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Chapter 203 – Qi Lin City

Wang Lin kept Yun Fei because she had some use. If she didn’t, then to prevent the news of him leaving the chaotic broken stars, he would’ve already sent her to the underworld and would’ve kept playing the game of cat and mouse with Qian Kun.

Wang Lin knew that if he were to let the disciples of Duanmu, Six Desire Devil Lord, Hunchback Meng, and Ancient Emperor know that he came out of the Land of the Ancient God, the future would hold nothing but trouble for him.

Among those people, there will certainly be someone who knows the truth about what’s inside the chaotic broken stars. Once Wang Lin has been exposed, he will be hunted endlessly by the disciples of those sects. If all those disciples were below the Nascent Soul stage, then they wouldn’t pose much of a threat. However, once Nascent Soul disciples show up, it would definitely be troublesome.

In conclusion, complete silence was a much better choice. It would save a lot of trouble and he would be a lot safer.

It wasn’t that Wang Lin wanted to kill, but he was forced to kill for his own survival. He still regretted one thing in his heart, although this thing happened many years ago.

Back in the day, in the country of Zhao, when he had just left the Heng Yue Sect, he met his former friend Zhang Hu. He had killed Zhang Hu’s teacher to save Zhang Hu. Many mortals witnessed that scene.

Zhang Hu’s decision was to kill all those mortals, but Wang Ling didn’t have the heart, and instead, used a spell that made people lose some of their memories.

Even after many years, every time he thought about it, he felt pain in his heart, as if it were being drilled by millions of insects. He more than once mocked his own ignorance back then, and he more than once hated his own flawed sense of morality back then.

He didn’t know that old Ji Mo had casted a spell on Zhang Hu’s teacher that allowed him to see everything that happened after Zhang Hu’s teacher’s death.

Wang Lin thought that the issue came from the mortals, because he allowed them to live. In exchange, he got old man Ji Mo’s anger, which resulted in Teng Huayuan’s great-great-grandson to come after him.

Otherwise, how would Wang Lin have brought such disaster by offending a Nascent Soul cultivator when he was only at the Qi Condensing stage? That incident caused his whole family to be wiped out. The only thing left of his parents were two soul fires.

And he had even died once.

All of this catastrophe was caused by one moment of weakness. From the moment of his death, Wang Lin had a change of heart. If he could go back in time, he wouldn’t stop Zhang Hu from killing those witnesses.

No one is born ruthless, no one is born to be cautious and wily, and no one is born cruel and cold hearted. All of this is caused by one’s life experiences.

If people were given the choice, few would chose to be perceived as a ruthless, bold, decisive, cold hearted person, who’s strong willed and as cunning as a fox.

Since the time Wang Lin left the county of Zhao, including the time he had spent in the outerworld battlefield and in the Land of the Ancient God, more than 400 years had passed by. More than 400 years was enough for someone’s soul to completely change.

The him now was a completely different person from the little boy from the Heng Yue Sect in the county of Zhao. Wang Lin sometimes thought that if fourth uncle hadn’t give his son’s spot to him all those years ago, then he would probably be a pile of dirt at this point.

However, his road wouldn’t have been as difficult as it was now. He would have gone and taken the state exam to enter the court and his parents wouldn’t have met their ends. They would have gained respect once their son entered the court, and the wealth that follows. They would have lived calm, but satisfying and prideful lives.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and sorted out all the emotion that surfaced at once in his heart.

Old man Ji Mo, Teng Huayuan, Pu Nanzi, and some of the other cultivators from the country of Zhao, that demonic family’s experts, and even the corpse sect’s sect head were people Wang Lin must kill.

In addition, Wang Lin also had some doubts about how Teng Huayuan had found his family. He will thoroughly investigate this matter, and anyone related will be added to his kill list.

Under Yun Fei’s guidance, on the 4th day, they saw, from a distance, an ancient heavenly beast. Comparing Nan Dou city to this was like comparing a child learning to walk to a giant.

Qi Lin city was the size of hundreds of Nan Dou cities. From a distance, it looked like an ancient wild beast laying on the ground and giving off a sense of majesty.

Qi Lin city looked like a large Qi Lin beast formed by dark black rocks.

The Qi Lin beast’s eyes looked as if they contained intelligence and life. Anyone who saw it for the first time would be amazed.

The huge Qi Lin beast laid on the ground with numerous scales on its back. Each of those scales was a cave.

Inside the Qi Lin beast was the town square. Within it, almost all of the materials and magical treasures in the Sea of Devil were sold.

Outside the Qi Lin beast was a circular mountain range that surrounded and protected Qi Lin city. In the north, east, south, and west sides of the mountain, people used a great amount of power to open up a tunnel in the mountain for entering the city.

Yun Fei saw Wang Lin’s gaze land on Qi Lin city, so she quickly gave an introduction. “No one knows the original Qi Lin city. Rumor has it that before the water in the Sea of Devils became mist, this city already existed.”

Wang Lin scanned the city and his eyes landed on the Qi Lin’s eyes. He was stunned.

He slapped his bag of holding with his right hand and a piece of jade appeared. This piece of jade was given to Wang Lin by Li Muwan as a parting gift. The jade contained all of the information from the Dou Xie Sect.

After he viewed the jade, he realized that the Qi Lin beast had similar effects to the Dou Xie Sect’s green dragon.

Much later, he withdrew his gaze. He started to float casually toward the mountains that surrounded Qi Lin city. Yun Fei quickly followed on her flying sword.

Outside the gate of the east side of the mountain stood two rows of cultivators in blue robes. Wang Lin scanned them and found that all of them were at the middle foundation stage.

They coldly looked at the people coming and going. All visitors showed a Qi Lin shaped jade. Only after it had been examined could they pass.

Among those visitors there were a few Core Formation cultivators, but those blue robed cultivators maintained their cold looks without any signs of respect. Oddly, the Core Formation cultivators didn’t mind it much at all either.

This strange scene quickly attracted Wang Lin’s attention.

Yun Fei quickly whispered to Wang Lin, “These cultivators are all guards sent by the Qi Lin City Mansion. Within Qi Lin city there is no other large group like the City Mansion, so within Qi Lin city, the city government controls everything. Any of the sects outside Qi Lin City must follow the city’s rules if they wish to enter.”

Wang Lin nodded. Under his analysis, he thought that the reason for this was that the City Mansion was too powerful. That was why the guards outside were like they were and even the Core Formation cultivators don’t dare to cause any trouble.

Not long after, it was Wang Lin and Yun Fei’s turn. She took out her jade and, after paying a certain amount of spirit stones, she lead Wang Lin to the city.

When Wang Lin walked through the gate, he spread out his divine sense and found two late stage Core Formation cultivators hiding nearby.

Those two Core Formation cultivators didn’t notice his divine sense at all.

Wang Lin’s expression remained normal as he followed Yun Fei toward Qi Lin city, until they were right next to the Qi Lin beast. Up close, this Qi Lin beast felt even more magnificent. Like a large mountain in front of people, it couldn’t help but make people feel small.

On the side, Yun Fei said, “This is Qi Lin city, one of the ten main cities in the Sea of Devils. Seeing the Qi Lin beast up close for first the time is always shocking. The rumor is that before the water in the Sea of Devil evaporated, there indeed existed such Qi Lin beasts. I really can’t imagine that these type of divine beasts existed.”

However, Wang Lin wasn’t shocked much by this. Compared to the Land of the Ancient Gods, this city really wasn’t much. Also, with the memories of the Ancient God, Wang Lin didn’t feel much from seeing the Qi Lin beast.

Not even including the Ancient God’s memories, just within the Land of the Ancient Gods, that hundred thousand foot dragon was much more amazing than this Qi Lin beast.

After taking a look, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and said, “Take me to your house.”

Yun Fei nodded. She stepped on her flying sword and quickly flew to one of the scales. Even though it was just a scale, it was more than a hundred of feet wide.

Standing on the scale, Yun Fei took out the jade and sent some spirit power into it. Suddenly, a green light shined from the jade and the scale start to ripple like water, then turned transparent.

Yun Fei turned around and looked at Wang Lin as her body sank into the scale. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He touched the surface and felt a cool sensation. After pondering for a while, he moved to where Yun Fei was standing and also sank into the scale.

The cave wasn’t large. There were three rooms in total. After Wang Lin entered, Yun Fei quickly handed the jade to Wang Lin and then uneasily waited for Wang Lin to speak.

Wang Lin scanned the jade and found that there was a formation within the jade. This formation was clearly used to control the cave. After looking at it a little, he raised his head and blandly said to Yun Fei, “You can freely come and go, but if you reveal that I came out from the chaotic broken stars, don’t blame me for not showing mercy. But you can rest assured that I won’t stay long in the Sea of Devils. When I leave, I’ll remove the restriction I put on you.”

After he finished speaking, he created another restriction that landed on Yun Fei’s forehead.

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