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Chapter 1764 - Seven-Colored Calamity!

The yellow sand fell like rain and formed a curtain. At the same time, the muffled rumbles from underground surged upwards.

As the roar echoed, the entire planet began to tremble. The yellow sand before Wang Lin began to sink, and the roar became even more clear. In a flash, a snake-like beast rushed out from underground!

It was a giant beast covered in earth, and it was 10,000 feet thick. It was like a giant earthworm, and the part that stuck out was its mouth. From afar, it looked like its mouth covered most of its face. It opened its mouth and charged at the Seven-Colored Daoist.

The beast’s eyes were still closed, as if they were permanently closed. If it had many tentacles around its body, it would look like the Moongazer Serpent. However, right now it looked very different.

The beast instantly closed in on the Seven-Colored Daoist. Just as it was going to devour the Seven-Colored Daoist, his hand formed a seal and slapped the beast.

The seven-colored palm hit the head of the beast and a thunderous rumble echoed. The beast let out a fierce roar and was pushed back 1,000 feet. However, its head twisted and shrank, and stopped itself before inhaling!

As it inhaled, the Seven-Colored Daoist’s body trembled. Large amounts of seven-colored light were pulled out from his body, absorbed by this beast!

The Seven-Colored Daoist’s expression changed and the expression of the three generals also changed. The appearance and aura of this beast was very powerful and set off a wave in their hearts. When the three generals and the Sovereign saw this beast, they immediately recognized it!

“Eye Fish!! This… This is actually an Eye Fish!”

“I had already noticed that this place had a fierce beast, but it is actually an Eye Fish… An Eye Fish that grew without any restrictions… Countless years have passed for this beast to grow…” The Sovereign took a deep breath and looked at the Eye Fish with a serious expression.

“The Immortal Astral Continent has a beast named the Eye Fish… From the moment the fish is born, until it dies, its eyes never open! However, there is a legend that says that once their eyes open, the world will change colors!” The Black Tortoise General looked at the Eye Fish and thought of a series of rumors.

The Eye Fish moved and charged at the Seven-Colored Daoist. This beast held grudges, and the Seven-Colored Daoist’s palm had brought it great pain. It charged forward and began to devour once more.

The beast’s body was too big, and the part that had come out of the ground was only a small portion. Even so, when it charged forward, it covered the sky and created a large shadow.

Killing intent appeared in the eyes of the Seven-Colored Daoist. He raised his right hand and formed a seal as he pointed at the sky.

“Power Pull the Mountain!” The Seven-Colored Daoist roared and waved his right hand. A giant seven-colored arm appeared in the dark sky and reached toward the Eye Fish.

In a flash, the giant arm grabbed the Eye Fish. The Seven-Colored Daoist let out another roar and the arm pulled up.

The earth rumbled and the Eye Fish’s 100,000 foot body was pulled out from the planet by the illusory hand as it struggled.

After being pulled out, it was mercilessly smashed into the earth. The planet violently trembled as if it was going to shatter!

The Eye Fish’s giant body landed on the ground. Large amounts of purple blood sprayed out and mixed with the yellow sand.

A miserable cry came from the Eye Fish’s mouth. Its closed eyes trembled as it struggled to open them. In the end, it wasn’t able to open them, as if there was an invisible force preventing it from opening its eyes!

However, that miserable scream caused the planet to tremble even more violently. Just as the Seven-Colored Daoist turned toward Wang Lin, his expression changed greatly.

The planet trembled and thunderous rumbles echoed. In the other eight deserts on the planet, monstrous roars rang out. The yellow sand swelled up like mountains from all eight deserts and all rushed toward this place.

The eight large mountains formed a straight line and closed in at a rapid pace. In an instant, the eight mountains arrived, and the yellow sand collapsed to form eight giant shadows!

These weren’t mountains at all but eight Eye Fishes that were 100,000 feet long!

This planet didn’t just have one Eye Fish, but nine!!

Aside from the first one that was seriously injured, the other eight came out of the planet and surrounded the Seven-Colored Daoist. They all opened their mouths and charged him.

The earth trembled and the yellow sand scattered. Wang Lin was still sitting there, and he put away the third soul. His right hand still held the Li Guang Bow, and he was like a statue. He remained motionless with the bow in hand.

He was waiting, waiting for a chance to attack. This attack would shock the heavens and make the ghost gods cry!

Right now, this chance had arisen. The moment the eight Eye Fishes charged at the Seven-Colored Daoist, Wang Lin suddenly stood up. His right hand raised the bow and his left hand pulled the bowstring. In an instant, he drew the bow until it was like a full moon!

The arrow appeared on the bowstring the moment it was fully drawn. The arrow pointed at the Seven-Colored Daoist and a destructive aura spread out.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate at all to release his left hand. The bowstring mercilessly rebounded and  the arrow shot out toward the Seven-Colored Daoist!

When the Li Guang Arrow shot out, the world changed colors, the clouds scattered, the earth trembled, and the sky dimmed. An indescribable killing intent shot out with the arrow and tore open the sky, the world, and every obstacle as it shot toward the Seven-Colored Daoist!

The Sovereign’s expression turned deathly pale and he rapidly retreated. He had been killed twice by this arrow, so the pain was engraved in his heart!

Those three generals’ eyes were filled with fear. They had also felt the might of this arrow before. Now that they saw it again, their scalps went numb!

Wang Lin had shot the arrow at a very clever moment, just as the eight Eye Fishes pounced. The Seven-Colored Daoist’s expression changed and his pupils shrank. He let out a roar as his hands formed a seal and seven-colored light enveloped his body.

Just at this moment, the eight Eye Fishes closed in. As the thunderous rumbles echoed, Wang Lin’s Li Guang Arrow pierced the seven-colored light and landed on the body of the Seven-Colored Daoist.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the star system. The planet collapsed and countless pieces of rubble flew in all directions.

Wang Lin retreated and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth, but he still held onto the bow in his hand.

The three generals were hit by the ripples of this arrow and coughed out blood. They retreated in panic away from the planet.

However, just at this moment, an angry roar echoed and the eight Eye Fishes were covered in purple blood as they were pushed back over 10,000 feet. The seven-colored light around the Seven-Colored Daoist became distorted and immediately dimmed.

The Seven-Colored Daoist inside was revealed. His chest was a bloody mess. The arrow had pierced his chest, but the Seven-colored Daoist had caught the end of the arrow, so it couldn’t pierce through and destroy his body.

The Seven-Colored Daoist’s face was pale, but his expression was fierce. He mercilessly pulled the arrow out of his chest. Blood sprayed everywhere. Combined with his fierce expression, it was a shocking sight!

However, just as he pulled the arrow, the eight Eye Fishes let out heaven shattering roars. Their bodies trembled as their blood spread out, and their closed eyes opened a sliver!

All eight Eye Fishes’ eyes opened a sliver, and black light spread out. The eight Eye Fishes charged angrily at the Seven-Colored Daoist. This time, their bodies were covered by the black light from their eyes, making them look far more powerful than before!

Wang Lin held the bow in his left hand and a faint, golden light appeared in his eyes. He didn’t hesitate to draw the bow a second time. The arrow in the Seven-Colored Daoist’s hand disappeared and appeared in Wang Lin’s bow!

He looked at the Seven-Colored Daoist and killing intent filled his eyes. His right hand loosened and the second arrow flew out like a ray of light!

The people from planet Five Elements led by the old man named Ma were floating in the distance, not participating in this crazy battle. The moment they saw Wang Lin draw the bow twice and felt that powerful energy, their expressions changed.

The pupils of the old man named Ma shrank and his face was filled with terror. This was the first time he had seen Wang Lin use the Li Guang Bow, so the feeling of shock was very strong.

“The Li Guang Bow is actually in his hands! I see now. When he went to planet Five Elements, aside from relying on the Heavenly Dao, his biggest ace was this bow….”

Yun Yifeng’s expression was calm, but a huge wave was set off in his heart. He clenched his hand to cover up the panic in his heart. He felt fortunate that he hadn’t forced Wang Lin to take out this bow. He wasn’t confident he could withstand one blow from it!

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