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Chapter 176 – Capturing the wind pack

When Hunchback Meng was caught by the king tornado, he was drowned by a flood of hatred.

Wang Lin’s body turned into a cloud of smoke as he quickly escaped from the group of tornados. There were some scattered tornados that came to try and stop Wang Lin like they did with Hunchback Meng.

Wang Lin sneered. His eyes were completely calm without a trace of panic. As the group of tornados got closer, one of the tornados suddenly sped up and arrived next to Wang Lin. The tornado picked up Wang Lin and quickly charged out of the encirclement of tornados.

This all happened too quickly for the other tornados to react, and even if they could have reacted, they weren’t smart enough to realize the problem.

Wang Lin stood within the tornado and charged toward the vortex to the second trial. The moment he charged out of the tornado, he secretly ordered the second devil to take control of another one.

He was able to escape so quickly because up to this moment everything has gone just as planned.

That king creature scanned the distance before landing in Wang Lin’s tornado. It revealed a confused look before letting out a thunderous roar. All of the tornados started chasing after Wang Lin.

As for the king tornado, it had a strange expression on its face while it carried Hunchback Meng and slowly disappeared into the opposite direction.

The difference between the tornados varied a lot; it depended on the amount of small creatures inside. The more there were, the faster that tornado went. As a result, the tornados formed a line while they chased after Wang Lin. The tornado Wang Lin controlled had a decent amount of small creatures, so its speed was not slow either.

Although the tornados were chasing Wang Lin, he wasn’t scared. Instead, he calculated the speed of those tornados before turning back to look at the closest ones. He opened his mouth and spat out a crystal light. The flying sword quickly teleported toward the tornados Wang Lin had in mind.

His Ji Realm was traveling inside the flying sword. His targets weren’t the little creatures that were like soldiers, but the ones leading each tornado.

With the presence of the Ji Realm Divine Sense and the sharp blade of the flying sword, in just the blink of an eye one of the tornados Wang Lin was eyeing suddenly stopped. All of the small creatures inside it suddenly scattered with confused looks on their faces.

Wang Lin didn’t stop at all. His hand quickly pointed and a ray of light zipped between the tornados. Suddenly, a majority of the large tornados Wang Lin was paying attention to collapsed.

At this moment, he began to see the divine senses behind him begin to merge, so he waved his hand and the crystal sword returned in a flash. It was not that Wang Lin didn’t want to fight, but those small creatures were now on guard. He was able to catch them by surprise before, but if he continued, then the flying sword would be blocked by the merged divine senses when it approaches a tornado.

He didn’t want to be like Hunchback Meng, fighting until his life treasure splits in half.

Wang Lin sneered while the flying sword was coming back to him. He continued to escape. Soon, the distance between him and the tornados widened. All of the tornados he targeted were the largest ones that were slightly faster than him.

All of this happened in an instant. In the blink of an eye, a gap appeared between Wang Lin and the tornados. However, the small creatures had finished merging their divine senses, and a series of divine sense lightning bolts rushed towards Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes were still calm. When the divine sense lightning arrived, Wang Lin gave the second devil an order. The small creatures controlled by the second devil suddenly turned around and charged out, creating sound waves that began to spread out.

This sound wave attack created a shock wave that pushed Wang Lin’s tornado forward, causing the divine sense lightning to miss. When the small creatures chasing Wang Lin merged their divine senses for another attack, Wang Lin was already far away from them.

As the large vortex in the sky came into Wang Lin’s sight, his eyes started sparkling. In truth, if he hadn’t decided to steal from Hunchback Meng, he would already have safely entered the second trial.

Even now, if he gave up on hiding inside the tornado and charged out using all of his strength, he had an 80% chance of making it, but this was not what Wang Lin planned to do.

He didn’t know what kind of dangers were in the second trial. It was very unlikely he would have the luck of someone opening the path for him like here in the first trial, so he mustn’t recklessly charge in.

As a result, the ever so cautious Wang Lin set his sights on the tornados behind him. Wang Lin’s plan was to bring some of those tornados with him to the second trial. This way, he would have some means of self-defense in the second trial.

With this thought in mind, he couldn’t just enter the vortex on his own. He carefully looked back at the tornados behind him and began to ponder. Then he clenched his teeth and gave an order to the second devil. His tornado slowed down.

The moment he slowed down, the tornados behind him immediately closed the distance to 500 feet, and a series of attacks also quickly closed in on Wang Lin.

The tornado Wang Lindo was in only needed one breath of time at full speed to reach the vortex.

That is to say that it would take one breath of time for the tornados to catch up and two breaths of time for them to enter the vortex.

During the first breath of time, Wang Lin took an item out of his bag of holding. When the divine senses attack arrived, Wang Lin didn’t suddenly speed up to avoid the attack but instead used the small creatures in his tornado to block it.

In just one breath of time, more than half of the small creatures in Wang Lin’s tornado died.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. There was no hint of panic in his eyes. At this moment, Wang Lin was even closer to the vortex, and the tornados behind him quickly closed in.

In the second breath of time, Wang Lin’s body charged out of his tornado like an arrow. The group of tornados closed in while their sound attacks burst forth.

The moment Wang Lin left his tornado, all of the small creatures besides the second devil died.

At this time, Wang Lin’s body was already inside the vortex. The tornados chasing him had also entered the vortex. The tornados suddenly stopped, and some in the back of the pack were about to retreat.

However, how could Wang Lin let them do as they wished? He looked at the 40 or so tornados that were chasing him and shouted, “Stay here for me!”

As he spoke, he sent spiritual energy into the object he had taken out of his bag of holding during the first breath. Suddenly, a ring of light expanded and surrounded all the tornados.

The image of the dragon appeared, and under Wang Lin’s control, it circled along the ring of light. At this very moment, purple lightning reached out from the vortex. The purple lightning landed on Wang Lin and went through him into the ring of light. The vortex quickly pulled them all into it.

In the blink of an eye, Wang Lin and the 40 or so tornados were pulled into the vortex.

At this point, the rest of the tornados had caught up, but when they touched the vortex, they were bounced back. More and more tornados gathered here, but after trying for a very long time, they still weren’t able to enter the vortex. After some time, they slowly began to disperse.

The first trial, the earth trial, gradually calmed back down. In an unknown location inside the earth trial, Hunchback Meng floated in the air. His body was a bloody mess, and his eyes were filled with confusion. In front of him was the king creature’s body. The golden finger bone on its head was slowly appearing.

It pointed to Hunchback Meng’s brow…

As for Wang Lin, after he came out of the vortex, he quickly spread out his divine sense and was shocked. The place he was at now was a grey world with nothing but a bridge made of black stone.

Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense and looked back. The dragon formation was still there with more than 40 tornados inside. They were still trying to escape by colliding wildly against the surrounding rings of light.

Every time they collided, the ring became a bit dimmer. Wang Lin let out a cold snort as he put away the dragon formation. As soon as the formation disappeared, the 40 plus tornados scattered.

At the same time, Wang Lin pointed at his brow. The second devil quickly appeared and let out a challenging roar toward those tornados.

The tornados all suddenly stopped. One of the small creatures flew out from one of the tornados and collided with the second devil. Wang Lin calmly watched this all happen. This was a part of his plan. The reason he didn’t let the second devil challenge them in the first trial was because there were simply too many tornados chasing them to stop. The moment the second devil began challenging them, they would attract even more tornados. If the second devil ever failed, then Wang Lin would be left without any means of escape.

But now there were only these 40 plus tornados, making it a very different situation.

Three days later, Wang Lin looked into the distance while standing next to the black bridge. Forty-two black tornados were packed closely together. If one looked closely, they would see that the tornados were all surrounding one tornado in the center with slivers of red light connecting them.

The leaders of all tornados were fused with the second devil. However, through force, Wang Lin pulled them all out and put them in a soul flag to use for making more devils in the future.

He did this to prevent himself from losing control of the second devil because the second devil had merged with too many of them.

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