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Chapter 1733 - One Drop of the Universe!

The Water General’s terror was as big as the waves in the sea. This armor had been given to him by his ancestors. He had used the armor for a long time and slowly used his bloodline to fuse with it to make it his.

Without this armor, he was only a fourth Heaven’s Blight cultivator. With the armor, he could become a third step cultivator. However, the armor was extremely strange. Once he put it on, his mind would be limited and his body would be manipulated by the armor.

He remembered that when the ancestor gave it to him, the ancestor said that even in the ancestral sect, the armor was rare. It was very difficult to refine and wouldn’t be handed out unless one achieved great merits or was going to some dangerous place.

Every armor was very precious and could not be taken by an outsider!

What caused the Water General’s heart to tremble was that Wang Lin’s had attack caused cracks to appear on the armor, causing his entire body to shatter. If not for the armor sending out life force to save him, he would have already died!

What terrified him the most was that with just one glance, Wang Lin was able to see through the secret of the armor. That kind of insight and power caused the Water General to feel a chill in his heart.

When Wang Lin glanced over, the Water General saw the blood lines in Wang Lin’s eyes. Those blood lines contained some kind of rule that caused him to lose himself for a moment.

“Take off the armor and I can spare you.” At this moment, the water around Wang Lin and the Water General fell, removing the water curtain that had been blocking everyone’s vision. When the cultivators from the Gui Yi Sect saw the Water General in such a sorry state, they were awakened from their previous joy and became silent.

The Water General’s expression was extremely gloomy. Wang Lin’s words caused his heart to beat violently. He clenched his teeth and held back the fear he felt. He then jumped backwards and put some distance between himself and Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was still the same as before as he coldly looked at the Water General retreating. He saw the Water General raise the water lance, and killing intent appeared in his eyes.

Wang Lin wouldn’t show any mercy to people not from the cave world. There was nothing to say to robbers!

“You’re courting death!” Wang Lin stepped forward toward the Water General.

The Water General’s face was pale and his eyes were filled with madness. He raised his right hand and threw the lance into the sea below. The water lance gave off a dazzling glow, causing the sea below to rumble. Whirlpools appeared in the sea below.

“With my water spirit body, gather the power of water!” The Water General coughed out a mouthful of blood at the sea below and his hands reached out toward the sea.

With this, the waves rumbled as if there was a giant dragon moving below the sea. As his hands reached out, the entire sea seemed to boil and rise.

From a distance, this was a shocking sense. The entire sea flew into the air toward Wang Lin.

At the same time, the Water General coughed out blood once more, revealing a tired and struggling expression. His left hand reached out at the sky.

“Clouds open and fog scatter. The light destroy all, rain forms the sea!” The Water General’s left hand rumbled and all the clouds collapsed. Another sea seemed to appear in the sky and suddenly fell down, connecting with the sea below. The two fused together to form a giant ball of water that floated there.

This ball of water was turbid and had the color of the sea. It’s size was endless, and at a glance, it was impossible to see where it ended. It was like a small planet made of water!

“Drop of the universe!” The Water General clenched his teeth and completed the spell passed down by his ancestor. His flesh began to wither and his handsome face became filled with ugly pus.

He could not have survived this long with his own life force. Four Heaven’s Blights had erupted in his body. With his talent, he couldn’t have passed them safely.

He had only been able to survive due to the armor, but now he had used all the power inside the armor. Without the power from the armor protecting him, he returned to how he should look.

Before him, the giant ball of water rotated like crazy. As it rotated, it began to condense at a rapid rate.

Every time it shrank one size, the pressure inside would increase countless fold!

If the giant ball of water could be refined into one drop, even if there was a star system inside, it would collapse!

This was the power of water, the power of the water essence!

Wang Lin was inside the ball of water, watching the water move. The pressure from the water came from all directions and gave off a destructive aura that could destroy anything.

Wang Lin’s eyes shined as he stared at the water around him. His eyes revealed a strange light along with an extreme sense of excitement.

“This is the power of the water essence!!!” The excitement in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger.

“It is very easy to leave this place, and even killing this water general would be easy. However, this is a great opportunity that is difficult to come by. By relying on the armor, the water general has created the water essence. This force is currently changing before me, and if I can comprehend it, I will no longer have seven essences but eight!!”

Just as Wang Lin had expected, this kind of thing was extremely rare, especially since the water essence the water general controlled was not ordinary. It had been formed by the Gui Yi Sect on the Immortal Astral Continent through a special method. This water essence had been formed by peak comprehension of the water essence.

This was the same as exposing everything before Wang Lin. It was even countless times more clear than a teacher passing down his teachings to a disciple!

How could Wang Lin let an opportunity like this go?

Although his talent was not excellent, his comprehension and insight were extremely strong; otherwise, he would have never obtained essences. Also, it wasn’t as if Wang Lin had never encountered the water essence before. Back when the heaven defying bead needed to absorb water and when the All-Seer gave him the drop of water essence, Wang Lin had the guidance to walk down the path of water essence!

The excitement in Wang Lin’s eyes reached a peak. He didn’t waste any time and immediately sat down inside the rapidly-condensing ball of water. His eyes revealed a strange light as he watched all the changes happening inside the water before him.

These changes looked like they had no pattern, but when the blood lines appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes, he gradually found some clues. His eyes shined with excitement as he rapidly memorized the changes in the water essence!

Aside from Wang Lin, it was difficult for others to notice. The Water General didn’t notice it at all. His expression was fierce and he also had a hint of excitement in his eyes.

He stared at the ball of water and his hands continued to form seals, causing the water essence to become stronger and the water to shrink faster. In just half an incense stick of time, the water went from an endless size to mere hundreds of thousands feet!

The essence inside this hundreds of thousands feet ball of water became even stronger as the sea water and rain condensed!

“Even if your cultivation is heaven-defying, with his drop of the universe, the power of my spell has increased greatly. I’ll squeeze you into one drop and refine you to your death!” The Water General formed seals like crazy and hit the ball of water. Every hit caused the power of the armor to ripple through the water and to shrink faster.

Wang Lin almost felt gratitude toward the Water General. The Water General’s actions were allowing Wang Lin to see even more changes in the water essence and comprehend it even better!

The hundreds of thousands of feet of water shrank down about half down to 200,000 feet. The Water General looked excited but gasped rapidly as if he was out of power.

The Water General looked up at the sky and let out a roared, “Na Duo, help me!!”

After he roared, a vortex appeared in the sky. The power of metal came out and immediately spread out.

The metal water of the five elements! People had different opinions about how the metal water came to be. Some say that it was metal melted into water. Others believe that water would naturally gather on metal after the metal has been exposed for a long period of time.

But whatever was the real truth, it made all the ancient sages believe that metal could give birth to water!

This was indeed the truth. The moment the metal element arrived, the water around Wang Lin shrank even more rapidly. The Water General’s laughter became a sneer.

“Wang Lin, you’re dead!!”

At this moment, outside planet Five Elements, the mysterious Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo’s eyes revealed a strange light. Looking at what was happening, he didn’t know what to say. Aside from the strange light from his eyes, he didn’t know if he should cry or laugh.

“How is this refining him? It is clearly helping him comprehend the water essence… This child has the Ancient Dao bloodline but also spells from the celestials. This is extremely rare!

“And he actually has seven essences inside his body, this is extraordinary!! The use of the blood lines in one’s eyes to contain the restriction essence, I have never seen anyone do that before! Ancient and celestial duo cultivation…”

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