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Chapter 1761 - Seven Ambushes

There was a beast on the Immortal Astral Continent named the Eye Fish. Its head was mostly taken up by its open mouth and its body looked something like a 10,000-foot-long mud snake. The beast liked to devour earth and absorb the essences of the earth to nourish its body, and spiritual energy to nourish its soul.

Young Eye Fishes often remained in silts of rivers and never revealed themselves. As time passed, adult Eye Fishes could reach 10,000 feet in length. They would drill through the silt and enter the earth. Then they would travel underground to a nearby mountain and sleep.

On the Immortal Astral Continent, most of the Eye Fishes were sealed by sects as protector beasts, but they were not loved by cultivators. When they entered a mountain, they would fuse with it. Although that gave the mountain a spirit, the mountain would soon turn into yellow sand.

These Eye Fishes that stole celestial energy had to be sealed. In truth, almost all the Eye Fishes that were found on the Immortal Astral Continent were immediately sealed.

Wang Lin was sitting on the desert of this planet. The wind howled as large sand storms were kicked off. The storms covered the world and made everything look dim.

Wang Lin learned about the Eye Fishes from the memories of the third soul. The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign had brought a young Eye Fish to the 300 destroyed worlds and intended to raise it here for a while before retrieving it. However, he had died and shattered, so the Eye Fish remained here.

Wang Lin had detected the aura of the beast and spotted the desert planet while he was escaping. This made him decide to return to this place.

Wang Lin grabbed a handful of yellow sand and felt a trace of spiritual energy. His divine sense spread out and found the aura of a beast deep inside the planet.

These various signs on the surface revealed that the beast below was likely the Eye Fish.

“An Eye Fish that was able to grow without restrictions and live in this world for so long… There are bound to be mutations. This is the only planet in this world, meaning the other planets have already been absorbed by the Eye Fish...

“This final one…” Wang Lin’s divine sense withdrew and everything about the planet appeared in his mind.

“I can sent up an ambush here!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and glinted with a cold light. His right hand formed seals and countless restrictions appeared to form the Realm Burning Umbrella.

The moment the umbrella appeared, a heat wave rushed out and spread across the sky. The clouds scattered as a giant umbrella appeared in the sky.

After the umbrella opened, the canopy fused with the umbrella’s pole. It was like a pillar that connected the sky and the earth.

Wang Lin looked up at the burning umbrella and bit the tip of his tongue to spray out blood. The blood seemed to be burning as it flew toward the sky. Thunderous rumbles echoed and then the umbrella slowly disappeared. Even the giant umbrella pole became transparent until no trace of it remained.

The Realm Burning Umbrella fused with the void, making it impossible to distinguish them. However, anyone who entered the planet would be shrouded in the fire.

This was the first ambush!

Wang Lin’s breathing was a bit rushed. Even with his late stage Spirit Void cultivation, using this spell was difficult, especially when he wanted to display more of its power. 

“It should be able to display more power…” Wang Lin raised right hand and pointed at his left eye. The fire essence in his left eye appeared and fire raged. He waved his right hand and a sea of fire flew out from his left eye. The sea of fire turned into a fire Vermillion Bird and flew into the sky.

The fire Vermillion Bird was too big, and its tail feathers spread open like a phoenix. After circling a few times, it disappeared from the world.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and calmly cultivated for a while. Then he suddenly opened his eyes. His hands formed seals and he began to mutter. A moment later, seven-colored light erupted from his hands.

This seven-colored light looked the same as the spells from the Seven-Colored Daoist. Now that Wang Lin was using the spell, it was even more dazzling, and the light covered every part of the planet.

“Seven-Colored Dao Lance!” Wang Lin let out a roar and his arms opened. The sky rumbled as the seven-colored light gathered in the sky to form the Seven-Colored Lance!

This lance gave off a shocking aura and let out a hymn once it appeared. Then it flew toward Wang Lin and stabbed into the earth to the right of Wang Lin.

This was the second ambush!

After using these two powerful spells back to back, Wang Lin looked tired, but he didn’t stop. He pointed to between his eyebrows and a shadow appeared over him. The shadow gradually separated until his original body and avatar split.

The original body with the Ancient Dao inheritance flew into the sky and his right hand reached out. The world changed color as the Heaven Splitting Axe appeared. Wang Lin’s original body grabbed it and disappeared.

The full power attack of the Ancient Dao inheritance was the third ambush!

After the three ambushes, Wang Lin’s expression looked dim and his breath became rapid. He adjusted himself for half an incense of time before opening his eyes once more. He waved his right hand and the Ghostly Sail appeared.

This object came from the Immortal Astral Continent and was a powerful treasure! Although Wang Lin hadn’t fully comprehended it, he could still use it to cast illusions. Wang Lin pondered for a moment before he bit his left index finger and dripped blood on the ghostly face.

His blood was quickly absorbed by the ghostly face. In just three breaths, half of his blood was absorbed, causing Wang Lin’s face to turn pale.

At the fourth breath, the ghostly face stopped absorbing blood and its eyes revealed a demonic light. Wang Lin held the sail up and waved it. The ghostly face flew out and let out a silent roar. Its body expanded until it enveloped the planet and disappeared.

After the ghostly face disappeared, the world seemed to change, but it was very difficult to find what the issue was.

This ghostly face illusion was Wang Lin’s fourth ambush!

Wang Lin’s forehead was covered in sweat. He wiped away the sweat and took a deep breath. He pointed at the sky with his right hand and a roar echoed across the world. There was a small ghostly dot, and it rapidly expanded into the Nether Beast.

This beast’s body hadn’t expanded completely; it was only 1,000 feet large. However, its cold and ruthless eyes could cause anyone’s heart to tremble.

As Wang Lin pointed, the Nether Beast closed its eyes and its body became thin. It eventually turned into fog and shrouded the world. The entire world seemed to become blurry inside the fog.

This Nether Beast was Wang Lin’s fifth ambush!

Wang Lin’s cultivator avatar sat down on the yellow desert, feeling very tired. This was the first time he had used all these spells at once. If it was during a normal battle, he would never have the time to use them all, but right now it was possible.

“There is still the sixth ambush…” Wang Lin silently pondered and raised his left hand. The blood flowing out of the tip of his finger had already clotted, but he tore it open again. Then he drew a circle of blood around him.

The moment the blood circle was formed, Wang Lin spat out a mouth of his essence energy onto it, causing it to be filled with the smell of blood and dense origin energy.

As the smell of blood and origin energy spread out, the entire planet trembled. This tremble came from the heart of the planet and fused with the ground. The sand on the planet moved like waves.

Then Wang Lin’s hands formed a seal and blood lines appeared in his eyes. A large amount of blood lines appeared and fused with the circle of blood, hiding the aura coming from it.

After a long time, the movement on the earth slowly dissipated and Wang Lin let out a breath of relief.

“The Eye Fish is my sixth ambush!”

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes, and there was a hint of golden light in his eyes. This golden light contained an extremely rich celestial bloodline. This was the only celestial blood Wang Lin had left.

His right hand reached toward the void and there was a flash of golden light. The Li Guang Bow appeared and he grabbed it. Wang Lin looked up at the sky. After a long time, he closed his eyes and began to simulate what could happen.

The Li Guang Bow was his last ambush, the seventh ambush!

These seven ambushes created this shocking trap!

Time slowly passed. In a flash, another incense stick of time went by. Wang Lin opened his eyes and no longer hesitated. He waved his left hand and an unlit black incense stick appeared before him.

Holding the incense stick, he waved it and ignited it. Black smoke quickly flew into the air like signal smoke.

This didn’t end. After the incense was ignited, Wang Lin threw it out, and it landed 30 feet away in the yellow sand. The fire flickered and the black smoke became even more dense.

Wang Lin’s left hand reached toward the void again and he pulled out Zi Xia, who had her eyes closed. Wang Lin didn’t feel any pity as his finger landed between her eyebrows. She revealed a painful expression. Combined with her beautiful face, it could move anyone’s heart.

But Wang Lin’s eyes were still cold, and the moment his finger landed between her eyebrows, her eyes opened. Zi Xia struggled as her right hand moved out of her control and grasped at the void. The message jade appeared in her hand.

Holding the jade, Zi Xia struggled even more, but she could not control her body. She sent out a message and the jade shined brightly before shattering.

The seven ambushes had been set, and with the burning incense stick and jade, he had set the bait. Now he just needed to wait for the prey to arrive to set off a great battle on this planet!

Wang Lin didn’t think he could kill the Seven-Colored Daoist and Old Ghost Zhan, but he didn’t need to kill them. Sometimes, severely injuring someone had the same affect.

After all, whether it was Old Ghost Zhan or the Seven-Colored Daost, if one of them was seriously injured, it would be a great opportunity for the other!

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