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Chapter 1722 - His Identity!!

The image that appeared this time was a cultivation planet. Wang Lin was familiar with this planet, it was planet Tian Yun!

The All-Seer was sitting inside a secret room hidden in the Tian Yun Sect. Before him sat nine youths who were all unconscious.

The All-Seer’s eyes revealed a strange light as he looked at the nine of them. He opened his mouth and inhaled. The nine youth were devoured by him.

His body trembled and his expression revealed pain. He slowly closed his eyes and fell into slumber. Years passed. After an unknown amount of time, the All-Seer opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with clarity.

“This is my 97th awakening… The next candidate for my sleep and awakening is Ling Tianhou!”

Wang Lin looked at all of this with a calm expression, but a wave was set off in his heart. He didn’t expect these awakenings to be a result of the All-Seer devouring others!

“He should be one of Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s three souls or seven fragments. Only this can explain how he’s awakening again and again!” Wang Lin looked at the All-Seer. His gaze became cold.

The image changed once more, showing the All-Seer at different times. Until one time he saw the All-Seer sitting above an abandoned planet. After devouring a cultivator he had selected, he awakened once more.

He was leaving the planet, and as he flew, he suddenly stopped. He looked down and saw an earthy, yellow, half-abandoned cultivation planet.

He softly exclaimed and gradually revealed a smile. He slowly sent out his divine sense.

“It’s rare to see such profound comprehension on a half-abandoned planet like this. However, with your mere Nascent Soul cultivation, you shouldn’t be too greedy with your Soul Formation comprehension. If you continue to pursue this, I fear you still won’t find the source even after millions of years. By then, your body will have completely decayed. Have you considered that?” As the All-Seer spoke, he raised his right hand and pushed down on the half-abandoned planet.

“This old man’s name is All-Seer. Today I’ll give you my good will. If you can leave this abandoned planet and come to find me on planet Tian Yun, I’ll accept you as a named disciple for 100 years!”

The smile on the All-Seer’s face became even wider. He waved his sleeve and walked into the distance.

“That child is not bad. I can raise him a bit to be devoured by my avatar. However, his cultivation level is too low, so it’s difficult to say if he could be useful or not… However, I have a feeling this child will be extraordinary!”

When Wang Lin saw this, his mind trembled violently. He stared at the earthy, yellow planet and it was as if his mind was bombarded. The aura coming from the planet made Wang Lin understand everything!

As Wang Lin’s original body was immersed in the All-Seer reincarnation in the outside world, all of the All-Seer avatars raised their right hands and pointed to the spot between their eyebrows!

The eyes of the first All-Seer that appeared in the eastern part of the Summoned River revealed a strange light. He also raised his right hand and pointed to between his eyebrows.

“This old man will sleep for the last time and awaken for the last time. This time, I’ll finish the plan I started countless years ago!” He closed his eyes and his finger slowly penetrated his skull.

At this instant, the All-Seer’s bodies suddenly collapsed and thunderous rumbles echoed across the four star systems. All 3,000 All-Seers collapsed and a soul flew out of each one. Every single soul made its way toward Wang Lin’s avatar!

“Let’s see if you’re faster or if I’m faster! When this old man was scheming against you, you were merely a Nascent Soul cultivator. If not for this old man, your body would have decayed! Your everything is mine!” The 3,000 souls charged forward, sending out waves of soul force that fused together. This formed a heaven-shattering sound that echoed in the mind of Wang Lin’s avatar.

As the three thousand souls charged at Wang Lin’s avatar, his original body saw even more awakenings from the All-Seer’s reincarnation!

The person Wang Lin was looking at had become completely different from the All-Seer, as if it was someone else. If not for the aura Wang Lin had locked on to, he wouldn’t believe all these random people where the All-Seer!

In the ancient cultivation world, before the four Celestial Realms collapsed, there was a middle-aged man in blue floating above a planet. With a smile, he devoured an unconscious young man before him.

This young man was his only disciple!

“This is my 34th awakening…”

Also in the ancient cultivation world, among the scattered fragments, there was a charming woman floating there. She smiled and devoured an unconscious man beside her. This man’s cultivation level was high, and he was filled with celestial energy and was obviously someone from the four Celestial Realms.

The repeated devours, sometimes many and sometimes just one, were all seen by Wang Lin. What he saw startled him!

“What is the All-Seer’s identity to rely on devouring to awaken? And what he is awakening?”

Outside, in the Summoned River, the hundreds of All-Seer avatars closed in on Wang Lin and entered his avatar.

Wang Lin’s avatar’s expression was calm as he sat there as if he didn’t care about them entering. The All-Seer’s avatar’s soul grew stronger and stronger until it occupied almost all of Wang Lin’s body.

At this moment, the souls from the other three star systems quickly arrived. This all happened very quickly, but from Wang Lin’s original body’s point of view, all of this was very slow.

Wang Lin’s original body saw the All-Seer’s awakenings again and again, until the third awakening. This was no longer in the ancient cultivation times but in the immemorial cultivation times!

The star system during the immemorial times was filled with planets. These were cultivators and not celestials because there were no Celestial Realms. They cultivated the aura of the world.

An old man wearing a beast skin was lying on the ground, surrounded by wood and fire. He had already died and his body was being burnt by his clan.

There were hundreds of people dressed in similar clothing. They all knelt there while chanting softly.

However, just at this moment, the old man that should have died opened his eyes. There was a hint of confusion in his eyes before it was replaced with indifference. He slowly sat up to the surprise and shock of the surrounding people. The old man revealed a strange smile before he suddenly opened his mouth and inhaled!

With this, the hundreds of people were devoured along with the fire. The entire planet began to tremble and collapse. A giant mouth appeared and devoured the planet in an unimaginable way!

“This is my third awakening… I remember that during my second awakening, I devoured the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s seventh fragment!” In the sky, the old man inside the illusion licked his lips and smiled.

When Wang Lin saw this, his already-calmed heart roared once more when he heard what the old man said.

“He devoured the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s seventh fragment!! If he is not one of the three souls or seven fragments, then who is he!? He was able to devour Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign soul fragment!”

After personally seeing more than 90 reincarnations, Wang Lin found that the All-Seer’s ability to devour seemed to be weakening with each devour. On the third time, the All-Seer could devour a planet, but after 90 times, he could only devour people! 

Wang Lin stared at the smiling old man and his pupils shrank.

The image disappeared, and when they reappeared, it was the All-Seer’s second awakening!

This time, what appeared before Wang Lin was a foreign star system. Not only was this star system foreign, but there were no signs of life. There were countless cultivation planets around, but there was not a single trace of life!

This was a dead star system, or rather it was the earliest phase of the cave world before life was born!

In this lifeless star system, Wang Lin gradually formed an unimaginable thought. This thought was the All-Seer’s true identity!

Just as this thought appeared in his head, a weak soul aura quickly closed in. Wang Lin turned around and saw an illusion inside that aura. The figure was blurry and contained the power of one of Seven-Colored’s soul fragments!

The moment the soul fragment appeared, a giant rift appeared and devoured it.

After devouring the soul, the rift closed and a young man slowly appeared. The young man’s body gave off a ghostly light. At first, there was confusion in his eyes, but soon they became clear.

“The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s seventh soul fragment… It was delicious… I helped him a lot, but now that he is dead, no one can control me… Unfortunately, his three souls are too powerful, and after being separated from my body, I wouldn’t dare to devour them… However, by borrowing the power of this soul, I can let myself grow… Similarly, perhaps after many many years, I can use this to recreate the complete Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. At that time I’ll be Seven-Colored… But most importantly my growth…” The young man’s expression never changed. He raised his right hand to move his mouth to make it look like he was smiling.

“I must first learn how to become a cultivator. I’m going to make it so no one, including the Seven-Colored’s three souls and seven fragments, can recognize who I am… I’m going to regain control of reincarnation…”

Wang Lin looked at the youth and revealed great shock. He knew who this person was!

“He is…”

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