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Chapter 1767 - Seize the Remanent Soul

Wang Lin silently pondered and sat not far away from the woman. Her words echoed in his heart. He had not heard of this before; after all, he had not fused with the third soul.

Looking around, this place was covered in endless ice, similar to what the woman had said.

A moment later, just as Wang Lin was about to speak, his expression suddenly changed and he looked into the distance. He saw bursts of fuzzy ripples echo. This was caused by someone else entering.

The woman also noticed the ripple and quickly said, “You’re the first person to enter this place, so you are the master here. If you wish, this place will become a formation that stops everyone else from moving forward.

“However, if the person who rushes in is too powerful, it can’t hold them off for long.” 

After she finished speaking, she looked at Wang Lin. After she saw Wang Lin nod, she waved her hand. Crackling sounds echoed and ice appeared out of nowhere. It began to spread with this place as the center. A thunderous rumble swept across the world. Wang Lin saw that the entire world was quickly frozen.

This ice had no cracks, making it seem as if this entire world had turned into a piece of ice. As cold energy spread everywhere, the world was dim.

The several people that had just entered were sealed by the ice that had suddenly appeared. They remained motionless.

The continent Wang Lin and the woman were on was one of few places in this world without ice.

“The ice can’t last for long; there is someone with a high cultivation level and master’s aura coming in,” the ancient god woman said softly as she looked at Wang Lin. She pointed to between her eyebrows with her right hand. A vortex appeared between her eyebrows and a drop of blood condensed on her fingertip.

After forming this drop of blood, the woman immediately felt weak.

“Absorb this drop of Ye Mo’s origin soul blood and your injuries can recover…” After she spoke, she flicked the drop of blood toward Wang Lin. It stopped seven inches away from him and gave off a dazzling red glow.

Wang Lin looked at the drop of blood. It gave off Ye Mo’s familiar aura. This drop should be the last of Ye Mo’s heart blood. Once Wang Lin absorbed it, his inheritance would be more complete.

However, he didn’t immediately take the drop of blood but frowned at the now weakened female ancient god.

Wang Lin slowly asked, “Why are you helping me?”

“Because you’re the mas…” The female ancient god smiled but was interrupted by Wang Lin.

Wang Lin stared at the woman and asked once more, “Why?”

The female ancient god pondered a bit and reminiscence filled her eyes. After a moment, she spoke with a melancholy voice.

“I’m formed by Ye Mo’s heart blood by Master and now I guard the Dong Ling Sect for Master. I was given the position of God Elder… However, too much time has passed. The Demon and Devil Elders have died in their frozen sleep. The rest of the people will slowly die if Master’s life force doesn’t nourish them.

“Since you can enter from the core of the cave with Master’s soul, you must have broken into the Five Flower Eight Doors. You want to find the real door to leave this cave world...

“If you open the door, I hope you can help me leave this place.” The woman bowed as she spoke to Wang Lin. Her long, black hair scattered like a waterfall as she bowed; it was very beautiful.

Wang Lin silently pondered for a bit and then slowly nodded.

“I can help you!” Wang Lin’s right hand grabbed the drop of blood. In truth, while talking to the woman, he was rapidly healing. At the same time, he was using a portion of his divine sense to example the drop of blood. Only after he was certain that there was no problem did he agree.

Holding the blood, Wang Lin suddenly pressed it between his eyebrows. When the drop of blood entered his forehead, his mind rumbled. However, he kept a portion of his divine sense to observe his surroundings. If the woman did anything, he would kill her.

Ye Mo’s origin soul blood entered his body and fused with him. This was indeed Ye Mo’s blood. It didn’t cause any rejection in Wang Lin’s body and rapidly fused with him.

As Ye Mo’s powerful life force entered his body, popping sounds echoed inside Wang Lin. His ancient god, ancient demon, and ancient devil stars appeared. They rotated rapidly to absorb the power from the blood.

In the distance, Xuan Luo smiled as he looked at this scene. His gaze went past Wang Lin into the ice in the distance.

“This place is a great fortune for him… Forget it, I’ll help him get enough time.” Xuan Luo raised his right hand and pointed at the ice. A power that only belonged to him silently entered the ice. The ice became tens of thousands of times stronger than before.

“I’ll give you as long as you want.” Xuan Luo smiled and sat down. This time, he wasn’t looking at Wang Lin but the female ancient god.

“No matter what the origin, you are still from my Ancient Dao clan in the end… My Ancient Dao clan doesn’t have many women, and this woman is worth cultivating. She can become my only disciple’s maid… It’s a good match.” Xuan Luo rubbed his chin and such a thought appeared in his mind.

The drop of Ye Mo’s blood rapidly spread through Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s heart trembled as popping sound echoed inside him, and his body expanded to over 1,000 feet.

The Ancient Dao power inside the blood was like a great nourishment for Wang Lin. This was especially good since he was injured. It slowly filled Wang Lin’s body, making it even more powerful!

After his bones fused with the blood, his body was even stronger and more resilient; it was even more difficult to break than before.

His flesh and blood gave off an even more powerful physical force as he fused with the blood. An even more terrifying aura spread out from his body. When the female ancient god felt this, her eyes narrowed.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, but monstrous waves were set off in his heart. Now that Wang Lin had all of Ye Mo’s heart blood, that meant Ye Mo’s origin soul was now complete, and it existed inside Wang Lin’s body!

As Wang Lin cultivated, Ye Mo’s shadow slowly appeared behind him. This shadow was similar to the one that appeared behind Wang Lin when he battled, but its purpose was very different!

The shadow that appeared when Wang Lin battled was due to him having an incomplete inheritance. He was unable to keep the inheritance hidden, so a trace of it would slip through to create the shadow.

However, the shadow around him now wasn’t formed by his cultivation but by Wang Lin’s mind. To be more precise, this was Ye Mo’s origin soul!

Ye Mo’s origin soul had become complete when all the heart blood had gathered. His shadow gradually solidified like a real person and floated behind Wang Lin. It was very strange.

At the same time, Ye Mo’s aura came from his origin soul. This aura was heaven-shaking, but any member of the three ancient clans that was born from his bloodline would feel like they were facing their ancestor when they felt this aura!

The pressure coming from the soul and spirit was enough to make any of the three clans formed by Ye Mo’s blood tremble and worship.

The female ancient god was still an ancient god after giving Ye Mo’s heart blood. That meant that she still had some of Ye Mo’s ordinary blood in her body!

Under this pressure, the female ancient god turned pale. She slowly knelt down on the ground and remained motionless.

Xuan Luo looked at Ye Mo’s soul behind Wang Lin with a hint of pity and sighed.

“That child, Ye Mo, was pretty talented to scatter his blood into this cave world to form the three clans. Luckily, Wang Lin appeared, so Ye Mo has done good! It’s just that if you want to take Wang Lin’s body, it’s… impossible!” Xuan Luo closed his eyes. If he hadn’t come for Wang Lin and instead had encountered this, he would’ve helped Ye Mo. However, now he had already made his choice.

Ye Mo had scattered his blood along with some of his origin soul blood. Once his origin soul blood had been gathered, his origin soul would reform and he could possess the body. Since the body would belong to one of his descendants, there would be no chance of failure.

However, Wang Lin was different. He had obtained the recognition of the Ancient Ancestor and the Ancient Ancestor’s soul blood...

As a result, he was an existence even more noble than Ye Mo, so Ye Mo couldn’t succeed! At this moment, Ye Mo’s origin soul turned into seven strands of smoke and entered Wang Lin’s body through his orifices.

The moment Ye Mo entered, Wang Lin opened his eyes, but his expression was calm. He had noticed this during the previous integration and was aware of what was happening, but he knew Ye Mo could not possess him.

At this moment, Ye Mo’s origin soul entered Wang Lin’s body. After three hours, Wang Lin let out a deep breath. His body gradually shrank under a ghostly light until he was the size of an ordinary person.

His eyes were as deep as the stars. Ye Mo’s origin soul had dissipated inside Wang Lin’s body. Ye Mo could not resist the Ancient Ancestor’s soul blood and had slowly become part of Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao inheritance.

Wang Lin’s injuries had completely recovered. This drop of blood and Ye Mo’s origin soul had a great effect. Otherwise, Wang Lin would have needed several months or longer to slowly recover.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao inheritance was mostly complete. The only things left were the left eye and the heart buried in the Ancient Tomb!

There was also the left arm.

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