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Chapter 1728 - Xuan Luo Enters the Cave!

As he spoke, the expression of the four generals changed. Even Old Ghost Zhan’s expression became serious as he stared at Wang Lin.

This was the first time Wang Lin had spoken of the third soul everyone was thinking of!

The four generals had never mentioned this to Wang Lin before. To them, this was the top secret in the cave world, something that very few people in the cave world knew!

However, before they could recover from the shock of Wang Lin’s words, the Heaven Splitting Axe in Wang Lin’s hand rapidly expanded. The Ancient Dao aura inside Wang Lin erupted.

The ancient gods’ Heaven Splitting Axe was injected with Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao power. In this world, there was no one else who was more suited to wield this aze. Wang Lin grabbed the axe and chopped down without hesitation!

All of this happened in an instant. The moment the axe descended, the star system rumbled and the Ancient Dao shadow appeared. The shadow also held the axe and chopped down with Wang Lin!

The Azure Dragon general was the closest. In an instant, his celestial bloodline appeared and the shadow of an Azure Dragon appeared around him. He charged at the axe!

At the same time, Black Tortoise, Vermillion Bird, and White Tiger all roared. Three large shadows appeared around Wang Lin. The giant White Tiger, the fire-like Vermillion Bird, and the huge, earth-like Black Tortoise rushed at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. He was going to make these ancient celestials feel pain and learn this lesson. He didn’t dodge, but his Ancient Dao power filled his body to form the Immortal Ancient Body!

As his body continued to recover, the axe in Wang Lin’s left hand landed, creating a huge rift. The Azure Dragon struggled before it suddenly exploded. The Azure Dragon general appeared and charged at Wang Lin.

The four of them joined forces and their spells landed on Wang Lin at the  same time.

Wang Lin’s left hand raised the axe up again. He swept around and a thunderous rumble echoed. The powerful axe energy collided with their spells, creating a powerful shockwave that pushed the over 100 surrounding celestials back.

At the same time, the spells of the four generals penetrated the axe energy and landed on Wang Lin!

This resulted in thunderous rumble so loud, it was as if the star system was going to collapse. The four generals retreated, their expressions revealing killing intent!

Wang Lin was still standing on the Nether Beast’s body, using the Immortal Ancient Body to resist their joint attack by force!

“Your cultivations haven’t recovered completely, only at the late stage of Arcane Void… With such low cultivation levels, you can’t injure my body.” Wang Lin stepped forward and moved extremely fast. He arrived behind a celestial and his right hand clawed forward.

The power of Heaven Ripping appeared. Wang Lin’s right arm was Ye Mo’s arm. The celestial couldn’t resist the tearing force at all and his body directly collapsed into a pile of flesh and blood.

Even the two celestials behind him couldn’t escape the tearing force. Their bodies collapsed and their origin souls were torn apart!

Wang Lin’s body flickered and entered a rift as the four generals closed in. He appeared inside a group of celestials not far away.

“Heaven Ripping!” When Wang Lin appeared, he mercilessly used Heaven Ripping. As miserable screams echoed, the seven or eight celestials collapsed.

The four generals all roared and spells filled the star system, rushing toward Wang Lin. However, Wang Lin resisted them with his Immortal Ancient Body and appeared before another group of celestials.

The celestials were filled with terror and felt intense pain inside their bodies. They were unable to dodge or resist before being ripped apart.

“Wang Lin, I’m going to slaughter your Celestial Realm!!” the Azure Dragon general roared, his eyes filled with anger. However, even more so, he was filled with disbelief about Wang Lin’s methods and powerful physical body.

“Looks like the lesson in blood isn’t enough!” Wang Lin stepped back and stood on top of the Nether Beast. Just as Old Ghost Zhan was about to close in, Wang Lin shook the blood off his right hand and patted the Nether Beast.

“Devour these people.”

When Wang Lin said this, Old Ghost Zhan suddenly stopped, and at the same time, the Nether Beast’s eyes opened up.

The ruthlessness and indifference in those eyes shocked everyone here.

It was also at this moment that the Azure Dragon general’s mind rumbled. This kind of gaze was very rare, and he had only seen it once in his life. A very long time ago, he saw that the fog that had devoured Lian Daofei had the same gaze!

“This is… This…” Just as all four generals started feeling terror, the Nether Beast followed Wang Lin’s order and opened its mouth to devour!

If the stars were the world, then the world changed colors. If the dust were wind, then the dust scattered! Endless fog suddenly appeared in the star system, giving off an ancient aura that everyone could feel.

It was also at this time that a powerful suction force appeared. The remaining 70 or 80 celestials around the four generals turned pale as they were pulled in by the suction force. Screams of fear echoed as all of them were devoured by the Nether Beast.

All of this happened in an instant! It was too fast for people to react. They only felt fog surround the area and then miserable screams echoed!

Once everything was over, the star system was still the same star system and no fog remained, as if it had never been there in the first place. However, aside from Wang Lin, only five people remained!!

“Will you remember the pain this time?” Wang Lin was still sitting on the back of the Nether Beast and hadn’t moved this entire time. His voice wasn’t loud, but when it entered the ears of the five remaining people, including Old Ghost Zhan, their hearts trembled!

“Heavenly Dao!!! This is the Heavenly Dao!!” The Azure Dragon general trembled and his eyes were filled with fear as if a tide was drowning him. He had never been this afraid before, not even when he saw Wang Lin draw the Li Guang Bow!

“The Heavenly Dao… is actually with you… This… This…” The most cunning Black Tortoise was also shaken, and the fear in his eyes was no weaker than the Azure Dragon’s. He felt that that suction force from before was enough to completely drown him.

In his mind, what appeared wasn’t only fear and terror, but despair. In his eyes, Wang Lin had become a terrifying existence!

The White Tiger general and Vermillion Bird general remained startled, as if someone had used the Stop spell on them.

“I actually had my eyes on the Heavenly Dao…

“No wonder I couldn’t detect its aura, no wonder…”

Old Ghost Zhan’s pupils shrank, revealing unimaginable shock. The seven-colored soul inside him raged and took control of his body. His face was distorted and he rushed toward Wang Lin. He stared at Wang Lin with dread in his eyes!

If it wasn’t inside the cave world, it would not be afraid of the Heavenly Dao, but inside here, it was different. The Heavenly Dao was everything here!

Controlling the Heavenly Dao meant controlling everything here.

However, even so, the Heavenly Dao’s devour had its limit; otherwise, it wouldn’t have been split by Lian Daofei’s self-destruction. Old Ghost Zhan had his own method of dealing with it, but he was thinking of another problem.

“You’ve found the third soul…” Old Ghost Zhan’s voice was filled with bitterness and desolation. However, it was not his voice that had spoken; these words belonged to the seven-colored soul.

“I didn’t find it.” Wang Lin shook his head. The Nether Beast below him coldly looked at the five of them before closing its eyes and drifting away.

After he moved past the four generals, they immediately trembled and fled. They no longer dared to block Wang Lin anymore. They watched Wang Lin and the Nether Beast disappear into the distance and couldn’t calm down for a long time.

They may have methods to not be afraid of Old Ghost Zhan; after all, his body contained the soul of Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. However, when facing Wang Lin with the Heavenly Dao, they could only remain silent.

Wang Lin sat on the back of the Nether Beast as he floated toward Brilliant Void. Although he looked calm, he sighed in his heart.

“Could it be that the Heavenly Dao is not complete… The four generals were easy, but the Nether Beast conveyed that it would be very difficult to devour Old Ghost Zhan…”

Also in the Brilliant Void, there was a ray of seven-colored light. The Seven-Colored Daoist, holding nine fist-sized balls of blood, was flying forward.

“Nine Mysterious Blood is finally complete. With this secret blood force, I can enter reincarnation and find where the third soul reincarnated to… He should be in Brilliant Void.”

On the Immortal Astral Continent, in an area that belonged to the celestials, there was an intersection of mountains. There were many mountains here, and this area was covered in a dense forest, as if it was a wild land.

It was night right now, and the starlight scattered across the land. But it wasn’t quiet; roars of fierce beasts would echo from within the forest.

A very long time ago, there was a celestial sect here, it was called the Seven Dao Sect.

Ripples echoed in the sky where the moon hanging. The ripples seemed to distort the moon as a figure slowly appeared. It was a young man with black hair.

The young man seemed tired as he looked at the earth below. His tired face revealed a smile and was filled with expectation. It seemed that although he had paid a great price to get there, it was all worth it.

“Child of my Ancient Dao Clan, I have come to take you home… The road back will be difficult, but I know you won’t be afraid.” The young man smiled as he walked forward.

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