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Chapter 1788 - No Regrets About the Promise Made

Wang Lin lowered his head and looked at the familiar space outside the golden gate. He silently pondered.

Xuan Luo’s words echoed in his ears and lingered for a long time. The words revealed to him the preparations of entering the Immortal Astral Continent and the consequences. Wang Lin understood.

“Reincarnate…” Wang Lin muttered.

“Perhaps a few years, perhaps 1,000 years… All those that want to leave the cave world without a bloodline will need to go through this. After a long time, they will appear somewhere on the Immortal Astral Continent...

“When we meet 1,000 years later, I’ll need to release their sealed memories…” After a long time, Wang Lin looked up at Xuan Luo and gave a deep bow.

Wang Lin vaguely understood that to go against the law of the Immortal Astral Continent like this required Xuan Luo to pay a great price.

“Junior doesn’t know who will decide to leave the cave world and how many there will be. However, no matter what happens, Junior will not forget the kindness Senior has shown me today!”

Wang Lin bowed before Xuan Luo. An invisible connection seemed to form between them. It was impossible to explain or comprehend, but it was there.

“As for Wan Er, if we can’t both live, then even if we die together in the door to leave the cave world, I will have no regrets!” Wang Lin’s words were filled with determination. The words “no regrets” echoed across the star system.

No regrets!

No regrets!!

No regrets!!!

These two words revealed Wang Lin’s dao heart for more than 2,000 years! These words revealed the fated encounter outside the Sea of Devils more than 2,000 years ago.

These words released Wang Lin’s feeling of love, longing, and sorrow as he roared!

Aside from his mother, no woman in the world could replace Li Muwan in his heart. He had encountered countless beauties in the world, but none of them was her!

He had allowed countless delicate shadows to dance by him like butterflies, but none of them was her, who was accompanied by the zither music!

This was a love that had entangled Wang Lin for more than 2,000 years, and it would not dissipate until the day Wang Lin died! They thought that they would rather die together if they couldn’t live together!

These two words entered Dao Master Blue Dream’s ears, and his eyes dimmed. He looked in the direction of the Celestial Realm and silently pondered.

Xuan Luo’s eyes shined as he looked at Wang Lin, who looked back at him. He heard Wang Lin’s words of “no regrets” and nodded.

“To cast the reincarnation spell and rest the law of the Immortal Astral Continent would need me to prepare for a bit. One month from now, bring all the people that want to leave, and I’ll cast the spell!

“As for you… This is your own choice…” Xuan Luo didn’t persuade anymore. During this period of testing Wang Lin, he had come to learn a lot about Wang Lin’s character. Once Wang Lin made up his mind, he wouldn’t change it.

“This Wang Lin fits my requirements very well. He would rather wait 1,000 years and find his friends to awaken their memory. This is righteous! He doesn’t want to leave by himself but wants to leave with all his friends - he is a benevolent person!

“He won’t give up his lover, even if they both die, and he won’t regret it!

“Such a benevolent and sentimental person. If I don’t abandon him, he will do whatever it takes to protect my Ancient Dao Clan for eternity once we show him kindness!” There was a flash of mysterious light in Xuan Luo’s eyes, and he made a decision.

Wang Lin looked profoundly at Xuan Luo and bowed a third time. He turned and left. Dao Master Blue Dream left with him while silently pondering.

As for Tuo Sen, after saying goodbye to Wang Lin, he mindlessly walked toward the end of the horizon as he pondered about whether he should leave the cave world to reincarnate into the Immortal Astral Continent or not.

The endless star system was very beautiful as the nebulas shined. However, in Wang Lin’s eyes, he couldn’t tell if they were real or fake.

After a long time, he withdrew his gaze from the stars and rushed through them. He wasn’t leaving Allheaven but went to where planet Dong Lin used to be.

Planet Dong Lin had collapsed, leaving only a rift. That rift led to the frozen second flower.

Before leaving, there were a few things Wang Lin had to do. There was the ancient god Yun Na. Wang Lin had promised to help her escape the frozen world.

Planet Dong Lin was on the opposite side of the golden door in Allheaven. Even though it was far away from the golden door, the golden light still reached all the way here, and the star domain was shrouded in the golden light.

The rift to the frozen world was like a wound in the star system. It flickered and would sometimes release cold energy into the star domain that was dyed golden.

At this moment, the space outside the rift distorted and Wang Lin appeared. He looked at the rift and moved closer to it. His Ancient Dao aura rushed into his hands as he grabbed the rift and mercilessly ripped.

The star system rumbled, and with a roar from Wang Lin, the rift was torn open even more. The cold energy rushed out, revealing the frozen land.

The frozen second flower was the only place that hadn’t collapsed. The land was still frozen, and although Xuan Luo’s power was gone, the ice was still there.

Wang Lin stood outside the rift and his divine sense sent a message into the frozen world. “Yun Na! I have come to take you out!”

Inside the frozen world, on the giant stone platform, Yun Na slowly opened her eyes. She looked at the ice in the distance and smiled.

“He came…” She closed her eyes and a cloud of smoke came out from between her eyebrows. It disappeared into the ice before her.

The smoke left her body and drifted toward Wang Lin. Soon, it appeared at the entrance to Allheaven!

She saw Wang Lin.

However, there was a layer of ice between the two.

“I was created by Master to guard the Dong Lin Sect. To repay this kindness, I left my ancient god body here and used its life force to nourish this place… From now on, I’ll have no connection with this place...

“I hope you can help me leave and take my soul away…” Yun Na’s divine sense message echoed.

Looking at Yun Na’s soul inside the ice, Wang Lin understood. Back when Wang Lin first entered the second flower, she asked for help but didn’t decisively separate her soul from her body.

She waited until Wang Lin had passed the Five Flowers Eight Doors and opened the door to the cave world before separating her soul from her body.

There was nothing wrong with his; after all, separating her soul from her body was very important. She naturally had to be careful.

Wang Lin would keep his promise and didn’t think too much about this matter. At the rift, he spat out a mouthful of Ancient Dao Energy into the ice.

His breath was invisible, but the moment it touched the ice, crackling sounds echoed. Large amounts of cracks appeared and the ice collapsed layer by layer.

When the ice collapsed, Yun Na’s soul came out of the ice sliver by sliver. When the ice collapsed completely, her soul reformed into her appearance. She had escaped through the cracks Wang Lin had created.

She looked at the star system with calm eyes. There were no ripples in her eyes, she just calmly looked. After a long time, she bowed at Wang Lin.

“Thank you for helping.”

Wang Lin’s gaze fell on Yun Na’s soul, and he said, “This is my promise to you. It can be considered an exchange for your help. However, you decide if you just want to leave and live in his cave world, or head to the Immortal Astral Continent! That is where the real Dong Lin Sect is located and also the hometown of your master, the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign.

“If you want to stay here, then leave… If you want to go to the Immortal Astral Continent, you must suffer the bitter trial of 1,000 years to reincarnate!” 

Yun Na calmly listened to Wang Lin’s words. After pondering for a bit, she looked at the calm star system ahead and whispered.

“Reincarnation is good… 1,000 years… Is not long…”

Wang Lin saw the bitterness of time and the confusion about the future. Perhaps choosing to reincarnate was the best path for her.

Wang Lin didn’t speak anymore, he waved his right hand and opened his palm. Yun Na gently floated toward Wang Lin until she turned into a fist-sized ball of light and floated in Wang Lin’s palm.

Wang Lin closed his hand and put the light into his storage space. He took one more look at the world sealed in ice and left.

The entire space of the cave world was familiar to Wang Lin. He didn’t move very fast as he looked around. It was as if he was slowly going around before he left.

Wang Lin had also made the same promise to another person. She was in the depths of the Cloud Sea, her name was Fan Shanlu.

This Fan Shanlu was a pitiful woman. She was the Celestial Sovereign’s first concubine and also Fan Shanmen’s little sister. However, she had been in the cave world for far too long and ended up being caught in her elder sister’s illusion in order to obtain Wang Lin’s Blood of Oath.

“She is someone from the Immortal Astral Continent, so she doesn’t need to be reincarnated to leave…” Wang Lin stepped forward and crossed Allheaven, entering the Cloud Sea. He went into the depths of the rift, where Fan Shanlu was.

Aside from bringing Fan Shanlu away, there was something Wang Lin had almost forgotten. In the last month before leaving, he suddenly remembered.

He had once made a promise to a small character that he would give that person a body of a certain cultivation level. The soul of that small character had been in his storage space for a long time.

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