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Chapter 1735 - One Step the Arm Breaks!

Wang Lin ignored the retreating Water General, who was filled with disbelief. He closed his eyes and slowly felt the drop of the universe he had obtained.

This eighth essence was the water essence, but it wasn’t complete inside Wang Lin. Just like the fire essence, it needed to be fused many times to reach completion.

This was the difference between ethereal and corporeal essences. Ethereal essences only needed to be comprehended to become complete. However, this comprehension was much more difficult. This could be seen from Wang Lin’s life and death, karma, and true and false essences.

In contrast, corporeal essences were easier in comparison. Wang Lin’s fire and thunder essences only required a seed, then he just had to strengthen it until essence appeared.

Right now what was inside Wang Lin was the seed of the water essence. With this essence, Wang Lin could slowly make it reach completion.

Essences were difficult to complete, and creating the seed was even harder. If Wang Lin hadn’t devoured the ancient thunder dragon and the Eternal Thunder from the Scattered Thunder Clan, the thunder seed won’t had appeared.

The fire essence was the same. If he hadn’t awakened the Vermillion Bird many times, he wouldn’t have obtained the fire seed.

Now the drop of the universe was like the ancient thunder dragon and Eternal Thunder, or even the Vermillion Bird awakening. It gave Wang Lin the water seed!

This was what excited Wang Lin the most. There was nothing free without hard work; everything had to obtained step by step.

As for the earth spirit, Wang Lin had absorbed it from the earth formation, but it was far from enough to form the earth seed. Maybe if there was someone with the earth armor to reveal the earth essence for him to comprehend, then a seed might appear.

This kind of thing could only be wished but not forced. Wang Lin understood this well.

Feeling the vitality from the water seed, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His gaze toward the Water General was no longer cold but completely calm.

The moment Wang Lin opened his eyes, the Water General seemed to awaken from his shock. He retreated like crazy, and after seven or eight steps, he was about to run.

However, he had been so generous to Wang Lin, so how could Wang Lin let him leave like this? Wang Lin’s right hand reached forward and a giant hand appeared from the void. The hand grabbed the retreating Water General.

As the Water General struggled, Wang Lin withdrew his right hand and the giant hand brought the Water General back to him.

Wang Lin’s right index finger stretched out and pointed to the spot between the eyebrows of the Water General. The Water General’s face was distorted with pain and looked like a dried up lamp. His life force and soul had already fused with the armor around him.

He borrowed the power of the armor and the armor used him as nutrients. This relationship had been maintained for a long time, but now that the Water General was weak, the situation was fatal!

The armor would suck away the last of his life force!

Wang Lin’s finger entered and a powerful force rushed out from his body, entering the Water General’s body. It formed a barrier that completely separated the Water General’s body and soul from the armor.

“Since you gifted me the water seed, I won’t kill you, and I’ll save you once! This is my principle!” Wang Lin lifted his finger. 

The armor around the Water General trembled and was forcibly removed. The fragments scattered in all directions.

There was a line of blood connecting each fragment of the armor to the Water General even though the fragments had scattered far away. The current Water General looked very creepy.

This terrifying scene caught the attention of all the horrified Gui Yi Sect cultivators. Watching this strange scene, a chill appeared in their hearts.

“The Water General’s armor was taken off…”

At the same time, waves of miserable screams came from the Water General. The pain almost completely drowned him, but he couldn’t pass out and could only endure the pain. However, he also knew that Wang Lin was not torturing him but saving him.

If he didn’t take off the armor, he would without a doubt die! After all, he had used a lot of power, and in order to kill Wang Lin, he had activated an amount of power he couldn’t withstand from the armor. If he had refined Wang Lin, he would have been fine after absorbing that drop of water, but he had ended up in this current state.

A large amount of red lines connected the Water General and armor fragments. The lines moved with the fragments, and the Water General’s miserable screams continued to echo.

Wang Lin’s expression became serious as he stared at the Water General. His eyes shined as he began to deduce the armor. After a while, he raised his right hand and the blood sword appeared. It flew forward and cut the red lines connecting the Water General and the armor.

Popping sounds echoed and all the lines connecting to the Water General shattered and returned to the fragments.

The armor had been completely separated from the Water General. After scattering, the fragments strangely gathered and reformed the armor, but it had a lot of cracks. It fell to the ground.

The armor made it look as if someone was sitting there and emitting dark blue water light. A lance appeared from the blue light and fell into the arms of the armor.

After the armor was taken off, the Water General coughed out a large amount of blood mist. His body was extremely weak as he staggered back. He looked at Wang Lin with a complicated gaze.

Wang Lin looked at the armor and slowly said, “You can go, I won’t kill you!” 

The Water General pondered a bit and opened his mouth to say something, but in the end he said nothing. He was exhausted as he took a step backward and disappeared from the water formation.

Wang Lin’s right hand reached toward the armor to take it to study when he suddenly looked up. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes. He stepped forward without hesitation, and at the same time, ripples came from the water formation. Powerful pressure came from the ripples, and the world suddenly collapsed.

This collapse was too sudden. When the water formation collapsed, a powerful pressure descended. This pressure was too strong, as if this area couldn’t withstand it.

Ripples echoed behind the armor and a vortex appeared. A dried-up arm came from the vortex and reached for the armor. At the same time, a grim and old voice came from the vortex, and this sound went directly toward Wang Lin’s mind.

“This is not something you can possess, scram for this old man!”

Wang Lin wasn’t caught completely unaware of the sudden change. The step he had taken before the water formation collapsed allowed him to reach top speed in an instant!

His seven essences suddenly merged into his powerful late stage Spirit Void cultivation and erupted from his body!

The moment his step landed, Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao power entered every inch of his flesh and bones. This allowed his body to crush a cultivation planet!

Wang Lin’s full power erupted in full. It was like a storm of destruction had appeared. Wang Lin’s momentum was on full swing! 

His step landed the moment the vortex appeared and the arm came out. He did not land in the void but on the arm!

And he mercilessly stomped!!

All of this happened in an instant, too fast for anyone to retreat. Wang Lin’s right foot moved like lightning, containing the power of the Ancient Dao as it descended.

The old voice exclaimed and the arm rapidly changed directions. His arm tried to form a spell to defend, but he obviously didn’t expect Wang Lin to react so fast and be so vicious. Wang Lin’s right hand mercilessly landed on his arm.

With a bang, there was also the sound of bones shattering mixed in. The arm became twisted and swelled up. The arm quickly retracted into the vortex, but it exploding and blood splattered everywhere.

“You dare to steal something from me? Are you tired of living?” Wang Lin stood behind the armor, and his gaze was as cold as ice as he looked at the vortex.

He casually waved his left hand and the water blue armor and lance were taken by Wang Lin. Everything that had happened was done in one smooth motion, from taking the step to breaking the arm and taking the armor. He gave off the aura of a master of the generation!

“Cultivator of the Ancient Country!! You’re a member of the Ancient Clan!!” A nearly distorted voice filled with pain came from the vortex.

This scene was seen by Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo outside the planet. He revealed a proud smile and a tyrannical expression.

“Good, indeed a child of my Ancient Dao clan. This is the best way to deal with people who dare to offend the Ancient Dao. If he did less, I would be somewhat dissatisfied. This is very similar to my temper. If it was me, I would have cut his claws off!

“Gui Yi Sect, the group of celestials that came here is interesting…” Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo casually looked at the tower. If he wanted, he could wave his hand and all life on the planet would disappear.

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