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Chapter 1739 - The Walls Have Ears

The sky distorted as the illusory planet Five Elements collapsed. The sky seemed to shatter into fragments that scattered in all directions.

If not for the three of them, the reverse of the Nine Cycle Heart Wheel formation would have killed everyone here. It was not Wang Lin being cruel, but he had just experienced the same thing himself.

Wang Lin appeared in the distorted sky and calmly looked at the planet. He saw the hundreds of unconscious cultivators, Na Dou, the old man with a broken right arm, and three gloomy middle-aged men staring at him.

Although the three men looked middle-aged, their ancient auras showed that they had lived for far too long. Their strange clothes showed that they weren’t cultivators from the cave world but from the Immortal Astral Continent!

After Wang Lin’s gaze swept by, he remained calm and waved his sleeve. He clasped his hands.

“I’m the cave world’s Wang Lin. I came to see you fellow cultivators from the Immortal Astral Continent and came to greet you all as the landlord! Have you all been living well over these countless years?”

Wang Lin’s words caused the expression of the old man in the golden robe to change greatly. His mind was already injured by the formation, and this shock caused blood to flow out from the corner of his mouth.

The expressions of the three people that came out didn’t change, but their pupils shranks. Their gazes toward Wang Lin became even colder.

After Wang Lin spoke, he stepped forward and his right hand formed a fist. His ancient god, ancient demon, and ancient devil stars appeared at the same time, and a huge Ancient Dao shadow appeared behind him.

The shadow pierced the heavens and completely occupied the sky. It was holding its right hand in a fist, its actions perfectly mimicking Wang Lin’s!

“Ancient Dao clan!!” The expression of one of the middle-aged men changed, and the three of them charged at Wang Lin. One of them changed into a giant nine-colored dragon that swept across the sky.

Another person was covered in black gas that turned into a giant ghost. The ghost was fierce and rushed forward.

The last person was covered in the five elements. Metal, wood, water, five, and earth surrounded him and illusions of the five elements shined around him. They condensed around his body, and the world changed colors as he closed in on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s right hand formed a fist and he walked toward the tower. He was about to punch it, but the three people closing in stopped him.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same and he wasn’t alarmed at all. Since he dared to come here, he had naturally come prepared. Although these three weren’t weak, Wang Lin didn’t care.

The moment the three of them closed in, Wang Lin waved his left hand. The Ancient Dao shadow behind him also waved its left hand. Its huge body twisted and shrouded Wang Lin.

Just at this moment, the spells from those three arrived and collided with the Ancient Dao shadow protecting Wang Lin. The shadow trembled and was unable to withstand the powerful blows. After several breaths, it suddenly collapsed!

The collapse of the Ancient Dao shadow created a powerful shockwave that exploded outward. The earth trembled and the three middle-aged men were pushed back several thousand feet before they were able to stop.

The Ancient Dao shadow had exploded, but Wang Lin wasn’t injured at all. All of this was within Wang Lin’s plan. The moment the shadow collapsed, Wang Lin stepped forward and appeared on top of the tower. His hand formed a fist and smashed toward the tower!

The reason Wang Lin had come to planet Five Elements was for this punch!!

His goal was to force out all the hidden forces in planet Five Elements. He wanted to see how strong this second hidden force beside the All-Seer was. He wanted to see how sharp this nail was and how deep it was!

Only when he fully understood all of this could he set his plan to find the third soul!

He was going to force them out from the shadows!

The world seemed to dim as the explosion of the Ancient Dao shadow was very large. The powerful shockwave spread out with Wang Lin as the center, preventing everyone here from moving forward.

That impact was like a roar that swept away all obstacles before Wang Lin. This allowed his punch to smash down at the tower!

The expressions of the three middle-aged men changed. They wanted to charge forward to stop Wang Lin; however, they were stopped by the explosion of the Ancient Dao shadow!

All of this was part of Wang Lin’s plan!

His fist rumbled. This punch was filled with his determination and his full cultivation. He was getting closer and closer to the tower!

However, just at this moment, a powerful aura came from the fourth floor of this tower. As this aura spread out, a young man wearing black walked out of the fourth floor!

This youth looked ordinary, but his eyes revealed a strange light. He was the youth who had walked out of the spatial rift during Wang Lin’s divine retribution!

This youth was in the Summoned River looking for something, but many years ago, he had come back, helpless, and had been in closed door cultivation in the fourth floor. He was forced out by Wang Lin at this moment!

He knew Wang Lin, and Wang Lin had met him!

“It’s you!” The moment the young man appeared, Wang Lin saw him. Wang Lin had only seen this youth once. The youth had been holding an ancient mirror inside the Ancient Celestial Realm above an ancient god statue. He seemed to be looking for something.

The youth didn’t speak but stepped toward Wang Lin. As Wang Lin’s punch descended, the youth pointed forward.

The moment he sent out a seal, six giant illusory black flowers appeared. The six flowers were in full bloom, and as the youth pointed, the flowers shined brightly. An arm came out of each flower, and all six arms with pearl-white skin pointed toward Wang Lin’s fist.

The two sides collided in an instant. Wang Lin’s punch trembled and he clearly felt a destructive force enter his body from the six arms. This caused Wang Lin to retreat a few steps.

The youth suffered as well. His face turned pale and popping sounds came from his body. The six flowers behind him collapsed!

Evenly matched!!

As Wang Lin retreated, six black flowers appeared on his arm as if they were imprinted on his skin. His arm began to rot, and a sickly fluid flowed out!

Intense pain entered Wang Lin’s mind and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

An illusory star appeared between the eyebrows of the youth. A star also appeared in his right and left eye. This was the result of Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao cultivation combining with his cultivator cultivation!

After the stars appeared, they turned into the ancient god, ancient demon, and ancient devil. They existed in the youth’s mind and attacked his origin soul.

The youth’s expression had been calm from the beginning, and he remained calm. With just this calmness, Wang Lin considered this person to be very strong!

Wang Lin didn’t know that this youth was named Yun Yifeng was very famous in the Gui Yi Sect back on the Immortal Astral Continent. He was ranked third among the core disciples!

He had followed his uncle into the cave world, and after countless years, he had honed himself in the cave world and obtained great fortunes. Once he returned to the Immortal Astral Continent, he would be like the proud son of the heavens and could fight for the position of first among the core disciples!

With his identity as the first disciple of the Gui Yi Sect, his name would spread far among the nine sects and 13 factions!

The two didn’t speak at all. Wang Lin waved his right hand and three of the six black flowers immediately dissipated. The remaining three flowers collapsed to the recovery of this Immortal Ancient Body. His right arm recovered completely.

As for the youth, he had his own methods. His hands formed a seal and then he pointed to his body several times. Then he took out a seed-like pill and swallowed it.

The pill suddenly erupted with a strange force in his body and killed the ancient clan shadows inside him. However, his recovery was a few breaths slower than Wang Lin’s because he had to swallow a pill!

These few breaths of time were enough for Wang Lin to do everything he wanted to do. He didn’t attack the youth but formed a fist and punched the tower while the youth was recovering.

This time, the youth could not stop it!

With one punch, the world rumbled. The tower trembled and seemed to have absorbed Wang Lin’s punch. It began to collapse from the bottom.

Large amounts of dust rose into the air, and the bottom of the tower shattered until the fourth floor!

The tower suddenly exploded, but the top three floors remained unmoving and unchanged. They floated there and gave off a brilliant light.

These three floors seemed to be independent from the rest of the tower. It was as if the original people from the Gui Yi Sect had only brought these three floors and their descendants had built the floors below them afterwards!

The moment the bottom part of the tower collapsed, an old but powerful voice came from the third floor.

This voice was like thunder, but it was beyond any thunder. The world changed colors and a voice descended like law.

“Ancient Dao barbarian junior, your Dao clan is the weakest among the three ancient clans. All of you are mere barbarians. Even if your family head came before our Gui Yi Sect, you’re all just mere barbarians!” The voice was filled with arrogance as he descended on Wang Lin.

Before Wang Lin could feel any emotions, outside the planet, Xuan Luo’s expression became dim. No one had dared to insult his clan like this before, the old man from the third floor was the first one!

However, if this arrogant old man found out that Xuan Luo had heard this, what kind of expression would he make… Would he be scared out of his wits...

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