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Chapter 1768 - Ye Mo’s Left Arm

Xuan Luo exclaimed. At that moment, Wang Lin’s gaze crossed with his as if Wang Lin was looking at him. This surprised Xuan Luo.

However, soon, Wang Lin’s gaze swept by as if it was just a random coincidence.

Wang Lin’s breathing was calm. Right now, not only had his injuries recovered, but he felt like he held the power of the world. It was as if he could destroy this world with just one punch. His Ancient Dao power made Wang Lin feel very comfortable.

This was the real inheritance. It was obvious that not every inheritance would be extremely painful.

The Ancient Dao power echoed through his body. It moved through every inch of his blood and flesh, making Wang Lin feel like he controlled the world. His origin soul seemed to have obtained enough nourishment from his body. His body gave off a gentle light as if he was ready to use a spell at any moment.

The effect of one drop of blood would not produce this effect, but if this drop allowed him to reach a level of completion, then it was completely different.

Wang Lin felt the difference in his body. Although his three ancient clan powers were still at eight stars, they were even stronger, and the light from the stars was even more intense.

Wang Lin vaguely felt a call from deep within this frozen world. This call was the same as when he felt Ye Mo’s right arm.

Wang Lin hadn’t noticed anything before he had absorbed the last drop of blood.

As Wang Lin calmed his Ancient Dao power so that none of it would leak out, the female ancient god slowly sat up. She looked at Wang Lin with awe in her eyes.

At that moment, Wang Lin was like the ancestor of the three ancient clans, which made her heart tremble.

“Many thanks. If I can find the real door, I’ll definitely help you leave this place!” Wang Lin got up and clasped his hands at the woman.

The female ancient god nodded and didn’t speak.

“What is sealed there?” Wang Lin pointed to where he was feeling something calling him.

“That is the back mountain of the Dong Ling Sect, and where the Dong Ling Pool is. However, it was only created from master’s memory, so it doesn’t have any power.” The female ancient god looked up with confusion in her eyes.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he looked over. After pondering a bit, he flew into the air.

“I’m going to check that place. I thank you for today. I clearly separate my grudges and thanks. Our grievance from before is over, and I still owe you. I’ll help you leave this place!” Wang Lin clasped his hands at the female ancient god and flew toward the ice that was calling him.

The ice was surrounded by cold energy, but this didn’t stop Wang Lin. The ice only had an effect on other people, and for Wang Lin, it was like flat ground.

As Wang Lin moved through the ice, even he felt cold. However, as long as he cycled a bit of his cultivation, this sense of coldness would dissipate.

The ice was like a mirror; it vaguely reflected his figure as he moved, making it seem like a vague false shadow was following him. Wang Lin only took a glance and moved forward like nothing had happened.

This place was very big, but with Wang Lin’s speed, it only took half an incense stick of time before the call got even more clear. It was less than 100,000 feet away!

Although the world here was sealed, Wang Lin could see that this place was a tall mountain surrounded by ice. After crossing the mountain, Wang Lin could see a large pool behind the mountain!

This pool was like a lake, but it was also sealed. A faint sense of celestial energy surrounded the pool.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he carefully moved forward. A moment later, he arrived above the pool and looked down. His pupils immediately shrank.

Although the pool was frozen, it was translucent. If one looked carefully from above, they would see something inside the pool!

It was a giant arm, a left arm!

“Ye Mo’s left arm!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and his eyes shined brightly. When he came here before, he had a guess. He originally thought it was Ye Mo’s left eye, but he didn’t expect it to be the left arm!

“After I fused with Ye Mo’s right arm, the Heaven Ripping Spell could rip apart third step cultivators… If I fuse with the left arm and use the Heaven Ripping Spell, its power…” When Wang Lin thought of this, his heart started pounding.

He stomped his right foot in an attempt to enter the ice, but a rebound force came from the pool. His body trembled and he wasn’t able to enter the ice.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he stared at the ice below. This place was very strange and different from the other ice here.

“Dong Ling Pool… This place should be the Dong Ling Pool. I just don’t know what’s so mysterious about it for the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign to recreate it…” Wang Lin carefully looked at it but found nothing.

The frozen pool looked very ordinary.

He knelt down and placed his right hand on the ice. He gently pressed down and cracking sounds echoed. Cracks appeared as the frozen pool shook. However, just as the cracks appeared, cold energy came out and the ice returned to normal.

Wang Lin waved his sleeve and blood light shined as the blood sword appeared. With a bang, the blood sword flew toward the ice. A depression appeared in the ice and countless cracks spread, but they all recovered in an instant.

Wang Lin sat on the ice pool and his gaze penetrated the ice, landing on Ye Mo’s left arm. He gradually saw through some clues.

“This pool of ice has fused with Ye Mo’s left arm, so the ice has Ye Mo’s recovery ability… Even if it’s destroyed, it will recover instantly.” Wang Lin didn’t think this in his head but muttered it as if he was talking to himself or someone else...

Xuan Luo had his hands behind his back and was floating above the pool. He was also looking at the ice, and when he heard Wang Lin’s words, he smiled, revealing a strange light in his eyes.

It couldn’t be entered and couldn’t be broken. Wang Lin frowned as he let out a cold snort and his five fingers formed a claw. This Ancient Dao power gathered in his five fingers and the five fingers gave off a ghostly light along with dense Ancient Dao aura.

“Immortal Ancient Dao!” Wang Lin let out a roar and countless overlapping shadows appeared over his right hand. Thousands of shadows seemed to appear, and the moment they all overlapped to form one, Wang Lin’s right hand reached toward the ice.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world. As Wang Lin’s hand grabbed the ice, the countless shadows that had disappeared suddenly reappeared.

This claw was like Wang Lin striking countless times. With the Immortal Ancient Dao, Wang Lin attacked the recovering ice. Wang Lin let out a roar as his fingers clawed into the ice and pulled out a palm-sized piece of ice.

Holding the ice, Wang Lin carefully looked at it and burned it with his fire essence, but he couldn’t melt it at all. His eyes narrowed and he felt that there was a strange force inside this ice. Wang Lin found this force similar to an essence.

But there was a difference; it was as if this place wasn’t sealed by ice, and if he soaked inside the pool, his essences would benefit greatly.

However, not only was this power weak, but it also faded in and out. Wang Lin pondered for a bit and his eyes revealed enlightenment.

This place had been created by the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign from his memories and nourished by his own life force. This Dong Ling Pool likely existed on the Immortal Astral Continent, and its effect was likely nourishing essences!

The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s cultivation was limited, so he could only emulate the aura but not the effect.

Wang Lin pondered for a while and put the ice into his storage space. It was very strange and didn’t melt inside his storage space. Instead, it gave off a chilly aura.

Staring at the ice, Wang Lin took a deep breath and raised his right hand. As the Immortal Ancient Dao filled his hand, he clawed at the ice once more. Thunderous rumbles echoed as time passed. Using this dumb method, Wang Lin took several hours to create a tunnel into the ice.

In half an incense stick of time, the last rumble echoed. Wang Lin clawed out a piece of ice and exposed Ye Mo’s left arm!

Only a palm-sized patch of skin was exposed. It was grey but gave off powerful Ancient Dao aura that entered Wang Lin’s mind. Wang Lin took a deep breath and sat down. His left hand pressed against the exposed skin.

The moment his left hand pressed down, Ye Mo’s left arm gave off a ghostly light that penetrated the ice. This gave the ice a strange sense of beauty.

This light continue to spread out in all directions. It ended up shrouding the surrounding 10,000 kilometers before dissipating.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin spread out part of his divine sense to check his surrounding as he slowly absorbed Ye Mo’s left arm. With his experience from absorbing the right arm, Wang Lin was familiar with the process. After three days, Ye Mo’s left arm slowly shrank.

As it shrank, the ghostly light that had spread out over 10,000 kilometers shrank. When all the ghostly light returned, Ye Mo’s left arm turned into a strand of smoke and entered Wang Lin’s left arm!

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