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Chapter 1762 - Small Decisive Battle

As the incense stick burned, the situation in the 300 destroyed worlds changed.

An old man wearing a rough, blue robe was moving through a world, but he suddenly stopped. He looked up and his eyes revealed a strange light.

“Who’s battle incense was ignited… Could that person have found something…” The old man’s body trembled and a vortex appeared before him. He followed the aura of the incense stick.

A middle-aged man wearing a purple robe was sitting on a planet as if he was carefully looking for something. His nose suddenly moved as if he had caught a scent. His eyes lit up and he left without hesitation.

All the Seven Dao Sect disciples noticed the incense, and they all moved.

There was also the sixth and third concubines that had entered the core of this cave world. They were in different worlds, but they both noticed the incense. The sixth concubine’s eyes were filled with resentment as she had barely survived Wang Lin’s attack. She clenched her teeth and followed the smell of the incense.

As for the third concubine, her expression was cold and her eyes were complicated. She hesitated and didn’t know if she should go or not. She had come here with a different purpose than everyone else. She just wanted to go home!

She missed her hometown and her teacher. She wanted to leave this cave world and return to the Immortal Astral Continent.

While hesitating, she bit her lower lip and disappeared.

Aside from igniting the incense stick, there was also the jade. The moment the jade shattered, the Azure Dragon General, the Black Tortoise General, and the Vermillion Bird General all detected this and followed the message.

There was also Old Ghost Zhan, who had been following the group of cultivators with doubt building in his heart. The moment the jade broke, his expression immediately became gloomy and he looked back. His eyes revealed killing intent and he immediately turned around.

As for the Seven-Colored Daoist, as he continued to move, the barrier between the worlds could no longer last. The barrier collapsed, but seven-colored light shined and reinforced the collapse.

The Seven-Colored Daoist stood there with nothing before him. The moment the barrier collapsed, Wang Lin’s aura disappeared. The Seven-Colored Daoist immediately guessed what had happened, and his eyes flooded with monstrous anger. He let out a roar of rage and turned around.

“Wang Lin, I won’t give up until I kill you!” The Seven-Colored Daoist took a step and instantly disappeared. The incense and jade were like Wang Lin announcing to everyone where he was. It was like dark smoke on a clear day; it could clearly be felt by everyone.

The Seven-Colored Daoist also noticed and closed in at full speed.

Wang Lin’s avatar calmly sat there and held the Li Guang Bow with his right hand. The bottom of the bow was stuck three inches into the sand.

Holding the bow, Wang Lin closed his eyes. From a distance, he no longer looked like a cultivator but a hunter waiting for his prey.

After a long time, many vortexes appeared in this world. A large amount of people that were looking for him appeared.

Aside from White Tiger, the three generals appeared. The sixth and third concubines also appeared. The Seven Dao Sect disciples all arrived with an old man wearing a rough, blue robe leading them.

The Sovereign and Dao Master Blue Dream appeared in this world, both looking tired. They looked at each other with coldness in their eyes. It was clear they had battled each other in the 300 destroyed worlds.

Many cultivators came to this world, but none of them closed in on the planet Wang Lin was on, even though they clearly felt Wang Lin’s aura the moment they appeared.

The third concubine looked at the planet in the distance with a complicated gaze. She didn’t know if she was friends or enemies with Wang Lin, she couldn’t figure it out.

Shortly after, the old man named Ma from Planet Five Elements arrived, followed by the rest of his people. Their gazes swept past everyone and then looked at the planet in the distance.

Just at this moment, a giant vortex appeared and was torn apart by the seven-colored light that came through. The seven-colored light lit up the area and the Seven-Colored Daoist appeared.

Almost at the same moment the Seven-Colored Daoist appeared, Old Ghost Zhan walked out of the void. They were 10,000 feet apart, and after looking at each other, they withdrew their gazes.

A cold snort came from the Seven-Colored Daoist before he headed toward the planet. Old Ghost Zhan was slightly behind as he moved toward the planet. Everyone else also flew forward, following them. Only the people from planet Five Elements remained there and coldly looked forward.

The third concubine hesitated and didn’t move forward.

The Seven-Colored Daoist was the fastest. With one step, he arrived outside the planet. He looked at the planet and frowned. With his cultivation level, he obviously saw what was awaiting him on the planet, especially the beast that even he dreaded.

All of this made the Seven-Colored Daoist stop and hesitate outside the planet.

“This planet can’t be refined… Once it’s refined, the beast will be provoked and it won’t be worth it… This Wang Lin presumably waited here because of it.”

The moment the Seven-Colored Daoist stopped outside, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His gaze was calm. He raised his left hand and hit his forehead. There was a flash of ghostly light and Wang Lin took out the third soul.

Wang Lin released his hand and the third soul floated out. Its aura wasn’t contained at all, and it spread out.

For others, the lure of the third soul wasn’t nearly as strong as it was for the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan. When the third soul appeared, it was like placing their life long hopes and dreams before them. It was within their grasp!

This kind of temptation was not something they could resist!

“Anyone who can get within 10 feet of me can take this soul!” Wang Lin’s words echoed across the planet and became a thunderous rumble.

The Seven-Colored Daoist’s eyes were red. At this moment, he didn’t need to be concerned about any possible ambushes on the planet, and he charged forward. He thought that with his strength, as long as he didn’t draw the attention of the beast sleeping inside, there was nothing to worry about.

“Since he set ambushes here, he has basically trapped himself here!” The Seven-Colored Daoist took one step and entered the planet.

Old Ghost Zhan could not resist the temptation; he entered the planet almost at the same time as the Seven-Colored Daoist. The rest of the cultivators hesitated but also closed in. They didn’t want to compete, but they could not give up the chance to watch.

In particular, the Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, and Vermillion Bird charged out and entered the sky of the planet.

Facing all of them, although Wang Lin’s eyes were calm, his heart was boiling. His eyes were filled with battle intent, and he clenched the Li Guang Bow even tighter!

“I wonder how many people I can kill as a sacrifice.” Wang Lin looked up at the sky, and at this moment, the sky rumbled. The clouds moved apart like waves. Wang Lin saw the Seven-Colored Daoist, Old Ghost Zhan, and the rest of the cultivators.

“The first ambush, Realm Burning Umbrella. The umbrella refines all!” Wang Lin’s left hand formed a seal and pointed at the sky.

The world trembled and the entire sky turned red. This red wasn’t blood but the light from the fire. A sea of fire appeared out of nowhere and shrouded the world. Ripples echoed in the sea of fire, and a huge ancient umbrella appeared. The umbrella separated itself from the sea of fire in the sky.

The umbrella pole that had disappeared reappeared,looking like a heaven-supporting pillar.

The umbrella canopy covered the sky and blocked the path of everyone’s retreat!

Dao Master Blue Dream was forced out by a force from the Realm Burning Umbrella. It was as if everyone who was not part of this slaughter was being pushed out.

After all, in the slaughter that was going to happen, Wang Lin had no time to worry about Dao Master Blue Dream, so he chose to stop him outside.

Thunderous rumbles echoed, and the expressions of everyone who was blocked by the Realm Burning Umbrella changed. The Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan were the same, but they didn’t have much time to think. The monstrous fire that covered the sky raged toward them.

The Realm Burning Umbrella was not a spell of this cave world, and it had fused with Wang Lin’s fire essence. Ethereal fire spread out and began burning the minds of the cultivators trapped here.

Since learning the Realm Burning Umbrella, this was the first time Wang Lin was using it without any restrictions or care!

Wang Lin had learned this spell from the madman. First open the umbrella, then close it to kill!

“Close 30%!” Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy and let out a roar as he waved his left hand. The sky rumbled and the giant umbrella in the sky slowly closed.

As the umbrella closed, the fire inside became even hotter, and the temperature had reached a terrifying degree. Just 30% caused three of the Seven Dao Sect disciples who hadn’t reached the third step to begin burning from the inside. They were instantly burnt to ashes!

“Close 60%!” Wang Lin let out a roar and the veins on his face swelled. He closed the umbrella to an unprecedented 60%. The umbrella closed rapidly, and screams echoed. This time, even the expressions of the three generals changed!

They could have never imagined that Wang Lin could possess these powerful spells that were even rare on the Immortal Astral Continent!

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