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Chapter 202 – Wiped out Completely

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold. He glanced at Qian Kun and asked, “Is your master Hunchback Meng?”

Qian Kun’s body trembled. If he had any doubts before, they all disappeared when he heard that question. It had to be said that the Poison King’s Enchanted Palace’s Meng Qingfan was a very well known name in the Sea of Devils. No matter which senior, when talking about Meng Qingfan, they would refer to him as Senior Meng.

Even among the people with the same amount of fame, they would at least refer to him as prince Meng. Besides reaching the spiriting forming stage, which was very rare in the Sea of Devils, there were his poison techniques. These poison attacks were hard to guard against. They were tasteless and colorless. Many had died of these poisons before they even realized what had happened.

Adding to all of this was Meng Qingfan’s eccentric personality. One wrong word and he would wipe out your whole sect. There once was a sect in the Sea of Devils. Although they didn’t have any spirit forming experts, they had quite a few late stage nascent soul experts, making them one of the strongest sects in the Sea of Devils.

One of the sect’s nascent soul disciples met Hunchback Meng. Forget not knowing his identity, he even mocked Hunchback Meng.

That night, Meng Qingfan walked into the sect by himself. One hour later, when he left, all 3,960 people of the sect, including the inner disciples, outer disciples, all of the workers, and even those late stage nascent soul experts, all died.

When Meng Qingfan killed people, he liked to leave behind the reason. That was why others knew about the things he had done.

As a result, Meng Qingfan’s ruthlessness would make the face of anyone in the Sea of Devils pale.

There were only a few people in the Sea of Devil that dared to call him Hunchback Meng. After Qian Kun heard Wang Lin’s words just now, he was even more sure about his guesses

Qian Kun didn’t dare to lie and quickly said, “Se… Senior, Elder Meng is indeed my sect’s ancestor.” After saying this, he clenched his jaw. Without waiting for Wang Lin to speak, he spoke the secret he knew.

It seemed that a few years ago, Qian Kun heard the current head talk about ancestor Meng Qingfan, that he wasn’t missing, but went into the chaotic broken stars, and it seemed that it was the second time he had gone there.

He also heard that if a large rift were to appear in the chaotic broken stars, that means the ancestor has come back.

Qian Kun bore this in mind when he first heard it, but a long time had passed, and it didn’t have anything to do with him, so he had gradually forgotten.

As a result, when he saw the rift open, he felt a sense of familiarity, but didn’t think too deeply about it. But after he answered Wang Lin’s, question he felt as if he was hit by lightning and immediately remembered it.

This was why his expression suddenly changed. A rift opened up in the chaotic broken stars, but the ancestor didn’t return. Even the other spirit forming cultivators like Duanmu, Six Desire Devil Lord, and Ancient Emperor didn’t come out. Instead, it was this young man that appeared.

This caused him to speculate many things.

After Wang Lin finished listening, he muttered to himself, which caused Qian Kun to become very tense. Qian Kun clenched his jaw. He moved his hand over his bag of holding and suddenly threw out black sand. He started to escape without looking back.

The black sand released a fishy smell. After it appeared, it immediately made a minor exploding sound. Wang Lin laughed at him in his heart. He didn’t dodge the sand but slammed his bag of holding and his poisonous sword came out.

The poisonous sword quickly flew through the black sands a few times, causing all of the black sand to suddenly light up in a green flame. Sounds of breaking could be heard. All of the black sand turned into green smoke and was absorbed by the poisonous sword.

All of this happened very quickly. In almost the same instant that Qian Kun threw out the black sand and started to escape, Wang Lin’s poisonous sword had already absorbed it all.

This time, Qian Kun’s heart shook again. His body started to release a cold feel. He quickly urged his spirit power to move faster.

Wang Lin’s face remained bleak. He pointed his finger at this brow. Suddenly, from his consciousness, flew out a black shadow. The black shadow shot out of Wang Lin’s consciousness like lightning and out through the star.[The star on his forehead]

The Devil Xu Liguo came out with a joyous scream that echoed in the surrounding.

“I’m finally free! I almost bored to death! Boy, don’t run. Let your grandpa Xu devour you. In order to repay you for allowing me to come out again, I’ll let you die with as little pain as possible.”

The moment the voice could be heard, the Devil Xu Ligou became like smoke and caught up to Qian Kun. Qian Kun had an aghast expression when Xu Ligou jumped on him. After Xu Ligou devoured Qian Kun’s soul, he took the golden core formation and bag of holding and returned to Wang Lin.

Xu Ligou showed an expression of trying to please, but in his heart, he didn’t want to give up the core formation.

Wang Lin glanced at the core formation then threw it into his mouth. The moment the core formation entered his mouth, the ancient god tactic started to activate and he completely absorbed it in a few breaths of time.

Wang Lin could feel that 80% of the core formation was absorbed by his body and only 20% became spiritual power.

After absorbing the core formation, Wang Lin put away the bag of holding. He pointed at Qian Kun’s body as a small fireball came out of his finger. The fireball quickly landed on Qian Kun’s body and turned it to dust.

When Yun Fei saw all of this, her face became even more pale, and she unconsciously took a few steps back. In her opinion, this white haired youth’s cultivation level was too deep, especially the magical treasure he had used. She recognized that it was a nascent soul.

It was reasonable that Yun Fei was mistaken. The Devil Xu Ligao’s soul was refined from a nascent soul. That, coupled with the fact that Xu Ligao met quite a few ancestors in the 3rd realm that caused him to change a bit.

And more importantly, Wang Lin had formed his soul core. Although a soul core didn’t raise the cultivation level of a soul devourer at all, it allowed the soul devourer to create wandering spirits. This soul core also benefited the wandering spirits that the soul devourer controlled.

Wang Lin killed Qian Kun because he didn’t want the news of him leaving the chaotic broken stars to be known.

What terrified Yun Fei the most was that Wang Lin had swallowed the core formation. Even the head of the Poison King’s Enchanted Palace wouldn’t just swallow a core formation without refining it with other medications first.

She had never seen something like this before. Right now, Wang Lin exerted even more pressure than Qian Kun.

Wang Lin’s gaze landed on Yun Fei and her body instantly shivered. She didn’t dare look at Wang Lin. He calmly said, “I helped you kill Qian Kun, how will you repay me?”

Shaking, Yun Fei raised her head and forced herself to calm down. She forced a smile, but she couldn’t stop her voice from trembling. She said, “Se… senior, junior doesn’t know Qian Kun.”

Wang Lin didn’t say a word and only calmed looked at her.

Yun Fei immediately saw the coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. She suddenly became very nervous. The white haired youth seemed to be a very ruthless person. He wouldn’t show her any mercy because she was a woman. She knew that these people were impartial. If she didn’t have anything of interest to them, then the only road left for her was death.

Yun Fei had an icy personality herself. She already knew in her heart that Wang Lin didn’t want the news of him coming out of the chaotic broken stars to spread. Since Qian Kun was already dead, she was the only loose end remaining.

She bit her lower lip. Her face showed a decisive expression as she took out a piece of jade and showed it to Wang Lin.

“Senior, this jade contains some very precious pill recipes. This is my Qi Huang Sect’s greatest treasure.”

Wang Lin took the piece of jade and scanned it with his divine sense, then looked at Yun Fei.

Yun Fei felt bitter in her heart. She realize that just this piece of jade wasn’t enough to move Wang Lin’s heart. Her mind quickly worked and said, “Senior, junior grew up in Qi Lin city and has a house there. Junior also knows Qi Lin city very well, so if senior has any requests, junior can help.” After she finished speaking, she was afraid that Wang Lin didn’t know the rules of Qi Lin city and continued, “Senior, did you know that if a cultivator doesn’t have resident status in Qi Lin city, they can only stay there for three days? Then, every day after would cost 10 low quality spirit stones. Even then, they can only stay for 10 days total, but junior here has resident status in Qi Lin city. With junior here, senior can stay in Qi Lin city as long as senior wants.”

“Also, junior is very familiar with this Sea of Devils, including the locations of cities and the strength of cultivators, as knowing these things was junior’s job at the Enchanted Palace. It can be said that there isn’t much that this junior doesn’t know about the Sea of Devils. If it wasn’t for me being chased in a state of panic by Qian Kun, junior wouldn’t have come to the chaotic broken stars.”

After Yun Fei said all of this in one breath, she nervously looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. He casually reached out with his hand and Yun Fei’s body involuntarily moved toward him.

Meanwhile, his right wrist turned and his fingers touched together. With a wave, an illusionary circle appeared and landed on Yun Fei’s brow.

“This restriction will activate once every three days. Every time it actives, your entire body’s blood will flow backwards. Your cultivation will go into chaos and in your heart, a five star fire will be lit. If it isn’t stopped by me within a minute, then your entire body will become a pool of blood.”

Yun Fei’s face became pale, but she soon calmed herself down after taking a few deep breaths. Yun Fei knew that her life was safe for now.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Take me to Qi Lin city.”

Yun Fei nodded and stood back on the flying sword. She carefully lead the way in front of Wang Lin. Wang Lin didn’t need a flying sword to fly, but looked like he was being carried by a gentle wind.

This unique way of flying was in fact the use of the attraction technique that he had mastered all those years ago. Now, after so many years, even using the words complete mastery to describe the way he used this technique doesn’t seem fitting. To be more accurate, the technique under his use was getting close to perfection.

Like now, even if he used a flying sword, his speed wouldn’t be much faster. Using a flying sword would consume more spiritual power, but because the attraction technique was the most basic technique, the amount of spiritual power it consumed was almost negligible for a late stage core formation expert. If one didn’t look closely, they couldn’t even detect any use of spiritual power at all.

It could be said that the amount of spiritual power consumed in one breath’s time was only 1/10,000th the amount spiritual power his core formation produced in the same amount of time.

After Yun Fei saw this way of flying, her heart couldn’t help but shake again. Her thought of escaping through luck in the future diminished a lot.

In reality, the distance of 30,000 miles wasn’t a very long distance, but after flying for a whole day, Wang Lin still hadn’t found this Qi Lin city, so his face immediately darkened. Yun Fei secretly screamed in her heart. She forgot that when she stated the distance of Qi Lin city from the chaotic broken stars, there was a dark blue aura ring that would randomly appear.

The frequency of the Aura wasn’t very high, but when it appeared, it covered a wide area. Although there was no danger within the aura, your divine sense was trapped in your body, so it was very easy to get lost.

Outside the aura, Yun Fei explained all this very nervously. She was afraid of making Wang Lin angry. Finally, she suggested to go around it. This way, although it would take more time, wouldn’t be more than 5 days.

After hearing this, Wang Lin sent out his divine sense and scanned the area, then his divine sense formed a straight line toward the aura. He soon saw the aura. After checking the aura, he confirmed what Yun Fei just said and nodded in agreement with her suggestion.

Yun Fei let out a breath and quickly lead the way.

Wang Lin was not a talkative person, and Yun Fei was too scared to speak, as a result, in three days, the two almost never spoke to each other.

At noon of the third day, the restriction on Yun Fei’s body activated. She confirmed what Wang Lin had said before and felt the pain of her blood flowing backward and her spiritual power going into complete chaos. She even felt that there seemed to be a fire that was going to melt her body.

Good thing that the moment it was activated, Wang Lin stopped it. After experiencing this, the last bit of Yun Fei’s rebellious hopes completely faded away.

Wang Lin completely knew what she was thinking in her heart. Although controlling people’s hearts wasn’t his speciality, when it came to controlling devils, he was right at home.

The method he used on Yun Fei was not that different from raising a devil. It was basically the same.

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