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Chapter 194 – Opening the Seal

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. The thumbnail sized soul gem appeared in front of his brow. His Ji Realm Soul quickly came out as well and circled the red haired man. He immediately devoured more than 10 red lights that were floating around the red haired man.

The soul devourer had finished digesting the red lights, and as Wang Lin retreated, it came forward again. So just like this, the cycle continued. Although the Blood Sea replenished the red lights around the red haired man, there were a lot less lights than before.

It seemed that it took time for the Blood Sea to replenish the red lights. The red haired man revealed a euphoric expression. When he forced the red lights out of his body, he had to suffer unimaginable pain, but after seeing the red lights decrease before him, he thought that even if the pain was 10 times worse, he would still be willing to suffer through it.

Time slowly passed. All the demonic cultivators silently watched the scene before them. They all held their breath. Even Dou Mu’s group was nervous. Wang Lin’s ability to break the seal played a vital role in their future plans, but if the seal couldn’t be broken, then no matter how carefully crafted the plan was, it would all be for nothing.

As time passed, the red lights around the red haired man started to circle around him faster and faster, but the quantity was steadily decreasing. He let out several loud roars. Constantly forcing the red lights out was taking a toll on his body. His face looked ferocious and his veins bulged green, as if there were green worms crawling in his veins.

Among the many demotic cultivators, Sky Devil Magician looked at the scene with a sense of unwillingness in his heart. He exerted all that effort for his plan, but, at the last moment, it was destroyed. It made his heart bleed. Now that he saw that the red haired man was breaking the seal, he felt despair.

When the red haired man breaks the seal, opens up the Dead Soul Seal, and obtains the inheritance of knowledge, he will notice that ⅓ of it was missing. With the red haired man’s power, he would be able to use a technique to find that it was Sky Devil Magician who had it. By then, the only road left for him would be death.

He dared to be bold before because the red haired man was trapped in the Blood Sea and was unable to detect what was happening outside. Only in the Blood Sea was the red haired man not restricted.

Sky Devil Magician let out a bitter laugh in his heart. He looked up at Wang Lin and sighed in his heart. He knew that Wang Lin came in with his disciple. He never thought that, because of his own schemes, the red haired man would be able to break his seal. If he didn’t let Six Desire Devil Lord and them leave a thousand years ago, then although he wouldn’t be able to get the inheritance treasure, his life would still be safe.

All of this could be described as karma.

Sky Devil Magician let out another sigh, but as he looked at Dou Mu’s group, his hatred disappeared and he began to ponder.

Sky Devil Magician’s expression was calm, not revealing any of his inner thoughts. He was a very sly old man; even facing such a great ordeal, his expression didn’t change at all.

The red haired man simply used the soul fragments to leave a mark on these people to control them. The reason Sky Devil Magician was able to retain his sanity was mainly due to his cultivation technique. Beside the Mysterious Sky Devil Cultivation Method, he also had a mysterious chant. He accidently found that chant during his first trip here.

He didn’t pass down the chant to anyone, not even Six Desire Devil Lord knew of its existence. It was because of this chant and his countless years of cultivation that, when he was caught by the red haired man and forced to fuse with the soul fragment, he was able to take the initiative and suppress the soul fragment instead of fusing with it.

He looked at Dou Mu’s group. Several years ago, he begun to have his suspicion that, among the thousands of cultivators here, it couldn’t be only him that had suppressed his soul fragment. He suspected that there were others who had as well.

Those people were most likely the ten Blood Sea Generals.

Sky Devil Magician’s heart shook. If those men were like him, when the seal breaks, they will act. If this was true, then he might still have a chance.

While thinking about it, Sky Devil Magician’s heart grew excited. He took a deep breath to calm himself down and looked up.

Each time Wang Lin devoured a red light, his soul gem became larger. As his soul gem grew larger, his mind felt a sense of clarity.

Wang Lin’s teamwork with the soul devourer also became better and better. The color of the swirl of soul fragments around the red haired man grew dim and the amount of soul fragments was decreasing.

But in that moment, the surrounding sea of blood suddenly rose up. All the blood on the ground started to float up, forming tens of thousands of soul fragments. They headed toward the red haired man.

This sudden change of events caught everyone off guard. Without a word, Wang Lin’s soul backed off, afraid of getting affected.

The red haired man let out a growl. His hand quickly formed a seal and a circle appeared before him. He pressed on the circle and countless rays of five colored light came out of his body and formed a five colored barrier around him.

Outside the barrier, the soul fragments charged and pushed against it.

The red haired man looked up. His arrogance and haughtiness were at their limit. He muttered, “Tu Si, this seal can’t trap me!”

With that, he casually grabbed with this right hand. A demonic cultivator that was sitting near by flew into the air. His face revealed an alarmed expression. Before he could say anything, his body flew to the five colored barrier and more than ten soul fragments went into his body.

He screamed again and again. His hands were constantly tearing at his body. In the blink of an eye, his entire body was covered in wounds and blood.

Normally speaking, these demonic cultivators couldn’t even handle one soul fragment, but now, more ten suddenly entered this one’s body. His only fate was death.

The red haired man normally didn’t attempt this extreme method because it didn’t help him at all. The moment the cultivator dies, the soul fragments would return to him. That didn’t help him break the seal at all.

But now, it was different. He had almost broken the seal. If he didn’t use this method to delay the soul fragments, then, when the barrier breaks, the soul fragments would all enter his body and render all of the work from earlier pointless.

The red haired man ignored the cultivator. His right hand drew in the air. A golden symbol appeared and landed on the cultivator. The moment it landed, a golden light surrounded the cultivator’s body.

Soon after, the red haired man’s eyes released a red light. With waves of both of his hands, several cultivators’ bodies flew into the air. After they absorbed some red lights, they were covered by the golden light as well. Their bodies were very bloody.

Wang Lin’s was alarmed. A moment later, another cultivator was grabbed by the red haired man. A look of horror appeared on his face, but was quickly replaced by a decisive one. He rapidly performed a technique with his hand and disappeared on the spot, then reappeared 10 feet away.

The moment he reappeared, he created a rift in the air and charged toward it.

The red haired revealed a cold gaze. He didn’t stop the cultivator, but sneered. He pointed his finger at his brow and spit out, “Explode!”

With a bang, the cultivator’s body exploded as he was heading into the rift. His blood and flesh scattered everywhere. A soul fragment appeared and charged toward the red haired man. It joined the other soul fragments outside of the barrier.

A thought flashed through the red haired man’s mind. He suddenly opened both his hands and, with a growl, he grabbed at the air and hundreds of cultivators suddenly flew up into the air. Their faces were filled with fear and helplessness, but there were some with the exact opposite expression; looks of relief. They flew toward the barrier and many soul fragments entered their bodies. They became just like the people before them.

After using hundreds of people as buffers, the amount soul fragments outside the barrier had decreased a bit. However, the 5 colored barrier wasn’t as strong as it was before and started to tremble, as if it could break at any time.

The red haired man didn’t say a word, but grabbed again with this hands. This time, he grabbed more than 300 people. Among those people, eight of them suddenly used various techniques to break free. They desperately tried to escape by opening up rifts.

Meanwhile, four people on the ground also jumped up, opened rifts, and disappeared into them.

The red haired man’s cold smile grew wider. He didn’t kill these cultivators like he did the ones before, but retracted his gaze after looking for some time. While killing them would be easy, the soul fragments returning to him would make a big impact on his barrier.

There was no rush to kill those people.

Wang Lin watched what had happened. He knew that the red haired man wouldn’t act against him, because he still needed him to absorb the remaining soul fragments. Among the people that escaped, Dou Mu’s group wasn’t in their ranks. All ten of them sat there, waiting, without any expression.

Outside of the barrier were more than 400 golden circles. Within each golden circle was a bloody cultivator, each with more than 10 soul fragments within their bodies.

The red haired man gave the remaining hundreds of cultivators a cold look. Suddenly, 3 to 5 cultivators opened up rifts and entered them.

The red haired man sneered. He didn’t bother with them, but looked at the soul devourer and growled, “Devour!”

The cloud-like soul devourer extended its illusionary body to form a mouth and shot toward the soul fragments outside the barrier. After devouring more than 10 soul fragments, it was about to retreat. The red haired man frowned. He knew that if this kept up, the blood sea would activate and try to seal him again.

His face revealed a malicious expression. He reached out and grabbed the soul devourer that was about to retreat and said, “Continue!”

The soul devourer hesitated, then opened his mouth and devoured more than 10 soul fragments again. The red haired man was still not satisfied. He bit his finger and drew two strange symbols. One of the symbols released a five colored light and landed on the soul devourer.

Wang Lin noticed that the soul devourer suddenly became violent. Countless threads of divine sense spread out from it.

“You…broke our promise!”

The red haired man opened his mouth and sucked the other symbol into it. After, he gloomily said, “Since when do I not keep my promises? I only have some control right now. As long as you help me break this seal, I’ll use the Ancient God’s power to make you a human body, and also get you out of the Decaying World. Now, continue to devour!”

As soon as he said those words, the symbol he swallowed appeared on his head and flashed a few times. At the same time, on the soul devourer’s body, the same symbol appeared and seemed to flash in sync with the one on the red haired man’s head.

Then, the soul devourer immediately started to devourer the soul fragments like crazy, as if he had no control. After consuming the soul fragments one by one, his body glowed red. He looked like a red cloud.

Wang Lin could clearly feel the soul devourer sending out waves of painful divine sense. It seemed he had devoured too much and exceeded his limits. If this continued, then the soul devourer could become like those cultivators.

The red haired man’s eyes became cold and he gazed at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression remained normal. He sent out is Ji Realm Soul. It flew out of the barrier and started to devour the soul fragments outside. This time, Wang Lin devoured very quickly. After devouring more than 10, he felt full, but he didn’t stop and kept devouring.

He secretly started to operate the Ancient God Tactic, so the soul fragments quickly fused with his soul.

The five colored barrier surrounding the red haired man began to shake more and more. It was bound to break at any moment. There were still some soul fragments left, but even with Wang Lin and the soul devourer, they still wouldn’t be able to devour them all in time.

At the same time, all the stone pillars in the Blood Sea, besides the one the red haired man was sitting on, exploded simultaneously and turned into red powder. It seemed the red powder was condensing into soul fragments.

The moment the stone pillars exploded, the cultivators on top of each of them jumped off.

The red haired man’s face darkened. He gritted his teeth and immediately grabbed 300 of the 600 or so remaining cultivators and dragged them toward the barrier.

At that moment, the five colored barrier broke, but the moment the barrier broke, the red haired man used his power to force the soul fragments into the body of the 300 cultivators.

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