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Chapter 1765 - Daofei Appears!

The moment the second arrow shot out, the golden light in Wang Lin’s eyes collapsed as if it was going to dissipate. However, just at this moment, Wang Lin forced it to reform and retained a sliver.

This sliver was the last of his celestial bloodline power.

Wang Lin was worried that others would see, so he closed his eyes when he shot the second arrow.

Wang Lin understood he still had the power for one more shot, but it would be the last shot!

The arrow shot out and the world rumbled. Space folded like silk cloth as if it was about to collapse. The Seven-Colored Daoist let out a roar. The eight Eye Fishes that had opened their eyes already startled him. When Wang Lin’s second arrow shot out, the Seven-Colored Daoist was even more shocked, and he erupted his full cultivation.

A seven-colored light spread out and seven different-colored layers of light screens appeared before him. Just as they appeared, the eight Eye Fishes closed in.

The eight Eye Fishes shrank as they closed in. As the black light shined, they turned into eight arrows!

These eight arrow were exactly the same as the Li Guang Arrow. There was no difference, even the aura was same. Everyone here was startled by this!

“Could this be the rumored superpower the Eye Fishes have once they open their eyes?” The old man named Ma from planet Five Element looked closely from the distance.

Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo calmly looked at the eight Eye Fishes. He was the only person who knew about the superpower the Eye Fishes had.

“Once the Eye Fishes opens their eyes, they can take the form of anything and obtain part of its power… However, it is very difficult for this beast to open its eyes. These ones in this cave are very interesting…” Xuan Luo’s eyes lit up with a hint of interest.

The nine Li Guang Arrows mixed together, making it impossible to figure out which one was the real one. They shot straight for the Seven-Colored Daoist. His expression changed quickly and the seven-colored light screens around him distorted as thunderous rumbles echoed!

The seven-colored light screens collapsed, and along with them, the nine Li Guang Arrows collapsed as well. However, they didn’t dissipate; they reformed into the eight Eye Fishes. They landed not far from where the first one was, and all nine Eye Fishes were on their last breath.

This collapse created a shockwave that covered one’s vision and divine sense. The ninth Li Guang Arrow penetrated everything and headed toward the Seven-Colored Daoist.

A miserable groan came from the shockwave, and thunderous rumbles echoed. When the shockwave dissipated, the Seven-Colored Daoist could be seen. He coughed out blood and there was a fist-sized hole in his chest. He had been seriously injured by the Li Guang Bow!

He let out an angry roar and charged forward. Disregarding his injuries, he charged toward Wang Lin. He was filled with killing intent and a sense of madness.

“This old man would give up the third soul to kill you!” The Seven-Colored Daoist let out a roar and his hands formed a seal. Nine blinding suns appeared around his body.

These nine suns were the Seven-Colored Daoist’s most powerful spell. He used it without hesitation to kill Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s face was deathly pale. At this moment, he was like a dried-up oil lamp and was very weak. He gritted his teeth as he raised the Li Guang Bow with his left hand and drew it with his right. This was his third time, and Wang Lin knew it was likely the last time!

The bowstring was pulled back and the arrow appeared once more. There was still blood on the arrow. Wang Lin’s right hand loosened and the arrow shot out for the third time!

When the third arrow shot out, Wang Lin immediately closed his eyes to hide the golden light that was completely dissipating from his eyes.

The Seven-Colored Daoist’s chest was covered in blood. As the third arrow closed in, his hands formed a seal and he waved his hand. There was madness in his eyes; he had never been this injured in his life. What was driving him even more crazy was that the person who had injured him was Wang Lin, whose cultivation level was far beneath his!

What made him feel even more suffocated was that the Li Guang Bow that had injured him was something he had told the Sovereign to gift out. He originally intended to give Wang Lin the bow to lure out Lian Daofei. Then, once there was a feud between Wang Lin and Old Ghost Zhan, Wang Lin would use the bow to injure Old Ghost Zhan.

After all, neither he nor Old Ghost Zhan could use this bow, as they were incomplete.

However, he didn’t expect to be seriously injured by the Li Guang Bow. The madness in his heart made him disregard everything to kill Wang Lin!

As his hands formed seals, the nine suns shined brightly. They flew out and charged at the third arrow.

Thunderous rumbles echoed when the third arrow collided with the nine suns. The nine suns collapsed, but the third arrow also showed signs of dissipating. A blinding light erupted and enveloped everything!

The nine suns exploded and a destructive force spread out. Their power was indescribable. The Azure Dragon General was too close, and the destructive force for touched him. His body collapsed and he immediately died!

The world began to shatter. This world was destroyed!

However, this wasn’t the end. This destructive force was the full power of the Seven-Colored Daoist, and the 300 destroyed worlds could not resist it. As the destructive force spread, the 300 destroyed worlds began to collapse one by one.

The Black Tortoise’s face was filled with terror and he let out a scream as he retreated with the Vermillion Bird General. The Sovereign turned pale and turned into a ray of red light as he escaped.

In the distance, the expressions of the third concubine, Dao Master Blue Dream, and the people from planet Five Elements changed. They all retreated out of the first flower that formed the 300 destroyed worlds!

At the center of destructive force, the Seven-Colored Daoist’s chest trembled. The collision of the third arrow and nine suns created a shockwave that rushed into his body. Blood sprayed out from his chest and he was seriously injured.

However, his eyes were still filled with madness.

“You’re so close to this destructive force. With your cultivation level, I want to see how you will resist it!!!”

Wang Lin was indeed the closest, and the destructive force closed in on him. Worlds were collapsing, and even with his Ancient Dao inheritance, he couldn’t resist. As long as it touched his body, he would be destroyed!

However, since Wang Lin dared to set this ambush, he was naturally prepared. He had expected this destructive force to appear. As the destructive force closed in on him, his hands formed a seal and his right hand reached at the void.

“I’m sorry!” Wang Lin let out a sigh.

A monstrous golden light burst out and the sleeping madman wearing a messy robe appeared before Wang Lin.

The madman had the complete Immortal Celestial body. Even if the star system collapsed, his body wouldn’t be injured!

The madman was still sleeping and had never awakened. He felt a bit uncomfortable from Wang Lin grabbing his shoulder, so he twisted a bit and continued to sleep.

However, just at this moment, the destructive force arrived and hit the madman. The madman’s body shined brightly and remained unscathed under the destructive force!

However, the madman’s body trembled and his eyes slowly opened. His eyes were filled with confusion and a hint of anger. He was still not awakened and was half asleep. He began to roar angrily at the Seven-Colored Daoist, who was in front of him.

“Who!? Who is it?! Who dares to disturb this king’s sleep!? You’re all bullies, this king will tell his big brother!” the madman roared at the Seven-Colored Daoist, not even noticing that Wang Lin was holding his shoulder and using him to block most of the destructive force.

“You’re all too much. You all dare to tickle this king while I’m sleeping? You… You…” As the madman roared, he actually began to snore. His head tilted and he fell asleep once more as if everything he had said before were merely just him sleep talking.

However, his appearance and words caused a great deal of chaos in the surrounding area. The Seven-Colored Daoist was seriously injured, and after he saw Lian Daofei, his expression changed. His mind became sober. He didn’t know how many times Wang Lin could shoot the Li Guang Bow, and if Wang Lin teamed up with Lian Daofei, he might actually die here. Now that he was seriously injured, he clenched his teeth and, for the first time since he began fighting Wang Lin, chose to escape!

In the distance, Old Ghost Zhan, who was surrounded by the Ghostly Sail, had already opened his eyes, but he chose not to come out of the fog. He had witnessed everything, and his eyes were shining. It was unknown what he was thinking.

In the distance, the escaping Sovereign trembled and almost tripped when the Madman roared.

“Mas… Master!!”

There were also the escaping Black Tortoise General and Vermillion Bird General. Their eyes were filled with shock as they looked at the madman that Wang Lin held up.

“Lian Daofei!!!”

These three weren’t the only ones that were shocked. In the distance, the third concubine instantly turned pale and was dumbfounded for a moment.

There was also the people from planet Five Elements led by the old man named Ma. They all trembled. The old man named Ma looked at the madman with indescribable fear in his eyes.

“He… He is actually here!!” The old man named Ma didn’t know that Lian Daofei had come here in the past. His heart rumbled and his mind went blank.

Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo was walking toward the nine fishes. He had taken the fifth fish when he suddenly stopped and carefully looked at the madman. His eyes revealed a mysterious light.

“Lian Daofei… Lian Daozhen’s younger brother! He also came here…”

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