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Chapter 1763 - Ambushed!

“Close 80%!!” Wang Lin’s limit was 80%, and the moment he said that, his face turned pale. The life force in his body depleted rapidly and his face aged a lot.

At the same time, the umbrella suddenly closed. Miserable screams echoed. It was unknown how many people died.

The three generals’ minds trembled and blood flowed out from the corner of their mouths. They used their full cultivation to resist the power of the fire, and they moved at full speed to try to rush out of this sea of fire.

The Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan were both gloomy. Even they had to spend some effort to resist this fire. After all, although their cultivation levels were high, their bodies were not like the Ancient Ones’.

The Seven-Colored Daoist had inherited the spells of the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. This included the Realm Burning Umbrella as well. Although it was different from the one Wang Lin was using, no one else here knew it better than him. At this moment, he let out a roar and rushed out of the sea of fire. He charged straight at Wang Lin, filled with killing intent!

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. After reaching 80%, Wang Lin knew he had hit his limit and couldn’t close it 100% However, Wang Lin was content with the effect of the Realm Burning Umbrella!

As the Seven-Colored Daoist charged out, Wang Lin waved his left hand!

The world trembled and the earth trembled as seven-colored light shined around Wang Lin. The seven-colored light shot into the sky and connected with the seven-colored light around the Seven-Colored Daoist, who was the first to rush out of the sea of fire. This seven-colored light connected the earth and the sky.

A seven-colored lance charged out from the earth beside Wang Lin. It was like a seven-colored dragon as it charged at the Seven-Colored Daoist!

This development was too sudden. The instant the Seven-Colored Daoist walked out of the sea of fire, his pupils shrank. He waved his sleeve and the lotus that had lost two petals appeared. Just like how he had blocked Wang Lin’s blade, the lotus petals closed, surrounding the Seven-Colored Daoist.

However, the Seven-Colored Daoist’s lotus couldn’t stop Wang Lin’s Seven-Colored Lance. Like the Realm Burning Umbrella, both were spells not from the cave world. If one could display a majority of the spell’s strength, it was already very powerful!

The lance instantly closed in on the lotus. The moment they collided, the five petals of the lotus collapsed one by one. As the pieces shattered, the lotus itself also shattered.

The gloomy Seven-Colored Daoist was revealed. He instantly waved his right hand and an identical Seven-Colored Lance appeared and collided with Wang Lin’s lance.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

A heaven-shattering rumble echoed. The collision of the two lances set off a massive shockwave. Just at this moment, Wang Lin’s third ambush appeared!

As the impact shattered, Wang Lin’s original body appeared. The stars between his eyebrows and in his eyes all rotated until they formed a vortex. The Ancient Dao shadow appeared behind him. His original body grew until it was 10,000 feet tall and fused with the shadow. He held up the Heaven Splitting Axe, and as the lances collided, he chopped down.

With the chop, the Heaven Splitting Axe flew toward the Seven-Colored Daoist. At this moment, Old Ghost Zhan walked out.

Old Ghost Zhan’s eyes lit up and were filled with greed. As Wang Lin’s original body swung the axe, he charged toward the third soul before Wang Lin!

However, Wang Lin had set seven ambushes, so how could he let Old Ghost Zhan do as he wished? Although Wang Lin couldn’t match Old Ghost Zhan’s cultivation, he had ambushes prepared. Just as Old Ghost Zhan got within 1,000 feet, Wang Lin’s left hand formed a seal and pointed.

“The fourth ambush, ghostly blood sail!!”

Old Ghost Zhansuddenly stopped and confusion arose in his eyes. A thunderous rumble echoed as a blood-colored fog appeared before him. The fog turned into a red, ghostly face and devoured Old Ghost Zhan.

This illusion could trap even the Seven-Colored Daoist, so Old Ghost Zhan couldn’t avoid it either. When Old Ghost Zhan was devoured by the ghostly face, he immediately sat down, and his expression constantly changed.

At the same time, Wang Lin’s axe closed in on the Seven-Colored Daoist, and the sound of the axe flying through the void echoed. Wang Lin knew this blow couldn’t injure the Seven-Colored Daoist, so he was willing to destroy the weapon!

The Heaven Splitting Axe shattered into pieces, and the destructive force rushed out. Wang Lin’s original body collapsed and blood splattered everywhere. However, with the Ancient Immortal Body, his body rapidly recovered as he retreated toward his avatar. By the time his original body overlapped with his avatar, he had recovered completely.

However, blood still streamed from the corners of Wang Lin’s mouth and fell on his white robe. It was a shocking sight.

As for the Seven-Colored Daoist, his hair was a mess and his eyes were filled with madness. He stepped toward Wang Lin. At the same time, the three generals and the Sovereign had rushed out of the sea of fire. However, right after they rushed out, they stopped, and their eyes were filled with disbelief!

They could have never expected to see such a scene. Old Ghost Zhan was surrounded by a red cloud of fog and was sitting there with a distorted face 1,000 feet from Wang Lin.

The Seven-Colored Daoist’s hair was a mess; he looked like he was in a sorry state, as if he was crazy.

They didn’t see what had happened earlier, they were only exposed to the result. Their hearts were filled with horror. The Sovereign was filled with disbelief as he knew how powerful the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan were. Those two people had actually ended up in such a sorry state before Wang Lin. This caused his heart to tremble.

The Azure Dragon General gasped and looked at Wang Lin with a sense of dread he never had before. This kind of thing became even more shocking when there was a comparison.

The Black Tortoise’s face turned pale and he looked around. He remembered Wang Lin’s Heavenly Dao, and fear rose in his heart. He even felt some regret coming here!

The Vermillion Bird General’s feeling was more complicated. It was difficult to suppress the shock in his heart.

There was also the sixth concubine. She had barely escaped the sea of fire and was injured. Now that she saw this terrifying scene, her fear for Wang Lin resurfaced.

However, in truth, Wang Lin had already used five of his seven traps and was injured. Both his avatar and original body were seriously injured. If it wasn’t for him holding on by a breath, he would have already fallen unconscious.

He had arrived here first and had set up an ambush, but he was still injured to such state. This just showed how powerful the Seven-Colored Daoist was!

The Seven-Colored Daoist’s killing intent toward Wang Lin had reached its peak. At this moment, he rapidly closed in and raised his right hand. He wasn’t even going to grab the third soul but was going to kill Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s face was pale, but his eyes were calm. As the Seven-Colored Daoist closed in, Wang Lin still held the Li Guang Bow with his right hand and pointed at the Seven-Colored Daoist with his left.

“Heavenly Dao, devour the world!!” At this moment, the world trembled and a giant rift appeared before the Seven-Colored Daoist. From a distance, this rift looked like a large mouth!

The Nether Beast appeared, and it suddenly opened its eyes, revealing the coldness and ruthlessness within. As the Seven-Colored Daoist closed in, it devoured!

Once the Nether Beast opens its mouth, it devours all life. A few of the Seven Dao Sect disciples struggled free from the sea of fire. Just as they got free and caught a glimpse of what was going on, they were sucked into the Nether Beast’s mouth.

Even a portion of the sea of fire in the sky was devoured by the Nether Beast.

The three generals’ expressions changed greatly, and they solidified their bodies to resist. However, the sixth concubine couldn’t fight the suction force and was pulled into the Nether Beast’s mouth as she screamed.

The Sovereign was completely startled. He looked at the Nether Beast with a pale face. When he first saw the Nether Beast, he had his guesses. The scene of his master being devoured was something he could not forget. When he first saw the Nether Beast, he hesitated and couldn’t tell because of the Nether Beast’s dumb expression. However, seeing those cold and ruthless eyes now, the Sovereign didn’t hesitate to retreat.

The expression of the Seven-Colored Daoist changed and he suddenly stopped. He stared at the Nether Beast with eyes filled with shock.

“Heaven…. Heavenly Dao!!”

The Nether Beast was not complete, so it couldn’t devour people who were too powerful. Wang Lin knew this, but he had still made it the fifth ambush just to shock the Seven-Colored Daoist!

After all, Wang Lin could not use the Stop spell on the Seven-Colored Daoist. He could not withstand the backlash that would cause. As a result, he could only summon the Nether Beast to create an effect similar to the Stop spell!

“Sixth ambush!!” Wang Lin revealed a grim smile, but this smile was very weak, and blood continued to flow out from the corner of his mouth. This made his smile very dark and grim.

Wang Lin’s left hand hit the ground. The method that the White Tiger used to control strength that Wang Lin learned from the second generation Vermillion Bird echoed through the ground. The vibration stimulated the sleeping mutated Eye Fish deep underground!

Also at this moment, the blood circle Wang Lin had drawn flew into the air and the restrictions disappeared. The smell of blood and origin energy were no longer hidden and completely erupted.

This blood circle flew toward the Seven-Colored Daoist. Just as the Seven-Colored Daoist snapped out of his shock, the blood circle exploded.

The aura from of the blood circle surrounded the Seven-Colored Daoist. The planet rumbled, and a dominating roar that had been sleeping for countless years came from deep inside the planet.

At the same time as the roar appeared, the yellow sand on the planet surged upwards.

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