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Chapter 1734 - Such a Great Favor!

As the Water General sneered with excitement, on the 10th floor, Na Duo, who had sent out the metal element, also smiled.

He was still observing this battle with divine sense, and his smile was very wide. He didn’t think Wang Lin could walk out, because the water essence inside the ball of water was so dense that even he felt it was terrifying.

This water essence was not from by the Water General but the armor. It was precisely because of this that Na Duo was even more confident!

“I thought he had some heaven-breaking method, but he is only this strong… If he could come out, he would have come out when the ball of water formed. I presume now he must be feeling despair inside there!

“Wang Lin, there is no feud between us, and I really don’t want to kill you, but you are a cultivator of the cave world… We are different from you… You must have come here with a purpose… The cave world is a mess right now, and several forces are looking for the third soul. For you to come now, the purpose is obvious.” As Na Duo pondered, his smile widened.

Also inside the tower, the black-robed old man and company stared at the mirror. The black-robed old man’s eyes were filled with excitement as he laughed.

“This Wang Lin was so arrogant before. Now that Lord Water General has come, I want to see how he escapes. A drop of the universe is a grand spell of the Gui Yi Sect, this person is dead!”

The middle-aged woman also looked happy as she stared at the ball of water inside the mirror. Hatred filled her eyes.

“Die. Once you die, that Situ Nan will be sad. The more angry he is, the better I feel! Situ Nan, you’re next!” The middle-aged woman let out a shrill laughter.

Even the two cultivators beside them that had been calm slowly smiled.

“He can’t escape anymore.”

At the same time, outside the tower, endless cheers continued. All the Gui Yi Sect cultivators looked at the sky with excitement in their eyes. They looked at the shrinking ball of water as if they could see Wang Lin’s painful expression and hear his miserable cries.

The Water General was the most excited. He continued to wave his hand, and the ball of water continued to condense. The ball of water was now less than 100,000 feet wide and was shrinking even faster. The water was turbid and rumbles came from it. It was the sound of the water condensing, and was like the song of the heavens to the Water General.

“It’s too slow. I need to be a bit faster to not prevent any accidents!” For some reason, although the Water General was excited, as the ball of water got smaller, he suddenly had a terrifying feeling. This feeling came so suddenly, even he was puzzled.

However, this confusion made him worried, and the only thing he could do was make the ball of water condense even faster!

His hands formed a seal and he spit out a mouthful of blood. His body weakened greatly, but the blood caused the ball of water to shrink from 100,000 feet to 70,000 feet!

This sudden change caused rumbles to come from Wang Lin inside the ball of water. His body became distorted, but his eyes were filled with excitement.

Wang Lin was comprehending all the changes inside this water essence. It seemed the changes had reached their limit and were slowing down. Wang Lin felt like the water had no more power to cause the water essence to change. It was as if Wang Lin was learning a secret, but the second half had just disappeared.

This feeling of being left hanging made him feel very uncomfortable. Just as he frowned, the blood from the Water General caused the water to change once more.

Wang Lin almost wanted to laugh. He could never forget the gift the Water General had given him. How could Wang Lin kill someone who had given him something the moment he wanted it?

What made Wang Lin even more excited was what the Water General said next.

“Na Duo and all Gui Yi Sect disciples, send your divine sense into the formation. Help me refine it into one drop in three breaths!!”

Na Duo’s hands formed a seal and golden light shined, forming a suit of armor around him. He stepped out from the tower with the armor around him.

“Send your divine senses into the formation. Today, my Gui Yi Sect willd remove a demon from this world!” Na Duo roared as his hands formed a seal. His divine sense rushed toward the vortex in the sky.

There were always those that liked to make others out to be evil so they could be on the side of righteousness. They would slander and spread rumors about others; it was as if they couldn’t display their full strength if they didn’t do this.

It was obvious Na Duo was this kind of person, and most of the Gui Yi Sect was also like this.

At the same time, the hundreds of Gui Yi Sect cultivators sat down without hesitation and their divine senses flew into the sky.

The divine senses were invisible, but they caused the sky to distort. The divine senses entered the vortex and appeared inside the water formation!

Hundreds of divine senses entered and used their full power on the ball of water. They began to squeeze the ball of water like crazy.

In particular, Na Duo’s power increased greatly after putting on the armor. The old man in the black robe and the other three also erupted their full cultivation.

As the water condensed rapidly, it rumbled and shrank down to 30,000 feet! 

Wang Lin was inside and his eyes were filled with excitement as he comprehended the changes in the water essence. The Gui Yi Sect going all out and causing the water essence to change rapidly allowed Wang Lin to see almost all of it!

“I somewhat understand… Just a bit more, a bit more…” Wang Lin’s hands subconsciously formed seals to imitate the changes in the water essence.

Just at this moment, the second wave of pressure squeezed down on the ball of water, causing it to rapidly shrink from 30,000 feet to 20,000 feet, 10,000 feet, 5,000 feet…. Until it was only 2,000 feet!

It was still shrinking!

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with enlightenment. His left hand was still subconsciously imitating, while his right hand waved at the void. The drop of water essence he had obtained from the All-Seer appeared in his hand.

“I understand!” Wang Lin suddenly raised his head and the drop of water essence in his hand  shined brightly. It began to rotate. and as the crystal light shined. the drop of water looked like a crystal!

Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly as he spoke softly, “Water essence, 380 million changes to condense…”

The moment he said this, the 2,000 foot ball of water violently trembled like never before as if it was going to collapse. The powerful aura of the water essence erupted.

At the same time, outside the ball of water, the Water General formed a seal and, along with Na Duo and rest of the Gui Yi Sect cultivators, gathered their divine senses to squeeze the ball of water one last time!

“2,000 feet!! His body should have collapsed, let us crush his origin soul!!”

“Condense, condense him into one drop of the universe!!”

The fused divine senses rushed toward the ball of water. However, before the divine senses could do anything, the ball of water shrank rapidly by itself, startling everyone.

This startled Na Duo and caused the Water General to tremble. Everyone was completely stunned.

The 2,000 foot ball of water shrank down to 500 feet and then instantly down to 50 feet! This clearly revealed Wang Lin and his excited expression!

This scene was like a thunderous rumble that exploded in their minds, causing their minds to turn blank. Forget them, even if it was someone else, they wouldn’t be able to accept this.

They watched the 50 foot ball of water condense into the crystal in Wang Lin’s hand and then watched the crystal disappear without a trace.

They also watched Wang Lin slowly stand up and reveal a smile. He clasped his hands and bowed at everyone who was completely stunned.

“Such a great favor, please accept my bow!” After Wang Lin finished bowing, he waved his sleeve. With this, the world changed colors and the clouds scattered. All the divine senses, including Na Duo’s, were blown out from the formation!

Only the Water General and Wang Lin remain inside the formation!

“You… You…” The Water General’s body trembled as he coughed out blood. He retreated with a miserable smile.

On planet Five Elements, all the cultivators outside the tower trembled and opened their eyes. Their eyes were filled with horror and disbelief as well as an endless sense of fear that drowned them.

There was no uproar, only a deadly silence; it was as if someone had frozen the Gui Yi Sect.  

“How can this be… This… How can this be…” Na Duo was filled with confusion. He still couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed.

“He took away the earth spirit and caused the fire spirit to worship him. He even took away the drop of the universe formed by the water essence… He…”

After a long time, the cultivators here seemed to awaken from the terror. An uproar suddenly echoed, everyone exclaimed in shock without exception.

“How did he do it?”

“This is simply too unimaginable, it’s impossible!!”

“Could it be that he was comprehending inside the water… What kind of terrifying comprehension and cunning did that require…”

The black-robed old man and the middle-aged woman could not understand this drastic change. In particular, the black-robed old man couldn’t say a word and his eyes were filled with monstrous fear.

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