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Chapter 184 – The Blood Sea of the Demon God

In the tranquil space that was connected to the third trial of the Land of the Ancient Gods, a speck of white light suddenly appeared. The light brightened and enlarged until it formed an oval-shaped tear in space.

From the rift came a hand with long fingernails and full of bone thorn. The hand looked cold and had extremely sharp fingernails that were painted black. It was covered in pustules, and sticking out of every pustule was a bone thorn.

After the weird looking hands came through the rift, they grabbed hold of the rift and mercilessly tore it apart. The small rift was no longer a small oval, it became at least 10 feet tall. Waves of red and black immediately came through the tear in space and a huge figure came through the rift. The figure had an obvious hump on its back, making it look like a hunchback.

He was more than ten feet tall and his body was just like his hands, covered in pustules. Some were even broken and were leaking out a pungent black liquid. There was a bone thorn in each of the pustules. If you looked at this person aside from where the joints were, he was covered in bone thorn.

There were some shredded pieces of cloth hanging on the bone thorns. If you looked at this person’s ugly face, you could see that it greatly resembled Hunchback Meng, but his size was many times greater.

On his head were two spiral shaped horns with blue lightning arcing between them. He currently looked like a demon from hell. He dragged himself through the rift and then pinched with this right hand. The rift instantly shrank until it was just a speck of light again. It shook violently before disappearing without a trace.

The demon looked into the void and muttered to himself, “The master has already ordered that no one be allowed to enter the fourth realm. Everyone here must die!” Finished speaking, he was about to start flying, but stopped when he sniffed with his nose high and looked south east. He said, “That’s weird, why do I feel there is an extremely disgusting smell over there? Makes me want to just go there and kill whoever is producing it.”

At that moment, a wandering soul suddenly appeared, but when they saw this demon they just ignored him and passed by. The demon also ignored the wandering soul, staring at the direction of that disgusting smell. His body disappeared as he flew toward that smell.

The direction where the demon was heading toward was where Wang Lin and Ancient Emperor were. Wang Lin calmly looked at Ancient Emperor, who was trapped in the light. The light from the pagoda had shrunk from 30 feet to only 15 feet.

After Wang Lin became a soul devourer, he had lost all the emotions a mortal would have. He was cold and heartless. When he was about to order the wandering souls to assault again, he felt through a wandering soul he controlled that a violent fluctuation of the soul was coming toward him from the northwest.

Shortly after, the wandering soul under his control used a special technique to transmit what it was seeing to Wang Lin.

“This…This is…. Hunchback Meng!” Wang Lin was surprised, while Hunchback Meng had changed a lot, Wang Lin could still tell that this demon was indeed him.

Wang Lin retracted his divine sense to prevent an attack on him through it and sent a message to Ancient Emperor through divine sense.

“Hand over the inheritance treasure…”

Ancient Emperor was stunned. Even when he came here a thousand years ago, he had never seen any of these creatures communicate with divine sense. But he quickly reacted and replied with his divine sense, “Se…Seniors, I don’t know what inheritance treasure you are talking about.”

After Ancient Emperor finished talking, he was bitter in his heart. After becoming a Soul Formation expert, he hadn’t had to call anyone senior. When he said that word, he felt bitter.

Suddenly he said, “Senior, if you are looking for the inheritance treasure of the Land of the Ancient Gods, then you have came looking for the wrong person. It is in the possession of someone called Six Desire Devil Lord.”

Wang Lin pondered a little, and felt the strong fluctuation of soul coming closer. Wang Lin used the wandering souls under his control to get a good grasp of the distance between them. While Wang Lin was talking to Ancient Emperor, he was controlling the wandering souls to block its path.

However, Hunchback Weng’s body was very strange, and no matter how many wandering souls attacked it, they weren’t able to inflict even a tiny bit of damage. This surprised Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t believe Ancient Emperor when he said that the inheritance treasure was not with him, but with Six Desire Devil Lord. Even if what he said was true, the likes of Ancient Emperor and the others wouldn’t so carelessly enter the Land of the Ancient Gods, or else they’d be at the complete mercy of the Six Desire Devil Lord. After all, he held the key to entering and exiting this place.

In regards to the inheritance treasure, Wang Lin first heard it from Duanmu and the others, but they weren’t willing to keep talking about it. It wasn’t until later that Wang Lin figured it out.

Ancient Emperor was willing to fight the Six Desire Devil Lord in the second trial. He must have his secrets. Wang Lin ordered the surrounding wandering souls to begin the assault again.

Ancient Emperor gritted his teeth as he sent another message with his divine sense. “This old man doesn’t have the inheritance treasures, but when I came here years ago, I received a fragment of the inheritance treasure. This fragment contains a spell that would create a passage out of here, however, it can only be used at the exit whirlpool in each realm to be teleported out of the Land of the Ancient Gods, or else I wouldn’t be stuck here. As for the fragment, I destroyed it after I learned the technique.”

What Ancient Emperor said was true. A thousand years ago he was one of the stronger experts, so he naturally saw the inheritance treasure and learned of the method it used to leave this place. That was how he was able to escape this place a thousand years ago and why he still dared to come back.

There weren’t many that received this spell back then; however, the reason why almost no one was able to escape was because of the limitation to use this spell. One must be at an exit whirlpool for it to work.

Many of the people who passed the first and second trials didn’t even think about exiting the Land of the Ancient Gods, because they didn’t want to waste all their effort. As a result, they gave up the chance to use the exit whirlpool in the second trial, but the third trial was vast, and finding the exit was like finding a needle in a haystack. Also, because of the fear of all the wandering souls, no one dared to spread their divine sense out too far, making the search for the exit even harder.

This spell must specifically be used at an exit whirlpool. If it was used at an entry whirlpool, there would be no effect. Back at the exit of the second trial, Ancient Emperor didn’t have enough time to use the spell on the exit whirlpool there, and was forced into the third trial.

“If you just take me to the exit of the third trial I’ll teach you the spell in exchange!” Ancient Emperor looked calm, but in his heart, he was secretly trying to figure out why this person wanted this. Although he didn’t know why, he had to give a response, or the wandering souls would keep attacking. At that point, the only road left was death.

Wang Lin didn’t respond anymore. He sent out his divine sense and, once again, all the surrounding wandering souls started to attack. Wang Lin carefully calculated. Based on the information from the wandering souls, Hunchback Meng should arrive here in the time that it takes for two incense sticks to burn.

The attacks of the wandering souls grew more intense under Wang Lin’s command. To help speed things up, Wang Lin spread out his divine sense to call more wandering souls to join the attack.

Ancient Emperor’s face paled. He guessed that what he said before wasn’t what this person wanted to hear. He gritted his teeth and swallowed a few more pills to keep the light going.

But the attacks from the wandering souls were endless. At the most critical moment, Ancient Emperor sent out another message with his divine sense.

“I’ll give you the spell! Please tell these strange creatures to stop attacking…” Ancient Emperor quickly took out a piece of jade and placed it on his forehead for a while. Then he held it tightly in his hand while looking at his surroundings.

After enough time for one incense stick to burn passed, Wang Lin sent out his divine sense and all the wandering souls stopped their attacks. Ancient Emperor relaxed a bit. He hesitated a little, and gritted his teeth. He then sent the jade outside the range of the light.

The moment the piece of jade flew out, Wang Lin immediately picked it up with his soul. He scanned the piece of jade and found that it contained very detailed instructions for the spell.

Ancient Emperor became very nervous after throwing out the piece of jade. He was afraid that after this person received the piece of jade, they still wouldn’t let him go.

Wang Lin silently pondered a little, then all the surrounding wandering souls pounced toward Ancient Emperor and resumed their attack. Ancient Emperor displayed a depressed smile. He revealed a poisonous expression and started to use up his own spiritual energy like crazy to maintain the light of the pagoda.

But the amount of wandering souls attacking was simply too great. Soon, the pagoda started to shake. Then, with a bang, a rift appeared on the pagoda, splitting it in two.

At that moment, Ancient Emperor’s body suddenly moved and disappeared without a trace. Ten feet away, Ancient Emperor let out a miserable cry and revealed himself. Countless wandering souls pounced on him and started to quickly consume him.

At the same time, a wandering soul came out from Ancient Emperor’s body, carrying a bag of holding. Wang Lin took the bag after the wandering soul delivered it to him and hastily left.

This time, he didn’t go look for the other people, but went back to where his body was hiding.

In the empty space, Ancient Emperor’s body was shrinking, his face ashen. His Nascent Soul kept spitting out Origin Fire to prevent the wandering souls from devouring him, however, he was only able to stall for time and not drive them away.

Even if his life saving magic treasure wasn’t broken or if his cultivation was still at the mid stage of Soul Formation, he still couldn’t deal with so many wandering souls trying to devour him.

Soon after Wang Lin left, Hunchback Meng arrived. His body was moving like a shooting star. He glanced at Ancient Emperor and his brow wrinkled. The disgusting smell was no longer here. When he was about to follow it, he suddenly stopped and he looked at Ancient Emperor. A thought darted through his mind.

He reached out and grabbed Ancient Emperor’s shriveled up body in his hands, then shook Ancient Emperor until all the wandering souls were ejected out of his body.

After all the wandering souls were removed from Ancient Emperor’s body, with a cold smile on his face, the demon tore a hole through space and threw Ancient Emperor inside.

After the rift appeared, one could clearly see the other side was a blood red world. The ground was covered in a thick layer of blood, and even the the sky was also blood red, like a piece of blue cloth soaked in blood.

On the blood covered ground sat numerous cultivators who all looked like the current Hunchback Meng. They were all very large and had between one and four horns on their head.

In this land of blood, there were many stone pillars, and on top of each stone pillar sat a cultivator. Looking into the distance, there were many stone pillars of varying sizes, but the most prominent one was a stone pillar that looked like it was entering the heavens. On top of that pillar sat a red haired cultivator. Although his face couldn’t be seen clearly, an aura of arrogance and pride could be felt from him.

When Ancient Emperor was thrown in there, his Nascent Soul wasn’t completely devoured by the wandering souls yet, so his body immediately started to recover. When he opened his eyes, his face immediately changed.

“Red Fire Devil Lord …. Unbeatable Southern Madman… Sky Devil Magician … you are … you all didn’t die?” Ancient Emperor’s face paled as his sight locked on to the few that entered the Land of the Ancient Gods with him a thousand years ago among all the demons.

Red Fire Devil Lord was killed in the second trial. Ancient Emperor personally saw his body destroyed by the purple lightning. Red Fire Devil Lord’s Nascent Soul didn’t even have time to escape.

There was also Unbeatable Southern Madman, who was swarmed by tens of thousands of those strange creatures and died in less time than it takes for half an incense stick to burn.

As for Sky Devil Magician, who was the master of Six Desire Devil Lord, Ancient Emperor followed him closely a thousand years ago. He personally saw him create a tunnel using the inheritance treasure to leave before he was attacked by a very unusual Divine Sense and died instantly.

Having seen all these people who were suppose to be dead here, he couldn’t help but feel a chill in his heart. Suddenly, he turned his head, and he saw a demon that looked like Hunchback Meng through the rift.

“Hunchback Meng!” Ancient Emperor’s pupils shrank. The rift closed in that moment. Ancient Emperor was very cautious. While this place was full of cultivators, it was very clear that all these people were ones who had died in the Land of the Ancient Gods in all those years.

A hoarse voice floated in from the distance. “Welcome to the Blood Sea of the Demon God …“

Wang Lin’s speed was very high. After a short while, he could cross this third trial. But halfway through, he stopped and noticed the change of Ancient Emperor’s location through his connection with the wandering souls. He saw Hunchback Meng open the rift and Ancient Emperor being tossed in. Even the red light that came out from the rift was seen by Wang Lin through the wandering souls.

Wang Lin pondered a little. While he possessed the jade piece with the spell to leave here, he didn’t know if Ancient Emperor tempered with it or not. To be safe, he was going to seek out Duanmu, Wang Qingyue, and Six Desire Devil Lord and ask them about the method to leave in the same manner.

But the appearance of Hunchback Meng and the red light from the rift caused Wang Lin to have a terrible feeling. He gave up looking for the likes of Duanmu and Wang Qingyue and decided to retreat to where his body was hidden.

On the way back, he was keeping track of Hunchback Meng’s location with the wandering souls. He noticed that Hunchback Meng wasn’t going toward him, but toward Duanmu and Wang Qingyue. Wang Lin increased his speed and quickly returned to his body. When the devil Xu Liguo and the second devil noticed Wang Lin’s return, they immediately flew out from the rock.

Wang Lin quickly used his divine consciousness and returned into this physical body. After a short while, his eyes opened. During this trip, his soul had increased greatly.

He moved his body and went outside the rock. Without any hesitation, he headed toward the location of the fourth realm.

Wang Lin’s face was gloomy. The appearance of Hunchback Meng disrupted his plans, and it gave him sense of horror. More importantly, Hunchback Meng was immune to the attacks of the wandering souls.

That was the main reason why Wang Lin decided to leave the third trial as soon as possible. Wang Lin knew that in terms of cultivation, he was simply far too weak compared to these old timers. If it wasn’t for the fact that this place contained a lot of wandering souls, he wouldn’t be able to compete with them at all. He wouldn’t even have the qualifications to chat with them.

Now that the wandering souls were useless against Hunchback Meng, Wang Lin had lost his only advantage. If they were to meet, the only road for him was death. Hunchback Meng would only have to wave his hand to make Wang Lin disappear like smoke.

Wang Lin understood his own limits very well. Although this whole time he had the upper hand, in reality, he knew that the reason for this was he was able to borrow outside force to help.

If Hunchback Meng was surrounded by the storm like back then, he wouldn’t even have as much of a chance as a drowning dog.

But now the external force was gone and both of them had the same starting point. No matter how brave Wang Lin was, he had no choice but to leave immediately.

Wang Lin was never a foolish person. Once he made his decision, he hurriedly flew toward the exit of the third trial.

Along the way, he didn’t even bother to devour any more wandering souls. He quickly rushed forward.

If Wang Lin was to give up his physical body and travel with just his soul, his speed would be many times greater than it was now, that’s why he left his body to travel the third trial earlier.

When he took just half a step out, Wang Lin suddenly stopped.He jerked his head toward the direction of Duanmu and Wang Qingyue. His face turned very dark as he witnessed a horrifying sight through the wandering souls.

Duanmu and Wang Qingyue didn’t last long under the attack of Hunchback Meng. He teared a rift and out of it came a giant demon hand that took both Duanmu and Wang Qingyue without them being able to resist.

The demon’s head was full of bone thorns. It had an evil aura around it that caused people to tremble in fear.

Wang Lin’s face showed his uncertainty. He retrieved the devil Xu Liguo and the second devil. Then he took a large gulp of spiritual energy liquid and used all his Linq Qi to quickly leave.

He could already feel that the demon-like Hunchback Meng was already pursuing him at an extreme speed.

Wang Lin traveled quickly the whole way. His face was sullen as he was calculating. If they both travel at the current speed, he should be able to arrive at the whirlpool to the fourth realm before Hunchback Meng caught up.

Just then, the demon-like Hunchback Meng used some strange method Wang Ling didn’t know of. Hunchback Meng covered his body in a blood red light and his speed increased by several times. As the distance between them got shorter, Hunchback Meng’s speed not only didn’t decrease, but increased.

Wang Lin’s heart sunk when he realized that if it continued this way, Hunchback Meng would catch up to him in less time than it takes for one stick of incense to burn.

It was going to take him at least the time it takes for two sticks of incense to burn to reach the exit. Wang Lin swept the surroundings with this divine sense, using the the wandering souls around to quickly scan the area. His eyes were glued in one direction as he was thinking of a very bold move.

He hesitated a little, then without hesitation, he slightly changed this direction and quickly fled that way.

Six Desire Devil Lord was very frustrated. In the third trial, he didn’t dare to spread his divine sense too far, so he still hadn’t found the exit. After all these years, he had determined that the exit is to the northwest.

In fact, he found out that the exit was there two years ago, but the number of wandering souls there was simply too many for him to handle, even with his magical treasure. So he had spent the past 2 years slowly luring some away to slowly whittle down their numbers before proceeding forward.

The speed would be very slow, but it would guarantee his success. It was only a matter of time before he entered the fourth realm portal and was teleported to the Ancient God’s body.

He had just lured a large number of wandering souls and was about to destroy them all using the youth’s body when his expression changed. While he didn’t dare to spread out his divine sense too far, he still knew of everything that happened within 1000 feet.

Six Desire Devil Lord noticed a youth coming toward the 1000 feet range. He was immediately stunned when he saw the person and then grinned shouting, “He delivered himself to me!”

Wang Lin coldly stared at Six Desire Devil Lord. Instead of slowing down, he sped up. Immediately, a large number of wandering souls appeared around Wang Lin. They stayed around him like bodyguards.

When Six Desire Devi Lord was about to act, he suddenly stopped. He frowned as he stared at the wandering souls around Wang Lin, causing a sense of horror in his heart. These strange creatures that forced him to be very wary and cautious were not only not harming this junior, but also protecting him. This shocked him greatly.

He didn’t dare to act rashly, but coolly stared at Wang Lin. He would like to see what this damned junior would do. Wang Lin stopped at the edge of the 1000 feet radius of Six Desire Devil Lord The reason Wang Lin had all those wandering souls around him was to warn Six Desire Devil Lord not to act rashly.

The message Wang Lin sent was successful and Six Desire Devil Lord didn’t act carelessly. Wang Lin let out a sigh of relief. Although Wang Lin didn’t fear Six Desire Devil Lord with all the wandering souls around, Six Desire Devil Lord had a very strange magical treasure. If they started a fight, it was bound to take time, and Hunchback Meng was closing in fast.

Wang Lin looked at Six Desire Devil Lord while making an awkward expression. He was secretly calculating the time in silence. Six Desire Devil Lord narrowed his eyes. He didn’t have Wang Lin’s ability to control wandering souls, so he didn’t know of the demon that was headed toward him. When he saw Wang Lin’s hesitated expression, while he had his doubts, he let out cold smile.

If it wasn’t for there being so many wandering souls around Wang Lin, he would have acted already. But right now, he didn’t want to make the matter complicated, so he coldly snorted, “This time I’ll let you go, I give you to the count of three to scram, scram as far away as possible.”

Wang Lin secretly counted a few breaths and revealed a strange smile. He muttered “Now is the time!” He immediately looked at Six Desire Devil Lord and said “Thank you!”

After he finished speaking, he immediately charged northwest, into the crowd of wandering souls.

Six Desire Devil Lord frowned. As he was reflecting on the situation, his face suddenly paled. He saw a blood red meteor charging at him. In the blink of an eye, it was already about 1000 feet from Six Desire Devil Lord. Hunchback Meng’s large demonic figure was revealed.

“You…You are the Hunchback Meng? ate a Soul Transformation pill?” Six Desire Devil Lord’s pupils shrank. He noticed from the pressure released from Hunchback Meng that he was already at the late stage of Soul Formation, and was only one step away from Soul Transformation.

The only way to reach this level of cultivation was to consume a Soul Transformation pill!

However, Six Desire Devil Lord immediately moved the youth’s body in front of him and turned it horizontal. Staring at Hunchback Meng he said, “It’s not caused by a Soul Transformation pill. What did you eat to transform like this?!”

Hunchback Meng stared at Six Desire Devil Lord with his large eyes. The person in front of him felt very familiar. In fact, it was not the first time he had felt this. When he saw Ancient Emperor, Duanmu, and Wang Qingyue, they all gave him a very familiar feeling. However, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t remember anything at all.

He quickly threw that sensation to the back of his head. He let out a cruel smile and said, “My name is not Hunchback Meng, it’s Demon God Tu Si!”

As he was talking, he swiped his bone thorn covered right hand at the empty space and created a large rift. As the rift suddenly appeared, waves of red light came out of it. Soon after, a ten foot tall scarlet red figure appeared from the rift.

“I leave this person to you. I’m going to go after the next one!” Hunchback Meng flew away when he finished talking.

Six Desire Devil Lord gawked at the person in front of him. He muttered to himself, “Master…”

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