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Chapter 1755 - Zi Xia

“It’s her…” Wang Lin sneered and killing intent filled his eyes.

The vortex began to disappear a moment later, and the vague figure inside became clear. It was a woman wearing a long, purple dress with blue hair. She was very beautiful. If a mortal saw her, they would definitely be charmed.

Even cultivators would be tempted to have thoughts of marking her their cultivation furnace.

This woman was Zi Xia from the Summoned Rivered, the seventh concubine! Unlike the rest of her sisters, this woman was extremely loyal to the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign and even had tried to order Wang Lin around. If not for the fact that she was worried about Wang Lin’s Li Guang Bow, she would have tried to kill him there.

This woman was not weak. Before Wang Lin had comprehended the restriction essence, it would have been a difficult fight; she would only have his Li Guang Bow to worry about. However, now that he had the restriction essence, his Ancient Dao bloodline was stronger, and with Ye Mo’s right arm, along with the law he had set, the situation was completely reversed. Even without the Li Guang Bow, he had the power to kill this seventh concubine!

“Senior Qing Lin once said that the Heaven Avoiding Coffin belonged to her… This woman is a celestial imperial concubine, so she must know some secrets about this place…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he waved his right hand. The blood sword flew forward, and with a step, he disappeared.

The blood sword was abnormal; it wasn’t silent but let out a loud and sharp shrill sound as it pierced the air. It shot toward the figure that was gradually becoming clear from the disappearing vortex.

This intense, violent howling could shock one’s mind and make them subconsciously retreat a few steps!

However, Zi Xia didn’t retreat. The moment her vision became clear, she felt a monstrous killing intent coming toward her. She heard the howl and saw the blood sword flying at her.

Her expression immediately changed and killing intent appeared!

“So he is here!” Her body remained there, motionless, and her right hand waved. A purple cloud appeared and turned into a purple phoenix that flew toward the blood sword.

When the purple phoenix and blood sword collided, a thunderous rumble echoed. The star system trembled and large amounts of cracks appeared as space began to collapse.

The purple phoenix collapsed, but the blood sword couldn’t move forward and was pushed back. The dissipating vortex behind Zi Xia began to rotate once more. She knew Wang Lin had used the Li Guang Bow several times, but she didn’t know how many more times he could use it. After a moment of hesitation, she raised her right hand to take out a jade. She was going to leave and send out a message to get more people to come.

She was aware of Wang Lin’s Stop spell. As a result, she decided to leave after taking out the jade. With the vortex helping block the spell, along with her cultivation, she could resist it!

This woman was very cunning and very cautious; she would not carelessly take risks.

However, just as she was about to crush the jade, Wang Lin’s figure appeared in the distance. His voice echoed across the star system.

“You’re worthy of being the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s favorite seventh concubine…” Wang Lin slowly said. His words were sudden, but Zi Xia understood him.

Wang Lin saw that she hadn’t taken another step and remained motionless. This strange action revealed that she not only knew about the 300 destroyed worlds, but she knew that the laws here were changed!

However, none of the laws would apply if she didn’t move. If she took that step, she would completely enter the world and would be affected by the laws.

Wang Lin naturally understood this.

Zi Xia also knew; she understood it better than even the other concubines. She had gone to more than a dozen of the destroyed worlds and hadn’t moved upon entering. She spread out her divine sense to lure people to come to her.

“Since you want to leave, I won’t send you off!” When Wang Lin looked at the jade Zi Xia had taken out, he turned around and left, but his heart was gloomy. He had watched the Seven Dao Sect disciple taking out the incense, and now Zi Xia had taken out the jade. It was clear that these people had made some kind of agreement before entering.

This would make this whole ordeal a bit more difficult.

“This Zi Xia is too cautious. If she chooses to leave, I won’t be able to keep her here, given her cultivation level… However, it’s unknown if the jade will send a message to the Seven-Colored Daoist or Old Ghost zhan. But from what she said before, she was very loyal to the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign and could communicate with the four generals… She may be sending a message to the four generals!

“However, even if it’s the Seven-Colored Daoist or Old Ghost Zhan, it doesn’t matter. I was prepared for them to come. Only this Zi Xia is too cautious; if I don’t kill her this time, she will become even more on guard, and killing her will become even more difficult… As for the Li Guang Bow, it’s not time to use it.” Wang Lin’s movement suddenly became hasty for a moment, but that was soon hidden by him.

He waved his right hand and the blood sword silently arrived beside him. It followed him into the distance.

Seeing that Wang Lin was about to disappear, Zi Xia, who was still inside the vortex, began to hesitate. She didn’t know if she should send out the message.

“This Wang Lin has the Li Guang Bow, but he chose not to take it out when he clearly saw my jade. Instead, he chose to leave… He seemed a bit hasty there… Could it be that he was injured while fighting others before I arrived...

“Earlier, he only attacked with the sword and not in person. Most importantly, that sword was too loud, as if its shocking value is stronger than the attack… As if he was trying to scare people away...

“Could it be that he is seriously injured and can’t use the Li Guang Bow? I might fall into his trap once I leave! If I send out the message and it is really as I guessed, the four generals would be able to take the third soul without effort. I refuse to allow that to happen!

“However, this person is very cunning. Is he really injured, or faking his injury…” Zi Xia’s expression constantly changed, and she was still uncertain. Wang Lin’s figure was about to disappear when he revealed that trace of haste again. It was like a subconscious body reaction when one suppresses the injuries in their body.

“If he is really injured, this is a great opportunity! If I can kill him and take the third soul, whether I give it to the Seven-Colored Daoist or Old Ghost Zhan, it would be a great merit. In the future, I’ll have a place even on the Immortal Astral Continent…” Zi Xian clenched her teeth and was about to give up on leaving, but she still hesitated. She waved her right hand and purple mist appeared. A purple sword flew out from within and flew toward Wang Lin.

“I’ll try once more! If his performance is too obvious, then there is something wrong!” Xi Zia’s eyes lit up and she stared ahead.

The purple flying sword was very fast and instantly closed in on Wang Lin. It arrived within 1,000 feet of him. There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and he raised his right index finger. When the sword filled with her Arcane Void cultivation arrived, Wang Lin’s finger touched the tip of the sword.

The moment he pointed at the tip of the sword, Wang Lin’s thoughts raced. He gave up on showing that he was injured and instead displayed his full cultivation. Aside from the seventh essence, his first six essences all erupted out of his body into his right index finger.

A thunderous rumble echoed and the sword collapsed into a purple mist. Wang Lin’s body trembled, but he didn’t retreat. Instead, he stared at Zi Xia in the distance and killing intent appeared in his eyes.

His six essences surrounded his body and his momentum was powerful, as if he was not injured at all. He stared at Zi Xia for a few breaths before sneering and turning away.

Inside the vortex, Zi Xia’s eyes shined brightly.

“He is injured!! And it is not a minor injury. If he was trying to trick me, he would have pretended to be more weak to make me follow!

“However, he didn’t pretend to be injured and instead displayed his full cultivation to try to cover up his injury to trick me. Only someone who is truly injured and is afraid of being seen through would act like this!”

In particular, she saw the vortex appear around Wang Lin’s figure. It was a sign of him leaving this world. This made her even more certain!

“I can’t be wrong! Wang Lin, you can’t escape! They all say you’re as cunning as a fox, but you still revealed your weakness!” Zi Xia put away the jade and gave up on sending the message. Greed appeared in her eyes, and she was worried that Wang Lin would escape. Without hesitation, she stepped out of the vortex!

The moment she stepped forward and the vortex disappeared, she completely gave up the chance to leave!

However, just as she took this step, her body suddenly began to fall. This sudden change caused her expression to change greatly!

“Not good!!!”

Just at this moment, Wang Lin turned around and killing intent appeared. He immediately charged at her, and a flash of blood light flew toward her as well!

All of this happened in a flash; Zi Xia didn’t have any time to react. She didn’t even have time to take out the jade as the blood sword closed in on her!

Wang Lin’s figure occupied her vision!

An arrow of blood sprayed out from Zi Xia’s chest and stained her purple dress. It didn’t look red but black! Her broken clothes revealed her skin, a sight that would make anyone’s heart throb!

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