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Chapter 1726 - Reforming Essences

Wang Lin was very tired on the back of the Nether Beast. If the entire Nether Beast was spread out, it would be very large, but right now it had shrunken a lot and was only about 10,000 feet wide. Nevertheless, as it moved forward, it gave off a huge pressure to anyone who saw it.

This pressure came from the Nether Beast’s body and from its cold and ruthless gaze. This ruthlessness stemmed from its indifference to life and death, reincarnation, time, and all life!

It seemed as if no life mattered before the Nether Beast. It was the Heavenly Dao, everything in the cave world came from it. Whether it was cultivators or fierce beasts, they were nothing to it!

Similarly, this pressure came from Wang Lin, who was sitting on the back of the Nether Beast. Although he was only quietly sitting there, the aura he gave off was like that of a celestial god!

Wang Lin had the Ancient Dao bloodline. This bloodline was noble enough to compete with the madman’s bloodline. Even though he was still someone from the cave world, his bloodline allowed him to look down upon most people even on the Immortal Astral Continent!

The Nether Beast moved silently. More accurately, it wasn’t moving at all, it was the world that was moving. It could go anywhere it wanted in an instant because everything here belonged to it!

As Wang Lin calmly sat there, his right hand calmly toughed the Nether Beast. Scenes of his encounter with the All-Seer flashed through his mind.

“I didn’t expect the Nether Beast I captured to be part of the Heavenly Dao… The All-Seer was also part of the Heavenly Dao. No wonder he believed in heavenly fate… The heavenly fate he believed in was, in fact, himself.” Wang Lin looked at the Nether Beast below him profoundly and felt emotional.

“The fragment that came from the Immemorial God Realm the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign obtained was used for storage. Inside, he found the Heavenly Dao… It seems like he found the Heaven Defying Bead inside as well.

“That’s why that compass exists.

“Everyone is searching for this Heavenly Dao. Seven-Colored Daoist, Old Ghost Zhan, and the rest are all looking for the third soul. Aside from fusing with it, they all probably have plans for the Heavenly Dao… And to obtain the fragment the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign obtained.

“By chance, I became the master of the Heavenly Dao… From now on, I’m the master of the Heavenly Dao. I don’t know about the Immortal Astral Continent, but inside the cave world, no one can steal it from me!

“This Heavenly Dao should be complete; it could even devour Lian Daofei back then. I want to see who will dare to provoke me and become the first of my enemies to be devoured by the Heavenly Dao after countless years!”

A powerful sense of confidence arose within Wang Lin’s body. He looked into the distance and his eyes shined brightly!

He didn’t spread out his divine sense, he just allowed the Nether Beast to wander among the stars. He closed his eyes and his hands formed a seal. After adjusting himself a bit, he opened his eyes and bit the tip of the tongue to spit out blood.

This mouthful of blood was blood red and floated before him, keeping pace with the Nether Beast below him. The blood moved and gave off a dazzling light. Bursts of fragrance spread out.

“Since the avatar dissipated, I’ll form another one! This avatar will contain my blood as its core and walk the path of the grand dao!” Wang Lin muttered as he pointed at the blood.

With this point of his finger, the blood moved even faster. It rapidly expanded and turned into the shape of a person. However, it still looked like a person made out of blood.

“My blood contains the Ancient Dao power, and in order to make this avatar, I need to extract the Ancient Dao power. This matter is not difficult!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and the stars between his eyebrows and in his eyes appeared. They began to rotate, creating a suction force. The blood person began to distort as strands of smoke were pulled out and absorbed by Wang Lin’s stars.

This process was very fast. After only half an incense stick of time, all of the Ancient Dao aura was extracted. The blood person now had no Ancient Dao aura at all left.

As the Ancient Dao aura was extracted, the blood person shined brightly. Slowly, the blood color changed and soon an avatar that looked exactly like Wang Lin appeared!

This avatar was like a newborn baby. Although it looked like an adult, it had no soul; it was just a body.

“Soul, form!” Wang Lin pointed to between his eyebrows and a part of his soul split off. It came out of his orifices and slowly entered the avatar. Once that sliver of soul entered the avatar, Wang Lin felt like he and the avatar had mixed like water; there was no difference between them.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin looked even more tired. He slowly closed his eyes as if he was sleeping.

The moment his original body closed his eyes, his avatar’s eyes opened and shined brightly. He calmly looked at his newly formed avatar and pointed at the sky.

“The fire essence I comprehended that was dispersed into the void, return!”

The moment he spoke, fire seeds began to appear around the Nether Beast. More and more fire seeds appeared. From a distance, it looked like the star system was burning. A sea of fire ranged across the stars!

The sea of fire turned into a ring and swirled around Wang Lin. Endless fire gathered from across the star system, looking like a large wave that was constantly swirling.

When all the fire closed in on Wang Lin, his left eye seemed to turn into a blackhole that devoured fire. The sea of fire rushed into his left eye.

In an instant, the sea of fire disappeared and the mark of the fire essence appeared in Wang Lin’s left eye.

“The thunder essence that entered the void, as the lord of thunder, I summon you to return to me!” Wang Lin spoke softly and then waved his right hand.

With this wave, the star system trembled and countless ripples spread in all directions. A muffled rumble came from the distance and soon grew louder. This rumble came from all directions, and in just a few moments, it replaced all other sounds.

The deafening rumble continued as endless thunder appeared over the horizon, all rushing toward Wang Lin.

In an instant, all the thunder condensed in Wang Lin’s right eye. Bolts of thunder rushed into his eyes and every bolt caused thunder to arc around him. The thunderbolts seemed to be cheering in joy due to returning to their master.

Soon, all the thunder dissipated before Wang Lin’s right eye. The mark of the eternal thunder suddenly appeared in his right eye!

Two essences, fire in his left eye and thunder in his right eye!

“The ethereal essences I comprehended in my dream dao. They contain the domains and grand daos I achieved in my life. Although they all have dissipated, I can still summon them back…. The first ethereal essence to return will be life and death!”

Wang Lin murmured and then opened his hands.

“My left hand is life and my right hand is death… As time passes, my dao heart remains unchanged.”

Wang Lin’s left hand gave off strands of white gas that eventually surrounded it. They gave off a soft, white glow. This was life force, Wang Lin’s life force and a part of his comprehension of life and death that he had gained over the past 2,000 years.

At the same time, black gas surrounded his right hand, forming a ball of black light. This black gas was filled with death and decay. It seemed like it could extract the souls from the underworld.

When the white and black auras appeared, they moved up his arms until they gathered between his eyebrows. They fused together and rotated like the yin and yang symbol!

The life and death essence had returned!

The aura inside Wang Lin’s body suddenly erupted!

“The second to return will be the true and false essence. True and false, false and true, thus is life.” Wang Lin silently pondered, feeling emotional about the matter with All-Seer.

After he spoke, his body immediately turned illusory as if he was unreal.

In particular, his eyes were like the stars. If someone looked at his eyes, they would enter a state of confusion.

“I close my eyes and everything is false. I open my eyes and everything is true,” Wang Lin murmured before closing his eyes. The heavens and earth all dissipated. The cave world, the third soul, and even the Nether Beast no longer existed. At this moment, everything was an illusion to Wang Lin.

The moment he opened his eyes, the true and false essence gathered.

While Wang Lin was reforming his cultivator avatar’s essences, the Nether Beast below him was slowly drifting. It had left the Summoned River and arrived in the Cloud Sea.

At this moment in the Cloud Sea, there was a group of people moving through the star system.

These people were being led by four old men, and there were more than 100 of them. As they flew through the star system, ripples echoed.

They gave off an extremely powerful aura, with the four leading being the strongest. They were using some unknown spell that actually connected their divine senses together.

At this moment, there was a giant gourd above their heads. The gourd was completely green and contained marks left by time.

There was a cluster of green fog inside the gourd that seemed to be guiding them.

The four old men would stop moving after flying for a while. They would bow at the gourd and their fused divine senses would fly out as if they were communicating with the gourd.

These four old men were the four generals of the Ancient Celestial Realm!

Behind these celestials was Old Ghost Zhan in a daoist robe. He didn’t care about the celestials before him, and they don’t seem to care about his existence either.

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