let off a faint glow.

She hesitated for a while, Then, she clenched her teeth. Instead of putting the furnace into her bag of holding, she held it in her hand and quietly walked out of her room. Outside her room, she looked at Wang Lin’s room with strong hatred in her eyes, but quickly covered it up.

The woman stood outside Wang Lin’s room and asked, “Senior, are you there?” After she asked, she didn’t move at all and waited.

After about one hour, the woman respectfully said again, “Senior, junior needs to go on a trip and would like to ask senior for permission.” After she finished speaking, she slowly backed up. Even when she was at the entrance of the cave, Wang Lin still didn’t do anything.

The woman’s eyes lit up. She gently touched the door to the cave and left.

During the month Wang Lin had been locked in his room, whenever the woman was going to leave, she would do this. Wang Lin sneered in the room. After she left, he stood up and followed her.

This time, the woman took the pill furnace with her. There must be something important going on and Wang Lin was also kind of curious about the pill furnace. It had to be said that when he first entered the cave, he scanned it with this divine sense and didn’t find anything abnormal.

Obviously, the furnace was guarded by some spell that prevented it from behind detected by divine sense. Also, Wang Lin had some speculation on why she didn’t put it in her bag of holding.

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