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Chapter 1756 - Bet

The woman was wearing very little under her dress. Now that her dress was damaged, a lot of her skin was revealed. Wang Lin has coldhearted to his enemies, even if they were female, and showed no compassion. If it was anyone else, they would have become lustful after taking a look.

The blood sword pierced through Zi Xia’s chest. As blood sprayed everywhere, the blood sword buzzed in excitement.

The blood sword was filled with killing intent. It flew out to drink blood and wouldn’t return until it had!

As the blood spread out from her chest, Zi Xiang’s face was pale and she coughed out blood. As she fell, she was going to take out a treasure to support herself, but how could Wang Lin give her the chance?

The moment the blood sword pierced her chest, Wang Lin appeared before Zi Xia, filling her vision. His essences rushed out!

Zi Xia had no time to react at all. The fire essence turned into a giant Vermillion Bird and surrounded Zi Xia.

The power of the fire raged and its might was irresistible!

After the fire, the thunder essence turned into a thunder dragon. It charged in after the Vermillion Bird toward Zi Xia!

Life and death, karma, and true and false appeared. Blood lines appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes and spread out. Blood lines appeared around all Zi Xia and blocked all paths of retreat.

Finally, the slaughter essence entered Wang Lin’s hand. This caused his hand to become something that could slaughter all life!

The moment the slaughter essence appeared, the star system became cold. Red snowflakes appeared and began to fall. This happened in a flash as all seven essences rushed out. Zi Xia coughed out three mouthfuls of blood, and even now, she still hadn’t managed to take out a treasure!

She didn’t even have time to form a seal. Six essences rumbled as Zi Xia watched a huge palm penetrate the essences and land between her eyebrows.

There was a thunderous rumble and Zi Xia coughed out blood once more. A large amount of blood lines appeared on her body, making it seem like she was going to be torn apart!

Intense pain came from her heart, and even her origin soul was seriously injured. Her face became pale and a sense of despair filled her body.

However, just at this moment, her sinking body suddenly stopped as the law that stopped flying began to disappear, but this was part of Wang Lin’s plan. Just as the law was about to disappear, Wang Lin closed in and pointed at Zi Xia!


One point to stop the body, the mind, the soul! Stop the heavens and earth!

Zi Xia’s body was suddenly shrouded by the Stop spell. Even though the law had dissipated, she continued to fall. She couldn’t even take out her treasures, and even her thoughts were stopped!

Wang Lin suppressed the rebound force and closed in on Zi Xia. He quickly pointed at her nine times! Each time, Zi Xia would tremble as Wang Lin sent a sealing force into her.

After all nine points landed, the seal was complete!

A spider web-like restriction appeared around Zi Xia, sealing her completely!

With a wave of his sleeve, Zi Xia’s body disappeared without a trace and was captured by Wang Lin! This battle was extremely clean; it had taken less than 10 breaths of time!

Wang Lin hadn’t killed Zi Xia because she had many things he was interested in. With her captured, he could kill her at any moment!

The blood light flashed and returned to Wang Lin. As it buzzed, Wang Lin walked forward. A large vortex appeared below him and he disappeared into it!

“Three waves of people have entered this world. It will be difficult to deal with a fourth, so I might as well leave!”

Wang Lin knew that the 300 destroyed worlds were connected and that he could go from one to another. Although he didn’t know the seal, he could break his way through.

In one of the 300 destroyed worlds, a vortex appeared. The vortex rumbled loudly, immediately catching the attention of the people here.

The White Tiger General was standing in the sky above a planet. Below him were millions of soldiers there were fighting in a great battle!

Blood flowed like a river and there were constant death. The millions of soldiers were spread across the plain as far as the eye could see. This kind of battle between mortals was rare to see!

“I didn’t expect to encounter this much slaughter here. Kill more. The more you kill, the more killing intent I can absorb. Although I can’t bring it out of here, I can use it in this world!

“I was the first person to enter this world, and all the laws were set by me! Unless it is the Seven-Colored Daoist or Old Ghost Zhan, whoever else comes here will be affected by my laws!” The White Tiger General had followed the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign for a long time, so he naturally knew about the 300 destroyed worlds. At this moment, he was very excited.

On the earth, the two armies each had their own generals. On one side there was a general who rode white horse with tiger spots. He wore a set of white armor and his cape was made of tiger skin. His eyes were cold but also revealed excitement.

In an instant, an invisible and mysterious connection between him and the White Tiger General appeared.

Also in the sky, a middle-aged man was sitting before the White Tiger General. His expression was gloomy and his body fuzzy, as if he would disappear if the wind blew by. His eyes were closed and he looked panicked as sweat appeared on his forehead.

He was an illusion like the White Tiger General. Aside from the two of them, no one else could see them.

On the earth, there was a soldier in the army that was fighting against the White Tiger General’s army. He looked panicked and let out a roar as he waved the lance in his hand. He killed the enemies around him, but his body trembled. He occasionally looked up at the sky with fear and anger.

His appearance was the same as the middle-aged man in the sky!

If Wang Lin was here, he would immediately recognize this person as the man from the seventh floor of the tower on planet Five Elements!

This world belonged to White Tiger, and he commanded the law!

Just at this moment, the illusory White Tiger General looked up and his eyes revealed a strange light. On the earth, the general wearing the tiger cape looked up at the sky and sneered.

“Another came… Who could it be…”

The middle-aged man immediately looked up when he felt the vortex. He looked up and revealed a cruel expression.

“Come. More people means more chances to kill this White Tiger! This damn law!!”

The vortex rotated and a vague figure appeared. This figure became clear and then the vortex around the figure began to disappear.

Just as the vortex was about to completely disappear, there was a flash of blood light and the blood sword flew out, sweeping the area. The blood-colored light spread, causing the area to be covered in dense killing intense.

Wang Lin stood there as he calmly looked ahead.

His divine sense suddenly spread out. Just as he appeared and his divine sense spread out, the expression of the White Tiger General and the middle-aged man changed.

The White Tiger General’s eyes were filled with monstrous excitement, and he began laughing loudly at the sky.

“He actually came here, heaven is on my side!!”

The middle-aged man was also started and silently pondered, but he revealed a sneer as if he was watching someone suffer.

Wang Lin’s divine sense spread across the star system.

This world was much larger than the world Wang Lin had used earlier. It was the size of the Brilliant Void and Allheaven combined, but there were still only nine planets!

After his divine sense swept by, Wang Lin found the aura of the White Tiger General and the middle-aged man. However, he couldn’t find the figures of those two.

Wang Lin frowned and carefully examined this star system.

“A law is already set here… I just don’t know what the law is… Also, why I can’t find White Tiger General and the other one…” Wang Lin’s divine sense gathered on the third planet and locked onto the tens of thousands of soldiers killing each other.

His eyes suddenly narrowed, and after a long time, Wang Lin understood.

“So it’s like this!” Wang Lin stood there and didn’t even take half a step. This way, he would be outside the effect of the laws. After he saw everything, he could decide to stay or leave.

“As for who set the law here and who the law benefits, I’ll have to try it to see!” Wang Lin waved his right hand and the vortex that was disappearing appeared once more!

If anyone saw this, they would assume Wang Lin wanted to leave.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang, why the rush to leave? This old man has set the law here. If you dare to enter, we can make a bet!” The White Tiger General’s voice echoed across the star system and entered Wang Lin’s mind.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same, but he sneered in his heart. He got the answer he wanted!

“Bet what?”

“Bet you will lose to this old man’s law after you enter!”

“Oh? What are you betting?” Wang Lin slowly spread out his divine sense.

“If you lose, the third soul belongs to this old man! If you win, then I’ll give a celestial oath to become your slave for 10,000 years! This old man makes this promise on my celestial bloodline!” The White Tiger General’s voice echoed across the star system.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same, only an indiscernible smile appeared on his face.

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