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Chapter 1727 - Blocked!

After devouring the All-Seer, the Nether Beast became the Heavenly Dao. If it didn’t want other to detect its aura it would be very difficult to find.

If it was outside the cave world, the heavenly dao would have some flaws, but inside the cave world, it was absolute!

Back then, not even Lian Daofei was able to detect the Heavenly Dao before he was devoured. Although the Nether Beast had been in the Cloud Sea all along. not even Old Ghost Zhan had noticed it.

As for the four generals, they also didn’t notice.

Their divine senses were powerful enough to cover the entire Cloud Sea, but they couldn’t see the Nether Beast. They didn’t even notice Wang Lin, who was sitting on the back of the Nether beast.

This was why the All-Seer was able to stay in the Summoned River for hundreds of years while remaining undetected.

Wang Lin’s original body was sitting on the back of the Nether Beast and his avatar was condensing his essences on the side. The ripples that were spreading across the Cloud Sea could not be hidden and were detected by the four generals and other celestials.

However, no matter how they searched with their divine senses, they could not find anything. In their divine senses, the Nether Beast didn’t exist; it was just calm space.

Old Ghost Zhan, who was following them, also frowned as he looked into the distance. He frowned but still found nothing in the end.

“This is a bit strange…” Old Ghost Zhan’s eyes lit up and he began to ponder.

Wang Lin didn’t know all of this. His original body was sleeping to recover and his avatar was reforming his essences. After the true and false essence appeared, Wang Lin raised his right hand and slowly opened his palm.

“The third ethereal essence is the karma essence… Palm open is karmic cause and palm closed is karmic effect…” The karma essence gathered in Wang Lin’s right hand. The invisible force condensed in his right palm.

After this, the slaughter and restriction essences were summoned back and recondensed by Wang Lin. The seven essences slowly cycled inside Wang Lin’s body.

As his essences moved, his original soul slowly appeared from his essences. This allowed Wang Lin to slowly return back to the way he was before his avatar collapsed.

The only difference was that there was no All-Seer avatar soul.

The moment Wang Lin’s avatar recovered completely, his original body opened his eyes and looked at his avatar. After a moment, his avatar and original body overlapped to become one.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he moved his body. After finding no discomfort, he looked into the distance.

“Since I am qualified to vie for supremacy, then I need to take a trip to planet Five Elements! There are too many secrets there, and the last force in the cave world is hidden there!

“This force is clearly holding the idea of benefiting at the end, similar to the All-Seer… Since you all like to hide in the dark, then let me force you out to the open and let you know that this cave world does not belong to any of you outsiders!

“After forcing the last hidden force to come out, the competition for the third soul will official begin!”

From Wang Lin’s point of view, the All-Seer was a nail that had to be removed; otherwise, there would be too many unforeseen variables in the future. One of those could be fetal.

This was indeed the truth. Now that the All-Seer had been destroyed by Wang Lin, what remained was the second nail: the celestials from the Gui Yi Sect.

These outsiders were the second nail! He was going to expose them to the light!

This was also a game, a game for supremacy. This was how Wang Lin saw it. It all depended on who could find the third soul first!

As Wang Lin pondered, the Nether Beast below him slowly moved forward and soon arrived in the depths of the Cloud Sea. Under Wang Lin’s command, the Nether Beast closed its terrifying eyes and was about to move to the Brilliant Void.

However, just at this moment, Wang Lin exclaimed softly. He looked into the distance and his eyes lit up.

Shortly after, more than 100 rays of light appeared in the distance. They were heading toward Wang Lin.

The four people in front had a gourd above their heads. The gouard gave off a green gas that was like a storm.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm as he sat on the back of the Nether Beast. He coldly looked at those rays of lights closing in, but he didn’t pay them any attention.

“Wang Lin!!” The more than 100 rays of light suddenly stopped. A shocked voice came from the four old men leading them.

The person that spoke was the Azure Dragon general!

He stared at Wang Lin, especially at the Nether Beast below Wang Lin. The Azure Dragon general’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

“What kind of beast is this?” He didn’t know it was the Nether Beast and didn’t know it was the Heavenly Dao. After all, aside from the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, no one had seen the true body of the Heavenly Dao. They only knew it was a mass of fog.

Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, and White Tiger were all shocked. Their gazes locked on to the Nether Beast below Wang Lin.

The reason they were shocked was because their divine senses had been spread out this whole time, but they hadn’t noticed Wang Lin at all. If it wasn’t for the fact that they could see him with their own eyes, they wouldn’t believe Wang Lin was here.

Even now, they were only seeing the calm star system with their divine senses. It was as if Wang Lin and the beast below him didn’t exist at all.

How could the four of them not be alarmed?

The four of them looked at each other and saw the shock and confusion in each other’s eyes.

Old Ghost Zhan was even more shocked, and his pupils shrank. He didn’t notice any danger from Wang Lin, but the beast below Wang Lin gave him a clear sense of danger.

“What are you calling me for?” Wang Lin was very calm as he looked at the more than 100 celestials. None of them were a threat, only the four generals were worth looking at.

After his gaze swept by, he noticed the giant gourd that was floating above the four generals. The gouard gave off strands of celestial energy; it was extraordinary.

The Azure Dragon general suppressed the shock in his heart. His eyes lit up and he slowly said, “We haven’t seen Fellow Cultivator Wang since we parted. Now that we meet today, I wonder where Fellow Cultivator is going.”

“The Brilliant Void!” Wang Lin didn’t waste time. After he said these two words, the Nether Beast below him silently floated forward. 

He didn’t have time to bother with these people. Nether the four generals nor Old Ghost Zhan were enough to make Wang Lin stop. However, although he wanted to leave, the others won’t let him.

The four generals looked at each other and all looked at the Nether Beast below Wang Lin. Their eyes revealed a strange light.

The Azure Dragon general moved before Wang Lin and slowly said, “Why is Fellow Cultivator Wang Lin leaving so anxiously? We had an agreement before, and after we arrived, we didn’t cause trouble for your Celestial Realm or kill anyone in the cave world. Now Fellow Cultivator is in such a rush to leave, could there be some urgent matter?”

Wang Lin frowned, he coldly stared at the other and after a long time he calmly said two words.

“Make way!”

“Fellow Cultivator Wang, please don’t be angry. We mean no malice, we just find this beast extremely strange. It can actually avoid all divine sense. I wonder, where did Fellow Cultivator find this beast?” The white tiger general smiled and stepped forward. He stood on the right of Wang Lin.

At the same time, the Black Tortoise also stepped forward and appeared on Wang Lin’s left. The Vermillion Bird general hesitated for a bit but still decided to seal Wang Lin’s rear path.

Shortly after, the more than 100 ancient celestials silently closed in and surrounded Wang Lin and the Nether Beast.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang Lin, I have completely abided to our deal, so there is no need to harm our relationship. Otherwise, something might happen to your little Celestial Realm,” the Black Tortoise general spoke, his words gloomy.

Wang Lin looked at the celestials that had surrounded him, but his eyes remained calm.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang, you have the Li Guang Bow, so we don’t want to be enemies with you. You just need to tell me where you obtained that beast.” Azure Dragon general stared at the Nether Beast. Greed was hidden in his eyes.

“I believe Fellow Cultivator Zhan is interested in the origin of this beast.” Black Tortoise general was the most cunning. At this moment, he glanced back at Old Ghost Zhan, who was floating alone in the distance.

Old Ghost Zhan slowly revealed a smile. Given his age, he was definitely even more cunning. The reason the four generals had dared to stop Wang Lin was because he was still following them.

When he was young, he often borrowed the power of others to put pressure on someone else. He was also interested in this beast, so after pondering for a bit, he nodded.

“I’m indeed interested in this beast. If you are willing to part with it, I can promise you one thing.”

“Fellow Cultivator, for just a fierce beast, you will waste several shots from the Li Guang Bow; it is not worth it… Besides, how many shots do you have left? Can you now tell us where you found this beast? And if you can, lend this beast to this old man. If you lend me this beast, this old man will immediately let you go.

“Even if you don’t let me borrow it, since we are all friends, I naturally won’t block you. However, there might be some issue with our cooperation from before. There aren’t many cultivators left in the cave world,” the Azure Dragon general slowly said, smiling.

“Instead of looking for the third soul, you come to find trouble with me! It seems the pain from before was not deep enough. Fine, today I’ll let you feel pain, enough pain that it will be imprinted in your bones!” Wang Lin’s expression was flat as he stood up. His left hand reached toward the void and the Heaven Splitting Axe appeared!  

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