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Chapter 1759 - Seven-Colored Arrives!

Wang Lin raised the blade and the black gas turned into a storm that connected to the sky. From afar, the storm looked like a shocking black dragon.

The blade in Wang Lin’s hand didn’t move at all, as if it was frozen in place. As a result, Wang Lin’s body and the black dragon storm formed a stark contrast.

In this blend of static and movement, a shocking pressure came from Wang Lin’s body. Due to the White Tiger General’s divine sense avatar being devoured, and his oath, this pressure caused him to tremble.

The pressure was like a mountain, causing the White Tiger General to yield. He trembled as he lowered his head.

The middle-aged man from Planet Five Elements was even worse off. Although he hadn’t made a blood oath, his divine sense avatar had been devoured by Wang Lin. As the pressure spread out, he felt a sense of awe washing over him like an ocean wave.

Wang Lin had no time to pay attention to the two of them. He focused all his attention on the blade. He slowly closed his eyes and no longer looked at the sky; he put his everything into the blade.

The moment he closed his eyes, he could no longer hear any sounds. The only thing he could feel was this blade. This blade replaced his eyes and divine sense. As his cultivation gathered on it, it became a shockingly powerful blade!

In the western part of this star system, a rumble echoed and a giant vortex appeared. As soon as the vortex appeared and hadn’t even fully formed, it trembled violently before collapsing. Looking at how it collapsed, it was as if someone had torn it apart from within.

The thunderous rumble echoed and the sharp, seven-colored light shined. Inside the light, the Seven-Colored Daoist stepped forward and entered this destroyed world.

The moment he entered, the Seven-Colored Daoist clearly sensed Wang Lin’s aura. His eyes revealed killing intent and coldness, and he also began to laugh.

“Wang Lin, this lord has found you. I want to see how you will escape this time!”

Just at this instant, on the third planet, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and the blade in his hand gave off a monstrous light. He let out a roar as he jumped into the sky and slashed with the most powerful blade!

After slashing, he rapidly retreated.

A giant blade energy appeared in the sky. It absorbed the storm around Wang Lin, his armor,  and all the soldiers formed by the law. This blade energy immediately destroyed the law White Tiger had created!

The White Tiger General coughed out blood and his expression became dim.

The blade energy rushed into the sky and disappeared. When it reappeared, it was where the Seven-Colored Daoist was. Everything had happened too fast. The moment the Seven-Colored Daoist had arrived, Wang Lin had slashed down.

The blade energy broke through the void and expanded to more than 100,000 feet. It no longer looked corporeal but solid as it flew toward the Seven-Colored Daoist!

The blade energy was formed by the law here and was fused with Wang Lin’s full cultivation. Swinging this blade was the same as using the full power of one of the destroyed worlds to kill someone!

It was impossible to describe the power of this blade. The blade energy was bright as it flew toward the Seven-Colored Daoist!

The Seven-Colored Daoist’s pupils shrank. Even with his cultivation level, he felt a sense of danger. This kind of thing was extremely rare; he had only felt it three times in his life!

However, out of those three times, two happened while chasing Wang Lin. The first time was in the crack in the Cloud Sea, and the second time was now in this destroyed world!

“Borrowing the law here to form this blade… This Wang Lin was able to think of this in such a short period of time. This kind of wisdom is rare! However, the smarter he is, the more he needs to die!” The Seven-Colored Daoist knew that with Old Ghost Zhan, around he couldn’t afford to get injured. He waved his sleeve and seven-colored light began to flash. The light condensed into a seven-colored lotus with seven petals, each petal with one of the seven colors. It bloomed before the Seven-Colored Daoist.

“Seven-Colored Dao Lotus, lotus gathers the soldiers!” The moment the Seven-Colored Daoist spoke, he stepped into the lotus. The petals of the lotus shrank and surrounded his body.

From a distance, this no longer looked like a lotus, just a flower bud. The blade closed in and landed on the seven-colored lotus bud.

Thunderous rumbles echoed, causing the star system to tremble. The star system was torn in many places as the blade shattered into countless fragments.

At the same time, the seven-colored lotus bud trembled. The seven colors flashed and two of the petals shattered.

However, the collapse of the blade and two petals created a destructive force. This destructive force spread out like crazy with the seven-colored lotus at the center.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the star system. The star system began to collapse inch by inch as if it was being torn apart by force.

The star system trembled and continued to collapse. As the destructive wave spread, everything in its path collapsed. Even the nine planets trembled, and seven of them exploded. They turned into black holes that devoured everything.

This world would no longer exist!

The third planet rumbled, large ravines appeared on its surface, and the sky changed colors. As the earth trembled, it began to collapse.

The earth rumbled and large amounts of rocks flew into the air. It looked like the end of the world!

Blood flowed out of the corner of Wang Lin’s mouth and he revealed a helpless expression. The Seven-Colored Daoist was too strong! He didn’t hesitate to retreat, and a vortex appeared behind him. As he stepped into the vortex, there was a roar that echoed across the star system.

The lotus bud suddenly appeared above the collapsing third planet and opened up, revealing the Seven-Colored Daoist sitting inside!

“Seven-Colored Dao Lotus, lotus opens to welcome death!” The Seven-Colored Daoist suddenly raised his hand and pointed at Wang Lin.

Although the Seven-Colored Daoist looked normal, he was very gloomy. That blade from before was far more powerful than what he imagined Wang Lin could do. It didn’t feel like it was Wang Lin that had attacked him, it was more like the entire destroyed world had attacked him.

Even he was shocked by the power of that blow! Also, the Seven-Colored Lotus platform had actually lost two petals, which made his heart ache. Killing intent filled his body!

As the Seven-Colored Daoist pointed, the remaining five petals of the Seven-Colored Lotus platform flew off. They were going to seal and kill Wang Lin!

The Seven-Colored Daoist jumped into the air and chased after Wang Lin, following the five colors.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s body had fused with the vortex and he was about to leave. However, the Seven-Colored Daoist was attacking and had combined his attack with the collapse of the third planet. The five lotus petals closed in and a sense of life and death filled Wang Lin’s heart.

However, since Wang Lin had dared to stay here to attack with that blade, he obviously had come prepared. Although he acted on impulse sometimes, every move he made had a purpose. As the petals closed in on him, his left hand reached at the void and a sea of fire surrounded him. It turned into a huge flaming umbrella.

Realm Burning Umbrella!

The umbrella didn’t cover the sky but was held in Wang Lin’s hand like a normal-sized umbrella. The Realm Burning Umbrella required a lot of restrictions and took some time to prepare, so it was not good to use at a moment of danger.

However, Wang Lin had already thought of a path of retreat. His left hand secretly created the umbrella while he waited. Although this would burn a bit more life force, it was worth it!

At this moment, the umbrella was inside his left hand, and it suddenly opened to cover up his body!

The moment the umbrella opened, fire rushed out. The five petals closed in and were blocked by the fire. Every petal that landed on the umbrella caused a tremble that shook Wang Lin’s heart. However, he used this force to retreat three steps.

After three steps, his body completely fused with the vortex. As the fire blocked any view of him, Wang Lin left this world.

The moment Wang Lin disappeared, he heard an angry roar. The Seven-Colored Daoist followed the petals and rushed into the vortex. He raised his right hand and a seven-colored hand clawed at Wang Lin!

However, this claw missed as Wang Lin had left!

“Even if you run to the ends of the earth, you can’t escape this lord!!” The Seven-Colored Daoist didn’t even look at the White Tiger General and the person from Planet Five Elements. He rushed into the vortex after Wang Lin.

After Wang Lin and the Seven-Colored Daoist left, the third planet collapsed and was destroyed along with this world. The White Tiger General looked up with a complicated gaze. His vow was already in effect, and Wang Lin had even had time to give him an order.

He had to obey it. He struggled to get up and charged at the pale-faced Planet Five Elements cultivator.

“Capture him, I have great use for him!” This was the first order Wang Lin had given the White Tiger General before leaving.

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