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Chapter 1760 - Scheming!

Perhaps there were now less than 300 destroyed worlds. After all, countless years had passed, so some may have been destroyed as time passed, and some might have already been destroyed a long time ago.

At this moment, in one world, a vortex appeared and a ray of like charged out without waiting for the vortex to completely appear. The figure inside the light had white clothes, it was Wang Lin.

The moment after he walked out of the vortex. he turned around and raised his right hand. Ye Mo’s right arm appeared and ripped the void behind him.

The void was ripped open and split the vortex in half, causing it to collapse.

All of this happened in a flash. Wang Lin walked into the rift that was created by the Heaven Rippling spell and disappeared.

The moment after he disappeared, a cold snort came from the void. Thunderous rumbles echoed as the Seven-Colored Daoist walked out of the collapsed vortex.

His eyes were filled with coldness and he was very gloomy. If Wang Lin hadn’t reacted so quickly and used the destruction of the vortex to slow him down, Wang Lin wouldn’t have been able to leave so calmly; he would have been caught by the Seven-Colored Daoist.

The hunt continued. Wang Lin used his various spells to travel between the worlds. The Seven-Colored Daoist followed closely behind. If Wang Lin made one mistake, he would be caught.

As he moved through the worlds again and again, it caught the attention of the rest of the people in the 300 destroyed worlds. Their divine senses slowly gathered and followed after the Seven-Colored Daoist.

“I need to lose him quickly; otherwise, if I continue to move through the worlds, it will attract more attention. Once Old Ghost Zhan appears and both of them are chasing it me, it will be hard to lose them!” Wang Lin appeared from a vortex and entered another destroyed world.

Just as he was about to leave, his expression changed. This world was different from the other worlds. It contained a shocking aura that appeared and disappeared. This aura seemed to belong to a fierce beast.

The reason it was appearing and disappearing was likely because the beast sleeping.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and it was as if thunder had flashed through his mind. He didn’t stay but remembered this place and quickly left. The Seven-Colored Daoist looked gloomy as he also sensed the beast’s aura. This aura even alarmed him, and he thought Wang Lin would awaken the best to cause chaos in order to escape, but Wang Lin hadn’t done this.

At this moment, the Seven-Colored Daoist couldn’t think too much. He stepped into the vortex and chased after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin moved very fast. Although he had moved through dozens of worlds, he had only gone in one direction. The star systems were like many mirrors, and Wang Lin was just moving in and out of one mirror. Although he would go into a different world each time, his location didn’t change!

As he moved through the worlds by force, and with the Seven-Colored Daoist following him, even a powerful barrier would show signs of collapsing.

Wang Lin understood the 300 destroyed worlds. The reason the 300 destroyed worlds could exist for so long was because of the yellow flower. The 300 destroyed worlds absorbed nutrients from the flower to be able to become eternal.

The flower was a treasure the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign had obtained on the Immortal Astral Continent. It had no offensive power, but it contained amazing life force. Using it to heal would cut the time required by half.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Lian Daofei had appeared too suddenly, the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign wouldn’t have ended up in such a sorry state.

The Seven-Colored Daoist, who didn’t have any of the memories, didn’t know of this. Even the four generals and concubines didn’t know this much. They only knew about the 300 destroyed worlds.

As Wang Lin continued to move, the barrier between the worlds became unstable and thunderous rumbles echoed. Every time he moved from one world to another, a heaven-shattering rumble would echo.

This change immediately caught the attention of the Seven-Colored Daoist. His eyes narrowed and he sneered.

“You dare to use this kind of small trick on this lord? This Wang Lin simply wants to use the collapse of the barriers to block my pursuit and even use this power to injure me!

“It is indeed a good idea, but since I’ve seen through him, there is no chance of success.” The Seven-Colored Daoist’s eyes lit up and seven-colored light shined. It began to reinforce the barrier between the worlds.

With his cultivation reinforcing the barrier, the effect was good. However, his expression remained gloomy and he only reinforced it in secret, so only a flash of seven-colored light could be seen.

“This child is cunning. If he finds out that I’ve already seen through his plan, he could change and cause unnecessary trouble. I’ll let him think it’s working and then capture him once he thinks he has succeeded!” The Seven-Colored Daoist smiled and casually gave chase.

As the two people followed, Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo was still observing all of this. He thought about helping Wang Lin resolve this problem, but this idea only appeared for a moment before it disappeared.

“This child needs to rely on himself for this test. If he can notice my presence, I’ll help him. This is my last test for him!

“Wang Lin, don’t disappoint me.” Xuan Luo pondered and naturally saw Wang Lin and the Seven-Colored Daoist’s behavior. After pondering for a moment, he naturally saw through their thoughts.

“If the barrier in the worlds collapses, he could escape, but now his plan has been seen through. How will he adapt…” Xuan Luo slowly followed.

Wang Lin moved between the worlds, and he was aware that the barrier was about to collapse. His eyes shined, and as he disappeared into a vortex, he took out the Ghostly Sail without anyone noticing.

In a flash, the Ghostly Sail covered his body, and when he appeared, the sail was gone. All of this happened when he was moving between worlds, so no one had noticed.

The Seven-Colored Daoist’s full attention was focused on the barrier that was about to collapse. He believed he had seen through Wang Lin and that Wang Lin could not escape!

Following his lock on Wang Lin, the Seven-Colored Daoist’s pursuit took almost the exact same path as Wang Lin.

Time slowly passed. In a flash, one incense stick of time went by. After doing it over 100 times, Wang Lin stepped out of the vortex and entered a star system. This was the first time he didn’t immediately enter another world.

He moved very fast, flew more than 100,000 feet, and curled up. Light shined and slowly became distorted. A moment later, an illusion appeared around Wang Lin. He had disappeared and was replaced by an ordinary-looking planet.

Just as he turned into a planet, seven-colored light filled the vortex he had come out of. The Seven-Colored Daoist didn’t hesitate and immediately went back inside the vortex.

Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo saw all of this, causing his pupils to shrink. He took a profound look at the planet Wang Lin had formed, and there was a hint of shock in his eyes.

“Such a cunning mind… This child… is a dragon amongst men!” Xuan Luo silently pondered, and his eyes revealed a sense of admiration he had never shown before.

After the Seven-Colored Daoist left, several more people came and quickly left. Even after they left, the planet Wang Lin had turned into still didn’t change.

Shortly after, Old Ghost Zhan appeared where the vortex disappeared. His body didn’t reveal any aura at all, as if he was dead. He revealed a sneer as he stepped forward and disappeared from this world.

It wasn’t until this moment that the planet Wang Lin had turned into move and dissipated, revealing Wang Lin. He looked at where everyone gone, and his expression remained the same. A vortex appeared beside him and he stepped inside.

He went in the opposite direction of where everyone had gone, and because he was very cautious, no one knew where he was going. After moving through four destroyed worlds, he stopped into the fifth destroyed world.

This was the place he had passed through before with the aura of a fierce beast, and he carefully moved forward. Wang Lin came to the planet in this world. This was a desert planet with no mountains or basins. It was just yellow sand plains everywhere.

Wang Lin sat here and let out a deep breath. His eyes revealed killing intent!

“Now it is time for my first counter-attack… Even if I use one of my three lives, I’ll give these people pursuing me a lesson they will never forget!

“It should be a while before the Seven-Colored Daoist notices that something is wrong. Enough time for me to set up an ambush!” Wang Lin’s hands formed a seal and he pressed down on the earth beside him.

Wang Lin was very smart, and it was very difficult for others to outsmart him. The moment he entered the 300 destroyed worlds, he was already thinking of a plan to escape people hunting him. In the end, he thought of this scheme within a scheme!

The barrier connecting the worlds was the first scheme. Wang Lin deduced that this first scheme couldn’t fool the Seven-Colored Daoist or Old Ghost Zhan, and he wanted them to find out.

Once they really found the place, they would unknowingly fall into the second scheme. Once they thought they had seen through Wang Lin’s scheme, they would relax. Using this moment, and the fact that the pursuit had formed a cycle, Wang Lin would use the Ghostly Sail to place them in an illusion.

The main point wasn’t the collapse of the barrier or the illusion, but the fact that Wang Lin had repeated this action over 100 times. This made the people chasing him have subconscious habits and tendencies….

These were the conditions for putting them inside an illusion!

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