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Chapter 1780 - With the Flip of a Hand the Cloud Dao is Turned Upside Down!

The rain quickly fell and the voices became even more intense. However, the nine incense sticks were still burning and showed no signs of extinguishing. The smoke continued to rise, and no matter how fast the rain fell, it was unable to make the smoke dissipate.

The smoke mixed with the rain, creating a very beautiful image. It was like a dream.

As the rain fell, an umbrella was held up above Wang Lin’s head. It was the young man that had followed Wang Lin. The young man had an embarrassed expression and decided to simply not to look at Wang Lin as he held up the umbrella.

In the square, there were nearly 100 cultivators, and they all looked over. There was a group led by a young man in a black robe. They frowned and were about to shout when the third bell rang.

As the bell rang, the smoke that floated in the air distorted and gathered to form a vortex. As the vortex rotated, it pushed the rain aside. A blurry figure slowly appeared inside the vortex.

The figure walked out and stood in the sky!

“Welcome back from closed door cultivation, Teacher!” The surrounding cultivators numbering almost 100 clasped their hands at the figure.

He was a middle-aged man who had a head of black hair scattered on his shoulders. He was not handsome, but he had a strange temperament and an otherworldly aura.

As he stood in the sky, his gaze swept past his disciples below. When he saw Wang Lin and the youth that was still holding the umbrella behind Wang Lin, he couldn’t help but frown. However, he soon smiled.

“Su Dao, Zhou Li, the two of you follow Teacher to the hall. The rest of you can leave.” The middle-aged man’s words were soft. He stepped into the air and walked into the hall.

The young man in black, who was the leader of the people that wanted to reprimand Wang Lin, nodded with a serious expression. He looked at Wang Lin and walked toward the hall.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. In the memories he had obtained from the third soul, his teacher was very good to him. If not for the fact that his teacher was always in closed door cultivation, he wouldn’t be suffering unfair treatment in the sect.

In the early years, Seven-Colored’s personality was cowardly and he never said these things.

As for Zhou Li, he was Seven-Colored’s senior brother who was also very talented. On the surface, he was gentle, but in truth, he felt contempt toward Seven-Colored. He ignored all the people bullying Seven-Colored.

Stepping into the rain, Wang Lin walked into the hall under everyone’s jealous gazes. Inside the hall, the middle-aged man was sitting on a chair, and Zhou Li was respectfully standing on the side.

“Teacher won’t be out of closed door cultivation for long. After I settle a few matters, I’ll go back into closed door cultivation,” the middle-aged man spoke slowly. His gaze swept past Zhou Li and Wang Lin before silently pondering.

Wang Lin had seen this in the memories from the third soul. He knew that after Su Dao’s teacher told them a few things, he would teach Su Dao and Zhou Li an art.

This was one of the three most powerful arts of the Dong Lin Sect, the introduction to the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art. If one could reach the peak of this art, they could learn its essence.

The introductory art was short, but it was mysterious, and not everyone could cultivate it. Once the introductory art had been used, clouds would appear. If the clouds were thin, then that person was not suited to learn the art. If clouds were dense and a shadow appeared within them, then it would be for the best.

In addition, the time it took to complete it was also tested. Over the countless years in the Dong Lin Sect, the people that obtained the qualification the fastest had taken seven breaths, while the slowest had taken several hours.

Back then, when Seven-Colored was learning this technique, he was scared by Zhou Li’s cold gaze and hesitated. His speed slowed down and he took 20 breaths to complete a cycle.

And Zhou Li completed it in eleven breaths.

Due to Zhou Li’s cold gaze, his mind wasn’t focused and he wasn’t able to produce a lot of clouds, causing him to be suppressed by Zhou Li. Then a shadow appeared from within Zhou Li’s clouds and devoured all of Su Dao’s clouds.

Seven-Colored’s teacher saw this and let out a sigh. He no longer taught Su Dao one of the three great arts of the Dong Lin Sect but taught him the Seven-Colored Celestial Art that was lower in rank.

Wang Lin knew this from the memories he had obtained, and it seemed impossible to change.

Today, this scene appeared once more. Wang Lin stood there and silently pondered. He didn’t know if he should follow the memory and suffer the same as Seven-Colored did back then, or go against the memory and change everything.

According to logic, he should follow the Seven-Colored’s memory so he could fuse with the third soul even more. Perhaps he would eventually fuse enough to know where the real door was.

But he didn’t know if this would happen or not. Also, Wang Lin didn’t want to fully integrate with the third soul. If he did this, Xie Qing would never be able to awaken. The moment Wang Lin fully integrated with the third soul, Xie Qing would disappear and Wang Lin would become the new Seven-Colored.

In addition, Wang Lin wasn’t willing to act like this!

“...this art is one of the three most powerful arts of the Dong Lin sSect, it is called the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art. Your cultivation levels aren’t high enough to learn it, so you must learn the introductory art first. However, there is a restriction to learning this art. Only one person from each lineage in that generation can learn it. Today, I chose the two of you to find the person who is most suitable for this art…” The middle-aged man’s voice echoed. He began to talk about the selection method, including the intensity of the clouds and the time it took to complete a cycle.

Zhou Li’s head was lowered. His eyes were filled with desire he found hard to hide.

“The Heavenly Dao was damaged, and it will take a long time to repair…” the middle-aged man slowly said, then he taught the introductory art. Then he waved his right hand and two clouds flew out and entered Wang Lin and Zhou Li’s bodies.

“The clouds have entered your bodies. The two of you have to immediately sit down and cycle the clouds as fast as possible. The first to succeed will have the advantage! During this process, the two of you must focus and not be disturbed by external thoughts!” As the middle-aged man spoke, Zhou Li immediately sat down.

Wang Lin also sat down. Just as he was about to cycle the cloud inside his body, Zhou Li looked up at Wang Lin. His gaze was grim and threatening.

The middle-aged man naturally saw this and frowned. He didn’t say anything, and instead looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin let out a sigh in his heart. It was this gaze that made the timid Su Dao lose his qualification. However, today he was not Su Dao but Wang Lin. As Zhou Li’s gaze swept by, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and casually looked at Zhou Li.

This gaze caused Zhou Li to tremble. He clearly felt a killing intent come from Wang Lin’s eyes, causing his mind to tremble.

At this moment, Wang Lin had already closed his eyes, and the cloud energy was rapidly cycling in his body. Zhou Li quickly closed his eyes as well.

Time slowly passed. One breath, two breaths, three breaths...

When the eighth breath arrived, large amounts of clouds spread out from Wang Lin’s body. The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up and he suddenly stood up.

The clouds around Wang Lin’s body became even more dense until they enveloped most of the hall. The clouds churned and faint roars could be heard from within.

At this moment, it was the twentieth breath, and Zhou Li had barely managed to cycle the cloud once to produce some clouds. However, compared to Wang Lin, it was simply too insignificant.

The moment the clouds came out of his body, the clouds from Wang Lin’s body raged and formed a giant dragon head!

This dragon head was fierce and its eyes were filled with a fierce gaze as it devoured Zhou Li. The clouds around Zhou Li were absorbed rapidly by the dragon. He coughed out blood and looked weakened.

The memory had been changed. The moment it was reversed, the great hall became distorted. The middle-aged man looked at Wang Lin while completely ignoring Zhou Li, and his figure also began to distort.

At the same time, the square outside the hall, the mountain outside the square, the mountain range outside the mountain, and the Dong Lin Sect outside the mountain range all began to distort. It was as if the entire world was about to collapse.

This was the shocking scene that unfolded after the memory was changed!

“Good! Su Dao, you’re the second person under your teacher’s lineage that has the qualification to learn the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art!” The middle-aged man laughed as his figure became distorted. He looked at the terrified Zhou Li and spoke once more.

“Zhou Li, although you have don’t have the qualification to learn the Cloud Dao Heavenly Art, Teacher will teach you the Seven-Colored Celestial Art!”

When the middle-aged man’s words echoed, a tearing pain appeared in Wang Lin’s mind, as if everything was going to collapse. The aura of the eight doors suddenly appeared but quickly dissipated. Following that, the distortion slowly disappeared and returned to normal.

However, a huge wave was set off in Wang Lin’s heart!

“I understand! Change the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s memories to create contradictions, and the moments of confusion will allow me to sense the eight doors!! The greater the contradiction and confusion, the clearer the feeling. I can even use it to find the real door!

“This is my other method! Change the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s memories!”

“Su Dao, you have to spend time practicing this spell. In five months, the competition between those of your generation in the Dong Ling Sect will begin. The top 10 can enter the Dong Lin Pool. If you can enter, your future achievements will be immeasurable!”

Everything had changed.

Wang Lin suddenly looked up.

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