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Chapter 193 – Seal of the Blood Sea

Wang Lin’s expression was mostly normal, but he soon revealed a cold smile and snorted.

Dou Mu’s eyes grew cold. When he was about to speak, he was stopped by the old man. The old man stared at Wang Lin and slowly said, “This Huan Yuan Beast Trap is a legendary treasure. If you are still not satisfied, I don’t have anything better.”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. He stared at the instruments that surround him and didn’t say a word.

The old man pondered a little and said, “This is my life saving treasure. I can’t give it to you. I can give you ten top quality sprite stones. That is as much as we can give.”

Wang Lin didn’t feel the need to push them too far. The fact was that these peoples’ cultivation was at an unimaginable level. If he didn’t have the inheritance memory as his ace in the hole, he wouldn’t be this calm.

Wang Lin calmly said, “100 pieces.”

Without waiting for the old man to reply, Dou Mu said, “No way!” The other peoples’ gazes also became cold.

Wang Lin wasn’t intimidated. He simply waited for the old man to reply.

The old man hesitated and gloomily said, “20 pieces. This is my limit. We don’t have many of these top quality spirit stones. If you still don’t agree, then we have to use different methods.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same. Without a word, he stretched out his right hand.

The old man pointed at his chest. A black snake slithered by [I think the snake was inside his clothes] and a normal looking copper ring appeared in his hand. He threw the copper ring and Wang Lin caught it.

Wang Lin glanced at the copper ring. It was the size of a bracelet and had engravings of many fearsome beasts. These fearsome beast felt very alive, as if they were real.

Wang Lin sent out his divine sense. Just as he entered the ring, he heard waves of beast growls. His divine sense couldn’t help but shake, so he quickly withdrew it.

Wang Lin put away the copper ring without any change in his expression. He then looked at the old man.

In the old man’s hand appeared a grey bag of holding. He tossed it at Wang Lin. Wang Lin looked into the bag and saw 20 neatly placed top quality spirit stones. Waves of spirit energy came from the bag.

After placing the top quality spirit stones into his own bag of holding, he threw the grey bag of holding to the ground and heavily said, “I have one more question; after I seal the master of the Blood Sea, how do I leave this place?”

After the old man heard Wang Lin’s question, his heart relaxed a bit. He had always been waiting for Wang Lin to ask that question. If Wang Lin didn’t ask that question, he would be suspicious.

“Its very easy. After Ta Sen is sealed again, I will want to leave this place as well. The key is to be inside the Dead Soul Sea. Since you will be there with us, you will be able to leave as well.”

Wang Lin sneered in his mind. He was now convinced that their goal was the inheritance of knowledge in the Dead Soul Sea, if what they just said was true that is.

Wang Lin revealed a cold look. He slowly said, “It’s not that I don’t believe you, but this matter is very important. If I can’t be 100% sure that I can leave this place, then all of this is just empty talk.”

The old man frowned and said, “Since this old man promised you, I would never go back on my promise.”

Wang Lin didn’t move. He shook his head and said, “Senior is a master, and junior should believe you, but this is a matter of life and death. If this junior can’t be sure, even if we come to an agreement, it would be hard for me to fully devote myself to this.”

Dou Mu snorted, revealing killing intent, and said, “Junior, talking in such a roundabout way is really annoying. And I already promised you. If you don’t believe it, don’t be so difficult. Let me send you to hell to ease my mind!” He suddenly waved his right hand and created a black hand that slammed toward Wang Lin.

A Wang Lin’s gaze became cold. He didn’t even look at the giant hand and stared at the old man.

The giant hand stopped three inches from Wang Lin’s head. The old man waved his hand and Dou Mu took back the giant hand.

The old man frowned as he gave Dou Mu a look and slowly said, “What do you want?”

Wang Lin looked at the surrounding instruments and said, “Since these instruments are your life saving treasures, how about giving them to this junior to hold. Once we leave this place, junior will naturally return them. I believe seniors don’t have to worry about a junior like me, who is only at the Core Formation stage, to take these treasures for my own.”

The old man looked at Wang Lin. After pondering for a long time, he revealed a cold smile and nodded his head. He waved his hand and the ten instruments flew to his hand. After placing some seals on them, he tossed them to Wang Lin.

Without a word, Wang Lin took out another bag of holding and placed the ten instruments inside, then carefully put the bag away.

The space started to dissipate without the power of the ten instruments. The old man gave Wang Lin a look and waved his hand as he opened up a rift. He stepped back to get out of the way.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he entered the rift.

After Wang Lin entered, Dou Mu had an unwilling expression. He said, “Big brother…”

“You, shut up!” The old man’s expression changed, it was no long as calm as it was when talking to Wang Lin, but filled with anger. He stared at Dou Mu and entered the rift.

The others beside Dou Mu entered the rift one by one. The last person was the man that always had a dark expression. When he was about to enter the rift, he said, “Dou Mu, do you still not understand? That little brat knows every detail of our plan. He knows that we need him alive. What you did earlier was simply humiliating yourself! I’m depending on this brat for my wish to come true. Big brother also waited a very long time for this. If everyone wasn’t so devoted to Ta Sen, things wouldn’t be this difficult.”

After he finished speaking, he stepped into the rift. Dou Mu pondered a little and followed him in.

After entering the rift, what appeared before Wang Lin was a blood colored world. There were many eye catching stone pillars, especially the one that seemed to enter the heavens. Seeing this caused Wang Lin’s pupils to shrink. This place was really the Blood Sea.

Wang Lin’s gaze fell on the man at the top of the pillar that rose to the heavens. The man had blood red hair. There was an air of arrogance spreading from the man. After one look, Wang Lin felt like he couldn’t even breath.

At that moment, the other demonic cultivators all returned, including Dou Mu’s group. After they entered the Blood Sea, they all sat down on different stone pillars.

The demonic cultivators all found their pillars, sat down, and stared at Wang Lin.

They all sat crossed legged. Wang Lin was the only person floating in the air.

Wang Lin’s gaze swept the area. There were many cultivators, at least a thousand. Among these people, he saw Hunchback Meng, Duamu Ji, Wang Qingyue, Sky Devil Magician…

In that moment, in the space next to the red haired man, appeared a rift. A tall man walked out. The moment he appeared, he looked at Wang Lin and revealed a look of ecstasy. He said to the red haired man, “Master, he is the soul devourer.” Then he sat down at a stone pillar nearby.

Wang Lin noticed at a glance that that person was the huge wandering soul.

The surroundings were completely silent, until a hoarse voice suddenly came from the red haired man.

“Soul devourer…” He suddenly raised his head and the whole Blood Sea shook. The surrounding pillars sprayed out countless amounts of blood. The entire world was covered in blood after that.

His eyes felt as if they possessed limitless power. His gaze gave off a demonic feeling as he stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin suddenly felt that the moment the red haired man gazed at him, an invisible restriction started to activate near him. He suddenly became unable to move his body.

“Absorb this piece of the soul and unlock this seal for me or die!” After the red haired man finished speaking, he grabbed at his brow. His face revealed a painful expression. His body trembled as he pulled out a red light from his body. The blood red light floated before Wang Lin.

After taking out the red light, the red haired man let out a few heavy breaths. It took him a long time before his breathing returned to normal.

The surrounding demonic cultivators all stared at the red light, revealing a mixed look of fear and envy.

The red haired man’s body trembled. He stared at Wang Lin through his messy hair.

Wang Lin was surprised, but his expression was calm. He calmly said, “I can help you, but once you break out of the seal, you must help me leave!”

The red haired man’s mouth moved slightly and he nodded his head.

Wang Lin cautiously looked at the red haired man. Suddenly, his Ji Realm Soul leapt out, formed a large mouth, and swallowed the red light.

A feeling of intense pain suddenly arose in his soul and his body trembled. After a long time, the pain disappeared. He checked his soul and noticed that it was twice its original size.

The reason he dared to boldly show his face was because the inheritance of power and inheritance of knowledge were very different from each other, so there wouldn’t be any chance of it being noticed unless the same inheritance was inherited by two people.

This way, besides Wang Lin himself, no one would know that he had received part of the inheritance.

As for the red light, Wang Li heard from Dou Mu’s group that it was part of the Ancient God’s soul. If it was someone else, they would fear it due to lacking the ability to control it, but as a soul devourer, he could devour it for himself.

After seeing that the soul fragment was devoured, the red haired man stared at Wang Lin with a cold gaze. After a long time, he said, “Even though you are a soul devourer, you haven’t formed your soul gem yet. However, the fact that you can forcibly devour a soul fragment is very satisfactory. Wandering soul, help him form his soul gem.”

The man formed by the wandering soul’s body trembled. He hesitated, but quickly became determined and whispered, “As you wish.” He pointed his hand at his brow. His body involuntarily trembled. He clearly became a lot weaker. At the same time, a see-through, sparkling red ball appeared from his brow.

The moment the red ball appeared, his body collapsed into his wandering soul form as he wasn’t able to keep his form any longer. After a long time, he slowly condensed into his human form again.

Without a word, his Ji Realm Soul quickly went out and surrounded the light ball. The ball contained the huge wandering soul’s soul energy. Wang Lin was able to absorb it without any hinderance. After half an hour, he was able to completely absorb it all.

Wang Lin could clearly feel that his soul suddenly grew several sizes.

The red haired man pondered a little and slowly said, “Wandering soul, continue.”

The wandering soul let out a wry laugh. He didn’t think that Wang Lin, as a soul devourer, wouldn’t have a soul gem. If he had known, he wouldn’t have told his master. That would keep himself from entering into his current sorry state. Also, this soul devourer was really something. Even with one soul ball, it didn’t seem to be enough to let him form a soul gem.

A soul gem was something soul devourers gradually formed as they reached a certain stage and devoured a certain number of souls. It was something they naturally formed for their core. Generally speaking, most soul devourers would devour massive amounts of souls the moment they evolved into a soul devourer in order to form their soul gem as soon as possible. Almost no soul devourer would wait so long to form their soul gem.

The difference between a soul devourer with and without a soul gem was that a soul devourer with a soul gem could create wandering souls.

The wandering soul let out a bitter laugh. He pointed his hand at his brow and another soul ball appeared. His body collapsed again. This time, he could no longer form his human body again. After a long time, a red ball appeared from his wandering soul form.

This time, his breath became ragged. Although he was still stronger than the normal wandering soul, the difference from before was too great.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He sent out his soul to surround the ball and started absorbing it. This time, he could clearly feel a difference. His soul no longer grew, but, inside him, a particle the size of a grain of rice started to condense.

The red haired man frowned. If a soul devourer didn’t have a soul gem, they wouldn’t be able to handle too many soul fragments. But after this person absorbed two soul balls, he only reached the first step of forming his soul gem.

Those two soul balls made up most of the soul energy that the wandering soul had.

The red haired man pondered a little. A thought flashed through his head. He reached out his right hand and lifted the wandering soul. The wandering soul let out a miserable scream. His body quickly shrank and condensed into a soul ball. The red haired man grabbed the soul ball and threw it at Wang Lin.

This soul ball was formed from the life of the wandering soul.

After consuming the soul ball, Wang Lin felt the rice grain sized particle quickly grow larger. It soon grew to the size of a thumb.

Suddenly, a strange feeling entered Wang Lin’s mind. His Ji Realm Soul suddenly shrank and fused into the fingernail sized ball. As for the ball, it disappeared into his brow.

Wang Lin’s eyes blinked. As of that moment, he was a real soul devourer, with the ability to produce wandering souls.

All of that knowledge appeared, as if it were an inheritance, when his soul gem was formed.

The red haired man retrieved his gaze. He waved his right hand and a rift appeared in midair. Next, he quickly grabbed with his hand. The entire Blood Sea shook and a huge illusionary figure appeared from the rift.

The moment the figure appeared, Wang Lin suddenly felt the aura of a soul devourer. This figure was clearly the soul devourer from the third realm.

Soon, the whole illusionary figure appeared like a cloud and came through the rift, revealing its whole body. The red haired man’s eyes lit up. His body trembled as traces of blood-red light started to release from his body. Waves of blood mist sprouted from his body. Almost immediately, his entire body was covered by the blood mist. He seemed to be enduring unimaginable pain. After a long time, he raised his head, revealing a bloody face. He said, with a husky voice, “Come out, Tu Si’s soul fragments!”

The moment his voice came out, countless red lights were forced out of his body. There were countless red lights, and as they appeared, they started to circle like a red tornado. The red lights contained a demonic aura.

The surrounding demonic cultivators all bowed their heads in fear. All except for Dou Mu’s group, who looked at the red light with dark expressions.

The shadow formed by the soul devourer formed a mouth. The mouth became larger and larger as it stretch outward. It closed in front of the red haired man. Dozens of red lights were consumed by it.

But at the same time, the rest of the right lights suddenly started to flash brightly and circle the red haired man as if they were crazy. As they circled the red haired man, symbols would appear and land on the red haired man. Every time one landed, his body would tremble.

Meanwhile, following his trembles, dozens of red lights appeared from the Blood Sea to replace the ones devoured by the soul devourer and circled around the red haired man.

As for the soul devourer, after devouring 10 more soul fragments, its cloud-like body started to glow red. It clearly needed time to digest and couldn’t continue to devour more.

The red haired man revealed a painful expression as he looked toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin now understood why this required two soul devourers. If there was only one soul devourer, more soul fragments will appear from the Blood Sea before they finished digesting. This way, not only would it not remove the seal, but would increase the amount of soul fragments.

There needed to be a buffer time. Only, with two soul devourers taking turns devouring the soul fragments, would it be possible? Even then, the possibility was low.

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