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Chapter 174 – The devil’s mutation

Wang Lin’s gaze became cold as he stared at the newly formed devil. His Ji Realm left his body, took the shape of a red dragon, and then roared at the small creature.

His majesty as a soul devourer was suddenly on full display. Not to mention the small creature, even the devil Xu Liguo was so scared that he sank to the ground and didn’t dare to move. The pressure of a natural predator caused his heart to tremble.

The small beast began to struggle and let our roars of its own, but compared to Wang Lin’s roar, it was filled with helplessness. The small creature eventually began to beg for mercy with its eyes.

The dragon formed by Wang Lin’s Ji Realm coldly stared at the small creature for a long time before finally returning to Wang Lin’s body. He then he waved his hand and took out a soul flag. The devil didn’t hesitate at all to turn into red mist and enter the soul flag.

Wang Lin left a sliver of his divine sense in the soul flag before putting it back into his bag of holding. Then he waved his other hand and threads appeared all over the room. This was a countermeasure he had set up against the devil.

As Wang Lin waved his hand, those threads of divine sense returned to him.

The reason why he was able to find the small creature no matter how fast it was was partly due to these threads of divine sense. When he first noticed the abnormal fluctuations in the red mist, he used the divine sense restriction he had placed to silently create a spider web of divine sense threads.

No matter where that small creature went, Wang Lin would be able to track it. Also, after it had devoured so many souls with slivers of Wang Lin’s divine sense, the mark left on the small creature also played a big role.

Under the effect of both of these, it was no surprise that Wang Lin could track it.

After withdrawing his divine sense, he stood up and looked outside the window. After pondering for a bit, he walked down the tower. At the door of the tower, he organized everything before walking outside. The devil saw Wang Lin go underground and quickly followed.

Unfortunately, before he followed for long, he was caught by Wang Lin and was thrown into the dragon tendon.

In this location, the resisting force was very powerful. Wand Lin had to use almost 90% of his spiritual energy to resist it. As a result, his speed involuntarily slowed down.

As he slowly moved forward, his divine sense was spread out to carefully observe what was in the distance.

A few days later, Wang Lin’s expression changed. He saw through his divine sense that there was a black cloud quickly flying towards him.

Whenever the black cloud moved, the black tornados would attempt to dodge. Those that weren’t fast enough would scatter into countless small creatures and be devoured by the black cloud. Wang Lin put the pill into his mouth again as he stared at the black cloud and sank even lower.

Before long, the the black cloud passed by. Behind the black cloud was the king tornado. It was currently spinning rapidly to create as much wind as possible. This was what was causing the black cloud to move so quickly.

The king tornado pushed the black cloud past where Wang Lin was and went into the distance. Not long after, the king tornado returned. This time, it moved even faster as it let out loud howls and disappeared again.

After it left, Wang Lin continued to slowly move forward. He sneered. That black cloud must have been created by Hunchback Meng. If it wasn’t for the king tornado pushing it away, then the small creatures would have suffered greatly once it spread out.

After pondering for a while, his eyes lit up. Hunchback Meng must have quite a bit of treasures and pills on him; if these small creatures could kill him, then Wang Lin might be able to take some. Thinking about the treasure of a powerful Soul Formation cultivator, Wang Lin’s heart began to beat faster. However, he quickly dispelled the idea. Compared to treasures, his life was much more important.

After letting out a sigh, Wang Lin discarded all of these unrealistic ideas and continued to move forward. However, after confirming Hunchback Meng’s location, he no longer went straight forward; he went around instead.

Half a month later, he passed an area filled with black tornados that stunned him the moment he saw them with his divine sense.

It was a very dense group of tornados. The amount of small creatures there must have exceeded 100 million. Wang Lin’s head tingled. This made him even more cautious. He spent a month going around this group of tornados.

Most of the black tornados had been attracted by Hunchback Meng, so although there were same scares along the way, there was no real danger. Wang Lin was currently inside a black tower as he looked back at where Hunchback Meng was.

After sneering in his heart, Wang Lin left the tower and continued forward. He could see a giant vortex in the sky in the very far distance.

That vortex was the same as the one in the void. It clearly led to the second trial!

Wang Lin took a deep breath and walked toward the vortex. At this point, he could no longer use the earth escape technique because the resisting force underground was too great. Even if he were to use 100% of his spiritual energy, he couldn’t move with the earth escape technique at all.

However, the earth escape technique didn’t increase one’s speed only when they were underground. As long as there was earth under his feet, then although it wouldn’t be as fast as a flying sword, it was still faster than running.

In these past few months, Wang Lin had been constantly using the earth escape technique, so his mastery of it had increased a lot. Wang Lin could feel that the earth escape technique he knew was nothing compared to the real earth escape technique that was said to allow one to travel tens of thousands of kilometers in a few breaths of time.

As Wang Lin sighed, he didn’t forget to keep his divine sense spread out to carefully check the surroundings. Luckily, large amounts of black tornados were attracted by Hunchback Meng. As Wang Lin flew forward, he didn’t meet too much danger.

Three days later, the vortex was now in sight. As he walked along, Wang Lin’s expression suddenly changed and he drilled into the ground. Suddenly, a powerful force began to resist him. He drank a large gulp of spirit liquid for the power to fend it off.

Not far away, ten black tornados suddenly appeared in the direction of the vortex. Their target was Hunchback Meng. When they arrived at the spot where Wang Lin was hiding, the black tornados suddenly stopped and began to circle the area.

Wang Lin’s heart sank. He had tried to enter the heaven defying bead’s space before, but he couldn’t enter it since arriving in this desert. Otherwise, he would have just gone inside it until the tornados passed.

Wang Lin looked at the vortex in the distance and began to calculate. He clenched his teeth as he slapped his bag of holding to bring out the devil. When the devil saw all the small creatures above them, he became very excited and immediately charged toward them.

Unfortunately, the moment he appeared, all of the surrounding ten tornados let out howls. More than 10,000 divine senses merged together and crashed down on the devil.

The devil let out a miserable scream. The combined divine sense attack was not something he could handle. His body began to release green smoke, making him want to retreat to where Wang Lin was, but then the second attack came.

At the same time, Wang Lin took out a soul flag and shook it, causing the second devil to come out. The second devil was startled for a moment before letting out a sharp cry.

After the sharp cry, all of the tornados paused and stopped spinning, revealing the countless small creatures inside. All of the small creatures were startled as they stared at the second devil. Even the second attack on Xu Liguo was stopped.

The second devil’s eyes turned red as it let out another cry. All of the small creatures began to back up. Their eyes were filled with terror when they looked at the second devil.

Wang Lin was surprised. His eyes sparkled as he began to ponder. As for Xu Liguo, he felt very humiliated. It could be said that recovering his memory wasn’t always a good thing. At least he wouldn’t feel humiliated before he recovered his memory. At this moment, he secretly thought, “This is too shameful; I was saved by little brother. No matter what, I was the first to follow this fiend. No, if this continues, then every little brother this fiend makes will be stronger than me. No, I can’t let it happen!”

The devil gritted his teeth and charged into one of the tornados. After grabbing a few of those small creatures, he began to devour them.

The small creatures began to panic and began to dodge, but the second devil let out another cry. Those small creatures no longer dared to move; the fear in their eyes deepened.

The more Wang Lin saw, the more his eyes lit up. He suddenly came up with an idea. The second devil must’ve seemed like a mutation to these small creatures. It must’ve been some mysterious connection between them that caused this scene to happen.

If this was true, then the reason why these small creatures’ divine senses could merge made sense. His eyes lit up as he came out from underground.

Although the small creatures were cautious when he appeared, they didn’t panic or attack.

At this moment, the second devil looked at Xu Liguo, who was devouring the small creatures, and let out a few strange cries. All of the small creatures’ bodies shook. Their divine senses left their bodies to fuse into an attack that was directed at Xu Liguo.

Xu Liguo immediately smiled and revealed an expression that looked like he was trying to please the second devil. He quickly spat out all of the souls he had devoured before quickly returning to Wang Lin. Once he was behind Wang Lin, his expression changed to one filled with hatred as he stared viciously at the second devil.

He secretly complained in his heart, “You wait! Just you wait! Push me too far and I’ll fight you to the death!”

Wang Lin didn’t even look at Xu Liguo. He was secretly holding the defensive jade Li Muwan had given him. His divine sense spread out and checked the small creatures one by one. In the end, he found that about ten of them were considered mutants, because they had more powerful divine senses.

While Wang Lin observed, he was able to find a total of 10 variants, then one of them suddenly flew before the second devil and let out a few sharp crys.

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